Raniere Thrown Into SHU for Two Weeks – Comes Out With Lump on His Head

Mk10Art painting of Keith Raniere

This is our latest update on the life and times of Keith Alan Raniere – AKA Federal Prisoner #57005-177 – at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn, NY.

No other media outlet has filed any similar reports since Raniere was first incarcerated there.

We will continue to update Frank Report readers as we receive additional news about the man who once insisted that people call him Vanguard.


Background Information

Raniere has been incarcerated at MDC since April 2018.

MDC by MK10ART. It is not a happy place for most inmates.

Which means that outside of the Cadre inmates – the ones who are assigned to work there for most or all of their prison sentence – Raniere has been at MDC  longer than almost every other MDC prisoner.

That’s because MDC is a transient prison.

Of the 1,600 prisoners who are currently housed there, about 85%-90% are awaiting trial.

The rest of the prisoners are – like Raniere – awaiting sentencing after having been found guilty at trial or after having accepted a plea deal in lieu of a trial.

Keith – gambler extraordinaire that he is – decided to roll the dice and go to trial (Only about 3% of those who are charged with federal crimes choose to do that).

The Gambler

Much to his chagrin, he was found guilty on all seven felony counts he was facing by a jury whose deliberations lasted less than four hours (There are still persistent rumors that two of those hours involved ordering – and consuming – an early lunch).


Latest News & Notes

Things have continued to go badly for the once fearless leader of a bunch of women that he had mind-fucked, sleep-deprived and malnourished into submission.

Apparently, he still can’t figure out why the other prisoners at MDC have yet to recognize that he is superior to them on every possible measure.

In any event, he recently rejoined his fellow Pre-Sentencing group of prisoners after spending another two (2) weeks in MDC’s Special Housing Unit (SHU).

It is not known what particular violation led to his latest stay at the SHU (Prisoners are sent to the SHU for all sorts of policy violations: e.g., being found with contraband, not following the commands of a Correctional Officer, fighting with other inmates, refusing to work, etc.).

What is known is that this time he returned from the SHU with something he didn’t have when he was sent there.

A big bump on his forehead – and another bruise on his face.

Keith got a boo-boo like this while he was recently in the SHU

He was found in his cell in the SHU one morning, stretched out face down on the floor and moaning.

But this time, he did not tell the guards who had assaulted him (In the past, Keith would quickly rat out anyone who had messed with him).

In fact, rather than say anything about who had re-arranged his facial features, he told the guards that, as unlikely as it sounds, he had, once again, slipped – and fallen face-first into the cast iron frame of his bunk.

Talk about bad luck…

That’s at least the third time that the little fella has slipped and fallen at MDC.

And each time, he’s ended up with some sort of injury.


Commissary Spending Has Been Sporadic

When Keith first arrived at MDC, he was a steady and consistent customer of its bi-weekly Commissary.

But in recent weeks, his Commissary spending has been quite sporadic.

For a couple of weeks, he’ll have a locker full of snacks and goodies – and be scarfing them down non-stop.

Then, he might skip ordering anything on the next Commissary run – and be down to no more than one snack per day.

Seems like his Commissary account doesn’t always have money in it like it did when he first arrived at MDC.

This may be another indication that Clare Bronfman is no longer playing the role of Sugar Mama (Raniere has previously complained about the fact that he’s going to have to find an attorney to handle his appeal on a contingency fee basis because he can no longer afford to pay the attorneys who represented him during this trial).

Marie White’s dark portrait of  the otherwise beautiful Clare Bronfman

It’s also possible that Clare is simply trying to distance herself as much as possible from Keith while she waits for U.S. District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis to decide just how many years she’ll be spending in federal prison herself.


Eyeglasses Continue to Be a Problem

In our last report, we mentioned that Keith’s latest pair of prison eyeglasses – the only ones that have actually worked since he arrived at MDC and had his personal eyeglasses broken by some clumsy fellow prisoner – had also gone missing.

Those damn prison eyeglasses!

Since then, he’s been struggling with more eyeglasses that do not have his correct prescription – and that give him daily headaches.

In addition to complaining regularly to prison guards about this problem, he’s become extremely paranoid about people stealing his stuff.

For some reason – most likely the lack of outside funding to pay them – he seems to have lost the protection he was once getting from the Aryan Brotherhood inmates at MDC.

The Aryan Brotherhood is apparently no longer providing protection services for Keith

That does not bode well for his long-term stay as a guest of the Bureau of Prisons.

Without some sort of protection, Keith is likely to end up with lots of knots on his head and bruises on his face.

Maybe that’s why he’s appeared so depressed and withdrawn for the last few weeks (He spends most days in his cell – and comes out only for meals.)


A typical and nutritious meal at MDC.

And it would certainly explain why he came back from his latest visit to the SHU with some new injuries.


Keith Has Become a Real Cheesehead

In the last few weeks, cheese has become Keith’s go-to food.

In addition to ordering whatever cheese is available from the Commissary when he has money in his account, he’s also been grabbing up as much as he can whenever it’s served as part of a regular meal.

Vanguard loves his cheese – but he can’t get anything like this at MDC.

And as has been the case since he first arrived at MDC, he’s also been consuming every bit of meat that is ever served – including some dishes that other prisoners avoid like the plague.

Keith Raniere imposed a vegetarian diet on all his women followers. Now, in prison, he is eating whatever meat he can get his hands on including one of the prison favorites – Nutriloaf,

I guess it’s fair to say that The Vanguard is still adapting to prison life.

Which – given the length of the sentence that is likely to be handed to him by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis – is probably a wise thing to do.

He’s going to be in prison for a very long time.

Probably the rest of his life.

Viva Executive Success!





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  • I don’t like it when Keith is in solitary. He is missing out on the man love and physical touching that he sorely needs in prison from other inmates.

  • I fail to understand how he can have no money in his commissary. It sounds like there are still plenty of people involved in NXIVM who could add to it. Maybe he has gone crazy and is using it as a savings account and thinks he will be able to eventually buy a lawyer from the prison shop

  • Great report, Claviger.

    His new fondness for cheese and meat is most likely proof that he’s finally realized that going low carb is the best way to lose his belly, thus he’s adopted a low carb diet.

    Low carb is the way to go.

    For any fat people reading this comment, low carb is your best option for losing weight (like chubby Niceguy and his tubby wife with stretch marks all over her fat belly).

    I’m also talking to Flowers, cuz she’s getting to the advanced age where gravity takes hold. Flowers, I implore you to go low carb to regain some semblance of a non pear shaped body. Then your daughter might stop being ashamed of her mom. Then maybe men might stop gaslighting you and respecting you more.

    As for Keith losing access to Clare’s money, that’s harder to believe since Clare is reportedly trying to maintain control of all devoted NEXIANS —- but I don’t think they will support a woman who abandons their Vanguard.

    How can Clare keep control of Clicky Nine (nicki clyne) and the die-hard Mexican women IF she’s abandoning their Vanguard to rot in prison with no money?

    As for Keith getting beat up in prison, violence is the only way that Keith can be saved according to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

    By getting beat up, he’s being humbled.

    By being humbled, he’s drawing closer to the Lord since you must be humble before the Lord.

    By drawing closer to the Lord, he’s becoming more righteous.

    Therefore, having other prisoners beat the shit out of Keith Is simply God’s way of saving him.

    • Wow you’re a real POS… thank you for your unwanted weight advice. Nothing else you said is even worth reading after your opening statement

    • On this past Saturday, poor, poor Bangkok witnessed his mommy stepping out of the shower, and now assumes all women are tubbies and have bellies covered with stretch marks drooping over their crotches. Did you know Bangkok’s mommy, at the time, was showering with the Mexican landscaper to help save on water?

  • K.R.Claviger— I am not questioning the accuracy of your reporting; I am curious as to how anyone attacked Keith in his cell in the SHU. How did Vanguard get attacked in the SHU, solitary confinement?

    • Not all the cells in the SHU are one-man cells. So, it’s entirely possible that Raniere had a cellie while he was there.

      In addition, the guards in the SHU often let more than one inmate out at the same time for their 1-hour of exercise just to fuck with an inmate they don’t like. They repeatedly did that to Keith in the past.

      Finally, the guards in the SHU have also been known to smack around a prisoner who was being a pain in the ass.

      So, yeah, there are lots of ways that someone could inflict some punishment on Raniere while he was in the SHU.

  • Former Democrat party candidate Mikey Avenatti will be making a stop at MCC ,Wonder how long before he is Epsteined. Poetic justice. Someone is gonna buy him for a pack of Kools

    The disgraced lawyer formerly represented porn star Stormy Daniels, who claims she was paid $130,000 in 2016 by the Trump campaign in exchange for her not discussing an alleged affair she had with now-President Trump in 2006.
    Avenatti, while boldly tweeting accusations with his trademark signature of ‘’Basta’’, the Italian word for ‘’enough’’, soon became a perpetual vision on the news networks. So irresistible was his potential that networks turned over their sets to the man, allowing him to rail — mostly unchallenged — about the President. The press was so enraptured that Avenatti appeared on CNN and MSNBC in a two month period over 100 times.Avenatti became convinced he was a celebrity, making appearances at awards shows, and even being pictured at a private party attended by CNN on-air personalities. The lawyer even declared that he had intentions of running for the Presidency. Avenatti became convinced he was a celebrity, making appearances at awards shows, and even being pictured at a private party attended by CNN on-air personalities. The lawyer even declared that he had intentions of running for the Presidency.

    In addition to El Chapo, the MCC housed multimillionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

  • Sickening that he scarfs down cheese and meat when he denied that to his “slaves,” forcing them to subsist on squash noodles and the like.

    Regarding money, I fail to understand – I thought he rightfully had $8 million willed to him by Pam Cafritz. In that case, he would have more than enough money to pay his attorneys and keep his commissary account full. What gives?

    • “Sickening that he scarfs down cheese and meat when he denied that to his “slaves,” Nancy Durkin

      The Nutraloaf is like the worst Meatloaf you have ever eaten.
      It is considered to be one step above dog food.


      Alternative names Meal Loaf, prison loaf, disciplinary loaf, food loaf, lockup loaf, confinement loaf, seg loaf, grue, special management meal, vomit loaf, punishment loaf
      Type Meal
      Course Main
      Place of origin United States, Canada
      Serving temperature Hot
      Variations n/a
      Media: Nutraloaf
      Nutraloaf (also known as Meal Loaf, prison loaf, disciplinary loaf, food loaf, lockup loaf, confinement loaf, seg loaf, grue or special management meal)[1] is a food served in prisons in the United States and formerly Canada[2] to inmates who have misbehaved; for example, assaulting prison guards or fellow prisoners.[3] It is similar to meatloaf in texture, but has a wider variety of ingredients. Prison loaf is usually bland, perhaps even unpleasant, but prison wardens argue that nutraloaf provides enough nutrition to keep prisoners healthy without requiring utensils to be issued

      • I admire Shadow State’s expertise on Nutraloaf. But I have a few more questions.
        Nutraloaf is considered a step above dog food. Who has ever fed Nutraloaf to dogs and do the dogs even like Nutraloaf? Who conducted these trials, how many dogs were tested, on whose behalf and who funded all of this? What are the exact ingredients? Where can you buy Nutraloaf? How big is a serving? How many calories does it have? How much does it cost? Is Nutraloaf a protected brand name? Who is the manufacturer? Who is the original recipe? Do dog food manufacturers want to include Nutraloaf in their range if it is better than regular dog food? When can I buy it for my dog?

      • But is it better than the other alternative prison food, Cream of Someyoungguy? Luckily for Vanguard, he can transcend prison with his higher mental consciousness.

    • Raniere signed a sworned statement that he is essentially broke. If he has that money stashed somewhere and attempts to access it, he would open to a felony charge of making a false sworn statement. Either way, he loses. Raniere rolls snake-eyes every single time. LOL

    • Cafritz’s estate is one of the unanswered mysteries – and one of the things that no one has done the legwork to look in to. There are various possibilities including that Raniere was made the income beneficiary of trusts rather than the recipient of a lump sum, and that the estate hasn’t been probated yet or may not actually be worth the amount cited. If it was a significant asset going to Raniere, then it should have come up in court proceedings.

      • We have not been able to dig up any substantive information on the Cafritz estate (Hopefully, the EDNY feds are looking into this matter). I’m not sure why this matter would have come up in Raniere’s trial since it has nothing to do with any of the charges that he was facing in that proceeding.

          • As far as I’m concerned, the EDNY is really our only hope for true justice in this case. We already know that both the NDNY and the WDNY have been severely compromised when it comes to matters involving NXIVM. The only thing we don’t know is whether the “leaders” in those two jurisdictions were bribed, blackmailed, or bullied into submission.

        • Shouldn’t Cafritz’ estate have come up with regards to Raniere’s list of assets, in his bond applications?

          And I can’t remember if you’ve answered this previously, but do you have access to systems that would allow you to check for a probate filing in Saratoga County? Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be online access, and I’m usually pretty busy on the infrequent occasions that I do get over that way.

          • Raniere did not list Pam’s estate on his original list of assets (As I recall, the only significant asset he listed was his partial ownership interest in the 3 Flintlock Lane property).

            You are, unfortunately, correct about New York State’s probate system. In order to access a probate record, you have to appear in person at the Probate Office in the county where the person’s estate was probated.

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