Will wedding bells ring for Michelle and Ben Meyers?

Love in bloom at NXIVM - Ben Meyers and Michelle Salzman-Meyers.
I got this email today
Dear Frank,
I’m an avid reader of your web page.  I dated a very low level espian several years ago for a year and to see this all finally coming to a boiling point is great.  Thanks for all your hard work.
I was wondering if Laura Darby or anyone has heard anything about the wedding that is suppose to happen this weekend?  The online wedding registries are showing that nothing has been purchased from their lists.  The wedding was suppose to be on the 26th…. do you think it will go thru?  Would love to know your thoughts if anything is happening.
Thanks for the great work.
Dear E;
I have not heard that the wedding has been canceled. Of course, since the two announced their wedding plans some months ago, a lot has happened. Their master, Keith Raniere, was arrested. It seems likely Michelle’s mother, Nancy, and sister, Lauren, will be soon arrested and it is possible that it could happen this week on the eve of the wedding.  We should also not rule out the possibility that Ben and/or Michelle might also be arrested sooner or later.
These are perilous times for NXIVM members.
But on the other hand, why should it not be so? They made it perilous for so many innocent people, as followers of Raniere, as they set out to destroy his targets.  Among the worst of these was the groom-to-be, Ben Meyers. He was always willing to use his computer skills for evil, hurting innocents, spying on people, and lying for Raniere. He – worst of all – allowed Daniela Fernandez to be imprisoned for 18 months – simply because she wanted to date him and Raniere was pissed and imprisoned her.  The cowardly Meyers allowed this to happen and got a consolation prize – Michelle Salzman . For it was literally when their romance bloomed – how they got together – was over the imprisonment of Daniela.
So why should we be surprised if the scheduled wedding is anything but joyful? This is karma.
On the other hand, for those interested in buying a gift for the couple, you might log on here:
Their romance sparked when Ben and Michelle helped arrange the imprisonment of Daniela Fernandez.  It was tough; Ben thought that Daniela had to be secretly confined to a room above the children being taught in Rainbow Cultural Garden. But he had his orders. He had wanted to date Daniela but Raniere said no. Michelle was assigned to help out and Ben, deprived of one woman, latched on to the next best, Michelle. Their loved blossomed as they shared a lovely secret – the imprisonment of Ben’s erstwhile girlfriend and so romantic – all done in the name of their Vanguard.

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  • If the FBI has their hand on NXIVM server, Ben Meyers is going down. If they have their hands on email exchanges of how to lie to the authorities or avoid taxes, Meyers is going down. How can they get married with Salzman’s mom and sister in hiding?

  • Any good Espian knows that all marriage does is obligate you. A gift would be an approval of such a silly thing to do.

    • I’m thinking the federal government is going to use all the time they have to sift thru the data they’ve confiscated and won’t make arrests until Friday June 8th, the Friday before the next status conference meeting on June12th. That way, the attorneys for Keith and Allison will have very little time to process what the new arrests mean for their respective clients. That being said, I hope they arrest people this week.

      • Oddly enough, I don’t think the goals of the prosecutors and defense attorneys are in any real conflict in this case.

        The goals of the prosecutors will be to rack up as many wins as possible, which requires endless delays to document as many crimes as possible by sifting through an ever growing pool of evidence.

        No matter what the defense attorneys SAY about how they want a speedy trial, their true goal is always going to be to maximize billable hours. The way to maximize billable hours is to create their own delays and put the bills on the Bronfman tab. If it is true that the Bronfmans are footing the bill for Raneire and Mack as is claimed by the Frank Report, this will create endless opportunities for the defense attorneys to run up more bills in exploiting conflicts of interest. Of course, the lawyers are going to give an honest assessment to Clare Bronfman of what they are actually doing. As a bystander, I find this all quite amusing.

        • I meant to write “Of course, the lawyers are [NOT] going to give an honest assessment to Clare Bronfman of what they are actually doing.”

  • I’m confused by conflicting themes present in this web site.

    Theme 1 – This woman was a member of the Raneire’s harem.
    Theme 2 – All members of Raneire’s harem are required to stay loyal to him forever and never have sex with another man.
    Theme 3 – This woman is now leaving Raneire for another loser who is happy to acquire Raneire’s “left-overs”.

    These can’t all be true.

  • I wish i had the answer to the question!! Knox Woods is a ghost town. Short of Sylvie Lloyd and John Fox dog walking, Dawn Morrison (and her chicken legs) doing a walking circuit with an unidentified female who was also walking 2 dogs and Karen U’s Mercedes in her driveway. – I have not seen much activity at all. Wonder if the wedding receptio was to be held at Apropos? I highly doubt it is at the Canfield Casino which is where the rich and fabulous hold their receptions and soirees. Perhaps they have eloped. We will be sure to have our ears and eyes open this weekend!!

    • Was interesting to see that they had footage of Nancy Salzman there as recently as 7 May 2018.

      • The two black contractor bags that you can see on the back porch of Allison’s condo in the footage with the U-haul are still there. The Mercedes in the driveway is Karen U’s. It appears Nicky may now be staying either on Flintlock when she comes back up to Clifton Park or she could have been headed in the direction of Hale. I didn’t recognize any of the other vehicles when she is walking past the row of cars they could just be neighbors. Any one know if she still works at Plant Made. We have a new healthy eatery opening up May 31st called Core Life (not vegan however). Perhaps we will see her behind the counter (i hope not or I wont eat there).

  • Not much movement on the registry.

    I see someone bought them a tray, a thoughtful gift useful for serving. From an admiring slave perhaps, or the DOJ.

    • All of Michelle and Ben’s friends are under indictment or on the run or going to ground.

      gone to ground
      To take evasive action in order to avoid further attention. To “lay low.”

      • I say this with all due respect shadowstate1958, but does the term “going to ground” really need to be defined? How about “laying low” or “going off the grid”?

  • If the Meyers/Salzman nuptials take place, a mass arrest just before the vows are exchanged would save the taxpayers some money, no?

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