Bangkok: Clare Bronfman Is Not Going to Flee to Fiji and It’s Fair to Hammer Her at Sentencing

Clare Webb Bronfman.

By Bangkok

Sorry, Frank, you’re simply wrong on all counts in your article  If Clare Bronfman Flees to Fiji, She Must Do It Before Sentencing!,

1) Clare Bear cannot simply fly to Fiji and live her life normally, cuz she’d not only have to give up the $100M bail she put up, but her remaining ‘trust’ (valued at another $100M) would also be off-limits to her if she becomes a fugitive, according to the trust administrator’s testimony in court. She’d have to give up most of what she has if she runs away since her other assets (held in trust) cannot be given to her if she becomes a fugitive.

Wakaya Island – 80% of it is owned by Clare Bronfman.

2) Clare ain’t gonna live on that tiny shithole island infested with mosquitoes for the rest of her life. She’d go stir crazy. It’s a vacation spot, not a place to LIVE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. It’s much better to serve 4-5 years in a US prison and then to live the rest of her life in luxury, instead of living on that tiny island with most of her fortune and assets cut off from her, with mosquitoes everywhere and no decent restaurants.

3) Due process is NOT being violated here. Why? Cuz Clare already knew that the judge could go above the guidelines by considering ‘unindicted’ behavior, yet she agreed anyway. That means nothing nefarious is happening. She could have went to trial but chose not to. If a person has hurt a lot of people (via unindicted crimes for which they were never charged), then they should be scared about facing additional jail time. That’s called justice. That’s not a lack of due process. Letting her skate with a 2-year sentence for tons of unindicted behavior would be a lack of justice. The judge is not relying on hearsay or gossip, he’s relying on official statements from real witnesses that he finds credible. It’s not as if he’s just adding years to her sentence from gossip.

4) You and Claviger are advocating liberal judicial policies here. You’re simply not thinking this thru carefully. Claviger is a shitty attorney and it took him 6 tries to pass the BAR exam.

[Editor’s note. Claviger says he passed his bar exam on his first try, scoring near the topmost score.]


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  • “Sorry, Frank, you’re simply wrong on all counts in your article If Clare Bronfman Flees to Fiji, She Must Do It Before Sentencing!” -Bangkok

    Bangkok is ever the quintessential contrarian and nonpareil provocateur.

    God bless everyone’s favorite little *mashugana.

    *Seinfeld show reference

  • Thanks for the Editor’s Note. I read often that Claviger failed his bar exam multiple times and was interested to know what was true!

  • There aren’t enough known facts to determine whether Frank or Bangkok is right. However, if Bronfman isn’t being tailed 24X7, the government is being derelict in their duties.

  • As I’ve noted previously, while for some reason we don’t really have a clear picture of Bronfman’s finances, I’ve seen indications that she is a beneficiary of old tightly-controlled trusts that would probably not have been part of her bond arrangements because they were set up to be untouchable. She would only have access to their income – but that could be millions of dollars per year. So unless we more fully understand her finances, it can’t be assumed that if she skipped, she’d be left without money. Not to mention which, she could cash in on her island either by setting it up to receive paying guests, or simply selling most or all of it and pocketing a 8-figure sum.

    Private air or sea travel is possible from Fiji to countries that have no extradition treaty with the US. The Persian Gulf states of Oman and Qatar are particularly nice destinations for rich expats.

    I still don’t think she could get away with fleeing – or is clever enough to. There’s almost no history of anyone succeeding at that, and far smarter people, like Bernie Madoff, have been in her predicament and not been able to do anything about it.

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