Angry Reader Asks If I’m Afraid of Big Jim Del Negro

Jim Del Negro

[Ed. Note: Hibachi Grill, who shall be seen below, is a very real person who I know. And, although Nutjob, and possibly others, suspect Hibachi is really a plant, he is not. Indeed, Hibachi also knows Jim Del Negro and has ample reason to dislike him. I will say no more for I do not wish to reveal Hibachi’s identity.  However, Hibachi absolutely wrote the comment below, and yes, it did give me an excuse to tell one of my favorite Jim Del Negro stories, the one where Jim said he got raped by a 100 pound girl.] 


A certain individual, who uses the moniker, “Hibachi Grill”, is angry with me for not writing enough about the leader of the High Council of the Society or Protectors, one of the current Nxivm leaders. A man named James Del Negro.

He suggests I might be afraid of the hulking Nxivm teacher.

Let us hear directly from Hibachi Grill, who has, it would seem, something personal against High Counselor and Senior Proctor Del Negro.

Hibachi writes:

I am an avid reader of the Frank Report and have wondered why, after you have corralled top Nxivm elites, you have forgotten the mini-Vanguard. The main vermin besides the chosen one, Keith Raniere.

James Del Negro did all the sacrificial deeds required of him to inherit the powers of the smartest man on earth: Unprotected anal and rim jobs were a must for the Vanguard and if you really want to go after the highest remaining elite, Del Negro is your man.

He had to carry on the old tradition of drinking his own urine and the famous rite known throughout the cult as K.A.R. showers. Keith proclaimed this the way for males to receive his spiritual powers and prove their worthiness to other males in the Satanic cult.

Much like the slave women who delighted to have the glorious one’s life seed spread all over their mouths in joint fellatio, Raniere took great joy in a golden ceremony, after kicking off his own spunk on his many brandees, showering down on his male devotees his golden warm nectar-like teachings. You remember he told Cami he knew the size of Robbie’s penis because [his] men masturbate together.

So why, why Mr. PARLATO HAVE YOU LET James Del Negro go? Word is you and him are friends and more. Or has he paid you off?

Why is he still walking around spreading his filth to poor girls who don’t know any better? Raping and hypnotizing them like his leader Keith Renaire taught. Or are you scared of his 6.3 frame? And his mean looks?

Why Mr. PARLATO? WHY? Why do you leave out Mini-Vanguard? Yes, rumor has it you’re scared of his 6’3 frame. Quit being a pussy. He is still doing all kinds of damage to women and men. Smiles big, just like Satan. And sucks in young girls and guys to do sexual favors.

Raniere and Del Negro have been butt buddies for years. Why is no one talking about that? Why is Del Negro not part of this cleanup? With him still running wild, there’s no closure for victims.

Finish your job? You claim you brought down the cult but that won’t be true until you get Del Negro. 

Come on, big shot, show me you can do it. Or does he have a hypnotic lock on you too?


These are all reasonable questions, Hibachi. There is a lot to say about Jim Del Negro. From the trial we learned that he had a fling with Keith’s slave, Camila Fernandez and jealous Vanguard forced Cami to tell Jim that his sexual attentions were to her like being raped – even though Cami actually enjoyed it.

Jim stuck with his Vanguard even after the little rascal was arrested. Jim lives with Esther Chiappone Carlson and they have been spotted in Sarasota Florida recently.

While Esther has vowed to never read the Frank Report or even listen to anyone describe what’s in it, Jim is known to read it avidly.

In fact, Jim started his own blog, and named it after his pet rabbit Hank.  He calls it the “The Hank Report.”

While Frank Report writes about Jim’s master, a skunk named Keith Alan Raniere, the Hank Report focuses largely on Hank, his pet rabbit.

Del Negro, who is the current Head of the High Council of the Society of Protectors, the men’s group of Nxivm, stands ready, prepared like Esther – who now leads Jness – to go to prison for Vanguard, so much is their faith in his leadership.

If all goes well for them, they may both end up there – on different charges. More on that later.


Jim Del Negro with hands on hips leads a group of brave men of the Society of Protectors.

Am I Afraid of Jim Del Negro?

Apropos, Hibachi Grill, of your comment that I might be afraid of Jim, let me tell you about what happened in Los Angeles so you can assess for yourself the man who now leads the men of Nxivm.

Del Negro was my assistant while I was in Los Angeles working to recover some $26 million of the Bronfman sister’s assets, being mismanaged by Raniere.

I came in January 2008 to investigate the real estate project Clare and Sara Bronfman invested in under Keith’s guidance but somehow had nothing in their names to evidence their investment.

Del Negro came from Albany to help and shared a house in Woodland Hills with my two assistants, Lou Avino and Will Diamond. I lived across the street in another house.

I soon gained control of the Bronfman’s 30 plus Los Angeles properties.

As we prepared to do construction work, Will, realizing we were going to be in Los Angeles for a while, decided to bring his girlfriend, the mother of his baby – a 19 year old girl named Rose  – from their home in Las Vegas, along with the baby.

Rose was a slender, long haired Filipino girl, about 5 foot tall, weighing 100 pounds.

Lou, Will, Rose, the baby, and Jim Del Negro shared a four bedroom house.

Jim soon realized that Rose was a candidate for NXIVM. He told the teenager he had been taught by the world’s smartest and most ethical man.


Keith Alan Raniere AKA The Vanguard.
Jim Del Negro

She asked, “What ethical?”

Jim explained it was to be consistent in your actions and words.

Jim offered to make Rose ethical. He would train her and later she could come to Albany and learn from Prefect and maybe meet Vanguard, the smartest man in the world.

While Lou, Will and I worked to secure properties and get construction ready, Jim stayed home doing paperwork and, in his spare time, taught Rose the Nxivm technology he learned from Vanguard. Jim spent a lot of time teaching ethics to Rose who was often with babe in  arms.

We were glad to leave Jim at home for he was largely useless for any work. His main role seems to have been to report to Vanguard on my progress. As for work — while Jim may appear smart, he had attention deficit disorder. He forgot everything. I felt sorry for the lad. I think too many NXIVM intensives had left him feeble-minded.

Despite being one of the top teachers of Executive Success Programs – he taught the intensive in Necker Island where Richard Branson attended [he was sent to train Branson on how to be an executive success] Jim was broke, living paycheck to paycheck. He drank a lot of liquor.

When Lou, Will and I went to confront Russian construction workers trying to occupy the properties, and steal our equipment, at a time when title to the properties was still uncertain, we left Jim behind, because we had to punk these guys. Despite his size – Jim was 6’3 and 225 pounds – he was not someone we wanted around in case of trouble.

Head of the Society of Protectors, James Del Negro

He would more likely encourage bravery on the part of our opponents than be helpful in warding them off.

Will Diamond was an old fashioned, smooth talking tough. He was friendly and congenial until challenged. Then he would go off, with a stream of escalating words accompanied with a baseball bat, knife or something more persuasive as the case indicated. You could tell he was not to be trifled with.

In the lawsuit against us, we were accused of bringing his baseball bat with us – but the reality is that Will never once took it out of his car and we won the lawsuit.

Will Diamond

Lou Avino was a hooligan. He said little, but one could see that at any moment, he might do something extreme. Lou had just gotten out of prison, his sentence arising out of a confrontation with a much larger man. Lou sizing up the man quickly, without hesitation, took out his pistol and shot him, thus ending the fight.

These two looked formidable. Our goal was to avoid a fight by persuading the people who had been managing the properties not to steal our equipment or damage the properties until we could get legal title  – which we did – for the Bronfman sisters.

I recovered some $26 million in assets for the Bronfmans and they wired me $1 million.

As Vanity Fair reported, “According to e-mails and documents filed with the court, it was also Clare who firmed up the sisters’ agreement to pay $1 million to a man named Frank Parlato Jr., who showed up at the …. Wilshire Boulevard office looking ‘thug-like,’ dressed in black and wearing a fedora.”

Had we brought Jim, who was larger than Lou, or Will, I think the punks would have seen Jim’s doofus grin and probably broke out laughing, knowing we were not serious men.

Lou Avino looked serious
Tough guy Jim Del Negro

Jim Was Part of the Family

Despite his pretensions of being an ethicist who possessed the near wisdom of a Vanguard, Jim was part of our team, part of the family. Will Diamond trusted him with his girlfriend.

One night, Will and I went to do a night check on the properties. Lou went to sleep.

After we were gone for a time, Rose called Will to ask, ‘when you coming home?’

Will said in about two hours.

Rose kept calling Will, asking him when he would be home.

Shortly after, my assistant happened to come to their house to borrow some sugar. Rose answered the door in a negligee.

She left my assistant waiting outside. When Rose opened the door again to give her some sugar, my assistant happened to see Jim sitting in the living room – the lights low – on the couch in his underwear.

Perhaps he was too intoxicated to make it to his bedroom, she thought.

Will and I continued that night to look at properties, spread all over Los Angeles County.

Rose called again and again, repeatedly asking Will,  “when you coming home?”

Will would say to her, “in an hour,” or” 30 minutes,” as the case might be and said to me, “Gee she misses me. She can’t wait til I get home. She keeps asking ‘when you coming home?'”

Jim Del Negro was always good with the Nxivm ladies, always prepared to take sloppy seconds behind his Vanguard.

One day Jim moved out without telling us.  We were busy. We did not notice. He called later to say he moved in with a friend.

One night Will found Rose texting. He took her phone and found she was texting sex messages to Jim. From the messages, it was clear  they’d been having sex.

Will was upset. He wanted to confront Jim, but Jim had moved out. I realized he had neglected to give me his address.

I once worked as a consultant to Executive Success Programs and knew Jim Del Negro personally.

I called Jim on his cell phone and asked him whether he had an affair with Rose.

Jim said “no, of course not. Will is my friend. I would never do that.”

“Will knows. He has the texts.”

Jim was silent for a moment.

“Do you want me to read the texts to you?”

Jim broke down – true man of Nxivm that he was – and admitted he had sex with the 19 year old girl.

He explained, “I was lying in bed and she came in my room. Will was sleeping in the room next door. Rose jumped on me and pinned me down.  She made me have sex. If I moved or squirmed, it might have waked up Will. Don’t you see, that’s rape? He might have heard and come in. I was forced. Either that or make a sound and risk Will coming in and killing me. Maybe killing her too.”

I said, “Jim come on – you’re 6’ 3’’ and Jean is 5’0″ and 100 pounds. You could have pushed her away and seen her out the door?”

“I was forced” he insisted, “but she only raped me twice. The other time was in the bathroom. She barged in. I forgot to lock the door. She took my clothes off and forced me to have sex. I was so afraid.  What could I do? If I made a noise, Will would a heard. I had to just finish up quick. Even if I pushed her out, he might have heard. That’s why I moved out of there and got another place.”


It was hard to imagine that Rose, a 100 pound Filipino girl, could have overpowered Big Jim and raped him, but that’s what he said.
Rose denied it happened the way Jim said it did.

When asked by Will, Rose told a different story. She said Jim insisted on teaching her ethics and would touch her – on certain points on her hand, then neck, sometimes her hair, telling her she could be an executive success. He seduced her, promising her that he would marry her and they would have a baby – an ‘avatar’ baby. Their child would grow up to lead a world wide mission.

Jim also offered to bring Rose’s mother and two teenage sisters out of the Philippines and asked to see photos of the sisters. So solicitous was he, he even asked if they were single. [To me it seemed, almost like Jim was trying to replicate the Vanguard’s Fernandez sisters for himself.]

According to the texts, however, it seems the affair between Jim and Rose was consensual. She was of age.

The texts reveal that Jim suffered, sadly, from premature ejaculation, and Rose expressed hope he might get better after they were openly together, as he had promised.

Vanguard taught that rape, though unwelcome by a woman, might help her experience the pleasure of an orgasm and thus help heal some of her sexual disintegrations.

Which raises an ethical question: If a man has an premature ejaculation, is it still rape? Vanguard had posed this question in reverse, which was in effect “when can rape be good?” revealing that, although he cited no known study, that women often experience their first orgasm when they are raped. [Maybe he knew from his own rapes of women and girls.]

While still on the phone with Jim, I asked if he wanted to talk to Will in person. I said I would mediate and make sure nothing bad happened. Jim said he had already left Los Angeles.
Where? I asked.
“I can’t tell you. But I’m out of the area — er – ah – out of the country. I can’t be reached. I’m in ah— Germany.”
“That’s rather sudden, isn’t it Jim?”
“My phone is about to be shut off.
“Didn’t you really seduce this girl and when she fell for you, you moved out?” I suggested.
“When is Will going back to Las Vegas?,” Jim asked.
“He’s already back in Vegas.”
“Really?,’ he said, then took a long, shuddering breath.
That was the last time I spoke with Jim Del Negro – leader of the men of NXIVM, one frightening dude, Hibachi Grill.
Jim is a life coach; his company is called Rhythm of Influence – teaching the doctrines of his master, Keith Raniere. Curiously, on his website, now defunct he nowhere mentioned his master’s name. Perhaps it is not surprising for he nowhere mentioned his own name.
It is not clear how many people will sign up for life coaching with a guy whose name is anonymous.
Viva Executive Success!



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  • The story is only half reported correctly. You forgot about how it all began. How he came home in a drunken rage. Threw her down and as she fought only had on a dress . And he forced her against her will. After done holding her down. Holding her neck. Laughing as she squirmed to get away. After he said he was sorry. She said I’m going to tell will and frank you’ll be sorry. He said if you do that I will make sure you get your baby taken away. And you know we have the money to do so. And if you tell anyone all it will do is cause big problems for will and he will be arrested. He threatened her and kept her at bay. And slowly kept saying things over and over to her. Embellish this great one.

  • —an 30 to 50 year-old tough who got an 18 year-old Filipina girl pregnant. Of course it could have been love.

    • Mr. Old fashioned,

      Considering Will Diamond and Rose are still married they have a solid marriage.
      Its been over a decade since the unfortunate incident involving Del Negro. Rose was indeed a young woman at the time of her marriage and from a culture where people marry at a younger age. She was “18” and able to vote and join the military in the United States or the Philippines.

      I am posting because I have some free time and no life. What is your excuse for posting other than being an asshole with no life?

      • When a foreign pretty girl marries and gets pregnant (in some order) and the American man is twice her age, it is often because opposites attract. Opposite financial status that is. And them still being married doesn’t mean they have a solid marriage. It could be financial dependance.
        I’ve seen this many times in the military overseas.
        Of course it could be love.

  • Frank, thank you for getting to the delusional, pussy ass bitch men of Nxivm, those Society of Protectors of their own insecurities. Been waiting for this to go down. Do it.

  • Please notice in this line up of women with Jim Del Negro you have four women.
    The woman second from the left in a denim jacket and peasant skirt is Allison Mack.
    And she is holding what appears to be an empty beer bottle.×576.jpg

    And in this picture one sees an obviously inebriated Allison Mack sitting at the bar with her friend Kristin Kreuk.×576.jpg

    And in this photo of Allison Mack’s bedroom, posted by Ms. Mack herself, we see standing on her dresser a large industrial-sized incense burner.×520.png

    From these three pictures, I must conclude that the only way one can find Vanguard Keith Raniere to be a profound thinker and philosopher is to be either inebriated or high.

  • Years ago Will Diamond was trying to sell tapes about Jimmy Del Nigro on line around him being really drunk and acting all a fool while working for you in California.

    What ever happened to those tapes Frank? Did Vanturd vai Clare Bear buy them off of Will so they’d be buried forever?

  • I would hope it’s “ tongue in cheek “. 6’3” 225 is gangly and with the face of a doofus. As far as Rose, not sure what her husband expected, he sounds a lot like Raniere himself from how the story is written. These people deserve each other.

  • If a smaller man Raped a larger woman we wouldn’t be laughing. I feel sorry for Jim. He is a sexual assault victim and his name should not have been mentioned.

    • ” I feel sorry for Jim. He is a sexual assault victim and his name should not have been mentioned.” Sonya

      Maybe Jim Del Negro drank himself into such a stupor that a five foot tall, one hundred pound girl was able to rape him.

      Just like in the Bible where after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah Lot’s daughters got him drunk to have sex with him.
      In Genesis 19:30-38 Lot’s daughters got their father drunk, and over two consecutive nights had sex with him without his knowledge. They both got pregnant. The older daughter gave birth to Moab, while the younger daughter gave birth to Ammon.

      As far as I can tell the only way for someone to join NXIVM was to be either drunk or high.

  • Del Negro is a punk. I’m 6’5.5″ and a muscular 240 lbs., but all it takes is one well placed knee to take either of us to less than 5′ tall. Of course, that assumes that Del Negro has balls, which is very much in question – not that I want to take a peek.

    Actually, I don’t think the “angry reader” was saying that Frank is scared of Del Negro because Frank isn’t writing much about Del Negro, but the real reason Frank isn’t writing about Del Negro is because Frank depends on sources, and apparently there isn’t much information regarding Del Negro being forwarded to Del Negro. This is because Del Negro is keeping a low profile and has moved to Sarasota, Florida. Does anybody know what Del Negro’s address is? There must be a few readers in the area who could gather some information.

    • “muscular 240 lbs.” 👌🏼
      More like beer muscles. When’s the last time you been to da’ gym fat boy slim?

      OMG I wish you were in my kneck of the woods as the crow flies.

          • Anonymous,

            If Scott and I fought, it would be a hell of a lot more entertaining than that a f**k fest.

            The first fight was okay. The second fight Logan was juiced to the tits. The guy had his Lats starting at his temples, F’ing ridiculous.

            My nephew sent me the YouTube link and asked me what I thought. Logan should have used his jab and reach.

            The rapper did better, but he still throws too many hooks; And does not get his opposite hand back to guard when firing off his next punch. Both idiots leave their chins high-up and exposed.

            I prefer MMA, but love watching any amateur boxing match. I love watching all of the mistakes. It’s fun.

          • No, it’ just like answering a question about when I last worked out. Watching KSI and Logan Paul would be entertaining, whereas me taking apart NiceGuy would be very one-sided.

      • 240lb 6’5 and all muscle at your age, there are only 3 possibilities:

        1. Your body fat percentage is much higher than you realize.
        2. Your taking Mexican supplements or Russian vitamins. You know what I mean LOL. They are circulating at every gym,high school, college, and can now be picked up on the internet. Are you doing stacks or horse pills? I hope your taking your estrogen blockers getting areoles is no fun.
        3. Your lying.

        What’s your basic deadlift standard set after warm up? Not max. BTW at your age you should not be maxing the deadlift. I fucked-up and took a year off because I went back up beforehand resting the weight fully on the ground. Just curious?
        Do you still barbell bench press or just dumbell? My lefts rotater is slightly torn and after seeing what the surgery looks like there is no way I am ever doing it.

  • Frank,

    Great entertaining story! One bone of contention; I don’t think the Russians were afraid of Will Diamond and Lou Avino per se; The Russians were afraid that Lou or Will were “made guys”.

    I had wondered about the LA Bronfman construction backstory for a long time. You are the man. Thanks for sharing this story!

    • Scott “Numbskull”,
      You are everybody’s favorite white supremacist. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and eat plenty of dark meat.
      Happy Thanksgiving!

  • It makes sense that Jim was raped. It’s not that she literally overpowered him. It’s that he could not make a sound because Will Diamond was in the house and might have heard it. He was forced to endure Rose’s sexual assault. I would call it rape.

  • Jim Del Negro- High Counsel of the Society of Protectors- a broke alcoholic teaching Richard Branson Executive Success- raped by a 100 lb girl- premature ejaculator. Hah. Lets hope he ends up cleaning toilets in a prison like his Vanguard.

  • Frank, seeing as this guy is insulting you in public, trying to goad you by trying to emasculate you, give us a chance to guess his identity.

    * Was he a NXIVM member for more then ten years?

    * Did he leave before or after the DOS branding story?

    * Did he provide you or the authorities with any evidence?

    * Was he a proctor?

    * Is he really a ‘he’?

    • He is a he. Never in Nxivm. Did not provide evidence, but would have been willing to so if he has any. He is not really trying to emasculate me, he wrote a lot of it tongue in cheek, i think, just trying to get me to write about Jim. I will reiterate – Hibachi Grill has every reason to hate Jim Del Negro. And if ever he runs into Del Negro, I would worry about Jim’s safety.

  • This is hilarious. Here we have the double-edged polarity about why one should never run out of sugar, versus how there are moments when, even if you still have sugar, you might decide to go borrow some anyhow. No disrespect meant towards Mr. Diamond for having been cuckholded. This is how life forces some of us to find humor in the absurd.

    • You obviously don’t know the meaning of cuckhold. If Mr. Diamond was cuckhold I’m sure Frank would have understood and drove him home to Rose by her 3rd call.

  • Too funny, your little Nxivm artist Marie has posted Frank wrestling Raniere into submission on her Instagram.
    The way her eyes pierce through her photos makes me wish I was her slave. I love this girl.
    Thanks Frank love your work. Great articles on the Snyder girl. Hope you catch em.

    • Thank you, but I have to give the credit to my associate at Truthrises Productions.

      As for the 6 foot 3 inch tall Del Negro, when I have some time to waste, I’ll be sure to capture his lovely hair plugs as a tiny woman rapes him.

  • Jim Del Negro is basically the Fredo of the Bronfman Raniere Crime Syndicate.

    But, like Fredo, he’s too stupid to realize that he is completely incompetent and stupid.

    Cmon Edgar. Time to kiss Fredo. I hear the weather on Lake Tahoe is nice this time of year. Just don’t force him to write a suicide note. He would probably fuck that up too.

    • As Yoko Ono would explain, about Lake Tahoe, not to forget the historic event-plannings of the Cal Neva Lodge

      Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss me, love
      Just one kiss, kiss will do (repeat both lines into a barf bag)

      Why death? Why life?
      Warm hearts, cold darts

      Kiss, kiss kiss me love
      I’m bleeding inside
      It’s a long, long story to tell
      And I can only show you my hell

      Touch, touch, touch…blah blah blah….

      Why me? Why you ?
      Broken mirror, white terror
      Blah blah barf….

      The Ballad of James Del Negro and other rutting, grunting boars. Again the poor wild hogs! Does Del Negro like heroin, too? Or just booze & date-rape cocktails? Or has he settled for Esther?

  • Was the Hibachi Grill post a plant by Frank in order to give him the excuse to reset his Del Negro story? Go ahead, twist his arm, Hibachi. LOL

    Doesn’t Del Negro know he may run into Frank in FL? May want to find another State to slink around in, Jimmer.

    • Hibachi Grill is someone I know and he really did write those comments. He is trying to goad me into writing about Jim. And here’s a clue, Hibachi knows Jim too and has a very good reason not to like him.

    • Just as a matter of fact here – I don’t believe Hibachi’s version of Raniere having sex with his male slaves. I’m not sure where Hibachi got that. Or if he made it up, but I suspect the latter.

        • I never saw him in a wig. But that does not mean much. My total association with Big Jim was only a few months.

      • —Raniere having sex with his male slaves?…I’m not sure if he made it up—

        Like with rape, sex with your male followers is often about power, not sex. What better way for Raniere to show his power over them than to fuck them. Especially if he has not been able to fuck their women. Ask Hildreth.

        • Hibachi is right. The “men” of SOP got showered and blew KAR to show submission to him. But wrong about not fucking Hildreth’s woman. Pea said KAR ‘enjoyed lavishly” Hildreth’s pretty little sub, Miss Kristin Kreuk. After joining Nx she got slimmer on the Ranieri Diet

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