Avenatti Will Be in Jail Until Trial Gets Underway and That’s Where He’ll Stay for Life!

Michael Avenatti

[Editor’s Note: Following the publication of this post, we learned some new details about what happened in California after Avenatti was arrested there last Tuesday: e.g., he was transported from California to New York City via a private jet rather than on Con-Air. We have now updated this post to reflect those new details]. 


When last we caught up with embattled superstar attorney Michael Avenatti, the trial concerning his alleged theft of $300,000 from Stormy Daniels had just been postponed until April 21, 2020.

Stormy & Michael back during friendlier times.

Shortly after that post, the trial concerning his alleged attempt to extort $25 million from Nike, Inc. – which was scheduled to start last November 12th – was also postponed until January 21, 2020.

Meanwhile, Avenatti’s legal problems have continued to grow like Topsy.

Just last Tuesday, Avenatti was re-arrested by IRS agents – and charged with committing new financial crimes while he was out on bail.

The arrest came during a break in a California State Bar disciplinary hearing in which he has been charged with stealing $840,000 from a former client in that state. The purpose of the hearing was to decide whether Avenatti should be placed on “involuntary inactive status” – which would temporarily prohibit him from practicing law in California.

On Wednesday, after reviewing the newest charges against Avenatti, U.S. District Court Judge James Selna revoked his bail – and ordered him to remain in custody for the time being. [He might as well get used to it, Avenatti is likely to be in jail/prison for the rest of his life. He likely saw his last day of freedom this past week.]

The newest charges include allegations that Avenatti has “brazenly attempted” to hide his assets – and that he has continued to defraud people and entities to which he owes millions of dollars.

Prosecutors introduced evidence to show that while he was out on bail, Avenatti had illegally structured numerous bank transactions so that he could “acquire a Mercedes-Benz and continue living a lavish lifestyle”.

Prosecutors also indicated that they planned to charge Avenatti with mail fraud and wire fraud in conjunction with his latest misdeeds.

The victims of Avenatti’s latest deceit include a former law partner who is owed $5 million, a former client who is owed $2.2 million and an ex-wife who is owed $2.5 million in spousal and child support. He also now owes the State of Washington $1.5 million in unpaid taxes.


What a swell guy Avenattit has turned out to be…


Avenatti’s Life Continues To Crumble

2019 was certainly not a good year for the man who was the darling of cable network news shows for several months.

The fine lad was a hero to Democrats and liberal news media since he was a frequent critic of Donald Trump and said he was going to run for president against him.

2020 is not looking much better.

Avenatti is currently facing criminal charges in three separate federal actions.

In addition to the charges regarding Stormy Daniels and Nike – both of which will be heard in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York – Avenatti is also facing 36 felony counts in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California regarding his alleged theft of funds from five clients there.

If convicted on both of the charges related to Stormy Daniels – wire fraud and aggravated identity theft – Avenatti could be facing up to 22 years in prison.

For the Nike-related charges, the maximum sentence he’s facing is 47 years.

And if he’s convicted on all the original counts in California, he could be facing 335 years in federal prison (And “No”, that was not a typo).

So, yeah, 2020 is looking like it might be kind of an off-year for the man who was once being talked about as the potential nominee of the Democratic party for the upcoming presidential elections.


Timing Of Nike Trial Is Now in Doubt

The jury selection process in the Nike trial was scheduled to begin next week.

Nike Logo

But after two phone conferences with Avenatti’s attorneys and the four U.S. Assistant Attorneys who are scheduled to handle the prosecution, the presiding judge, Paul G. Gardephe, acknowledged that Avenatti’s arrest “has essentially thrown the trial into chaos” – and temporarily postponed it.

U.S. District Court Judge Paul Gardephe

Last Friday, Avenatti was flown on a private jet from California to New York City, thereby avoiding a fun-trip on Con-Air (At least two U.S. Marshals accompanied him on the flight).

Once he arrived in New York, Avenatti was transferred to the Manhattan Correctional Center (MCC) – which is, of course, the same facility where Jeffrey Epstein allegedly committed suicide last August. {That’s not a good sign – for Avenatti].

Manhattan Correctional Center

Judge Gardephe has scheduled a status conference in the Nike case for Tuesday, January 21st.

And Gardephe has told both sides that he is still hopeful that the trial can start on the following Monday.

During one of the conference calls, Avenatti’s attorneys in the Nike case expressed concern about Avenatti’s ability to pay for several aspects of his planned defense: e.g., retaining expert witnesses, procuring daily transcripts of the proceedings, etc.

One of those attorneys, Jose Quinon stated: “We were dealing with very little resources, and now we have none”.

Quinon also stated that in light of the allegations in California, he could not advise Avenatti to spend money on his Nike trial. “It’s like going to war without weapons on our side right now.”

Avenatti is also being represented by Scott Srebnick – who indicated that Avenatti may request that the court provide funding for some of his defense expenses.


Pre-Trial Filings & Rulings Do Not Bode Well for Avenatti

Things have also not gone well for Avenatti in the run-up to the start of the Nike trial.

In late December, the prosecution filed documents showing that Avenatti was $15 million in debt at the time he allegedly tried to extort money from Nike in 2019 (That basically establishes motive in the Nike case).

This, of course, is the same Michael Avenatti who was retained by Clare Bronfman to pursue her civil claims against Frank Parlato (Bronfman fired Avenatti shortly after he was arrested in the Nike case – and brought back William F. Savino to represent her in the Parlato case).

Clare Bronfman with Mark Geragos

The $15 million of debt included money that Avenatti owed to his one-time lawyer, Mark Geragos, who just happened to be Bronfman’s lead attorney in her own criminal trial.

It is unknown whether Geragos talked Bronfman into hiring Avenatti so that Avenatti could pay off what he owed Geragos.

It is also unknown whether Geragos will appear as a prosecution witness in the Nike case. Geragos was with Avenatti during at least one of his meetings with Nike but was not named as a co-conspirator in the related indictment. He is reportedly an unindicted coconspirator.

Earlier this week, Judge Gardephe denied a motion to dismiss the criminal charges in the Nike case. That motion was based on the claim that those charges were initiated against Avenatti because of his ongoing dispute with President Trump

“Avenatti is being prosecuted for activities wholly unrelated to the political arena,” Judge Gardephe wrote in his order dismissing the case.



Avenatti Will Likely Die in Federal Prison

Back in October, I wrote that it was “…likely that Michael Avenatti will die in federal prison’.

Nothing that’s happened since then has caused me to change my mind about that prediction.

If anything, Avenatti has continued to dig himself into more and more legal trouble over the course of the past four months.

And based on what happened this week, it appears that Avenatti may have already begun what is going to be a lifetime behind bars.

Of course, when you’re being held at MCC, a “lifetime” doesn’t necessarily mean a “long time”.

Just ask Jeffrey Epstein about that the next time you see him…

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  • Avenatti in handcuffs and eventually prison is schadenfreude. Priceless that he was arrested during a break in State Bar Court proceedings. His arrogance will be his downfall, and his former Democrat handlers, including mainstream media, deserve the egg on their faces for shoving this guy to the forefront. Haven’t seen any HuffPost pieces on Avenatti recently for some reason, nor MSNBC reports on his criminal woes. Perhaps I missed them, since they are objective sources that merely want the truth to get out.

  • No Avenatti supporter here. But the assertion he will be jailed for life I think is in error. If you count up possible jail times each time someone is charged, it is always astronomical. He’s a white-collar fraudster — not a murderer or sex abuser.

    I also after following this case wonder if in time the Nike case, and the Stormy case that stemmed from it, will fall apart. They already reduced some charges in the Nike case. The tax case in CA I think, if the government’s allegations are correct, will probably be something he will be convicted for and have no appeal recourse for. It’s a lot more plain and simple that someone failed to file taxes vs what motive they had as an attorney at the time they tweeted something.

    I know this may generate some spicy responses. So like I said, no Avenatti supporter here. Just commenting on what I see.

  • January 19, 2020
    Can the press just stop hyping Parnas?
    By Jack Hellner

    Read more: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2020/01/can_the_press_just_stop_hyping_parnas.html#ixzz6BVD5TEXG
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

    The latest press hack to climb onto the Lev Parnas bandwagon is, no surprise, Washington Post #NeverTrump columnist Kathleen Parker.

    Here she goes:

    Thanks to Trump, we are living in a world of sleaze

    It’s tough enough keeping count of the former Trump associates who’ve been indicted, convicted or imprisoned. With startling regularity, new names emerge on what seems a bottomless list of scoundrels and grifters.

    We began this presidential caper, after all, with revelations of a porn star paid off to keep silent about an alleged affair with Trump shortly after Melania Trump had given birth to their son. Never wonder why so many Americans are disgusted by this president. But what might finally bring Trump down are not alleged sins of the flesh but abuse of power and obstruction of Congress — the two charges laid out in articles of impeachment now before the U.S. Senate.

    Last week, following the slow tortures of the House impeachment process, a new character emerged in the nick of time to bestir the swamp. In a perverse deus ex machina, this time surfacing from the bowels of the stage, Lev Parnas was this week’s man of the moment.

    Problem: It is the media that is elevating Parnas, just like they elevated the crook Michael Avenatti. But here she is blaming Trump as she and most of the media always do.

    Most of the media would have you think that the Parnas introduction is the final magic bullet for Getting Trump.

    It’s their hypocrisy. They have never had any interest in all the scandals during the Obama/Biden years. They never gave a rat’s patoot about the physical and mental abuse of women for decades by the Clintons, Harvey Weinstein or Jeffrey Epstein while the Clintons were running for office.

    They never cared about the corruption at Justice and the intelligence agencies and misuse of taxpayer money as they targeted Trump.

    They never cared that Hillary Clinton, President Obama and others continually violated the nation’s security laws with that private server

    They didn’t care that the DNC and Hillary paid foreign sources over $10 million to create lies about Trump and the Obama administration used those lies as they lied to the FISA court as an excuse to lie.

    Then they lied to the FEC that the money was for legal fees. They never cared that the DNC wouldn’t let any government official see their computers but blamed the Russians without actual evidence for the hacking.

    And not once did they care that the Clintons and Bidens greatly enriched themselves with foreign money.

    And according to them Trump is the problem. It is sad how blatantly biased they are.

    Is it any wonder how corrupt and dishonest politicians and other members of the swamp are when most of the media, especially those at the Washington Post spend all their time protecting those they like no matter what they say and do while attacking those who they disagree with by making up stuff with no evidence?

    It is the corrupt media who are the greatest threat to the integrity of our elections, along with our freedom, prosperity, democracy and survival, not the Russians or any other foreign country.

  • Geragos had to break up with Avenatti fast and smooth like butter. Clare Bronfman had to come up with an executive success fainting spell when his name came up in relation to hers in court.

    Avenatti’s first ex-wife and her current husband might be investigated for involvement in some of Avenatti’s recent 10-month spate of compulsive lying, cheating and stealing. Since his pre-trial release, Avenatti has done nothing but reinstigate his frantically-paced borderline personality crime spree. He seems to be addicted, moves fast on multiple fronts but is detached from the effects of his actions.

    He is 5’9″ and will be 49 years old on Feb.16th. I have been waiting for this weasel to begin chewing his own legs off, ever since Avenatti’s “techniques” reared their ugly heads. What I saw got me to keep paying attention. He had worked representing two people from a notorious Scientology-based lawsuit, just prior to starting to represent Stormy. He was after mega bucks. He designed a set of lies for this case and spoke convincingly, without a shred of respect for the truth. He acted like a cokehead, I thought. But now it looks like he could be batshit on the match, just another sociopath who lost his grip.

    Before Avenatti came around this 2017 case like a carnivore spitting out unchewed mouse parts, I has been studying the whole story for months and watched this hard-eyed freakazoid bring his very own circus to town. Meanwhile I studied up on him and how he left his second wife, Lisa Storey. His coffee shops, (never mind) office shenanigans and his ambitious Newport Beach real estate fraud.

    It was watching these Avenatti hijinks that got me to start reading Frank Parlato.

    Avenatti was routinely glib and cutting, like a balder but younger Tom Cruise. He made grand but empty, vituperative noises in the press. Lies and scorn came out of him like projectile vomiting.

    It’s surprising Michael Avenatti lasted as long as he did. He is a living version of the Exorcist, and Avenatti is Linda Blair.

    His own lawyer just explained that he had been working off of a small defense fund, but that now it’s gone. We’ll see what happens Tuesday with Avenatti, who I’ve seen a sizable photo of tonight, standing grinning chummily with Bill Clinton. That is one factor that could go either way.

  • The fucking corrupt Joey Biden will be the next Avenatti. Just start with his piece of shit criminal son

    No one ever asks how 50 year old Hunter got a Navy commission in the first place.
    How did he get a seat on the AMTRAK board when Joe was writing rail legislation?
    How did he get a seat on the MBNA board when Joe was voting on credit card legislation?
    So MANY unasked questions by the lickspittle scumsucking lapdog “media.”

    • Biden was appointed to the AMTRAK board by President Bush – are you not aware of that inconvenient truth?

      I don’t really follow the partisan food fights and so have no position on his ethics or personality, but a quick fact-check shows that he has a Yale law degree, which is an incredibly rare accomplishment that places him in a small league of people (along with Harvard Law graduates) with the credentials necessary to possibly be considered for a position on the Supreme Court. And given that background, it’s no surprise that he got a commission as Navy legal officer, except perhaps that it looks like he got a questionable waiver.

      It does look like he’s had some trouble with drugs. Perhaps Bush was sympathetic to him on that account (speaking also of people with truly questionable military commissions).

        • LOL, anonyfaker is the biggest projecting blowhard on this blog. The funniest line I have ever read on this blog and there have been many…Parlato stating that this clown was a valuable contributor.

          Why don’t you invite this fraud on your little podcast?

      • Biden was appointed to the AMTRAK board by President Bush – are you not aware of that inconvenient truth?

        I sure am, Slick. Why. Globalist puppet G.W. Bush was more than happy to nominate a fellow Yale Skull and Bones member. Also, Hunter received a model train set for his 10th birthday. Slick, I, as an Independent, realize at least half the republicans are as corrupt as 99% of your fellow democrat cult members.

  • Ukraine and China Knew Hunter Biden Was a Chronic Drug Addict, Paid Him Millions Anyway – Used It as Fodder to Blackmail Joe Biden

    Hunter Biden’s first arrest may have been when he was 18. Hunter was arrested on Jersey Shore related to drug charges in 1988 and had his record expunged.

    Many years later and after several stops into drug treatment facilities, Hunter joined his father the Vice President, on a trip to China in 2013 where Hunter — inexperienced and out of place — was able to secure $1.5 billion from China for a private equity fund which he was forming at the time.

    A year later — in early 2014 — Hunter was discharged from the Navy for testing positive for cocaine.

    Then in April 2014, just a couple months later, Hunter Biden Hunter joined the Board of Burisma Holdings in Ukraine. Hunter served on the Board until early 2019. Hunter was paid approximately $50,000 a month in his position.

    The largest oil and gas company in Ukraine hired a chronic drug addict only a few months after the addict was removed from the US Navy for doing cocaine.

    In 2016, Hunter Biden returned a rental car with a crack pipe with cocaine residue and a small amount of a white, powdery substance. Hunter was never charged with a crime.

    In 2018, the IRS placed a tax lien on Hunter Biden seeking $112,805 in unpaid taxes from 2015.

    And according to Page Six, Hunter Biden allegedly spent time at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club in New York City in 2018. Hunter allegedly ordered pricey booze, was joined by several strippers in a private room while he did drugs, and had strippers run to find him a dildo.

    These are just a few of the allegations against Hunter Biden.

    After years of drug abuse, there are likely many more episodes not yet public.

    Any foreign intelligence service worth their salt would have known Hunter Biden was a chronic drug addict.

    China and the Ukraine, and likely others, hired Hunter Biden anyway.

    Why was that?

    Obviously, Hunter Biden was hired for access to his father in any pay-for-play schemes.

    But it now appears likely that these countries were also using this as fodder to blackmail Joe Biden.

    Joe Biden set up his tormented son with lucrative foreign contracts.

    Joe Biden’s senseless and selfish actions also left him open to blackmail.

    How many times was Joe Biden warned of his dangerous actions related to his drug-addicted son?

    Will the liberal media ever investigate this? Do Americans really believe that this man and his son should be President?


  • Frank — Here’s something to investigate. Looks like someone in Nevada is trying to scam people using your name or is trying to make you look like an idiot with this over the top, laughable type ad that seems like it was concocted by someone who spent too many hours watching cheap, cheesy commercials running in the wee hours of the morning. “No. 1 rated”? LOL Makes you sound like a car dealership. And apparently whoever this is doesn’t know the difference between their and there and to and too. Check it out

    • This kind of thing happen. I don’t take it too seriously. I get cranks mimicking me, people threatening me and sometimes kooks trying to engage me in various conspiracy things.
      I don’t worry about it, but thanks for the heads up.

  • Avenatti is a sort of interesting example if only because he is someone fairly well educated (University of Pennsylvania, same as Donald Trump; and GW Law School, same as Bill Barr and Kellyanne Conway), and relatively successful and wealthy, who you wouldn’t think would blow it all ending up acting so stupidly and short-sightedly – which shows that rational and competent behavior can’t always be expected even from people who might seem to have gotten fairly far in life.

    Does anyone know, does he have something like a gambling problem, or where else his money is going?

    Interestingly, while doing some quick fact-checking I noticed that he has dual Italian citizenship, which is one of the reasons that his bail was revoked – yet another connection to the leadership of NXIVM, but apparently not one in vogue among conspiracy theorists or those prone to generalizations about ethnic groups.

    • Avenatti is a sort of interesting example if only because he is someone fairly well educated (University of Pennsylvania, same as Donald Trump; and GW Law School, same as Bill Barr and Kellyanne Conway)

      Paralato thinks you are a great contributor??? LOL You are nothing but a genuine hypocritical democrat party cultist troll. Good grief many people are well educated. Sorry you don’t fit in there. How about your buddy Barack Hussein O-hole (Harvard) Hillary the Cunt Clinton (YALE). Billy Bullshit Clinton (Oxford). John(Pedo) Podesta (Georgetown), all democrat party cult members.

      Avenatti is a flaming anti Trump democrat party cultist libtard criminal. Fits right in with your conspiracy cult.

      • I listed all the politically prominent fellow alumni of Avenatti’s alma maters, regardless of party affiliation. Read into that what you will – except that others are necessarily as politically biased, an unable to see the world except in black-and-white terms, as you are.

        “A sect or party is an elegant incognito devised to save a man from the vexation of thinking.”

        ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

        • Sorry, Slick, you are a world-class bullshitter. To try and defend your disingenuous bullshit is laughable. Trying to connect the filthy democrat Avenatti with Trump is the type of fucking juvenile shit to expected from a democrat cultist like you. Now go cry your eyes out to Parlato that you are being made to look like the goofy cultist conspiracy nut that you are.

          • And yet you can’t respond with anything more than the typical 2 to 4 lines of schoolyard insults filled with potty-talk.

          • LOL, Slick, you respond with typical left-wing cult obfuscation from reality. You act like a schoolyard bully and you will be treated as such.

  • I think Heidi has the hots for Avenatti and possibly wants to fornicate with him.

    I can’t remember for sure, but if memory serves, Heidi was all over Avenatti when he was the democratic flavor of the month awhile back. But Avenatti doesn’t bed 59 year olds, so it’s kinda wishful thinking on her part. 🙂

    I also found it sad when Heidi told us that she was reduced to staying at a roach motel a few months ago and was on the verge of homelessness according to her own words. It’s sad because she apparently had no friends to help her out of a jam and let her stay with them in such a trying time. No boyfriend either, apparently, as what kinda boyfriend would let his woman stay at a roach motel? Very sad situation for Heidi, as her lack of friends may indicate that her explosive personality is turning people off.

    Have a nice day! 🙂

    • Dear Jesus I submit to you as my Lord and Savior. I also submit to your truths about Heidi. Time for me to get back to serving my master in this hot hellhole.

    • I think your memory is a little faulty. Flowers was all over Avenatti, Jesus Christ. In fact, she was extolling his virtues every chance she could insert his name in the comments; whether relevant or not. 🙂

      • Really, Virgin? I suggest you reread then (plus 10 Hail Mary’s & 5 Our Father’s )…. I did mention Avenetti before, but mainly because little Jacob was implicated in Avenetti’s earlier arrest. However, anyone who hates Trump, (as Avenetti claimed to do), earns a few good points in my book, regardless.

        The issue with Avenetti, though, is while he’s not as noticeably narcissistic as Trump is, I thought he showed some narcissistic traits himself, and was likely using his “war” against Trump to promote his own fame.

        But we will see what comes out at his trial….should be interesting.

        • Of course, a crackpot like you would support a filthy democrap criminal like Avenatti over a great American President who has done amazing things in spite of all the leftist globalist shitstain opposition. You are one wacked sick cultist.

  • LOLLOL….fucking Avenatti. The famed lawyer for the skanky Stormy Daniels LOLOLOL. I remember when dipshits like flowers-anonyfaker thought those two slimy fucks were going to take down the President. They just keep pulling the finger and getting what they deserve. They day is coming where Avenatti will be joined by a few other failed democrap Presidential candidates.

    • If you re-read my earlier posts regarding Avenetti, you will see I said I didn’t really like him, but I still hoped he wasn’t being unfairly set up by the slimy little dipshit, Jacob Wohl. Wohl has also been charged with a number of crimes now….and I hope his father will be charged as well at some point.

      Perhaps all these scammers (including Trump and Stone) will find themselves together in the same prison, and they will have to learn how to play nicely together, like a bunch of bratty preschoolers. Lol!

      Bangkok, why didn’t you invite Heidi to stay with you and Mrs. Bangkok?

      • Good thing Frank’s blog is forever. Let’s pull up the comments with Flowers’ fawning all over the ‘good’ lawyer. I believe she wanted him to run for President.

      • @Flowers:

        I answered your question earlier, listing my top 10 reasons why I’d never consider helping Heidi to avoid homelessness.

        …But Frank has chosen not to approve that post.

    • You must be suffering from false memory syndrome, if not detachment from reality, because there never was such a day.

      But that’s a common problem among culty thinkers and actual cultists: they will even make things up to fit their beliefs and worldview – and they’re very susceptible to having others, like Salzman or Raniere, do it for them as well.

      • The democrap party cultists are back to troll.. The two joined at the hip democrat cult liars are always to be found when the truth smacks them in their empty heads. Avenatti suffers from the same insane issues as you two. Deal with it.

        • I’m centrist and third-party.

          The cultiest of the Democrats, and your ilk, are pretty much the same to me. The irrational, diehard true believer extremes have more fundamentally in common with one another, superficial arguments about which color and which animal are superior aside, than they do with the majority of thinking people in the middle.

          Research actually shows that to be true, as well. The culty extremes are more prone to being social misfits, and believing in things like conspiracy theories, than normal people.

          • You mean like how the liberals believe in the 9/11 ‘truther’ movement?

            They believe that the government orchestrated the attack on 9/11 and the planes were a calculated diversion, LOL?

            Are you among them?

          • Another lie, Slick. You are a democrat party cultist who spouts the lies and tows the party line to the max.

            Democrats view themselves as morally superior to the rest of us. It’s truly amazing. They without exception support a left-wing ideology that has failed the world over, but to them, it doesn’t matter. They are for “truth, justice, and a one-world order; no more borders, no more wars, and a unicorn in every pot”.

            Progressives, in their insufferable moral superiority, believe that only they are equipped to remake society because of their shallow intellectualism and mile-wide-and-inch-deep Marxism combined with their hyper-liberalism, both of which gives them an insane worldview, which has made them so deluded they really believe a majority of people would support them.

            Progressive liberal democrats are the largest cult in the USA Slick wear your cult badge proudly.

          • Mud

            You’re confused. Liberals don”t believe in conspiracy crap like that. Its the QMoron crowd that believes this type of thing. …

            And have you already forgotten that Roger Stone (praised by this blog) is a conspiracy nut himself?

            Start talking sense, Mud.

          • Happy Pussy day to you flowers


            Of course the nearest mosque has not a single protester in front of it, why mention muslims, the world’s worst in regards to women’s rights or any rights for that matter , no problem!

            They scream about”islamophobia” not realizing they are supporting an ideology that hangs gay people in public. they scream for Muslim rights and then go a slut walk…you know to promote the idea what women should be able to wear whatever and not be told they were “asking for it” meanwhile they support Islam where if you don’t wear a hijab…you’re asking for it.
            No logic just hypocrisy and delusion.
            Read Robert Spencer’s book the Palestinian delusion
            And look up Palestinian PAY FOR SLAY PROGRAM to see what they really support (you know, besides abortion at birth and open borders. Speaking of open borders why is no one talking about Chagas Disease.)

            Anyway….ARE they too stupid or do they really LIKE bloodthirsty dictatorial repressive supremacist ideologies?

          • I’m not really sure what you mean by “abortion at birth”, as that isn’t even a thing. Do you actually believe doctors take newborns and murder them?
            Then they probably drain the babies’ blood and sell it to the Clintons or the Obamas, I suppose.

          • 9/11 “truther” conspiracy theories are indeed a classic example, as they are mostly a phenomenon of the left end of the ideological spectrum. At the other end in the same decade were “birther” conspiracy theories (often ignoring basic facts of citizenship law, and ultimately disproven by official records), including at the extreme that a Muslim plot to infiltrate and destroy America was involved.

            Which theory people believe or believed in, tracked mostly with ideology and party affiliation. There are almost no conspiracy theories that are bi-partisan – and, generally centrists have a much level lower of belief in such theories overall – which actually demonstrates that such theories arise mostly out of fixed beliefs, not material facts or objective analysis.

    • I’m not sure if you’ve just sarcastically re-named that, but EMs were actually called Exploration of Meaning sessions; however, given the rather directive way they were often done, they could be called more an “explanation” of things according to the NXIVM ideology.

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