Vany Huber, the best kind of ESP student

Vany Huber is the best kind of DOS slave.
Vany Huber is the best kind of DOS slave.

ESP Success  = Vany Huber.

If you want to know what years of ESP training will do for you, look at Vanessa “Vany” Huber.

Vany was married once.

She was once married to Mauricio Nasta of Mexico, a wealthy and, by all accounts, artistic, nuanced, and honest man. Once, they were a happy couple.

Vany took ESP courses and discovered she was better off without her husband.

Mauricio also took ESP classes and determined he was better off without ESP.

Mauricio lives in Los Angeles. Vany lives off his money. She bought a lavish home in Clifton Park where she can be a slave for Keith Raniere.

They split up. She partied for a while. She dated the bisexual, promiscuous and deeply crooked Emiliano Salinas for a time.  She tried to get pregnant. No luck.

Then she became a DOS slave who lives off her ex-husband’s money.

Now when Vany goes on vacation, she goes with women.


When Vany is with a child, it is the child of another woman.
When she goes out, it is with followers of Keith Raniere.
At home, Vany has her pet.
Like Lauren, who also has a pet.
DOS slave Vany has her pet.

DOS slave Lauren has pets. No men, no children [waiting for Keith’s avatar producing sperm].
Like Lauren Salzman, she lives alone. When she posts pictures on Facebook, it is often of her alone, or with a cat. Just like Lauren Salzman – and many other DOS women: no man, no husband, no boyfriend, no love life. They have cats.

She appears to have lost weight, which might be pleasing to Keith Raniere (who prefers to be called by his self-given title of Vanguard) – but she is way too old for him.

She has to wait for his orders/teachings. Meantime, she can spend her days waiting for Keith while spending her husband’s money.

She meets with harem women and goes to committee meetings. She takes EMs to find her inner conflicts and does penance. She goes for herbal tea with other lonely women and takes pictures where they smile fake smiles and post them to show how much fun it is to be a follower of Keith Raniere.

She is like many idle, divorced women. She fills her days with nothing. She takes Intensives and other programs for which she pays to help fund the Raniere organization. She may spend $25,000 to $50,000 a year taking the same courses with different names, the same curriculum, just rearranged, over and over again. She is in a giant hypnotic induction experiment and she is proving it a success.

But she is not a success. She is the perfect Raniere student: idle, wealthy, no conscience, rather stupid, willing to pay him good money; extremely vain, rather needy and willing to devote all her time in the service of a psychopath.

She supports Raniere when he brands women, and gets collateral. She supports him when he fucks 12 year old girls, It does not matter. If he lies to women or misleads them for years, of if he or his slaves perjure themselves to hurt people or ruin their lives, it does not matter. It never matters.  Not to those like Vany.

He can destroy people’s lives, he can destroy Vany Huber’s life. She has no intellectual curiosity whatsoever, no depth to look at the truth, no willingness to try to determine if any of the monstrous deeds ascribed to her hero Vanguard are true.

She does not want a Prince Charming man. She wants Vanguard.

This is what ESP does.

I love the philosopher who said to his students: “Test me like the money changers test their currency.”

Test Vanguard. But he won’t like that. Vanguard depends on secrets.

Here is a secret: Vany herself has given him collateral. It might be raunchy nude pictures of herself. It might be confessions to deeds or crimes she did or did not do. It might be something against her husband. Most likely, it is the deed to her new house or assignments of her bank accounts. Or all of the above.

She is a prefect fool for Keith Raniere.

The number of these are dwindling. But she is a die-hard fool.

You could look into her eyes, and try to find something that is still there that is her own, her being, her soul. But all that’s there is a vacant glazed over look.

She got into DOS.,

She can be seen spaced out during Intensives, rather inattentive, a virtual robot, with plenty of texting in between.


When Vany goes out with the crew, they smile a lot for the cameras. .
A group of Vanguard followers.


Vanguard and Prefect are to be worshiped by the followers for their excellence of  their wisdom and their ethics.

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6 years ago

This cult clearly fucks with women’s natural instinct to settle down and have kids. How often do you read about women breaking off their marriages and taking intensive after intensive? If one of these Raniere female slaves wants a child it’s only because they want one with the sociopath himself and only because they’re ensnared with the bullshit he tells them about an “avatar” child. Otherwise, they push off settling down like normal people, maybe for forever, having kids when they’re like forty if they ever decide to have them, etc., all contrary to the nature of things.

The Birds and the Crocodile

I’m sorry to be so callous but some people are simply write-offs and will live a lifetime of enslavement to perverted Uncle Keith. Nancy for sure. Clare, the SOP losers, Lauren. The list goes on and on. Add Vany to that list. The reality is the people still in it are making a choice to stay in. Brainwashed, hypnotized, etc. People who stayed in longer and had more EM’s still managed to get out. Sometimes you just have to accept that once in a while a bird rests in a crocodile’s open mouth and that bird isn’t getting out of the mouth. Those who have stayed in (male and female) are those birds. And until you kill the crocodile (metaphorically of course, ahem), it’ll keep eating the less intelligent or more trusting animals. Sad but true. Best to focus on taking Keith down (through legal means of course, ahem) and then hoping some of these people come to their senses. They won’t on their own.

6 years ago

At this point I see that some of them are not even capable of getting out because they are psicollogicaly unable…sad and horrific.

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