Randy Credico: There Is No Need to Put Roger Stone in Prison

Randy Credico was a key witness in the trial against Roger Stone. He was made out by the prosecution as a man fiercely intimidated by Stone – who was charged, among other things, with witness tampering.

I was one of the reporters who interviewed Credico and Stone – and perhaps the only one who wrote factually that Credico said he never was intimidated by Stone.

That was not what the prosecution wanted the jury to hear in the trial that saw Stone convicted of lying to Congress and witness intimidation [Credico].

Stone now faces sentencing in February –and a partisan judge who is going to sentence him in this highly politicized case.

Credico, however, has sent the judge a letter, really a very good letter, and it deserves to be printed here in full.

It not only speaks to the case at hand, the case of Roger Stone, which I have reported on extensively in the past, but it speaks also to the unnecessary and brutal  American vengeance system, more backward than any place in the world, the product of a nation claiming to love freedom where a higher percentage of its people are in prison than anywhere else in the history of the world.

Clearly, there is no need to put Roger Stone in prison. There is an alternative to a cage for a man who represents no danger to society and, in fact, did nothing to harm anyone. The entire charade of Russian collusion was what brought him before Congress and nothing he said impacted anything at all.

In any event, here is what the star witness for the prosecution says about Roger Stone and his upcoming sentencing.



Randy Credico


January 20, 2020

Randy Credico
New York, New York

The Honorable Amy Berman Jackson
United States District Court for
The District of Columbia
333 Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington D.C. 20001

Dear Judge Jackson,

I am writing to respectfully yet fervently implore you not to send Roger Stone to prison when he is sentenced before your Honor. I feel so strongly about this for a number of reasons.

Let me begin by saying I stand by my testimony in your courtroom on November 7-8, 2019.

In fact, I stand by all of my testimony throughout the Mueller investigation and the pre-trial conversations I had with the DC prosecution team. That being said, there was more that I wish I had the opportunity to express had I not been limited by the questions asked of me.

Most notably was after Mr. Stone’s defense attorney asked if I had ever thought Mr. Stone was going to steal or harm my dog Bianca. My answer was an emphatic “No.” At the time I was hoping he would follow that question with another asking if I had ever personally felt threatened by Mr. Stone. The answer would have been the same. I never in any way felt that Stone himself posed a direct physical threat to me or to my dog. I chalked up his bellicose tirades to “Stone being Stone.” All bark and no bite!

As I said in the courtroom, I met Mr. Stone in 2002 during my organization’s struggle to repeal New York’s racist and Draconian Rockefeller Drug Laws. Stone was an invaluable benefit to the movement. He played a critical role in propelling the movement forward when he convinced his candidate to make the drug law a key issue in the Governor’s race.

That campaign spent millions of dollars focusing on the effects of these harsh and discriminatory laws. After the election Stone continued his commitment to the movement for at least another year. The laws were changed in 2004 and many of those serving ungodly life sentences were released and reunited with their families.

During those years of working to change the Rockefeller Drug Laws and other criminal justice inequities, I visited countless prisoners behind bars and their families. The damage done to the incarcerated is magnified tenfold by the damage done to their family members.

I know this damage firsthand. I am the son of a survivor of the U.S. prison system. My father spent 10 years of his life behind bars before he married and had children. The mental scars of those years never left my father’s soul. As kids, my brother, sister and I could feel the pain radiating from him as though it were our own. As adults, we all struggled with addiction and/ or alcoholism. It has taken a long time to heal those wounds and live a sober life.

I was told that when fashioning a sentence, federal judges look to what is “sufficient, but not greater than necessary” to meet the goals of sentencing. I understand that Roger Stone has broken federal laws, but a prison sentence is beyond what is required in this case. It is not justice. It is cruelty. Indeed, with all of his talent and knowledge, Mr. Stone would be an ideal candidate for participation in an alternative to incarceration program that would serve and benefit needy organizations or distressed communities.

Roger Stone certainly rubs a lot of people the wrong way, particularly those on the receiving end of his wee hour lowbrow character attacks. Stone enjoys playing adolescent mind games and pulling off juvenile stunts, gags and pranks. He shamelessly invents and promotes outlandish and invidious conspiracy tales. But the bottom line is Mr. Stone, at his core, is an insecure person who craves and recklessly pursues attention. Like Billy Wilder’s tragic fictional character Norma Desmond, Stone is always at the ready for that “close-up.”

Prison is no remedy.

When I think of my father and others in prison, I think of these words in a letter written by a tormented Oscar Wilde from his prison cell: “We who live in prison, and in whose lives there is no event but sorrow, have to measure time by throbs of pain, and the record of bitter moments.”

Thank you for your kind consideration of my letter.

Respectfully yours,
Randy Credico

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Frank Parlato


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  • P.S. To Mr. trouble making Credico….I think you should rewrite your boring selfish letter. I highly doubt you talking about your drug addictions in your letter to this already piss and vinegar judge is going to give two shits about it. You had your chance to help Mr. Stone. Why not say the truth in court? Were you “Stoned”? or are you “Stoned” now? maybe you were in an alcoholic state of mind when you wrote this selfish letter? IMO this is only going to hinder not help. Jeeze with friends like you who needs enemies?

    • Peaches, Credico had to tell the truth in court. I believe there were records of some of these conversations between him and Stone.
      Credico is now saying he thought Roger’s threats were a joke (which he probably did) but Credico had to answer the questions asked of him in court. It would have been up to Stone’s defense team to try to portray Stone’s comments to Credico in a different light.

      Should Stone go to prison? If he were going to prison just because he allegedly threatened a dog- then of course not. But we all know that is not why he will be sentenced to prison. And Stone was well aware that many of his actions were criminal, and he disregarded the law (since he was a teenager and involved in the Nixon campaign) so he has made his own bed.

        • Your irrational hatred of Stone is your problem. Anyway, that agrees with flowers and her hatred of anything anti-Clinton is every bit as ignorant as her. You should realize that Weissmann and Clinton are joined at the hip and then read the book Stone wrote about your heroes, the Clintons, to start waking your lame ass up. It actually takes some nerve to come on the blog of a man who is suffering the same injustices from corrupt leftist justice department actors.

  • Re Roger Stone Sentence & Imprisonment

    The imprisonment of Roger Stone will be a waste of resources.

    Roger Stone is not a physical threat to anyone or anything.

    Fact: Every nonviolent offender locked up means a violent offender gets a plea bargain. It’s true!

    Fact: The number of federal prison cells is limited.

    Therefore Roger Stone should receive home confinement.

    I believe the prosecution of Roger Stone was a political prosecution.

    • “The imprisonment of Roger Stone will be a waste of resources.” NiceGuy2.0

      That’s not the point.
      This whole process, up to and including the impeachment , is a political trial designed to punish Trump and the Republican party for denying Hillary Clinton her “rightful” place as President.

      • How can one murderous woman continue to breath after all she has done? Can the Clinton monies continually punish innocent people without justice? I still here her sinister laugh when she got that child rapist off. I wish Stone the best.

        • Hillary Clinton has the backing of the New York State Democratic party and, as the former First Lady, is an icon to Democrats nationwide.
          It will take a sea change in New York and national politics to bring Hillary Clinton to justice.

        • My brother, one of them (as the flowerful fly trap knows) pointed out to me once that 264 people close to the Clinton’s committed suicide.

          On that count, I wonder if they who deigned to get close to such political power, NXIVM, wouldn’t try to perfect their suiciding skills to be of greater quid pro work service to they whose power they sought to pardon their own crimes?

          • WTF to both of your weird remarks, Heidi.
            First of all, I have no idea what you and your brother discuss. How could I know that?
            And secondly, you actually believe that the Clinton’s had people murdered? Really? 264 “suicides”?

          • Wow. Heidi, do you actually believe what your brother told you about the Clinton’s and suicides?

          • Flowers & GSC,

            My brother, Mark, is a Trump devotee but I still love him, he’s an honest, hard-working guy and he’s not prone to any delusions such as we left-leaning females are said to harbor. So, yes, I believe he’s honestly quoting what he feels is a reliable source as to the Clinton circle “suicides.”

            My point is that (whether or not it’s true) Keith & Co. in their constant grab for political power may have tried to make themselves useful to powerful people by deliberately trying to service what they perceived as their suicide needs.

            I think he did this in a number of other ways — the hacking, for instance, collecting 42 library floors of terabyte data, aka blackmail material — on ‘powerful’ people, etc.

            The branding, too, and the DOS readiness training may have well been an effort to develop some kind of female sex-slave army.

            It may sound outlandish but I was there a time or two when Keith’s pontifications — like the idea that the CIA can give people cancer — were being flung around. When the girls were following some Bishop named “Tutu” online — turned out to be Desmond Tutu — when they were saying things like, “Muslim terrorists fear being killed by a woman bc then they won’t get the virgins in heaven,” etc. And Gina would sometimes laugh when I pointed out how insane it all sounded but like our Mom used to say, “It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.”

            That’s where I’m coming from.

            And then, whaddya know, couple hundred people get food poisoning at V-week, all the aged-out harem get cancer, couple of Sara-sponsored U.S. insurgencies go down in Libya, the Dalai Lama appears in bumfuck Albany, the LeBaron teens show up in Clifton Park, the WJC files are hacked, Keith’s on the cover of Forbes…

            And, my zany, sweet little sister’s found at a Buddhist monestary with her head blown off.

            And NOW, apparently, Mexican media’s reporting an Obama-rigged U.S. attempt to deliver munitions to drug cartels while I’m being chased around LA (whenever I dare set foot back in town) propositioned by men half my age — all named “Jeffrey” btw — while Bangkook keeps calling me Frank’s female sidekick — not to mention the pocked-face blond bitch with two little black poodles who shows up at nearly every motel I check into in various disguises, banging on my door in the middle of the night with pots of coffee, while my kid’s been taken hostage in his own home AND I’M THE ONE WHO’s NUTS??!!

          • Thanks for explaining that a bit more, Heidi…though I honestly have no clue about anything your brother has said to you, or his opinions about Trump.

            Anyways, that is weird that the same person keeps showing up at all the hotels you stay at. It could be a coincidence. Interestingly enough, I’m pretty sure that (whoever these harassers really are) that they somehow persuaded one of my former coworkers to harass me at work…..or maybe it was a coincidence that this coworker arranged for me to meet with 2 clearly insane people, who just happened to hide their faces from the security cam?
            And that co-worker also had a greasy, pock-marked face, just like your hotel stalker.

  • Hi Frank. I want to mention I saw recently again your vice video . I found it super motivating . I want to do the same to my enemies . I am sharpening my ax 🙂

    Why do you think that humor is needed sometimes to attack enemies ?
    Great video!

    • Humor breaks the monotony or intensity – as in comic relief. Ridicule is also extremely effective because it myth-busts such exalted and pretentious beings as Vanguard and Prefect.

    • Nice video, but using the word “alleged” is outdated. It has now been proven in a court of law. I agree with Frank that humor is sometimes needed, just not the constant clown-a$$ behavior of some commenters, such as NiceGuy.

      • Scott-Looks who is talking. The butt-hurt rodeo clown. Are you traveling to Mardi Gras this February for the woMEN?

        • Is English your second language? “Looks” [sic] who is talking? LOL

          You have the same problem as NiceGuy, you’re projecting again. Are you also role-playing, as NiceGuy has admitted? LOL

          Frank wants to clean up the comment section, your comment is a good place to start. Just don’t post these name-calling comments, Frank. I’m happy to play on a level playing field, but I doubt “Anonymous” has anything half-way intelligent to say. LOL

    • Why would Stone write the Bangkok posts?
      Besides, Stone’s co-author, Morrow, claims that Roger never wrote any of his own books – he claims that he did all the work himself. Apparently, Stone doesn’t like to write… But who are you going to believe?

        • If Im “trolling” here, then I’m trolling Roger Stone and Robert Morrow. Not sure how asking why Heidi thinks Stone is writing the comments (which I assumed she meant as a joke) is actually trolling.

          • I do appreciate you pointing that out, Niceguy. IDK if you were around long ago when Flowers aka “Flowergirl” — such foul language for one so young! — probed me about both my brother’s politics when one of them — a disabled Navy veteran — has never been online but does have a history with Keith from before he was injured, before the Internet existed.

            And just bc Flowers emails Frank in her own (alleged) name with a likely story about some stalkers who are pursuing her, claiming NXIVM as a defendant in a lawsuit they brought against her — a story that is eerily similar to my own reality concerning some Mexican/Guatemalan caregivers who brought a fraudulent workman’s comp claim — Ingrid Santoyo fell in our son’s van and claimed she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt bc I hypnotized her with my Nancy Salzman-like NXIVM powers of persuasion — a claim curiously being substantiated by my ex-husband for his own purposes — and there prolly is a lawsuit in the works — does not mean she is not a troll — possibly planted by someone affiliated with NXIVM.

            Other clues include her rabid interest in US politics for a Cannuk — and Schlock gets the cred for this one — she hasn’t any more clue whether Canuck has one or two “n’s” it that “c” than I do — for a Canadian.

            I also hear she sucks syrup out of ice-holes, lives in an igloo and watches Steven Colbert. Oh, wait, read that on the GBD Sexy 7 site. But, like I said, I don’t have that computer in case Mr. Solomon, our son’s greedy appointed counsel who wanted to confiscate my belongings while attempting to unlawfully evict me since Mai Phan Matheson’s inspectors and workmen did not first succeed in spooking me out of our son’s home.

            So, you see, Flowers whether you’re trolluping for kicks — an accidental ASSette — or getting paid to troll me and Frank, and contradict everything either of us has to say, you’re a part of my ex’s and Nx’s misconstruct.

            But maybe you’re just hoping to get your green card. (I don’t they give those out in victim’s compensation.)

          • Heidi, that was a lot of (mis)information in a single post. I can’t address most of it, because I have no clue what you’re talking about in many of your comments here, but I will respond to the parts I understand.

            No, I never belonged to NXIVM. I did write to Frank when I first heard about NXIVM to enquire if he knew anything about the people who had harassed me. He said he had never heard of any of them and didn’t think they belonged to NXIVM. I believe he was telling me the truth.

            Some of these people did later try to intimidate me with a lawsuit, but there is no evidence that these people belonged to NXIVM. I do find evidence that some of them are “political trolls” who are probably trolling this forum….but that is not a surprising coincidence, considering that is what trolls do.

            And I do live in Canada. If you don’t believe that is the correct spelling for the work CANUCK, then take up your complaint with the NHL and the Vancouver Canucks.

          • Petalhead, there are more holes in your story than a Romano cheese grater. And it’s always with the “use logic” and “you’re cray-cray” intimidation — which is just laughable considering the source. You’re a trollup, prolly planted by Clare & Co., you keep Frank worked up, I’ll never go until I’m good and ready, end of story.

          • Actually, I’m.not the one who called you crazy, or insulted you, but you sure seem to be quick with the insults towards me.

            There are no holes in my story, and that’s because it’s the truth, and not “a story”. Its impossible to poke holes in the truth.

          • Girl Scout,

            Flowers can troll Heidi -> I ask Flowers why she trolls Heidi-> you tell me to “leave it alone”.

            I do not attack Flowers like everyone else, but you, Girl-scout single me out. I asked a question. What gives?

            It’s not fair!!!!! I will, abide by your wishes and will not ask Flower anymore questions.

            Is it me? Or is there a tension between us of an unspecified nature? The type of tension that can only exist between a man and a woman. 😉

      • Re: Stone. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Trump’s not half as honorable as Nixon was if he doesn’t pardon him from being a blow hard, mostly.

        But I’m learning the hard way in high stakes politics I could care less about, really, it’s hard to know who your friends are.

        They’re all potentially corrupt in my books.

          • Which part am I ignorant about, toots?

            That Stone isn’t a just blowhard and, in fact, was involved in a Kremlin aka Wikileaks plot to expose Hilary’s illegal email server in order to help elect Trump?

            Or the part about Trump’s dishonorability relative to Nixon, who at least took the rap himself and pardoned his loyal aides —whether or not they had his face tattooed on their backs?

            I concede to all ignorance. Ignorance is bliss so get off my back with your politics before I hypnotize someone into bundling campaign donations for Bernie!

    • Hey ding-a-ling Stone is going to gain more wealth at the expense of the corrupt Weissmann. This is all crumbling on the fucking leftists as their control of the DOJ and FBI is being wrested away. Sorry to disappoint a shallow thinker like you, but time is on the side of Truth.

      • Feelin’ that burn, baby? It’s better than a sweet, scented candle dripping through the long, lush night you’ll have with that fresh, young coed you’re sure to meet at a Sanders rally! So better get on the stick and bone-up on Bernie bro, cuz he’s coming to take down your little town soon.

        Ber-nie, Ber-nie, Burn baby burn!

        (And don’t forget to order your Paltrow pussy candle if you really want to score with the Bernie babes!)

  • Stone should have plead the 5th. Anyone who lies to Congress gets what they deserve. If Stone is let go, then all the Dems should be let go as well, and I’m not in favor of that. What is needed isn’t leniency on Stone, but justice brought to the Dems and all of the other never Trumpers.

  • Not many people know this, but Credico was campaign manager for the Munsters’ actor, “Grampa” Al Lewis’s run for Governor of New York on the Green Party. Grampa Al Lewis was a staunch activist against the Rockefeller drug laws. I’m glad to hear that Credico wrote this letter.

    • Diane,

      Here is an extremely odd tidbit of information….Al Lewis at one time used Charlie Manson as his kids baby-sitter. I am not kidding. It’s not a myth.

  • The Democrats intend to put everyone in Trump’s orbit into prison to exorcise the ghosts of the 2016 election.

    The Democrats intend in 2020 to wave the bloody shirt and stir up the public.

    The Democrats are so eager to defeat Donald Trump that they will even nominate Creepy Uncle Joe Biden to win and use two billion dollars of Michael Bloomberg’s money to flood the media with anti-Trump ads.

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