Jen Kobelt describes human fright experiment with Dr. Porter – for CBC

Jenn Kobelt, a participant in the "Emotions Study."

Jen Kobelt, 28, was an assistant to Sarah Edmondson – when they were both in NXIVM. She describes for CBC her experience with human fright doctor, Brandon Porter, and his experiment on her.

It is a good account, interestingly told: ‘Turn it off!’: Ex-NXIVM member describes Clockwork Orange-style ‘fright study’

Jen Kobelt

Kobelt agreed to help her friend and fellow Nxian, Dr. Brandon Porter, with his research study in August 2016.

They went to Apropos – the NXIVM clubhouse. The room was dark. She sat in front of a TV and was hooked up to a cap with sensors.  There was a camera in front to record her facial expressions, and a machine behind her, which she assumed would track her brainwaves.

She was shown a video that had a gang rape scene from the 1988 Jodie Foster film The Accused. 

It made Kobelt upset.

“Turn it off!  I can’t watch this! Why the fuck are you showing me this?, Kobelt screamed.

“What’s going on for you, Jen?” Porter asked.

Another clip  – from American History X – showed a white supremacist, played by Edward Norton, killing a black man by stomping his face into a curb.

Kobelt burst out crying and continued right through a number of happy clips.

Porter said he had one more clip to show but was nervous because of her “intense reactions.”

Not wanting to appear weak, Kobelt said, ‘Just fucking do it.'”

The next clip was a snuff video – of a group of men in a cornfield, with bandanas over their mouths, and guns in their hands. Four women were on their knees, several of them topless, with arms behind their backs. One man spoke in Spanish. Four men, positioning themselves behind the women, grabbed them by the hair, and chopped their heads off with machetes.

Kobelt was shocked. She had tears and snot dripping down her face.

Porter asked her, “What’s going on for you?”

Porter suggested Kobelt have an Exploration of Meaning, or EM, to find out why she had such extreme reactions to some of the clips.

“I don’t know if this is something I want to resolve,” Kobelt thought. “I don’t know if I ever want to be OK with gang rape. Or… murder by machete.”

Then she thought about her NXIVM training and that her reaction might be tied to her childhood.

She went to where she was staying, had a shower, then texted her NXIVM coach: “Hey, I really need an Exploration of Meaning.”

Read Kobelt’s story here:

‘Turn it off!’: Ex-NXIVM member describes Clockwork Orange-style ‘fright study’

Dr. Brandon Porter takes a moment to relax on a swing in between showing human fright experiments on unsuspecting women.
A scene from The Accused – shown to slender young ladies – by Dr. Porter.

Jen Kobelt’s extreme reaction to the films shown by Dr. Porter might have helped her. She was evidently not ‘bad-ass’ enough – and she was not – I emphasize – was not – invited to join DOS.

She was one of the few women of her age and slenderness that was not recruited during that manic time from late-2015- to mid-2017 – when all the Front Line women of DOS were pressured to recruit women as slaves.

Her extreme reaction might have revealed that Jen Kobelt was not equipped to do whatever it was that DOS Grandmaster, Keith Raniere, ultimately planned for DOS women to do. Had he not been stopped, we might know today just what that was.

I think the true reason for Dr. Porter’s human fright experiments was to weed out women – like Kobelt – and conversely find women who, because they were able to witness, unblinking, extreme violence, might be also able to commit the same to themselves or others.

Behind all, including these fright experiments, was the hand of Raniere.

He was having the time of his life — then – but not now.

I find it intriguing that Dr. Porter admitted that one of his favorite characters is Spock from the TV show Star Trek. Spock is half human and half from the fictional planet, Vulcan – where the denizens show no emotion. I can see Porter watching Kobelt screaming and rocking and shaking in her seat and he, calmly and emotionless, asking her “What’s going on with you?”

Then thinking, “Most illogical these earth creatures.”

Was Dr. Porter “Spock” to his Captain Vanguard?


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  • The first two films are in general circulation, but Is it not an offence to be in possession of a ‘snuff movie’ in the same way that it is an offence to be in possession of child pornography?

  • Not very badass. Weeping over scenes from The Accused? Crying, yelling and traumatized over crap teens spend money to see in horror movies? They all sound like very soft people just like Raniere.

    I notice they all constantly speak of “joy”.. It’s like a cult buzz word. Empty people. I wonder how many groups, seminars and therapies etc they tried and were involved in. Those saying it helped them and some of what was taught was good. Or joyful…

    I think this is the result of the parenting of that generation. Looking for the secrets and enlightenment that some guru claims to have

  • Mexican blog reports Raniere-Salinas abduction plot
    January 22, 2016
    El Blog de Izquierda
    Jan 3 2016
    American journalist involves Yuriria Sierra in case of attempted kidnapping in which points to son of Salinas
    By Victor Hernandez

    The name of Yuriria Sierra would have been pointed out by the American journalist Brendan Lyons as part of the plot of an attempted kidnapping of threeAmerican citizens in which also is designated as a participant the son of Carlos Salinas de Gortari, Emiliano Salinas.

    According to the journal of New York journalist,, an American citizen who had been invited to Mexico by Emiliano Salinas as part of a plan of the leader of the sect NXIVM, Keith Rainere, to be kidnapped in Mexico,received an invitation to travel to Mexico to be interviewed by the email address

    The email address to contact a one of the norte americadas citizens was confirmed by the journalist Brendan Lyons in an email dated 2 January Saturday 2016 aimed at our partner Mario Quijano“Pomponio.”

    Quijano published yesterday an article which makes reference to the newspaper article of Lyons in which reports that three American citizens, of name Barbara Bouchey, Toni Foley, and Susan Dones, would have been the target of an alleged attempted abduction planned by Rainere and discussed with Emiliano Salinas.

    “In 2012, the Times Union obtained copies of e-mails attributed to a Mexican journalist who sent a series of e-mails Foley trying to convince her to go to Mexico for an interview about a story about NXIVM. The journalist did not respond to a request for comments.”

    Note does not specify the name of the Mexican journalist who sent emails to Foley, which Mario Quijano sent an email to Lyons, asking who was the journalist that Foley sent invitations to an interview.

    In its response, Lyons says textual:

    The emails were received from a journalist using this address:

    The emails were received from a journalist using this address:

    Brendan Lyons note is based on official documents held by a Court of Albany,New York, where takes place a dispute involving Rainere, as well as copies of theemails who received Foley.

    However, Lyons points out that when the Times Union tried to contact YuririaSierra to comment in this regard, Sierra did not respond.

    This is compounded when considering the content of an email in the possessionof the Court of Albany against Rainere in which says text in English:

    “Emiliano (Salinas) came to the extent do journalists mexiacnos contact (Foley)and others to invite them to an alleged“Conference anti-sectas”.” Keith (Rainere)was intended to make these women serious emotional and physical damage.There is no way that these things are kept in secret.”

    The note of Lyons mentioned to journalists, in plural, operating at the behest ofEmiliano Salinas. However, the unique name of a Mexican journalist who ismentioned in the emails to the Times Union had access is Yuriria Sierra.

    It should be noted that Lyons note dates back to October 19, 2015, but to datethe Mexican press “mainstream” has never published an only report about theaccusations against Emiliano Salinas, nor trying to investigate who in theMexican press have collaborated with Salinas.

    This despite the fact that there is documentation on the case in a United States Court.

  • NXIVM intended to use some of these Bad Ass Warrior B—– to lure defectors of the cult to Rainere’s lair in Puerto Vallarta to be kidnapped or killed with the help of corrupt Mexican cops.
    When the full plot is revealed it will be horrifying.

    • From “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg
      they were going to lure Keith’s exgirlfriend Toni Natalie and three other defectors to Mexico for a phony anticult rally, and then have them kidnapped and thrown into a Mexican prison

        • It was in the recorded conversation between Barbara Bouchey and Kristin Keeffe. Toni shared the e-mails.

          The plot probably helped turn Kristin against him. She certainly couldn’t wait to tell all about it. I’d bet Keith didn’t even let Nancy in on the plan, because she would’ve freaked out. He just couldn’t help himself and was willing to risk flaming out. He was going to keep pushing the envelope until he either got caught/stopped or ????

  • You forgot to mention the cow pictures a cow a cow then an espían woman picture then cow, cow, another espían woman’s breast picture, cow, cow, another espían woman’s picture and so on and so on to make woman feel….. like what??? Stupid people. I can’t believe it!!!

  • Doesn’t all this sound like what led to the Sharon Tate and the La Bianca murders committed by the followers of Charles Manson back in 1969 ?

    • Stuart, I believe NXIVM had a much more henious plan in store. Keith obliquely alluded to it.
      One wonders if the ones still free might not be waiting for just the right moment to enact Keith’s plan.
      Remember Aum Shrinko? I do.
      Study closely the writings of Pea Onyou.
      Note her screen name. That right there us clue number one and shows a hatred for us non NXIVM folks.
      It proclaims itself bad ass. Lol way too funny. Inner city gang members would show her and the rest of the phony bad ass women im DOS just what bad ass really is.
      Let us hope we dodged a bullet with this group, that Keith spends the rest of his life in prison, that justice is meeted out swiftly.
      I am sure the folks in Knox Woods breathe a whole lot easier now with this group gone.
      No more Keith and his midnight strolls, no more doctors Porter and Roberts masquarading as health practitioners, no more Clare….
      Let NXIVM become a memory…..

      • Aum Shrinko – spelling error perhaps? Aum Shinrikyo was the Japanese cult responsible for the Tokyo subway Sarin gas attack. Is this the same group? Nxivm a.k.a. the gang that couldn’t shoot straight hardly has the intellect, or competent personal to pull something like that off. If they tried, they would probably gas themselves to death. Pee brain keeps alluding to April 20th, I hope this means they have formed a suicide pact amongst themselves to save the taxpayers from supporting their hellish existance.

      • g, Pea Onyu is a fake, starting with the name and the subsequent absurd statements of its ethnicity. Search the web and you will not find one person listed under that name. I’ve said a hundred times – the posts offer no new or enlightening information – just repetitive praise for the master and those who remain on his side. I would much rather hear from real past or present NXIVM.

        I hope you’re right that they’re gone, but I wouldn’t put it past the remainders to try to rejuvenate the cult in some form. And yes, Raniere had much more sinister plans that were aborted by his arrest.

  • Pea, Clare is a mean, vile, twisted specimen of a human being who doesn’t Even possess a GED!
    A multi millionaire who could have purchased a forged diploma though doing the actual work to attain one, as millions have done, would be the more honest way.
    Heck! She could have done it through a correspondence course and then, like Keith with his bogus IQ test that he had multiple others do over weeks time as a take home test and then self proclaimed himself the smartest man in rhe world, Clare could have run the same scam and then proudly framed a GED for all you NXIVM slaves to ooh and aah over.
    As for the Scientology schmuck you run here in rhe dialogue casting lying aspersions on those who finally saw NXIVM and you and others for what you really are….get real. Doesn’t work for Scientology won’t work for you.
    Then again you are practicing those bogus ethics you so tout.
    Ethical you are not. The best I will give you is you are brain washed.
    Keith will forgive? It is he who needs forgiveness for espousing sex with female children. Is he a card carrying member of NMBLA whose motto is “sex before 8 or it’s too late?” Sure sounds like it.
    Then his grooming of innocent preteen and young teen women. Not only groomed but then had sexual intercourse with them. More than one has come forth to accuse him of this.
    And you say HE will forgive? Man you are morally bankrupt.
    Bad ass? Hardly. More like a sexual pervert.
    It is your judgement day, here and beyobd the grave, you need to fear.
    Your names are national news. Do you really believe decent people, employers, families with children will welcome you? Not shun you?
    You will be as Allson will be, a pariah in society like Casey Anthony is.
    You will not have a safe place to rest your head where the townfolk will point, whisper and walk the other way when they see you or any of you who remain free.
    By the way. Keirh said he could cure a gay woman by having sex wirh her. If being gay is to be healed by his sexual tech how come he had Alluson and Nikki marry and that was okay? Kind of a breach of ethics there.
    Or what about Emiliano and his openly boy toy?
    Oh, and Clare lusting after India. Clare wanted India in her bed. Why? To thumb her nose at Catherine by so doing? Clare would have better luck using a paid escort and seeing the puss on Clare and her evil mien she had better shell out a whole lot of money for that favor.

    All NXIVM has done is devolved into a one man sexual debauchery of incestuosness where once a sexual high had been reached you all needed more to feed your addiction.
    Disgusting, really really disgusting.
    I pray the gov’t throws the book at all of you and places each and every one of you in general population.
    Bad ass? Honey, you and your kind will meet some really bad ass people there, trust me.
    Bad ass? You’re a joke.

  • I have never addressed anyone here by name but you Pea Onyu (by the way your screen name is a real tell as to what manner of person you are and frankly one rhat decent folk would not want in their company nor near their children and loved ones) are just a vile, thuggish wanna be who reveals no redeeming virtues whatsoever but like a rabid animal snarls and snaps at whomever doesn’t toe your amoralistic dictatorial line.
    So much for that ethics you so expouse.
    You are more in line with the Marquis de Sade though real BDSMers ridicule your group for the non consent and “frig in the pot” way you all went about it.
    Since you profess to be so bad ass, over and over and state “you can take it ” I now challenge you to come out from behind the mask and reveal your true name so we may better see, and judge, if you really are “bad ass” or just a loud mouthed nothing.
    Mind you, pontificating, obscuring the issue, vulgarity, etc will finally reveal to all what a coward and fake you really are.
    I, and others on here, await your unveiling. Anything less will openly shame and bring ridicule upon you.

    • G, Pea is like a bad PR person , doing more harm than good with every idiotic post. Keith hates women but loves sex I think the whole thing thrown in with needing to have money and access to sex so he sets up another MLM Scam. PEAS name says it all, if she’s real she’s fucked and maybe they will all take the gutless way out. Keith doesn’t have the courage to survive prison and he’s not getting out.
      He still thinks that he can just tell his side of the story! Way to late. Notice Pea only mentions other members after they are in the news such as Jen and BB.

    • Yeah, come on pee brain. What no guts? What do you think you are accomplishing here anyway? Just proving you are an asshole because nothing but shit comes out of you? We already knew that. At least use your real name you piece of filth.

  • I am bad ass and I can take it. Jen is a nice girl but she did not have what it takes and then she and Sarah stole from us. repent Jen and admit you are wrong. Vanguard forgives and Clare is loving and kind. Return what you stole and become noble. I mean really we all saw the clips. Nobody had a melt down other than you. Are we supposed to believe you’ll not recover ? Nxivm was your past and can be your future. You do need an EM and it will help you. vanguard reruns to us on April 20 come back before then for it is in a sense judgement day.

    • Pea:
      Isn’t it true that these “Bad Ass Warrior B—— were going to be used to lure NXIVM defectors down to Mexico where they could be kidnapped or killed by corrupt Mexican cops?

    • I would love for you to walk down Clinton Avenue, alone, at night, since you proclaim to be so bad ass.
      You wouldn’t make it more than a few blocks, babe.
      By the way. How’s Keith’s gift that keeps on giving doing for you and the rest of the harem?

  • We need to know what the end game was of these so called “experiments”.
    How did Porter (I hesitate to call him a practitioner of the healing arts) get hold of the real life video of those 4 women being butchered in Mexico? Emiliano?
    Did Porter never question why? Why?
    I can easily dedeuce the end game.
    Desensitize these women to violence to perform some future criminal act Keith obliquely refers to. I mean, who would suspect a bobble headed, always smiling, NLP expert, a female.whose moral and sexual mores have been broken down, restructured to attain Keith’s nefarious ends?
    Note…this guy was cagey enough to have the women he wanted to bed to be instructed by Allison to seduce HIM! That way he disavows any culpability.
    The next step was using these women in DOS for some mission that has yet to come to light.

    • Agree with this post. The scariest thing about Keith is that we don’t know his end game. He had everything one might think he’d ever want – yet he kept pushing the envelope and was willing to risk it all. He still reminds me of H.H. Holmes.

    • He’s extremely manipulative and loves making women like dogs. Worse would have come but if it’s Nancy that has flipped for sure she may not know they kept a lot from her, I don’t think there’s enough brains left for them to pull off anything. What great ethical thing is Keith thinking about? Since no one can or will visit or talk to him I think the crybaby has one concern, getting himself out of jail. Nothing worse than growing old in prison. As none of us know what evidence the feds have I’m choosing to believe they would not put this effort forth if they didn’t have him 100 percent. The women are sad empty byproducts of his sick mind.

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