Raniere Loses All Rights to Nxivm, First Principles, Judge Rules

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Well, kids, we don’t have to worry about Keith Raniere coming after anyone for revealing the top-secret Nxivm tech.

It no longer belongs to him.  He has no standing to sue you anymore. Reveal away!

He does not even own his claimed 10 percent of First Principles, Inc. – the company that owns the Nxivm tech.

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis has ruled that the government can seize it – and the legal [on paper] owner, Nancy ‘Prefect’ Salzman, has already agreed not to contest the seizure.

Salzman pleaded guilty to one count of racketeering conspiracy on March 13, 2019 – and since then, she has chosen not to fight anything the government wanted – obviously in the hopes that she will get a lenient sentence.

But Raniere did contest. He wants his 10 percent.

On September 9, 2019, Raniere filed a third-party petition challenging Judge Nicholas Garaufis’ forfeiture order claiming it wrongly “embraces all rights and assets” in First Principles Inc., a Delaware corporation in which Raniere claims to hold a 10% interest.


Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman always were such an adorable pair. But Nancy was the first to turn on her lordly Keith “Wet Kisses Vanguard” Raniere. She was first to take a plea deal – almost knocking her daughter Lauren over to get the first seat on the plea deal bus.  And Nancy, smart enough to protect herself, was quick to let the Nxivm company [First Principles] go. That smarty-pants Keith put the company in her name but claimed to own 10% of it.

The government opposed it and made a motion for the judge to dismiss Raniere’s petition and, hence, extinguish his claim.

The problem for the bright lad is that there is no record of his ownership, none in the world. All we have is his good word for it.

The judge considered both Raniere’s and the government’s filings and made a decision to strip Raniere of his claimed asset, just as Raniere stripped so many people of their assets, and women of their clothing.

Judge’s Complete Letter here:  Document 840 – Order Regarding Forfeiture (01.17.2020)

Here is a truncated version of the judge’ ruling on the fine boy’s claim of 10 percent ownership of First Principles, Inc.:

…. Third-party petitions challenging criminal forfeiture orders are governed by the procedures set forth in Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure ….  {Raniere] … must set forth…. “the nature and extent of the petitioner’s [Raniere’s] . . . interest in the property, [and] the time and circumstances of the petitioner’s acquisition of … [that] interest.”

To satisfy this requirement, it is “not enough … to simply allege ownership.” …. “… the law requires more than a bare assertion of legal title to establish the nature and extent of petitioner’s right, title, or interest in the subject property.”….

Motions to dismiss such petitions….  are “evaluated on the same standard as a civil complaint on a motion….  “a petition must contain sufficient factual matter, accepted as true, to state a claim for relief that is plausible on its face…. 

…. Additionally…  the court … when adjudicating a motion to dismiss,… may consider “any documents attached to the [petition] as an exhibit….

Read in the light most favorable to Raniere, the Petition fails to satisfy … [the] requirement that it set forth the nature of Mr. Raniere’s alleged interest in First Principles and the time and circumstances of his acquisition of that interest. The Petition contains numerous conclusory assertions concerning the nature and scope of Mr. Raniere’s interest….. [such as] “Keith Raniere’ s title and interest in the property is superior to any other interest claimed by the Defendants [Salzman] or [sic] third party”….

However, setting aside these bare legal conclusions, the Petition contains only one allegation that could be construed as attempting to set forth a factual basis for Mr. Raniere’ s alleged interest, to wit: “First Principles, Inc. is a Delaware Corporation in which Mr. Raniere has by agreement a 10% interest in the assets, proceeds and property of First Principles, Inc.”….

As the Government notes, this allegation …. is bereft of details “that could be used to determine [the purported agreement’s] validity-for example, whether the agreement was oral or written, whether it was authorized by a corporate resolution or recorded in a corporate ledger, or whether it resulted in the issuance of 10% of [First Principle]’s shares to Raniere in his own name.”…

This defect is fatal to the Petition…..

Equally unavailing is Mr. Raniere’s attempt to rely on an email summary of commissions for the “Reverence May 2016 Intensive,” which is attached as an exhibit to the Petition.  The only explicit reference to First Principles contained in the exhibit is a $4,000 line item under the “Commissions Summary” attributable to “First Principles (KR). “

Even assuming, as Mr. Raniere contends, that this item refers to his “royalties from First Principles” …  the fact that Mr. Raniere may have had an unspecified agreement to receive royalties from First Principles does not, in and of itself, translate to Mr. Raniere holding a 10% ownership interest in First Principles itself.

In any event, nothing in the exhibit speaks to the time and circumstances of Mr. Raniere’s acquisition of the ownership interest that he purports to assert.

As already discussed, this independently necessitates dismissal of the Petition.

Accordingly, the Government’s motion to dismiss Mr. Raniere’s Petition is GRANTED.
Dated: Brooklyn, New Y’ ork
January 17, 2020

Image result for hoist by your own petard
Ah Keith, hoisted by your own petard.  You never wanted to sign anything, never put anything in your name. You fucked people over by this technique for years and now your are fucked yourself.


The judge ruled that Raniere had nothing but his assertion that he owned 10 percent of First Principles, Inc., which is the corporate entity that owns the Nxivm “tech”.

And because there is strong legal precedent that a criminal  – or a Vanguard – simply saying he owns something is not proof.

Something in writing – a contract, corporate minutes, stock or even a history of getting 10 percent royalties would have gone a long way.

But Raniere presented nothing other than a single document – that First Principles once paid somebody $4,000 in commissions.

Keith claimed that it was he who got the $4,000 – which he claimed proved he got it all the time – that and his good word.

You have to wonder who is advising Keith to make these motions.  They can’t possibly sit well with the judge who is going to sentence him.

Someone should have told him – and perhaps they did – that he had no chance of winning this. Someone should have known – and perhaps they did – that without some proof of ownership, legal precedent clearly states that the court will not rule in your favor – not just by your word alone – even if you are an ethicist, a Vanguard and the world’s smartest man.

The once imperial Vanguard

When he was the Vanguard, it was a given that his followers would obey him, since he was the smartest, most ethical man in the world.  Now that he is prisoner #57005-177, his Nxivm co-defendants seem not eager to please at all.

Such was the case when Nancy Salzman did not even consult with Keith about allowing the government to seize First Principles – his 10 percent be damned.

In the past, Nancy did not even get hemorrhoid ointment without his permission.

This change in attitude, of course, might be expected for except for his colossal stupidity, and criminal instincts, she and, in fact, none of the other co-defendants would be where they are today – facing prison.

Viva Executive Success!


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  • Non sequitur Prison Rape Story for Keith Ranieri:

    . “It’s a sink or swim situation,” said one prisoner who was beaten and raped soon after entering prison. “I sunk.”(205lb inmate) He explained:

    “My first mistake was not hanging out with the ignorant tough guys, and staying in my cell most of the time: they take that as a sign of weakness. I wasn’t ready for the clique action. The prison was a gladiator farm; I kept getting into fights and finally I couldn’t do it any more. I was getting beaten up every day for a month.”

    The lesson of the story is even big men who fight back eventually are raped because fighting back proves to be futile. After the new federal laws passed rape claims have gone up, however, the number of prosecutions for rape has stayed the same. Nothing has changed.

    So Vanguard is definitely having his turd cutter stretched out or torn,

    • Hopefully someone we’re sympathetic to, like John Tighe, is having a better time of it – we’ll probably find out in a few months when he is freed, and can talk openly.

  • Those interested in learning The Tech can contact Miss Nicki Lee at Izzy Rose. Life coaching, self help sessions and wonderful inner discovery await you. There is success in your future.

  • NXIVM is absolutely worthless.
    Its name and reputation are toxic.
    If this cult is to survive in any form, it will use a different name and get rid of Raniere’s perverted legacy.
    This decision by ‘NXIVM’ to use the name ‘The Tech’ was probably already in the works months ago.

          • Interesting question.

            Scientology is a possible example to look at – they can no longer sell what they’re peddling, for a complex combination of reasons that would require a long discussion. But their recruiting is indeed somehow more sensitive to changing conditions, including information on the internet. And NXIVM seems to be a case more like Scientology (including of course many functional parallels) as demonstrated by the dire straits they are in after current bad publicity.

            One difference is that if you google NXIVM, or Scientology, the first page or two of search results turn up much more critical or even damning information, than a similar search for Amway.

    • If some new incarnation purged all of Raniere’s material, then it would inherently be something very different, anyway.

      I think you’re being trolled with the claim about “The Tech” which, as someone already pointed out, is a name that copies, and would draw the ire of, Scientology, a group that makes even the Bronfmans look like schoolgirls.

      The history of other such groups suggest the outcome will be either, or both, a loyalist group that continues on and despite their bad reputation and inability to recruit new members, or something so divergent that it is hard to even recognize.

      • NXIVM was from the beginning a rip off of Scientology.
        Nancy Salzman stole much of the philosophy and terminology of NXIVM from Scientology.
        Add some Ayn Rand and some of Keith Raniere’s sexual fetishes and you have NXIVM.

        • You leave out NLP, which was a key component, not to mention MLM pyramid schemes. Salzman only had a background in NLP, and Ericksonian hypnosis – I’ve checked (there are databases of people who took Scientology courses), and done some investigation, and there is no sign she had any direct involvement with them or specific knowledge of their techniques, while there are accounts that as far back as the 1980s Raniere had a fascination with Scientology and must have read about it, and likely talked with people who had been involved with either it or former Scientologist mission holder Harry Palmer’s Elmira, NY based derivative program Avatar.

          It was much more complex than, or much different than, just a rip-off of Scientology – in fact, if it had been primarily that, ESP/NXIVM would have made Scientology’s enemies list, and been attacked in various ways including lawsuits over copyrights and trademarks, which it was not.

  • Did he not claim that he owned nothing of value when he got arrested and it came to the bail hearings? They should ask him whether he believed the tech to be worthless or if he just conveniently forgot it.

    Man he should run for the Republican party. They seem to forget stuff all the time when they think it might be helpful.

    • Why Republican? Have you seen your fellow democrats??? Or are you too blinded by the little bubble of phony elitism you live in? Have you seen what your fellow democrats are trying to do to Paralato?

      All anyone needs to know about the Democrat party cult and where “progressivism” has taken a significant part of this country is this: a self-avowed anti-American communist who does not even call himself a Democrat is a serious contender for the Presidential nomination of that party.

    • Hey Willard, your juvenile political rhetoric becomes you.

      You stick to your democrat cult and I will give you an excerpt from a piece written by a friend J.B. Shurk

      The media are blind to the moment, but future historians will see. Almost everything in the public sphere is now defined in relation to Donald Trump. Consider how many powerful ideas Donald Trump has cast into the national consciousness. He has exposed both major parties as socialist globalist cults more concerned with government health care and foreign nation-building than a policy for American freedom. He has exposed how free trade can never be free when based on slave labor. He has exposed how the silent destruction of towns across the Midwest came not from China’s comparative advantage, but from American companies’ use of slavery by proxy. He has redirected investment away from Wall Street and toward Main Street for the first time in over thirty years and has unleashed three decades’ worth of pent up entrepreneurial energy in the very towns long deemed dead. He has questioned how the federal government can have any legitimacy if it fails at enforcing its very own immigration laws.

      Not one Nobel laureate imagined this American renaissance of GDP and stock market surge, record-low unemployment, wage growth, and low inflation in one bubbling cauldron. It took a change agent. Not one foreign policy mandarin suggested unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit of the American oil man in order to destroy our enemies’ power over us permanently. It took a change agent. Not one State Department official questioned why the United States was still subsidizing Europe’s generous socialist welfare system seventy years after WWII. It took a change agent. Nobody wondered why we were enriching China at our own expense and preparing for a world where a communist dictator would lead. It took Donald Trump.

      Without worry or apology, Donald Trump stands before the world with a giant mirror, and the world does not like what it sees. At a time when Western governments have found common cause with murderous dictators in demanding limits to free speech and free minds, Donald Trump goes to Poland and excoriates European socialism as the newest iteration of human bondage. He celebrates the very Western civilization that the West now works to bury. More than anyone on the world stage, he argues for individual freedom as the indispensable ingredient for civilization itself and free nations as the essential bulwark against international governance and tyranny. In speech after speech across the globe, he stands alone and pushes back against the weight of history’s currents.

      The world has noticed. It is Donald Trump to whom Nigerian Christians turn for survival from Islamic terror. It is Donald Trump who has strengthened Israel by keeping promises his predecessors lacked the fortitude to see through. It is Donald Trump whose name is often whispered by freedom-fighters in Venezuela, whose American flag is respected by regime protesters in Iran, and whose image is waved by thousands demanding freedom in Hong Kong. Nobody clamoring for freedom is waving pictures of Angela Merkel in the air, but in Hong Kong and Taiwan, a photoshopped image of Donald Trump as Rocky Balboa is easy to find. At a time when the German chancellor argues for limiting free expression, those people most desperate to escape China’s yoke see the American president as the only fighter who might help set them free. He is our American president, but he belongs to the world now, too. Check out France and the yellow vests against Macron. Trudeau’s time is coming too.

      • The ordinary people in China and Iran understand that Donald Trump is their savior.
        And the slaves in Merkel’s Germany, Macron’s France and Turdeau’s Canada understand who is really oppressing them.
        Pray to God that America does not elect Marxist Bernie and his anti-Fa thugs.

        • Lol! Yes, Shadow, we Canadians are all slaves to Trudeau and his liberal “agenda”. You better not cross the border, Shadow, cuz if the snow doesn’t get you, the communists surely will.

        • Scooter, the typical moronic Trump supporter who thinks Trump is doing anything for Murrica and its little man. None of these status quo politicians of the two major political are doing anything for you or me. They’re doing it only for themselves and their immediate constituents and the lobbyists. It’s the same strategy as old as human history – divide and conquer. They are there only to be front men for the bankers and the rich men who run the corporations to take the ire of the American public. That’s why the vast majority of major politicians end up wealthier than when they entered “public” service. Obama bailed out the banks but couldn’t give two shits about bailing out the little men who were the ones who ended up suffering for banker and corporate greed. Trump is helping his Wall Street buddies inflate the stock market to make themselves richer. Ironically, using Obama Care’s inflating medical insurance costs which are passed off to the middle class as an additional tax to keep it so because insurance companies are effectively investment companies. The great “moral” president “sent by God” who hung out with Epstein and married a Russian escort and lies like crazy.


          • I don’t have the delusions of grandeur that you claim I have. The point is Trump has made structural changes, such as tax cuts, regulatory cuts, changes to China trade, insisting NATO countries pay their fair share, and many more, that will have to be undone by whoever follows him, and take the heat for doing so. But thanks for your pessismistic views. LOL

  • Whatever the manuscripts say, I consider them to be on par with Hitler’s artwork: ill-contrived, unprofessional and meaningless, but for the detrimental value of their place in history by the narcissist who produced them.

    My opinion.

  • It’s indeed strange to see that Raniere is making such baseless claims, but I suppose he got used to doing it in the more lenient civil system, backed by Bronfman money – even if he didn’t succeed, like in the patent case against Microsoft and AT&T, at least he got his case considered rather than just dismissed out of hand.

    Now we’re left with the question that’s been previously discussed, what will happen to the intellectual property. It seems it might be sold, in which case a new owner might indeed enforce their rights, unfortunately; it’s an interesting question as to what the status is, while in government hands.

      • They are here to post disinformation and propaganda with a bit of truth. The NXIVM cultists in Brooklyn are still culting away.

        • Being in a cult, while stupid, is not illegal.

          But NXIVM was involved in torture, blackmail, sex trafficking and child molestation, all of which are crimes.
          If NXIVM is replaced by The Tech let’s hope that Nicki Clyne is able to stay away from the worst aspects of NXIVM.

          • Being in a cult, while stupid, is not illegal.

            Wow shadowboy. That law degree you got from a 3 am infomercial after the 2 am Smallville episode is serving you well

          • To Anonymous:
            The only person who lives in Smallville is Allison Pimp Mack and she thought that Keith Raniere is Superman.
            ❤❤❤ #allisonmack #chloesullivan #smallville #powergirl #inspiration

            Posted January 10, 2020

            And if the new leaders of “The Tech” follow the same behavior as Keith Raniere, Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman and Clare Bronfman, they will find themselves in the same place as their friends.

  • Does this mean the gubment can sue Clare Bear and Clicky Nine if they continue to use the tech, since the gubment would be the legal owners of the tech until its resold?

  • This is a total outrage. But fear not mine VANGUARD WE THE OBEDIENT shall continue teaching your wondrous teachings and you shall get your 10 percent tithe and 100 percent of our devotion. I shall never leave you M and we shall teach it under the glorious name -The Tech!

    • Pea, your brain is dead. And by the way, KR cannot really read your delusional bullshit, don’t waste your time.

    • I love it! In keeping with that sarcasm, Pea Onyu, it’s kinda like a captain going down with the ship. DOS goes down on the vanguard. But ultimately, they all go down! You’re satirical, blind devotional writings are sadly close to to these peoples mindset.

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