Guest View: Women Giving Collateral — Ain’t No Cure for Stupid

Painting ofKeith Alan Raniere by Marie White
Ah, collateral…A commenter, It’s not so black and white, wrote, “Many women wrote falsified stories about loved ones. Some wrote them in envelopes addressed to the press or law enforcement with stamps on them. What if someone were to drop them in the mail? If these letters reached, say, a local sheriff’s office, it might not be immediately clear that they were collateral. Additionally, I think it’s a little sweeping to say all women in DOS were ‘stupid.’…

“All these women had to give collateral just to learn was DOS was, and then more collateral to join and stay in. They were recruited by people they knew and trusted, who told them it was safe and would be a positive experience.

DOS First-Line Masters: Did all of them lie to their slaves about the sorority?

“DOS masters in most (all?) cases withheld information and lied about fundamental elements of DOS. It’s easy for us to armchair quarterback and say ‘They should have known better’ but how were they supposed to know that when they were being lied to by people they trusted? By the point that Raniere started being asked for monthly collateral and some were assigned the seduction assignment, they were already collateralized, and as a result, some testified that they did not feel as though they could say ‘No’. I think Raniere very intentionally designed it that women would be approached the first time by someone they very deeply trusted; otherwise no one would have ever given collateral, ever. He weaponized trust.”

In reply to It’s not so black and white, Aristotle’s Sausage wrote:

By Aristotle’s Sausage

“I think it’s a little sweeping to say all women in DOS were “stupid”…. ???

Is it stupid to stick a finger in a light socket? Is it stupid to play golf in a thunderstorm? Give strangers your Social Security number ‘cuz they ask and seem nice on the phone?

Lots of things are stupid. And the people who do those things demonstrate their stupidity by doing them.

Which doesn’t mean stupid people don’t deserve sympathy. I feel pity for these weak-minded fools. As that great philosopher Mr. T said, “I pity the fool…”

They also deserve the full protection of the law. Just because they lack common sense doesn’t mean they should be left out in the cold.

I just don’t think we should ignore the fact that it’s pretty stupid to give up explicit naked pictures of oneself as a precondition to joining some alleged feminist self-help group.

“…how were they supposed to know that when they were being lied to by people they trusted?”

Because maybe it was time to rethink that trust when they demand blackmail material?

What honest organization demands crotch shots of prospective members? Demands compromising (factual or fictional) statements implicating loved ones?

When someone you trust asks you for something like that, it’s time to tell them to f*ck off. And maybe stop trusting them. And the organization they represent. That’s what any person with morals would do, anyway.

Which brings me to another point. Note that these women willingly gave up damaging information, much of it lies, about other people. friends and relatives. They did this for personal advancement. The “poor misled victim” Allison Mack concocted a tale of child abuse against a relative. This proved them, and her, to be much worse than merely stupid and foolish. They are also vicious liars, selfish beyond belief.

MK10 Art’s portrait of Allison Mack.

Digital Mess

Where’s the collateral? Who has it, who had it?

Who cares?

These digital files are floating around out there somewhere. Or maybe they’re not. No way of telling how many copies were made. Whether they were erased, deleted, lost, forgotten. If Raniere knows where they were or are, he’s not telling and there’s no way to make him.

Any more than they can make him pay the three million bucks in restitution.

Is this a victory for Raniere? Hardly. He’s in a prison cell for the rest of his life.

The worst that can happen is if the vagina pictures end up online. Where they join the millions of pictures of people’s genitals (ick) available for free to anyone who knows how to click a “yes I’m 18” box.

Great victory for The Vanguard as he enjoys his hot dog and salad in USP Tucson.

Keith Raniere gets some of the same good eats as other prisoners do — like the meal shown above.

So maybe Allison Mack is kept awake nights in her prison cell worrying that her pussy pics will be plastered all over Too effin’ bad.

I have sympathy for some of these women but seriously, how stupid do you have to be to turn over blackmail material to a cult? Don’t questions arise when someone says, “Hi, there’s this cool women’s empowerment group we think you might like, but first we need naked explicit pictures of you” ?

Ain’t no cure for stupid.


Marie White’s extraordinary painting of the man who devised collateral for the slaves and effectively wound up being a slave himself for this wise idea.

[Editor’s note: if there ain’t no cure for stupid – which is most likely true — what can you say about the dunce who came up with the idea to have a blackmail and branding, master-slave multilevel marketing sorority which he would secretly lead? His branding gimmick was smart, smart to make it his initials without telling the women, and the idea of taking collateral – stuff that would destroy a woman’s life if it was revealed, that was real genius. But the greatest bit of smart from the world’s smartest man is that he thought 1000s of women could keep this all a secret. Ain’t no cure? He has 120 years to figure it all out… Viva Executive Success!]

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  • Cults are always complex cases and very hard to prosecute as there are indeed vast numbers of stupid people around and vulnerable weak people. You tend to have to get them for the peripheral offences (eg poisoning the water – the Baghwan group back in the day) or tax evasion rather than the bigger badder things (eg scientologists working for no pay and the cult tries to say it’s like nuns and monks with vows of poverty – yet it clearly isn’t).

  • Hi Frank-

    Here’s a bunch of prison clips:

    Bathing in the SHU and lockdown is covered.

    Keith’s Prison Experience

    Prison Disco

    How to bathe in the SHU

    Taco Tuesday

    Sounds of the SHU,
    Recorded by a SHU Cellphone.


    Heterosexual Sex

    Judo Competition

    Flooded Cell Sewage Water Fun Park

    Prison Cell Phones

    After watching all the various videos available, it’s safe to assume prison cellphones are ubiquitous in all penitentiaries.

  • Sausage has so much empathy for his fellow humans. His humanity is beyond reproach.

    Here’s a list of his alleged heroes:

    R. Kelly
    Roman Polanski
    Harvey Weinstein
    Bill Cosby
    Woody Allen

  • With the rise of video (VHS) and then digital storage of pictures, the issue of blackmail has become increasingly prominent.

    But even in early Hollywood, the actress Joan Crawford was notorious for starring in nudie stag films in her early career.
    And Joan Crawford’s brother blackmailed her for her indiscretions.

    Joan Crawford’s porn films: How star was TWICE blackmailed by a brother who threatened to leak her early stag movies as ‘Feud’ recounts Hollywood scandal around the first celebrity sex tape

    Joan Crawford starred in multiple stag films prior to her days as a star according to multiple biographers, including ‘Velvet Lips’ and ‘The Casting Couch’.
    Twice in her life, an individual was paid off to stop them from leaking these porn movies to members of the press, with her brother believed to be the informant.
    On the new episode of ‘Feud,’ Crawford pays off brother Hal LeSueur after he threatens to leak a tape just days before his death in 1963.
    The threats, however, came in the late 1920s and again in 1935, with MGM once paying $100,000 to stop the release of the picture.
    In ‘The Casting Couch,’ Crawford is reportedly seen performing a sex act on a producer before jumping on his couch nude and engaging in another sex act.
    Crawford denied ever appearing in an indecent film in her 1962 memoir, but her first husband Douglas Fairbanks Jr. claims she told him about the pictures.

    Joan Crawford starred in at least two pornographic films before her days in Hollywood according to multiple biographies about the Hollywood star, who herself denied the rumors.

    More shocking than her appearances in those films, one of which was aptly titled ‘The Casting Couch,’ is the identity of the man who tried to sell prints of these stag films.

    It was Hal LeSueur who was reportedly twice paid off to stop him from leaking the explicit videos of his sister, Lucille, who by that time had changed her name to the star now known as Joan Crawford.

    There is nothing new under the sun.

    Now perhaps Frank Report readers will understand why I harped on the issue of who has the blackmail.
    Not for prurient interest.
    Anyone can find nude pictures on the internet.
    But perhaps some of the women of DOS will want these materials recovered.
    Allison Mack obviously does not give a damn.

    • —But perhaps some of the women of DOS will want these materials recovered.

      Excellent point, Shadowstate!

  • What’s getting missed here is that Vantard sold all of this to the ignorant under the guise of “women’s empowerment”. You could literally sell postcards of a hanging under such a claim and it would find an audience today.

  • If a straight woman asks another woman for : Nudes, masturbation videos and any/all other sexually explicit or sexually exploitative material…

    It. Is. For. A. Dude.


    One more time…

    If a straight female “friend” wants photos of your snatch, ladies – it is for a man’s viewing pleasure.

    And most likely was a man’s idea.

    But also just don’t do the porn photo thing under any circumstance. Just. Don’t.

    And never supply your own blackmail material. If someone wants to blackmail you- make them work for that sh×t. And they are a sneaky blackmailing d×ck – so don’t f×ck with them at all anymore.

    But AGAIN straight female women do not want (or even think of asking for) snatch shots of their, “friends”.

    That is all…

    • They were asked for graphic nudity under the false premise that nobody would ever see it unless they themselves broke their word. They were lied to. Most DOS recruits were from the NXIVM community and were already primed for the concepts of extreme personal growth and collateral. If an obvious ulterior motive did not occur to them, I do think it’s comprehensible how that happened. (Again, I am just a bystander, I don’t know these people, and I was never in NXIVM or DOS.)

      • I agree with what you are laying down. But maintain that, ” hey gimme super up close spread pussy shots” is gonna be a male request and desire.

        Not a concept a straight female foists on another female “friend”.

        There are a lot of blackmail scenarios that do not include homemade porn tailored to a male gaze… It should be a red flag that it is in fact, NOT an “all-female empowerment” group.

        A big, bright red flag. Waving desperately.

        That is all…

  • Well, there are people that can find similarities between the collateral, and the FBI extortion operation, you know the Roy Cohn one?

    Actually, the American government specifically has a few scandals that are even connected to Nxivm in many ways, and we are talking about Kincora, Dutroux, or Manuel Schadwald cases for example, scandals that involved other governments, kids, a camera, and sex, but also de dévil, torture, the use of trauma, cults, power, etc.

    What do you know about indoctrination? There was a point on Life that if your parents order you to do anything you will do It. Even if is killing yourself, what happens when people are left in that space of submissión that is required to give collaterals? Go to a club? We are not blaming the families of the people for not loving them enough, or the Friends of the women in DOS that were so blind or shitty to let these things happen to a successful woman.

    Or the society for not making a world where economic opportunities are more common or not frauds. What happened in Nxivm is the same that happens daily in the army. But also in the church, normal relationships, etc. That’s the only way, for a famous, successful, intelligent director that wants to be a better man, but sees making your girlfriend sleep on the floor a useful and inoffensive tool for self-growth.

    Why? Because Nxivm knew that in many rooms of this society the same image is replicated, with men and with females. That the only way, the practices of Nxivm can be found in the way that the society works daily, everywhere, from people giving money to pedophiles, I mean the church too and a man telling his son not to cry because that’s for girls.

    That’s the only way that Nxivm could thrive the way it did because the roots of Nxivm share nature and the way it works are the worst parts of society. These people spend years submitted to mind control techniques in the cult, but no one talks about the broken families or the fucked Up society we live on, that probably did more grooming than even the cult did, for these things to happen

  • That Macedonian ground meat product is some good stuff. Make more.

    Keith had at least 8 women who were wiling to be branded knowingly with his initials. I’m impressed. I only have one, my wife.

    But to get such a mega-large, DOS-size harem you have to be dishonest and an irredeemable, manipulative sadist. Fuck that.

    His downfall was his hubris. I’ve seen this time and time again: a bullshit artist who eats their own feces and imagine it a 3-star Michelin feast.

    It is the more down-to-earth sociopaths with a sense of their own limits that are the most frightening as they have a much longer shelf life.

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