Sister Calls for Inquiry Into Barbara Jeske’s Death

Things are heating up.

Cynthia Liberatore, the sister of Barbara Jeske, is calling for a criminal investigation into whether Keith Alan Raniere poisoned Barbara.

Barbara was a longtime follower of Raniere, one of his closest inner circle members, who died of brain cancer in 2014. Her will left everything to him.

New information, arising from an investigation by this writer and documented in the film, ‘The Lost Women of Nxivm’, which airs on Sunday at 9 pm on Investigation Discovery, provides evidence that supports sister Cindy’s request for law enforcement to get involved.

At my request, Cynthia gave an interview with the SUN’s Emma Parry, and the story was published today in the SUN, under the provocative headline, CANCER MYSTERY  Leader of sex cult Nxivm may have poisoned four female followers, killing two, bombshell investigation claims, adding mainstream media weight to the call for a criminal investigation.

“I do believe Raniere poisoned my sister and those other women – and I think he should be held accountable, ” Cindy told the SUN.

True, the purely circumstantial evidence – that four women contracted cancer – who all lived with Keith Raniere – in and of itself is not proof of foul play.

But in the film, I obtain a hair sample from one of the surviving cancer-stricken women – taken from the time she lived with Raniere.

It was tested in a laboratory by forensic consultant Jason Kolowski. The report found extraordinarily high levels of two toxins – Barium and Bismuth – both of which can cause serious health problems and even death.

Barbara died in 2014 at the age of 63 from brain cancer. Pam Cafritz died two years later at the age of 57 from renal cancer. The other two women survived bladder and cervical cancer.

 These hair samples were tested

The cancer house, 3 Flintlock Lane, the townhouse on right, was owned by Keith Raniere and Karen – and occupied by four women who contracted cancer, all of them inner circle members of Keith’s harem. Barbara and three other women – Kristen Keeffe, Pam Cafritz and Karen – lived with Raniere in the smallish, 1,200 square foot townhouse, with three bedrooms in Half Moon NY, a suburb of Albany, for years from the late 1990s into the 2010s.


Barbara Jeske

Cindy told me about a “medicine” prescribed by Keith she called “Do-do balls” which Raniere made her take every day.

“I remember her coming to see our mother, who was very sick, the Christmas before she died and I saw her taking these things and I said ‘What are they? They stink to high heaven’,” Cindy recalled.

“They were something that he [Raniere] had come up with, saying ‘You need these to build up your immune system’. She was wrapped around his little finger.

“She would just chew them and go ‘Ugh these are terrible’ then follow them with a bunch of water or juice. Who knows what was in them – probably some kind of poison inside some type of excrement. When she became semi-comatose, I stopped her from taking them.”

I confirmed with another source, a friend of Pam Cafritz, that Pam also was prescribed this same “medicine” by Keith.

Two sources told me that Keith claimed this was medicine obtained from the Dalai Lama’s former physician, Yeshi Dhonden, who passed away recently.

Yeshi Dhonden [Photo by Lhakpa Kyizom] He died Nov 26, 2019.
   Cindy Liberatore cared for sister Barbara Jeske in the her last days

Cindy Liberatore cared for sister Barbara Jeske in her last days [Photo: Investigation Discovery]

Barbara lived with Raniere for years before buying her own home before she died.  She made her will over to Raniere shortly before her death.

Cindy said she thought Barbara was trying to leave Nxivm for several years and retire to Florida to be with her family.

Cindy said, “I think Barbara started figuring out what was really going on in the group and once he [Raniere] realized she was figuring it all out, I think he just wanted to do away with her.

Dr. Brandon Porter, a Nxivm member and physician [he recently lost his license because he failed to report a large scale poisoning or mysterious outbreak of illness at Vanguard Week, 2016, and because he conducted gruesome, unmonitored human fright experiments on Nxivm members], attended Barbara during her final illness.

Even in her last days, Raniere, Porter and Nxivm followers tried to stop Barbara from taking pain medication. Cindy gave her sister morphine when Nxivm watchdogs weren’t looking.

Raniere even refused to give her money to pay for her prescriptions – so Cindy had to buy the medicine for her and sneak it to her, she revealed.

“He also made her stay so skinny she was barely 65 pounds when she died and even before that, she was only around 100 pounds – just skin and bones,” Cindy said.

Shortly before she died, Raniere, Nancy Salzman and Clare Bronfman arranged a “will party” where Nxivm members were invited and celebrated Barbara’s turning over her estate and residual income to Raniere.

Members at the party told Barbara how great she was to give the money to a humanitarian like Raniere who would use it to help others.
Because she recruited so many early high ranking members into Nxivm, Jeske had a large income from the pyramidal operation.
Cindy told the SUN and Frank Report how Raniere and Nancy Salzman tried to keep Barbara’s body for placement in a cryogenic tomb.
When the family would not allow Raniere to keep the body, Nancy Salzman asked them if they would permit them to chop the head off and freeze it.

Raniere, whose followers believed he was the world’s smartest man, told followers that he was on the verge of discovering how to restore the dead to life and he wanted to preserve Barb’s head at least so when he completed his invention he could restore his beloved friend to her old life.

Cindy explained “When I first got down there where Barbara was living… I asked her what she wanted to be done with her body and she said ‘I want a Christian burial and I want it at my mom and dad’s’.

“But then the group told me they were going to take her body and freeze it, that they had the rights to it, and at this point, she started going into a coma.

“I had to seek out the help of an attorney who said it was illegal for them to take her body.

“They still wanted to take the body and I said ‘No way’ and Keith said ‘Ok we’ll take the head’.

“It was extremely upsetting for me and also very suspicious. I even had to follow them all the way to the funeral home after her death to make sure they didn’t take her body.”


 Barbara was only 65 pounds when she died according to her sister
According to her sister, Barbara was only 65 pounds when she died

It’s worth pointing out that, according to his classmate at RPI, and one of the survivors of the cancer, [Karen] told me that Raniere had a degree in biochemistry.

It is also worth pointing out that Keith inherited millions of dollars from Pam Cafritz’s [$8 million] and Barbara Jeske’s [I estimate $3-4 million] estates.

Furthermore, the women who were getting cancer went to Keith and asked why they were getting cancer.

He said that Edgar Bronfman was trying to poison him – and they were collateral damage.  Of course, Keith never got cancer, just the women around him.

One more point, Keith controlled the refrigerator at 3 Flintlock Lane. Sometimes he even locked the refrigerator so the women couldn’t get too much food until he gave them permission. Could he have stored poison there?

Did he use poison in their food?

Or maybe it was the water. Karen told me he never drank water in the house; he refused to drink tap water.


Could this smiley-faced Vanguard, a man who claimed to be the most compassionate man on the planet, have poisoned his closest female followers?

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  • Cindy,

    I am so sorry for all of the heartache and misery you have been out through. I hope and pray you find out the truth regarding your sister’s death.

  • This is also a reminder that whoever is living in 3 Flintlock now should be aware of how many of the people and animals that lived there previously, got sick or died; and that now with the hair results, the premises need to be tested more thoroughly than a meth house for all manner of contaminants, to ensure that it is a safe place to live.

    It looks as if the place may have had new carpet installed, and perhaps been painted, which may have eliminated any possible traces of contamination, and thus anything that might be useful as evidence. But it still needs to be checked at least to ensure residents’ safety, and if anything unusual turned up that would of course be telling.

    However, since Raniere’s other place used as a sex lair remained as-is with the collapsed hot tub at last report, it also should be checked for contamination; even if it wasn’t a primary site, if something like poisons or toxic materials had been used over an extended period at Raniere’s primary residence, traces might well have been transferred.

  • If that were so, then the inheritance returns to the family as you cannot profit from your own wrongdoing in most jurisdictions (if but only if KR and his entities have any money, properties, businesses left I suppose]., The families could sue although I suppose they will not want to risk the costs of that.

  • I live right near Keith’s and Hale Drive. I pass them daily. It is so unsettling to know now what was going on there. I saw him walking rage streets at night. Once saw him walking in daylight with two women. He was in the middle, holding both their hands. Thank you, Frank, for literally saving lives by reporting on this. Who knows how many more it could have happened to?

  • Group insanity is the prevalent note here.

    Can even one person reading this begin to imagine these ghouls asking for the HEAD of their dead, adult 65 pound family member? Jesus Christ!

    Excuse the fuck out of me and the Irish temper. Or don’t. You do you.

    That body weight alone is a horrible indication, never mind the fact that Barbara Jeske spent years of her life, right up until she died, immersed in this utter madness, this deathly self-imprisoned lifestyle of absolute and utter SHIT. This is how Barbara Jeske lived, and it is how she died.

    Can you in any way comprehend tolerating your family member or loved one taking unknown concoctions and/or pills that smelled like fecal matter, from a manwhore pretending to be a mastermind? A predator surrounded by idiotic fanatics who was self-authorized to govern medical treatment and adamantly supported by his slave hags? Along with his complete asshole of a fake, Raniere-possessed Doctor Death? That’s right, Brandon Porter, a willing minion head, a mini- Mengele.

    How does one even begin to accept any of this, at all? These inner circle members suspended all ability to think rationally and gave their individuality away to Raniere, to maintain their pathetic atmosphere of peer pressure, abuse, jealousy, misery and base criminality.

    Total interdependency on WHAT?
    Some vague and chaotic unutterable inhumanity, in the name of some pathetic level of psychotic “enlightenment” or “advancement” is about all that one can see. The land of the surrendered lost, all of whom conspired to keep this madness going.

    Well, it is too late to see it then, to be able to do anything about what was happening. But come hell or high water, see it now.

    Can anyone begin to imagine tolerating a party to celebrate a dying woman handing over her remaining assets to these grotesque freaks? Would you let this happen to your sister, your brother, your son or daughter, parent or friend?

    I know how hard it is to even try to get help for someone who has lost the ability to reason or to be the least bit self-protective anymore, via Alzheimers or even due to severe brain injury. This understanding has come from personal experience. However, what could Barbara Jeske’s sister do, being forced to contend with Raniere’s asylum?

    How did she bear these circumstances? Is she now haunted, for the rest of her life by what happened to her sister?

    Oh my God, I am heartily sorry…. But what good is this sorrow now?

    Usually people say “live and learn,” but not around monsters, I guess. This is don’t learn a damn thing. Just drop dead, as arranged by Raniere and cohorts.

  • Barb Jeske is buried in Florida and her grave is listed on

    It should be quite easy, if expensive, to exhume the body and test for poisons and heavy metals.
    Barbara Jeske
    BIRTH 7 Nov 1950
    Grand Haven, Ottawa County, Michigan, USA
    DEATH 3 Sep 2014 (aged 63)
    Waterford, Saratoga County, New York, USA
    Fernhill Memorial Gardens and Mausoleum
    Stuart, Martin County, Florida, USA
    MEMORIAL ID 135677120 · View Source

    There is no match for Pam or Pamela Cafritz.

  • So not only did VanGrifterGoingToHell poison people’s minds—especially women’s with ridiculously stupid ideas that were ignorant about the nature of things—evidence is now being put forth—some of it looking stronger by the day—that he might have actually had “people killed for his beliefs” via induced suicide and by literally poisoning them.

    What a toxic motherfucker.

    • Not to staunch your enthusiasm, but none of the metals discussed in the article are barium or bismuth.

      Bismuth is long known to pass the BBB in various forms and ways. Once there it does not cause cancer…and only certain forms are toxic. We know this in part because there are attempts to use bismuth to help kill cancer, not cause it.

      I’d look more to methylation of bismuth by various bacteria. This makes it more
      bioavailable and therefore more toxic to human cells and/or good gut microbes.

      Probably lots of women didn’t feel well with the weird diets and stress and sleep deprivation. Would not be surprised if KR tried to make homemade pepto-bismol. And then messed it up because he’s actually a dolt.

      • It actually depends on the type of Barium and how it is delivered. Barium Chloride is a a salt and does cause neurological effects if ingested.

  • This is awful. Did Barbara’s family initially go to law enforcement with their suspicions or is it more recently they suspect poisoning? It’s such a shame those balls were not tested

  • 1.) “Cindy told me about a “medicine” prescribed by Keith she called “Do-do balls” which Raniere made her take every day.”

    I believe the proper spelling is “Doo Doo Balls.”

    2.) “‘What are they? They stink to high heaven’,”

    I would wager they are “Doo Doo Balls.”

    3.) I think Barbara started figuring out what was really going on in the group and once he [Raniere] realized she was figuring it all out, I think he just wanted to do away with her.”

    Dead women tell no tales.

    4.) “Dr. Brandon Porter, a Nxivm member and physician attended Barbara during her final illness.”

    Yes, If Dr. Brandon Porter is involved, they probably are Doo-Doo Balls.

    5.) “Shortly before she died, Raniere, Nancy Salzman and Clare Bronfman arranged a “will party” where Nxivm members were invited and celebrated Barbara’s turning over her estate and residual income to Raniere.”

    In my family it is considered bad taste to have a party celebrating the making out of a will.
    Apparently in the demented NXIVM family it is considered normal.

    6.) “Furthermore, the women who were getting cancer went to Keith and asked why they were getting cancer.
    He said that Edgar Bronfman was trying to poison him – and they were collateral damage. Of course Keith never got cancer, just the women around him.”

    I seriously doubt that a multi-billionaire like Edgar Bronfman, Senior would try to poison people.
    He had more important issues to worry about.
    This sounds almost like the “Blood Libel” that in medieval times was used to claim that Jews were poisoning or killing people.

    Blood libel
    Blood libel or ritual murder libel (also blood accusation)[1][2] is an antisemitic canard[3][4][5] accusing Jews of murdering Christian children in order to use their blood as part of religious rituals.[1][2][6] Historically, these claims—alongside those of well poisoning and host desecration—have been a major theme of the persecution of Jews in Europe.[4]


  • Raniere is such a fucking asshole
    May he live a long miserable life in prison
    An early death is too good for such an evil man, he needs KARMA

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