Part 1: Necker Island Photos: Sara Bronfman Livin’ It Up With Lover Lama, Sir Richard Branson and the Nxivm Gang

Branson Bronfman
RIchard Branson and Sara Bronfman. She rented his island for $250,000 per week. It is doubtful, however, that she sold Branson on the value of the Nxivm 'tech,' which, according to Sara is worth far more.

As promised, here are, for the first time ever [as far as I know] the complete collection of Necker Island Nxivm photos published online.

For those of prurient bent, there are no nude photos. Nothing obscenely salacious. At best we have some Nxivm drunks partying pretty hardy.

We do have celebrities – like our host, Sir Richard Branson, owner of Necker Island – who graciously accepted a $250,000 fee for the five night stay on Necker Island for the Nxivm crew.

And Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk, Emiliano Salinas and of course, Seagram’s heiress Sara Bronfman, who footed the bill.

This was supposed to be a five-day Nxivm intensive with just a little partying and socializing going on.

These are photos of the second Nxivm intensive held at Necker Island – in 2010. The first was held in 2007.

Since there are so many photos, I will be breaking this up into several posts. Some of the photos have been published before; most have not.

Before we begin with our exclusive Nxivm photos, let’s have a little look at Necker Island from photos available online.

Necker Island is in the Caribbean, not far from the US Virgin Islands.

You can get to Branson’s Necker Island from Albany but you have to land first in the British Virgin Islands at the Terrence B. Lettsome International Airport.  

Before we get to our first set of photos, which are of ours hosts, Sir Richard and the comely Sara and her boyfriend and not-so-secret lover at the time, the “monk” and lover lama  – Dhonden Tenzin – emissary for the Dalai Lama in the USA, and Sara’s mother, Rita ‘Georgia’ Webb Bronfman Havers, let’s have a look at the digs on Necker Island and see why Sara paid $50,000 per night to enjoy hosting her culty friends there.

White sandy beaches and warm temperatures – lots of sun and because of the group, a lot of brainwashingly good fun.
Open air is the way of life on Necker Island.
One of the best climates in the world – except when hurricanes come. Warm by day and night – often with highs in the 80s and lows in the 70s.
The nights are special with warm tropical breezes and plenty of good food and expensive libations on hand.
By day, if you’re not in an intensive learning about the suicide module or how to spot a Luciferian [hint – he does not believe in the Vanguard] you can relax and soak up some warm tropical sun.
The rooms are fit for a queen or a king as the case may be.
The living is easy and much of it is outdoors.
For the plebes in the Nxivm group – they had to share a room with bunk beds
Lover Lama and Sara Bronfman are believed to have shared this lovely room with a beautiful view.

If Lord Raniere wouold have come and he did not – this would have been an elegant room for him wherein – had he thought of it then – he could have had his 8 woman group fellatio performed here.
The wonderful dining hall where Nancy Salzman told me that when she was there some of the women performed a special treat at night after the Intensive – a pole dancing demonstration.

Necker Island

Sunset dining.

Now for the photos of our host and hostess and some of their friends.

Allison Mack and Sara Bronfman riding on a boat together. One would go on to achieve great fame as a sex slaver and brander of women and the other would be known as the benefactress of the cult of crimes.


Allison and Sara smile for the camera. [Watch out for those fangs.]

Sara with a nice hippy dude whose name I don’t know. Perhaps one of our readers will identify him. 

Sara in a group scene. It is altogether possible, although we do not have absolute confirmation, that there may have been a few drinks consumed and if so, one must assume this was well after the day’s intensive, where they bowed and thanked their Vanguard and promised to control as much of the world’s wealth as possible, was done for the day.


Is that Sara with her mother? Yes, it seems entirely plausible that Sara had a drink or maybe two.
A fond kiss. Sara on right. 
Look at leggy Sara getting out on the dance floor. Having spent $250,000 to honor her Vanguard and have a five day intensive, it’s only fair she unwind a little and strut her stuff.


Sara with a handsome gent. Who is he?



Allison with Sara’s lover lama, His Holiness, the Lama Dhonden Tenzin, special emissary for his Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Sara in her party hat.

Allison with the ‘monk’ Lama Tenzin
Sara with two friends – who are they?

Sara on left, Emiliano Salinas on right with a couple in between. Who are they?

Is that Sara on the left? And who is the dapper gentlemen on the right? And is that Kristin Kreuk behind him?
Put your head on my shoulder – it’s Allison Mack with Lover Lama.
Sara gets kisses on both cheeks. Who is doing the kissing?
Lover Lama is with a gent – is that Mark Hildreth?


Lover Lama with Sara’s mother Georgia.

Allison Mack, Krsitin Kreuk and Sara. No, Kristin is not doing some culty hand gesture. I believe she is motioning for more wine.

Sara with yet another handsome hombre. But who is he? 

Lama and a Nxian engage in discussion.
Sara’s mom, Georgia Rita Webb Bronfman Havers.


Isn’t that Richard Branson in the blue shirt?
Yes, it is Richard Branson. He is hobnobbing with the Nxivm elite. And if I am not mistaken to the left is Alejandro ‘El Duce’ Betancourt, formerly [according to Raniere,] Benito Mussolinini in his last life.
A more sober looking Sara with a good looking couple whose names I don’t know.

Sir Richard and the lovely Sara in a warm embrace.

It could be that Sir Richard just happened to be blinking when the photo was taken and may not be drunk.  They make a handsome couple.

Would you let this lovely lady put her head on your shoulder if she paid you $250,000?

The big hope was that Nxivm would land RIchard Branson. They did not.


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  • Sara is Benjamin Bronfman’s aunt, not cousin. Sara is only 5 years older than Benjamin, so she may have felt closer to him than to her older half-siblings.

  • “One would go on to achieve great fame as a sex slaver and brander of women ”
    Only on your stupid blog…on other site, they stick with the fact and the fact show that it’s BS…

  • No. She’s waving off a refill. Kristin’s had enough wine and is eager for the orgy to start.
    Mack is sad thinking she won’t get any takers with Kristin available.

  • Nicki Clyne, aka Mrs. Allison Mack:

    Since your wife Allison is in tight with Sara Bronfman, is Sara funding NXIVM while everyone is in the clink?
    Is there a secret deal to pay NXIVM people for their silence?

  • Hannah Bronfman’s brother, Benjamin, is pictured often here. He is the son of Edgar Bronfman, Jr. and Sherri Brewer, so he’s Sara’s cousin. Um, it is a certainty that I see several photos of him here with Sara and also seated with Branson and Betancourt in one shot, all seated. as Benjamin is someone I have seen in many “society” photos, including his own wedding, in Morocco.

    • Benjamin Bronfman is an actively engaged part of the Bronfman dynasty, with some quite interesting job titles listed, if you want to call these actual jobs. Bio-fuel companies (Global Thermostat) and also “carbon-capture,” (Algae Systems) so he slips into a worldwide web, which is very complex to explain to anyone unfamiliar with the tricky career titling habits of elite nepostism and what their real tasks might be, beneath their working titles. By today Benjamin would be around 38 years old.

      Possibly, for Benjamin, being at Necker Island was a family affair, as with Sara’s mother, “Georgia.” I also see Benjamin’s former wife, Mathangi Arulpragasam (M.I.A.) in one photo. She is half Sri-Lankan and half British and is pretty and tiny. It is only due to other sorts of “studies” which also occupy my attention, that I’m quite familiar with these 2 faces.

      These studies of mine have to do with oceanography, international sea routes, fishing rights, huge amounts of (well-disguised) $$$$ transferrals and unfortunately, much, much more.

      • Yup, that’s Benjamin in quite a few photos and the group one with MIA. It kinda looks like a Bronfman family vacation crashed by Sara’s ‘New friends”

      • Shivaniu:

        The undersea resources will be the last great Gold Rush on earth.
        Sea water has minute traces of gold, silver, uranium and other precious metals dissolved in it.
        And the greedy Bronfmans want their cut of the loot.

        Over 40 minerals and metals contained in seawater, their extraction likely to increase in the future

        “JOHANNESBURG ( – It is generally known that many minerals and metals exist, dissolved in seawater and in the waters of briny lagoons and salt lakes.

        According to Stanford University, in the US, seawater contains 47 minerals and metals. Starting with the most abundant and proceeding to the least abundant, these are chloride, with a concentration of 18 980 parts per million (ppm) in seawater, sodium (10 561 ppm), magnesium (1 272 ppm), sulphur (884 ppm), calcium (400 ppm), potassium (380 ppm), bromine (65 ppm), inorganic carbon (28 ppm) and strontium (13 ppm). Then follow boron (4.6 ppm), silicon (4 ppm), organic carbon (3 ppm), aluminium (1.9 ppm), fluorine (1.4 ppm), nitrogen in the form of nitrate (0.7 ppm), organic nitrogen (0.2 ppm), rubidium (0.2 ppm), lithium (0.1 ppm), phosphorous in the form of phosphate (0.1 ppm), copper (0.09 ppm), barium (0.05 ppm), iodine (also 0.05 ppm), nitrogen in the form of nitrite (also 0.05 ppm) and nitrogen in the form of ammonia (once more 0.05 ppm). Thereafter, we have arsenic (0.024 ppm), iron (0.02 ppm), organic phosphorous (0.016 ppm), zinc (0.014 ppm), manganese (0.01 ppm), lead (0.005 ppm), selenium (0.004 ppm), tin (0.003 ppm), caesium (0.002 ppm), molybdenum (also 0.002 ppm) and uranium (0.0016 ppm). Then come gallium (0.0005 ppm), nickel (also 0.0005 ppm), thorium (also 0.0005 ppm), cerium (0.0004 ppm), vanadium (0.0003 ppm), lanthanum (also 0.0003 ppm), yttrium (also 0.0003 ppm), mercury (once more 0.0003 ppm), silver (also 0.0003 ppm), bismuth (0.0002 ppm), cobalt (0.0001 ppm) and, finally, gold (0.000008 ppm). Altogether, there are some 50 quadrillion tons (that is, 50 000 000 000 000 000 t) of minerals and metals dissolved in all the world’s seas and oceans. To take just uranium, it is estimated that the world’s oceans contain 4.5-billion tons of the energy metal.

        • Someone without any idea in science writes an article about mining… It is fascinating to read so much BS. Just look into the 3rd Law of Thermodynamics and think about what that means in regards to your problem.

          BTW, the article was published on April 1st for some reason

          • Haha, I thought Shadow was just having a bit of fun with Shivani! – Im sure he realises, FDC (:

  • The two friends with Sara are Franco Harris and Alex Cobb. The purple shirt guy is Bernie Kosar. Hippie dude is how I picture niceguy, but I can’t confirm.

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