Bangkok Compares Lauren Salzman and Kristin Keeffe

Kristin Keeffe from the government photo of her as a member of Nxivm's inner circle. Keeffe left Nxivm in 2014 and provided information to the feds in return for immunity.

By Bangkok

Frank, your article Lauren Salzman Describes Collateral She Got From Her Slaves, After Lying to Them About DOS is decent.

Granted, it is true that Lauren didn’t stop recruiting DOS slaves until ‘after’ she was arrested.

According to Frank, this makes her non-deserving of any leniency by the judge (and) non-deserving of any mercy by the world at large.

Why?… Because Frank is saying that Lauren only turned against Keith for SELF-SERVING REASONS (i.e., she only turned against Keith when it was beneficial for her future freedom).

Frank is implying that if you see the light (and leave NXIVM) for your own SELF-SERVING reasons, then you’re a scumbag for life regardless of how much help you provided the prosecution in convicting Keith.

Barbara Bouchey with her then-boyfriend Keith Alan Raniere (ca: 2002)

FACT: Every single person who left NXIVM and/or stopped associating with Keith — from Barb Bouchey to Kristin Keeffe to Ms. Manzana [Heidi Hutchinson] — did so for SELF-SERVING REASONS.

None of these ladies did it for SELFLESS reasons.

For instance, although Kristin Keeffe left NXIVM years ago, it’s still true that Keeffe left NXIVM for SELF-SERVING REASONS: to protect herself and her son. She was not leaving NXIVM to help protect humanity from Keith. As long as she and her son were safe, she didn’t give two shits about who else Keith might harm.

Also… Keeffe didn’t leave NXIVM until AFTER she had already outlived her sexual ‘usefulness’ to Keith. It was at this late stage that she finally realized — for her own SELF-SERVING reasons — that both she and her son were better off without Keith dictating their lives.

So, she left with her son. Good for her. It was the right decision.

Kristin Keeffe left Keith Raniere in February 2014, after 24 years in his service.

But if we’re keeping score, Kristin Keeffe spent YEARS digging up dirt on NXIVM’s enemies and making their lives a tormented hell. Kristin Keeffe was part of the corrupt Albany County DA’s investigation into NXIVM enemies.

Albany County District Attorney David Soares allowed Kristin Keeffe to work in his office as an unpaid volunteer/intern to handle the grand jury indictment of Joe O’Hara. A judge threw the case out. Unfortunately for O’Hara, Nxivm’s desire to get him indicted – and to silence him – did not end there. 

We can all argue about the ‘timing’ of Lauren’s departure from NXIVM, and how SELF-SERVING it was.

We can all argue that Lauren’s lies (told to DOS slaves) were more egregious than Keeffe’s many years of dirty behavior.

However, that ‘argument’ amounts to nothing more than personal bias, not journalism.


Kristin Keeffe had a strong REASON to leave NXIVM when she did (her son). She had a loved one to take care of. She had a LIFE waiting for her outside of NXIVM.

Whereas Lauren had NOTHING outside of NXIVM to look forward to. Her entire world was NXIVM, Keith and DOS. Her mom was Prefect. Her sister was in too. She had no financial, social or family resources outside of NXIVM.

MK10ART’s painting of mother Nancy Salzman with her daughter Lauren Salzman.

So, naturally she ‘stayed put’ until a 9.9 earthquake shook her entire world to its core, aka the indictment.

Her behavior after leaving NXIVM has been to totally disavow Keith and his teachings. Whereas Allison has not shown such a change of heart.

I believe Allison is still sitting on the fence and, therefore, Jesus has told me that she’s a rancid twat, totally undeserving of leniency. 7 years for Allison. The big guy upstairs has given me this info.

Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack worked together in promoting DOS.

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  • “I believe Allison is still sitting on the fence and, therefore, Jesus has told me that she’s a rancid twat, totally undeserving of leniency.” Bangkok, this literally made me Laugh Out Loud (LOL). Usually, I’m LOLing over something incredibly stupid that Mr. Shadow, NiceGuy, or a variety of others write, and I’m laughing AT THEM rather than because something is genuinely funny, specifically in this case, between and including the words “Jesus” and “twat.” It sounds just like Him! Thanks for making my day! LOL

  • This article is written by someone “thinking“ with his tiny head. Yeah, both Keefe and Sleazeman were enablers of Raniere but the former planned her departure almost a decade before the here and now and helped expose the fraud years before Lauren was on the stand reluctantly giving her testimony for a reduction in jail time. This self-serving equalization jive is the same BS that Raniere sells: “What’s the difference between a relationship and prostitution? The man’s paying for it somewhere.” Yada, yada. There’s quite a bit of difference exposed by context..

    • Keefe left in 2014, not a decade ago. She could have left 5 years earlier with the Nxivm 9. Keefe has blood on her hands and only left when she feared getting caught

      • Read it again. She started PLANNING leaving a decade ago. She should have just walked out, there is no planning required. There are resources available to help hide yourself, especially when you provide evidence of crimes, which she DIDN’T provide when she left a half-decades ago.

    • That makes Raniere quite the prostitute, he had sex and was taken care of incredibly well. A place to stay, being driven around, clothes appearing out of the sky, etc. Now all he has are his memories for the next few decades in prison.

  • Re Joe O’Hara’s indictment:

    I do not believe there exists a better example of the correlation between political donations, and politicians working in their donors interests than with Joe O’Hara’s indictment…… “Albany County District Attorney David Soares allowed Kristin Keeffe to work in his office as an unpaid volunteer/intern to handle the grand jury indictment of Joe O’Hara. A judge threw the case out. Unfortunately for O’Hara, Nxivm’s desire to get him indicted – and to silence him – did not end there.”

    …..Not even an imbecile needs help
    connecting the dots in this case. Joe’s other indictment I believe was politically motivated also.

    • Whether it was politically motivated is secondary. The primary issue is whether O’Hara broke the law. You shouldn’t be breaking laws ESPECIALLY if you’re involved with political people.

  • “So, naturally she ‘stayed put’ until a 9.9 earthquake shook her entire world to its core, aka the indictment”

    No…The earthquake was being held on the floor with a machine-gun in her face while her Vanguard hid in the closet.

  • I did not leave Keith for any reason, self-serving or otherwise because I never joined in with Keith or any of his accomplices or companies or activities.

    As I have made very clear in prior posts, especially in response to “Bangkok,” I was never with Keith in any way, shape or form apart from one memorable night when Keith — in his “incubus” form — attempted to rape me. I defended myself, however, and escaped.

    I’m not going to repeat myself on here on that again or bother to correct all the other troll crap including that linking me as Frank Parlato’s “sidekick.”

    You trolls bore me, Frankly.

  • Has everyone gone frickin bonkers?
    DOS was at the tail end of NXIVM. Raniere had his sex club long before DOS and branding.

    Lauren was a part of keeping women in line when they found out Raniere was not monogamous.

    When these women would have a major shit fit about being lied to, Lauren Salzman was sent in to do NXIVM’s one-on-one mind-bending on these women before collateral was even in place.

    Lauren Salzman was sent in to mind control people into becoming criminals for NXIVM. She was one of the top mental abuse preps of those who would not fall into line and who asked too many questions.

    You who are late to the games, just heard it on the Frank Report have no idea of the Raniere games Lauren Salzman did for her mom and her lover Vanguard.

    She isn’t some little doe in the forest who got angry because her leg was caught in a trap. She was like Hitler’s top men who emotionally slaughtered people.

    Those who survived will wear emotional brands she left inside them.

    • I believe it was Lauren Salzman who wrote Gina’s death chart in August 2002, a few weeks before she passed. Note the “glass ceiling theme,” the “Girl Alone” Negative or Positive (which might have had something to do with a Negative or Positive on a pregnancy test and possible abortion done in New York City in September 2002 —corroborated by other evidence) struggle, and the curious “Speed Kills” notation at the bottom. An autopsy found no drugs in Gina’s system, but aspirin, btw.

      I’ve been asking for a handwriting analysis on that chart, first with the Albany TU who, purportedly, requested an investigation just as Investigation Discovery is now. Writing samples of suspects are needed to make a definitive conclusion.

  • Bangkok, your points about Lauren are well-taken and I agree she had made Keith and DOS her entire world. She had not spoken with her father in years. I do take exception with your depiction of Allison because we don’t know what her thinking is now since she was not chosen to give testimony at Raniere’s trial. You can argue that’s because she was still under his spell but we have no way of knowing if that’s true or not. The prosecution know why they chose Lauren over Allison and it could be because Lauren had a longer association with Keith or it could be they believed the jury would find her testimony more credible since she isn’t a trained actor. They may have decided Allison’s testimony could just be seen as reading a script or presenting a character.

  • Still trying to shape the conversation, are you Dennis Burke? (aka “Bangkok”)

    Understandable, considering your documented history of willful, knowing participation (along with your pal John Sandweg) in Clare Bronfman’s and Raniere’s NXIVM schemes “to circumvent the immigration laws and to fraudulently use assets from an estate in probate to ‘make [a] gift’ to M.F. for use in obtaining an investor’s visa.”(Document 256 Filed 12/28/18 Page 25 of 29 PageID #: 1913, Case 1:18-cr-00204-NGG-VMS)


    “A January 2, 2016 letter submitted on behalf of M.F. by Dennis Burke, another attorney with Frontier Solutions, represented that M.F. “has no intent to remain unlawfully in the United States” and that she continues to live in St. Luis Potosi, Mexico where she ‘enjoys a large network of family and friends, including her mother and sister who live nearby.’ [2]”

    “In fact, the government’s investigation has revealed that M.F. had been living in the Albany, New York area for nearly a decade as part of the Nxivm community and as an intimate partner of Raniere. In August 2017, M.F. gave birth to Raniere’s child in Albany, New York. The relationship between Bronfman and M.F. also appears to be personal in nature. In or around July 2018, after Raniere’s arrest, a trust was created named the ‘KAR 2018 Trust.’ Bronfman is the sole donor of funds into the trust—approximately $500,000— and M.F. is the sole recipient. The notation ‘family support’ appears on each of the disbursements of funds from the trust to M.F.”

    The above paragraph and footnote are quoted from:
    Case 1:18-cr-00204-NGG-VMS Document 256 Filed 12/28/18 Page 6 of 29 PageID #: 1894

    “On August 6, 2016, Bronfman sent an email to a non-attorney with M.F.’s name in the subject line. In the email, addressed to ‘Whomever It May Concern,’ Bronfman stated that M.F. is ‘a Mexican citizen . . . who is asking for a B1/B2 visa to re-enter the USA to care for her closest friend, Pamela Cafritz.’ [4] The email attached a letter from Mr. Sandweg in support of a grant of a nonimmigrant visa for M.F. In the letter, which was addressed to the United States Embassy in Mexico, Mr. Sandweg identified himself as the ‘former Acting General Counsel for DHS and Acting Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’ and stated that M.F. had entered the United States to care for one of her ‘closest personal friends, Pamela Cafritz’ and that M.F. ‘poses no threat to immigrate to the United States.'”

    “[4] The defendant Keith Raniere described Pamela Anne Cafritz in his motion for bail as his ‘deceased long-time significant other.’ (ECF Docket Entry No. 74 at 14.)”

    The above paragraph and footnote are quoted from:
    Case 1:18-cr-00204-NGG-VMS Document 256 Filed 12/28/18 Page 7 of 29 PageID #: 1895


    “the letters written by attorneys for Frontier Solutions falsely disclaimed any intent by M.F. to immigrate to the United States.” (Document 256 Filed 12/28/18 Page 26 of 29 PageID #: 1914)

    Dennis Burke (aka “Bangkok”), everyone including law enforcement investigators who read Frank Report know the above crimes described by government prosecutors in the case against NXIVM are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of your knowing and willful participation in Bronfman/Raniere/NXIVM schemes.

    Must be a bummer to be so nervous about finally getting busted for once in your history of corrupt advocacy for Mexican cartel-related interests, that you can’t help but keep checking back in with Frank’s blog, trying to shape the conversation, even after you swore to stop posting.

    I guess all you can do is nervously continue to hope prosecutors don’t do their jobs when it comes to you, and that the memory of your knowing and willful participation in the Bronfman/Raniere/NXIVM schemes somehow fades away before you and Sandweg end up in the slammer together with Raniere.

    Kind of how you hope the public forgets about your direct responsibility for numerous deaths in the Obama-era Fast and Furious gun-running scandal, where weapons were illegally trafficked by government agencies to Mexican cartels, on your watch, while you were the boss in Arizona, Dennis K. Burke.

    How much did they pay you to do that, while you faked “concern” with U.S./Mexico interests, you corrupt bastard?

    For the record, as if everything else you write isn’t offensive enough, there’s no need to constantly belittle the Son of God in your posts.

    God knows, Dennis, you were already sanctioned by the Arizona Bar on April 11, 2014 in case number PDJ 2014-9028 for violating lawyer Rule 42, Ariz. R. Sup. Ct., specifically ER 8.4., Misconduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.

    And God knows, Dennis, you were previously called a liar by both federal (DOJ) and state (Arizona Bar) government investigators, (the DOJ I.G. among others) even before NXIVM prosecutors documented your knowing and willful participation in Bronfman/Raniere/NXIVM schemes.

    Did you tell your law client, Clare Bronfman, about all of the above, before you billed her and her “Ethical Science Foundation” for your “legal services”, Attorney Burke?

    Hey Bronfmans, if you’re reading this, you can still sue Burke for making a classic “Burke play”…stabbing a friend in the back who he was entrusted to advocate for, so as to further his own self-serving (cartel-related) interests.

    Should be obvious by now that Burke threw you and others under the bus so as to save the only NXIVM co-conspirator he was truly concerned with from prosecution.

    Dennis Burke (aka “Bangkok”),
    (aka “He who has never won an election and only held appointed positions he gained by being everyone’s fake friend”),

    Here’s to wishing that Santa brings you and your corrupt friends a well deserved lump of coal this Christmas.

    • Bangkok,

      Please stop trolling NiceGuy with your Burke/Bangkok narrative. NiceGuy can’t take anymore of the BS storyline!

  • Lauren Salzman had her FATHER and stepmother if she left NXIVM who had the financial resources to take care of her.

    Lauren also had Nancy Salzman’s parents, her grandmother and grandfather, who loved Lauren very much. They hated NXIVM.

    Lauren also had an Aunt, Nancy Salzman’s sister, and her cousin.

    Any and all would have taken her in and helped her to recover from her mom and Raniere.

    Had Lauren left, her younger sister, Michelle Salzman, would most likely have left with her.

    Don’t try to sell everyone that she had no one and no resources to leave. That is total bullshit.

    You seem to have your nose so far up Lauren Salzman sometime that you are not doing all your research.

    Only about 10% or less of NXIVM was DOS or part of Raniere’s sexual cult. Lauren Salzman is guilty of torturing the other % that did more than a 5 or 16 day intensive with emotional and familial abuse.

    Lauren Salzman was one of NXIVM’S key mind-bending abusive inner circle abusers.

    Would the DOJ have come up with the same results without her testimony?
    YES – Lauren’s was icing on the cake.

    Lauren could have gone to the DOJ right after Raniere was arrested, she could have been the first on the plea bus, but NO… she waited until it was time to go to trial or take a plea deal.

    If you’ve seen the arrest video, it’s Lauren saying “Come on guys let’s go” as they follow after the Mexican police when her Vanguard is arrested.

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