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Have We Seen the Last of Toni Natalie – Will She Show up for Raniere’s Sentencing?

When Toni Natalie’s book – The Program: Inside the Mind of Keith Raniere and the Rise and Fall of NXIVM – was first released back on September 24th, she made several public appearances to talk about the book and share her opinions about Keith Raniere, the founder and leader of the NXIVM cult.

Clips from some of those interviews are available at:

Toni Natalie at the Albany Times Union forum {photo courtesy Albany Times Union.]

She was also one of the featured speakers at the Times Union Forum on October 1st – where she also signed copies of her book at the conclusion of the event. A partial audio of that event is available at:


Lots of Unanswered Questions

In recent weeks, however, Toni has been a lot less visible – and unwilling to answer the many questions that have arisen about her and her book.

And, as Frank Report readers are well aware, there are lots of questions.

Questions like:

Why did she choose to describe herself as a “single mother” in her book when, in reality, she abandoned her son, Michael – and left him to be raised by his father, Rusty DeCook?

Keith Raniere [l], Michael DeCook [m], and Toni Natalie [r]
Why did she not disclose that she and Raniere put her son on a mandatory  “low calorie” diet when he lived with them – and made him weigh himself in front of them whenever he returned from staying with his father (Until he decided at the age of 9 that he didn’t want to live with Toni and Raniere at all, Michael used to just spend summers with his father)?

Why does she claim that she and Raniere lived as a “couple” for almost 8 years when, in fact, they only lived together for less than three months before he moved back in with his original harem members, Pam, Karen, and Barb?

Why has she not talked more about the important role she played in building up Consumers Buyline, Inc. (CBI), Raniere’s original pyramid scam operation that was eventually shut down after investigations by twenty-three State Attorneys General and two federal agencies?

Consumers Buyline ad

Why did she help Raniere violate the “Consent Decree” regarding CBI he had entered into with the New York State Attorney by putting his next pyramid scam operation, National Health Network, in her name?

Why did she help Raniere hide other assets he owned by agreeing to let him register some of his patents under the name of a company that she owned (Years later, she tried to force Raniere to pay her $1 million to regain control of those patents)?

Why does she claim that Raniere was responsible for her brother’s suicide – if her brother did, in fact, commit suicide – when, in reality, Raniere had very little contact with her brother for several years prior to his death?

Toni’s brother, the late John Natalie

Why does she claim that Raniere poisoned her dog when Kristin Keeffe, the person she claims told her about that poisoning, emphatically denies that she ever had any such conversation with Toni?

Why does she claim to be “Patient Zero” for the NXIVM curriculum when others who were there at the time say that she was just one of the participants when some of the early training modules were being created?

Why does she fail to state the fact that she was one of the top two recruiters in the early stages of NXIVM?

Why has she had so many negative things to say about the people who were really responsible for taking down Raniere and his NXIVM cult – people like Sarah Edmondson, Mark Vicente, Bonnie Piesse, Heidi Hutchison, Frank Parlato, Susan Dones, Rick Ross, Barbara Bouchey, etc.?

Sarah Edmondson stood up to Keith Raniere but was subsequently besmirched by Toni Natalie.

Why did she choose to trash her co-author, Chet Hardin, by telling several people that he had been fired from his last job because of a sexual harassment complaint?

Toni’s co-author and friend, Chet Hardin

Why did she lie and tell me – and several others – that Mary Jane Pino had given permission for us to utilize her Username and Password to access NXIVM’s website (Mary Jane subsequently denied Toni’s claim in a sworn affidavit that, if false, would subject her to perjury charges)?

Why did she not disclose the fact that she had been accessing NXIVM’s website for more than six months before she shared Mary Jane Pino’s Username and Password with me and others?

Why did she choose to denigrate her third husband, Rusty DeCook, in her book – referring to him as a “paper airplane” when it came to sex as opposed to Raniere being a “Concorde Jet” – when all of that bullshit was totally irrelevant?

Why did she describe her marriage to Rusty as “a loveless marriage” in her book (e.g., no sex for three years) when she had previously told former Times Union reporter Jim Odato that it was “a good marriage”?

Why does she claim that as part of one of NXIVM training modules, the Proctor leading the discussion would describe her as “the pretty brunette with a green scarf…who broke Vanguard’s heart” when, in fact, several people who actually served as Proctors say they never made any such statement?

Why has she never responded to Nancy Salzman’s claim that she loaned $80,000 to Toni – and never got paid back?

Nancy Salzman claims that Toni stiffed her on an $80,000 loan.

Why did she tell Susan Dones that Nicole, a witness for the prosecution in Raniere’s criminal trial, had testified that Frank Parlato threatened to release her collateral if she didn’t give him the names of other members of DOS – when, in fact, Nicole never said any such thing?

Why did she tell Susan Dones that FBI agents would have arrested Frank Parlato if he had been in court on the day of Nicole’s testimony – when that is totally and completely untrue (Frank was actually in the courthouse a few days later and was not questioned by any FBI agents, let alone arrested)?

mk10art’s depiction of Susan Dones

Why did she deny to Frank Parlato that she had ever made those statements to Susan Dones – and later tried to gloss over everything as a “misunderstanding”?

Why did she describe Raniere as a fabulous lover in her book when she previously described him – to several people – as a “lazy slug” in bed?

Why did she claim she never knew that Raniere was having sex with any other women during the 8-years she was involved with him when she told several people that the local police had caught Raniere and Dawn Morrison having sex in Toni’s car out in the woods?

Dawn Morrison, nature lover

Is she currently receiving monthly payments from Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) because of her alleged PTSD and fibromyalgia – and, if so, has she properly disclosed all of her assets and income to the Social Security Administration?

Why does she claim that upon meeting her for the first time, Kristin Keeffe described Toni as looking like Valerie Bertinelli when Kristin claims she never made any such comparison?

Toni Natalie look-alike Valerie Bertinelli

Why does she claim to have been alone with Raniere for “two hours and forty-five minutes” while he cured her of smoking when Rusty DeCook – who was waiting for her while that session was taking place – claims that she was with Raniere for about 20 minutes?

Why has she given multiple answers as to what year she was in when she dropped out of high school – and why is her picture in the Greece Athena High School 1975 Yearbook (That would have been the year that Toni graduated from high school)?

In her book, Toni Natalie claims she dropped out of high school in the 10th grade. So why is her senior picture in the high school yearbook?

Why does she claim to have seen Raniere tutoring Rhiannon, the girl that he started raping when she was 12, on the first day that Toni met Raniere in August 1991 (Rhiannon was, in fact, ensconced at St. Anne’s Juvenile Home from June 1991 through June 1993)?

Why does she claim that her fourth husband, Scott Foley, was the victim of a fake honeypot operation set up by Raniere when the simple truth is that Scott left her for a much younger woman (Scott has since married this “non-existent” woman)?

Scott & Denise Foley

Why did she claim in her book that just prior to her disappearance, Kristin Snyder had “…called her parents and raved maniacally, telling them she was responsible for the space shuttle Columbia blowing up” when, in fact, no such call ever took place?

Why has she claimed that Kristin Snyder’s sister, Kim, is “retarded” and has the mental capacity of an 8-year old – neither of which is true?

Kim Snyder

Why did she convince Kim to allow her to read Kim’s “Victim Impact Statement” at Raniere’s sentencing rather than have Kim do that herself (Kim has since rescinded that arrangement – and asked Toni to return her “Victim Impact Statement” to her).

Why did she claim in her bankruptcy filings that the extent of her business experience was selling fruit baskets from her home while she claims in her book to have owned and operated a very successful day spa, to have managed a very successful division of Consumer Buyline, Inc., and to have been the founder and operator of National Health Network?

Why did she claim during a deposition in her bankruptcy case that she did not own any valuable artwork when her house is full of such artwork – including one piece worth more than $50,000 that was supposedly a gift from the artist to her son, Michael?

Toni Natalie with the painting of Michael

Why did she have so many equipment leasing companies listed as creditors in her bankruptcy case – and were those companies part of a large-scale fraud scheme that she and other members of her family carried on for several years?

And last (at least for now) but not least, why has she chosen not to respond to the numerous offers that have been made to publish her responses to all these questions – and, instead, has told several people that Frank Parlato is simply publishing lies about her to save his “dying website” (BTW, this “dying website” has already had more than 5 million views this year – and will likely hit 6 million by the end of the year)?


Will Toni Show up at Raniere’s Sentencing Hearing and Subject Herself to Questions from the Media?

From the day that Raniere was arraigned until the day he was convicted, Toni was in attendance just about every time that Raniere appeared in court.

The courtroom in which Keith Raniere will be sentenced. Will Toni Natalie be there or will she be in hiding?

Recently, however, when Raniere appeared in court for another Curcio hearing, Toni was nowhere to be found.

Did she miss Raniere’s most recent court appearance because she’s afraid that the media representatives in attendance would start asking her some of the questions that have been raised in Frank Report?

And does that mean that she will also not show up for Raniere’s sentencing hearing on January 17th?

C’mon Toni, now that you’re a public figure and the author of a highly detailed book – albeit one that is totally full of gross exaggerations, multiple misrepresentations, and many outright lies – don’t you think you should answer these questions?

Inquiring minds really do want to know!


[Author’s Note: Toni Natalie and her erstwhile attorney, Michael Grygiel, are currently preventing me from regaining possession of the nine boxes of NXIVM-related materials that the New York State Police seized from me back in October 2013. Even though Toni has absolutely no claim to any of those materials, she has refused to sign a “Release” so that they can be returned to me. So, I guess I do have one more question for Toni: Do you plan to extort some sort of ransom from me so that I can get back things that are rightfully mine?]. 

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  • NXIVM was all about vanity and Narcissism. These leopards will never change their spots. To themselves, they will always be utterly remarkable and exceptional individuals. To everybody else, they appear to be what they are: utterly deluded and some cases, inveterately criminal

    • “These leopards will never change their spots. To themselves, they will always be utterly remarkable and exceptional individuals. To everybody else, they appear to be what they are: utterly deluded and some cases, inveterately criminal”

      Well said!
      These NXIVM people still perceive themselves to be great humanitarians when they are really demonic fiends incarnate.
      Here is how the sadistic Allison Mack, or one of her deluded fans, perceives her:

      ❤❤❤ #allisonmack #chloesullivan #smallville #powergirl #inspiration #beautiful #gorgeous #amazingwoman #greatactress #blessed #caring #gentlesoul #unique #extraordinary #exceptional #angelic #heavensent #captivating #majestic #devine #freeallison #goddess #queen #phenomenalwoman #intelligent #compassionate #hero

      Almost every one of those adjectives is the exact opposite of reality.
      It’s as if these NXIVM people inhabit a separate universe.

  • Mike Grygiel picked up the computers and the boxes of NXIVM-related materials sometime in late November or early December in 2017.

    If I trusted the NYS Police – which I do not – I would ask them to intervene in this matter. But if they re-gain control of my NXIVM-related materials, I will likely never see them again.

    Don’t forget that it was the NYS Police – rather than the Albany County District Attorney or Holly Trexler, the Special District Attorney who had prosecuted the computer trespass case – who were in court arguing that we should not get our computers back unless they had been wiped clean. When I raised the question as to what status the NYS Police had to even be heard in the case, they quickly tipped off NXIVM’s local counsel, Paul DerOhannesian, who then tried to intervene in the case on behalf of NXIVM.

    That likely would have worked except for the fact that the NYS Police Property Holding Unit turned over all our property sooner than expected. So, by the time that DerOhannesian filed his paperwork, Mike had already picked up everything.

    I really didn’t have a problem with Mike picking up my property (Had he asked, I would have willingly given him permission to do so). My problem is that now he won’t give it back to me without Toni’s approval – which is totally ludicrous. The reason I pointed out that he did not get permission from me to pick up my property is to underscore the fact that he has no right to withhold my property now.

    It wasn’t until one of Frank Report’s readers raised the question that I have begun to wonder if Mike gave my NXIVM-related materials to Toni quite some time ago. That would explain why he wouldn’t let me come to his office to pick those materials up – and her refusal to respond to my request that she sign a “Release” so I could get them. Maybe there’s a mad scramble going on this weekend to get all my stuff moved back from Rochester to Albany.

    • So based on what you are NOT saying, it sounds like you must have given Toni permission to retrieve your personal items, and she sent her authorized rep, Grygiel. You must have had to give toni written permission or signed some release that could be shown to NYSP, unless they just accept someone’s word that they have permission to retrieve someone else’s property, which seems unlikely. What exactly is the wording on that release or letter to NYSP?

      And are you saying that in December of 2017 even after the NYT’s story, NXIVM falling apart, and Keith on the lamb, NXIVM’s lawyers tried to prevent you from getting your computers back? Seems like they should have been focusing on more important things at that time.

      • I do not believe that I ever gave Toni or Mike Grygiel written permission to pick up my computers or my NXIVM-related materials (I have not been able to find a copy of any such document). So, I’m not really sure what Mike showed to the NYS Police when he picked up my property (I also can’t find any record of my having signed any kind of release with the NYS Police – which, as I previously stated, I would have willingly done).

        My real problem is not so much how Mike managed to gain possession of my property but rather that he has, in effect, given Toni the power to decide what, if anything, is returned to me (I would have had the same problem if the computer forensic company that ended up with my computers had refused to return them to me when I asked them to do so). The NYS Police created a list of the property they seized from me – and they gave Mike Grygiel a list of the property that they turned over to him. So, WTF is the problem?

        And I am definitely stating that the NYS Police – which was not a party in the criminal computer trespass case – was the only entity arguing in November/December 2017 that Toni and I should not get our computers back unless they were wiped clean (I have copies of their filings with the court). In addition, I am definitely stating that once I challenged why the court was allowing the NYS Police to make any filings in the case, the NYS Police conspired with Paul DerOhannesian, one of NXIVM’s attorneys, to allow NXIVM to initiate a civil proceeding that would have prevented us from getting our computers back intact.

        If the NYS Police or DerOhannesian would like to sue me for libel, they are welcomed to do so. That, of course, would allow me, to question them under oath – which is why no such lawsuit will ever be filed.

    • It would not surprise me in the least if that’s what is happening right now. Will you please let us know when you do get your things returned.

  • When were your boxes picked up by Grygiel and how long have you been trying to get them back?

    Joe wrote: “Toni told me after-the-fact that she had arranged to have Mike Grygiel pick up my NXIVM-related materials at the same time he picked up hers.”

    So you are saying that the NY State Police just turned over your property without your written consent to a lawyer who did not represent you because Toni arranged it without you even knowing about it? Can’t you complain to the NYSP? Isn’t that improper of them to do? If they just give people’s property that they’ve confiscated to anyone, what’s to prevent ShadowState from running over there and getting the stuff seized from Allison Mack’s residence once the case is closed?

    • I have not been able to find a copy of any email or letter in which I granted permission to Mike Grygiel to pick up my property from the NYS Police. Nor have I found a copy of any communication with the NYS Police in which I designated Mike Grygiel as my agent – and authorized him to pick up my property.

      But, as I previously mentioned, I would have willingly signed such documents because my pressing concern at the time was getting all of my property out of the hands of the NYS Police before NXIVM’s attorney, Paul DerOhannesian, was able to intervene and keep me from getting any of it back (In the midst of the battle with the NYS police, they suddenly started sending copies of their court filings to NXIVM’s attorneys – first to Steve Coffey and then, after they learned that he no longer represented NXIVM, to DerOhannesian). The Order that was issued by the judge stated that the NYS Police had to return our property 45 days AFTER the date of the Order. But the NYS Police mistakenly read it as stating that they had to return our property “WITHIN 45 DAYS” of the Order. So, when the NYS Police contacted me about turning over my property, I knew we needed to move as fast as possible (DerOhannesian did, in fact, file a motion 45 days after the Order was issued – which is apparently the scheme that he and the NYS Police had concocted – but by the time he did so, we already had already retrieved everything).

      The issue here is not how/why Mike Grygiel ended up with my property but rather why he won’t return it to me. And why he has empowered Toni Natalie to decide what property I get back is simply beyond my comprehension or imagination.

    • Joe, its interesting that Mike Grygiel was not even Toni Natalie’s attorney in the computer trespassing case.

      Why would she not deal with her attorney of record for this case. He knows both of you?
      This smells of rotten fish all around?

      Have you asked for a chain of custody from his officere gauding all the materials? Has Toni picked her envelope up? Is she making claim to all eight boxes?

      Most firms would not want eight banker boxes “just sitting around taking up space”.

      Its looking like Mike Grygiel could have given all the materials to Toni Natalie in the promise she would make sure you got your material back.

      It’s clear Toni is a fine up standing member of society and would not take and keep anything that doesn’t belong to her. RIGHT!

      Let’s face it, there isn’t a history of Toni Natalie lying about anything is there?

      Besides, shes such a kind, caring, and let’s not forget pretty woman. RIGHT.

      On the words of Dr. Porter, everyone loves Toni, RIGHT


  • How every aspect of NXIVM is all so convoluted. Toni Bologna should obviously give back Joe’s property – common sense is that so doing would be a start toward working in good faith with those she has offended so badly and a good attempt at making amends. Go ahead Toni and do the right thing here, you could use some good karma in the mix of all the bad.

    • Pyriel,

      Thanks for sharing this latest example of Toni’s ability to get publications to print whatever she says without fact-checking any of it. My hope is that at some point in time, Keith Raniere will respond to all the stories she’s made up about her time with him (Example: Given that he only lived in the same house with her for 2-3 months, exactly how many weekends did they spend at her parents?). And how about this statement: “I started being hit with lawsuits when I left him, and they didn’t end until the day he was arrested”? WTF is she talking about there?

  • Joe – So sorry to hear about your difficulties in retrieving your boxes. I’ve no doubt that Toni will have used the information for her book. I hope your research is returned to you.

    Heidi – I hope you retrieve Gina’s belongings from this parasitic glory seeker.

    How many reporters and cameramen were outside the court after Raniere’s Curcio hearing? I’d guess that there wouldn’t have been too many which could be the reason that Toni Baloney didn’t make an appearance. No doubt she’ll turn up for the sentencing as the court will be teeming with reporters on that day.

    • Natalie would have had to get the lawyers to give her access to materials whose ownership she has failed to help settle, which seems like a stretch – if she did, then the law firm has even more to explain.

  • No Second Printing of Toni Natalie aka Nat-LIE’s book Happening

    Amazon has 46 new and used book offers starting at $10.78 bahahahahahahahahahahah.

    Book Dealers are trying to offload the book full of Bull Shit

    Some are trying to sell a used book for more than Amazon is selling the new book. What, they must think people are really stupid.

    • The used price should continue to come down, for anyone who wants to pick up a copy to see what’s in the book, without supporting Natalie in any way.

      Used book pricing is now mostly driven by automatic algorithms that sometimes get things completely wrong. Plus, like in other venues online, there are some sellers who hope to make money just by catching the sizable minority of people who don’t pay attention and hit the wrong button.

  • Again and again, permeating the words and behaviors of Toni Natalie, her patterns are unavoidable, unignorable. Overly overt dishonesties being shown, and uncleverly, transparently. She just keeps revealing herself. And not in the ways that she keeps trying to design, not at all.

    There is just no heroine, and no nobility of human mind, heart or spirit, just an awful shitshow. Starring Toni Natalie. Off the deep end/ends, on and on and on. A kind of pathological banality, smugness, dishonesty to the core. Sorry to sound explicit; yet here it is.

    A sense of such betrayals, she evokes. It is her fabric, her weave, the one surest way to observe her, repeatedly. She does not change, but certainly, all of her stories about herself and about others, change all of the time. Most of all, we keep learning from people who have direct, personal experiences of her and who have said what those experiences were, still are. Wow. How can Toni maintain such obliviousness about herself? It must be a fulltime job. One doomed to implode.

    So many have been ripped off by her presentations, so many harmed, and lots of us feel outraged, learning, hearing, seeing how Toni operates. Consistently. For only herself, regardless of how much she decides to compromise simple human values to get away with championing her own terribly twisted dynamics. It does seem as though Toni cannot, will not encounter, her own “consciousness.” That is never a positive sign, indication, no matter who it is, one will not or cannot get real.

    Like a mini-Nxivm all on her own, very deceptive, narcissistic, conscienceless behaviors towards so many people.

    One of the most heartbreaking aspects to me is how she has mistreated a beautiful little boy, over and over again. For the love of God, this is no woman, no lady, and no mother. It hits so hard!

    I look at this photo of Michael’s trusting and innocent, young smiling face. And there he is, surrounded by two harmers. YES, they gave him HARM, a little boy with very little way to be able to protect himself. It’s devastating to see this, to see how precious is a child, and amidst such heavy, terrible energy.

    What mother, what father, what person who cares at all, can look at Michael in that photo and not feel such emotion? A little boy! These are the last things we would want any child to endure. It is outrageous and it hits deeply, deeply. Harm to the innocent. No. No. No. Forever and ever “no” to this, of all things human, humane, what can be colder? To hurt a child?!

    Only maybe “God” could forgive that. How does anyone make any peace with seeing anyone hurt a child? I can’t. I’m just not “big” enough.

    No matter what else Toni has done, and it adds up to so much nastiness and so many, many profound unkindnesses, her harmfulness to Michael is a killer. A killer. Children are the most vulnerable. Woman carries life in her womb see the tiny face, those eyes, those tiny fingers, and toes, everything changes deep in the heart, for the rest of one’s life. The same for our fathers, our brother, and our sisters, never-ending love. What a feeling to miss and not to give.

    Yet he has not been undone by her or by Raniere. There has been a devoted, dedicated father, other truehearted people who love him, who loved him then, who made sure that her reign over a small boy was put to an end. As well as getting a boy away from Raniere’s clutches. But Toni is responsible for this. She was supposed be his mother. My God.

  • Toni Baloney strikes Again! What else is new.

    This is what we expect from Toni NataLIE.

    Basically, everything she says – the Opposite is True.

  • Wouldn’t the NYS Police have a copy of what evidence was taken from what household? That seems like the easiest answer to the entire mess.

    Couldn’t Mike Grygiel’s office get this information from the case and have this matter cleared up without involving Toni or you?

    The boxes should have been sealed when they were handed over and have been inventoried. The boxes should be protected by his frim from anyone going through them since Grygiel is claiming he doesn’t know who owns what materials.

    Michael J. Grygiel is co-chair Greenberg Traurig, LLP’s National Media, and Entertainment Litigation Group. He focuses his practice on media law, with an emphasis on defending news and entertainment organizations from newsgathering and publication-related claims, including defamation, copyright infringement and invasion of privacy matters.

    Mike Grygiel defended Susanna Andrews from Vanity Fair when NXIVM included her in the civil computer trespassing case. These boxes are about the computer trespassing case. He did not represent either Toni or Joe in the computer trespassing case. Grygiel should remain a natural party in this matter. He was doing you both a favor by holding these materials.

    Joe, I would send a letter to the other Co-chairs of Greenberg Traurig LLP and take Mike Grygiel out of the loop. It’s clear he cannot be clear-minded about this matter. He must be under Toni Natalie’s spell himself.

    • I actually just sent a letter to all the “shareholders” of Greenberg Traurig’s law firm in Albany, NY (They’re the equivalent of “partners”). Not sure what, if anything, they’ll do to rectify this matter but I do have some other plans if they choose to ignore this travesty.

  • It’s amazing the number of people that Toni manipulates into doing shady things for her. Now, she’s got Mike Grygiel, a well-respected member of the local bar, refusing to return private property to which he and his law firm have no legitimate claim. I’ve already talked to three lawyers in our firm his morning who read about this matter on the Frank Report, and they all asked the same question: Why the fuck is Mike doing this?

    • Have you seen a picture of Mike? Come on, He’s got a picture of Toni taped to the bottom of his desk drawer.

      He takes it out when he’s all alone, he strokes her hair, he touches her breast and he gets a woody.

      Toni has put her spell on him.

      He’s most likely posts under Dr. Porter

      That’s what he’s thinking, not with his big man brain

      Him and Chet, so in trouble with their wives, at least they should be…

      • Yeah. Clearly, Mike is cheating on his wife. Any logical person would come to the same conclusion and then post the fact on a message board. Either than, or the same anonymous poster is going back to the same well, and discrediting themselves even more for all the unsubstantiated “Chet banged Toni” antagonism.

      • Anonymous, I think you are on to something.
        I looked up Mike Grygiel and your right, he’s was no homecoming king.

        It’s a good thing he is smart enough to go through high school, unlike Toni Natalie, finish college, law school and pass the bar exam.

        Unlike Toni Natalie in her younger days, Mike Grygiel is no beauty, he’s not pretty but he has to be smart.

        To do what Mike Grygiel is doing with Joe O’hara’s boxes he has to have something for Toni Natalie that doesn’t fit into a professional standard of practice.

    • The question is a very good one. What’s his reasoning? How did this get so bent, in such a way that Grygiel has taken this stance? If he has been deceived or influenced to act in this manner, it is never too late to change that, to do whatever is more sensible and/or right, or even to make amends.

      He can give himself the chance to adapt and to change course. He could even comment right here, maybe explain himself, or do so more privately, personally. He can alter his perspective and act accordingly if he decides.

  • From the Twitter feed of reporter Patrick Howley.

    Patrick Howley
    Follow Follow @HowleyReporter
    I just spoke to a Whistleblower in the NXIVM case. That story should change the world’s entire view of the power structure: Immigration fraud, child trafficking, Satanic rituals, bundling for Clinton, Quid Pro Quo with Democrat elites. It’s all in the Open!

    Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is planning to run for President.
    Picture of Bloomberg with Epstein’s PIMP Ghislane Maxwell.

    • Howley seems to be all over this. How has Frank missed all of that? Maybe if Frank had thought to speak with former employees of NXIVM, he could be more in the loop. I sense a future Patrick Report that has more breaking news like this.
      (To anyone still reading this, it’s tongue in cheek – save your time and don’t waste the 6min 46 seconds to listen to his twitter posturing.)

  • That’s an interesting question you pose. Initially I thought – of course she will show up but now I’m doubting that first reaction. I don’t think she wants to run into yourself, or Frank and I don’t know if either of you are planning to be at the sentencing.

    The other interesting point is if she’s willing to double down on the lies if she does show up and reporters question all the inaccuracies that have piled up here on the Frank Report. I can’t imagine she will ever admit to lying but does she have the nerve to say Frank, yourself, Heidi, Susan and Kim Snyder have decided to band together and that all of you are lying in order to make her look bad. What would be the reason? She’d have to come up with a real doozy for that lie to fly.

    Strange things happen with this crowd so I’d say there’s a 50/50 chance she’ll show up.

  • You’re pretty “good” at not answering questions yourself, O’Hara. Why do you need Natalie to sign a release if she had nothing to do with the nine boxes of NXIVM materials?

    Whether Natalie shows up at Raniere’s sentencing depends on if she can sell more books by showing up or not showing up.

  • Do you think Chet’s wife knows about him and Toni’s kiss-kiss share a room/bed adventures?

    Hope Chet wore himself some sort of protection or his wife and him might get the gift that keeps on giving from Toni.

    Makes me sick to my stomach and got some throw up in my mouth just thinking about Chet saddling up that old worn-out pony.

    That there Toni does like em young, she’s a temptress, you were gone away from home a long time, young feller. Toni learned from the best, Keith Raniere, on how to get what she wants and she got you

    Ya know what they say, young man: 40 goes into 60 more than 60 goes into 40

    Word on the street is her hanger is a bit broken from all them there men she been with.

  • Author’s Note: Toni Natalie and her erstwhile attorney, Michael Grygiel, are currently preventing me from regaining possession of the nine boxes of NXIVM-related materials that the New York State Police seized from me back in October 2013. Even though Toni has absolutely no claim to any of those materials, she has refused to sign a “Release” so that they can be returned to me. So, I guess I do have one more question for Toni: Do you plan to extort some sort of ransom from me so that I can get back things that are rightfully mine?

    Just like Toni to keep something tied up that does not belong to her. Like her son’s paintings, like her son’s college money that her step-father promised him but Toni kept so she wouldn’t have to work until it all ran out.

    I thought Michael Grygiel was a better man to buy in to her bullshit but guess not. Why does Toni have to sign a release anyay?

    • The NYS Police took nine boxes of NXIVM-related materials from me – and one manila folder of materials from Toni – when they raided our respective homes back in October 2013. Thereafter, they turned over all those materials to Mike Grygiel, who at one time had represented Toni – along with inventory sheets that delineated what was being turned over.

      Mike claims that since he doesn’t know who owns what, Toni and I both need to be there in person to sort things out. He made that claim after I had already driven 7-hours to Albany to retrieve my boxes – a trip that I had advised him about, via an email that I had sent several days before I showed up (He said he was too busy to respond to my email).

      So, I wrote to Toni – and asked her to pick some days when we could both meet in Albany to sort out our property (Since she only has one manila file of NXIVM-related documents, I doubt that sorting out process will take more than 5 minutes). Alternatively, I asked her to join with me and sign a “Mutual General Release” that would allow Mike to turn everything over to me – with the proviso that I would immediately return Toni’s manila folder materials to her.

      Thus far, Toni has refused to respond to either of my proposed alternatives – and Mike Grygiel has maintained his original position. Thus, it now appears that I will have to bring some sort of legal action again Mike and his law firm, Greenberg & Traurig LLP, in order to get back my property.

      It’s almost like Toni is trying to use my property as “collateral” to get Frank and others to stop writing stories about all the lies in her book. Maybe she’s the one who taught Raniere about “collateral” rather than vice versa.

      • I don’t understand why the police would turn your property over to someone who was not acting on your behalf. It does appear your boxes are being held as collateral. Did Toni have access to them while writing her book?

        • Toni arranged to have Mike Grygiel pick up the materials – and our computers – from the NYS Police. She then had the computers forwarded to a forensic firm that returned my computers to me when I demanded that it do so (The forensic firm tried to charge me for work that I never authorized them to do – which I refused to pay).

          At the time all this happened, I was living in Worcester, MA under restricted travel rules – and, thus, not able to go to Albany, NY to retrieve my computers and NXIVM-related materials. But I wasn’t at all concerned because it never occurred to me that Mike Grygiel and his law firm would refuse to return my NXIVM-related materials to me. Unfortunately, that is how things have turned out.

          Whether Toni and/or Chet accessed my materials while they were putting together their book is an interesting question – and one that I will raise in my letter to the senior partners of the law firm. Given all that I’ve learned about Toni in the past few months, nothing would surprise me.

          • I’m sorry this is how things have turned out for you. I’m sure you never imagined your ‘friend’ would keep you from what’s rightfully yours. Thank you for exposing Natalie.

          • So you gave consent to Toni or Grygiel to pick up your material? Do you have anything in writing about the arrangement.

            And just because you were under restrictive travel rules, could you not ask for permission to travel to Albany to retrieve your belongings? Frank seems to be allowed to travel while out on bail if he gets permission.

          • Toni told me after-the-fact that she had arranged to have Mike Grygiel pick up my NXIVM-related materials at the same time he picked up hers. I didn’t think much about it at the time because (a) I was happy to get my stuff out of the hands of the NYS Police and (b) I had no other way to pick the stuff up myself. It never occurred to me that a reputable law firm like Greenberg & Traurig would refuse to return my property to me without Toni’s approval.

            Toni also had my computers sent to a forensic computer company – which I found out about after the fact (She had that company do all sorts of forensic testing on her computers to see if they had been tampered with by the NYS police). That company tried to bill me for work that I never authorized but finally relented and returned my computers to me.

            My travel limitations were much more restrictive than Frank’s are because I was on post-release home confinement at the time this all happened. I couldn’t even get permission to attend the hearing at which the computer trespass charges were finally dismissed.

          • It really concerns me that Toni could do those things on “your behalf” without you having to give written consent. Are you sure she hasn’t forged your name anywhere. I’d also make sure she didn’t put anything ON your computer.

      • Hmmm, how do we know Toni didn’t use those 9 boxes of your materials– which I know you painstakingly assembled yourself to provide evidence to law enforcement against NXIVM, try to help the Bronfman family rescue Clare and Sara, and support your very legit NX countersuit — to have Chet Hardin and those researchers at Grand Central publishing she’s blaming for all her slanderous incongruities compose her book, Joe?

        Law enforcement only got a couple of manila envelopes from Toni, you say? Hmmm.

        I read where Chet Hardin credits Toni’s methodical collection of NXIVM research for her grand contribution to the book’s authorship despite her dyslexic challenges so severe, she claims, that words swim away as she reads them.

        That means Toni either withheld evidence from law enforcement back in 2013 or used Joe O’Hara’s work product to profit herself without so much as acknowledging his labor and sacrifices.

        I’ll add that among her thievery of intellectual and personal property are items belonging to my late sister — which Toni didn’t dare include in her book but nor did she ever share with the FBI as she repeatedly assured me she had.

        Much of how NXIVM operates echoes in Toni’s own misdeeds — forced labor through emotional blackmail (check), perjury (check), computer trespass (check), bank fraud (check), slander (check), stealing from a dead person (check). . . and I might add, obstruction of justice.

        Toni better check her conscience and give those boxes back to Joe, pronto, and hand over GINA’S property to the FBI before some NX goon reads this and poisons her dog over it, again.

        • Heidi, my heart goes out to you. You’ve been betrayed by Natalie for so long and you believed her to be a friend. Is there any way she can be compelled to turn the information she has about Gina over to the FBI or to you?

      • Well since Toni is such a liar, how is that Mike will know with the two of you in the same room who owns what?

        That is the most stupid thing I’ve heard.

        What stops Toni from making claims to all the boxes?

        If they are opened, is there information in each box that will show they are your boxes?

        If so, why does she need to be there?

        A paralegal can be in the room with you, each box can be opened by them, you can jointly look through the box and once the box show informs (like an email with your name on it), that shows the box is your, BINGO, is yours. WTF is so hard about that?

        I’m not even in the legal field and I’ve came up with a solution.

      • Make sense Toni kept all her NXIVM materials at her moms house for safe keeping.
        When her house was raided most of her materials were at her mom’s.

  • The price of Toni’s book has dropped from $28 to $18.04 on Amazon.
    Sarah’s book also dropped in price from $27.95 to $18.18 with 35 used and new offers at $9.00.
    So best sellers they are not.

    • The NXIVM story is so horrific that even the tabloids hesitate to cover the details.
      They will talk about Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin bribing college admission officials but not lunatic actresses branding women like cattle.

    • They want $18.99 for the kindle edition here in Canada. I refuse to pay that much for a book full of lies written by a woman who wants everyone to know how attractive she thinks she is!

      She wants and needs attention and lots of it!

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