Guest View: With 69 Days to Go Till Raniere’s Sentencing – the World Is Watching

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, the sentencing judge for Keith Raniere

Editor’s Note:

  • Frank Report is expecting another Raniere in prison update over the weekend.
  • Only 60 days until Clare gets sentenced.
  • Only 69 days until Keith gets sentenced.
  • Only 81 days until Kathy Russell gets sentenced.
  • Still no sentencing dates for Lauren, Nancy and Allison.
  • Judge Garaufis noted last week that he had still not received the “Pre-Sentencing Report” for Raniere. Does that mean he has received them for Clare and Kathy?.
  • The attorney Clare Bronfman retained to go after me and to try to buy her a deal with the DOJ, [possibly by exposing Nike officials’ alleged crimes] Michael Avenatti’s first trial – the one concerning the $20-million extortion of Nike – is scheduled to start on November 12th

In the following post, Shivani is responding to Heidi Hutchinson’s open letter to Judge Nicholas Garaufis, To His Honor, Judge Garaufis – on My Sister Gina Hutchinson, who will be sentencing the criminal, Keith Raniere, whose followers refer to him as Vanguard.

By Shivani

Heidi, I so wish that Judge Garaufis puts his feet right into Gina’s shoes and hears your every word, just like it’s his own flesh and blood.

Anyone reading what you have ever said, right here on Frank Report, about what Gina and you and your family have endured, are still enduring and will never forget, know that you have been consistent. You have been brave and true. This post was written with such care and even restraint and without embellishment or exaggeration. This comes from strength and love. You are still brave and true, as ever.

“These crimes were all carefully premeditated to destroy, never to empower, the victims.”

After reading what you have said, even more of the world is watching to see what Judge Garaufis does with the power he is holding. Your words can go out to so many people. The dustpan and whisk broom, the delivery of sentences, is in the Judge’s hands.

How deep is his commitment to justice for all? I hope what you wrote here goes all over the world, so Judge Garaufis looks very closely, right up until sentencing, at this grotesque roundup of criminals, who do not deserve more mercy than what they have shown to those who trusted them and for what they’ve delivered to others.

Keith Raniere, already infamously beyond all repair.

Nancy Salzman, his longtime partner in building a sickening empire, still ongoing.

Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman, partners for 20 years.

Her daughter, Lauren Salzman, repentant too late for keeping a young lady captive for at least two years. All for the love of her life who never loved her at all, Raniere.

Lauren Salzman made a plea deal in which she agreed to testify against Keith Raniere.

Psycho-terrorists. Call Nxivm’s practitioners out for who they are. DOS, too. The psycho-terrorists of self-help.


Clare Bronfman, the “pit bull with deep pockets.” She posed for a psychopathic mugshot before spending millions to get off the hot seat.


Clare Bronfman purchased several years off her sentence with a $6 million fine.

Kathy Russell, who used the Fifth Amendment enough times that the Fifth Amendment probably had time to die and to reincarnate as a hockey puck.


Kathy Russell: she joined in on threesomes and cleaned up Raniere’s sex lair after he slept with other women.

Allison Mack, the wackadoodle TV star who kept slaves and was PROUD of it and had a green card marriage.

Mack, still married to the mob through Nicki Clyne, who still recruits for her “community of slaves,” according to witnesses. Allison Mack’s track record as a criminal was portrayed more than ever, during Raniere’s trial.


Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne, both members of DOS. They might be married.
Allison Mack and her spouse, Nicki Clyne.

Raniere. He never can be trusted again, not to stop harming others, ever. He has done too much. So have his co-defendants. Many members of this cult should be facing charges who are not. Yet.

Nancy Salzman, playing with justice like it’s a game show, Let’s Make a Deal, and appearing in a hideous costume as herself. Hoping to slip right on out the door. Ready with her accusations of “linguistic conceptualization,” when all she really seemed or seems to want was mo’ money and power. Still drooling, after all these years. All too visibly.

The Prefect AKA Nancy Salzman

Keith Raniere creeping and sneaking into a young teen’s bedroom window at night to sexually abuse her, to confuse her, to trap her, to pretend rape is love. One of his very first targets, Gina Hutchinson. His crime spree, some of his groupies’ crime sprees, all have been tolerated too long. All premeditated methodically to do the greatest harm.

MK10ART’s painting of Gina Hutchinson

Heidi, let’s see what His Honor is made of as a man. As a man who has the ultimate say right now, as a representative of our system of American justice, to deliver honest and courageous sentences to the first six Nxivm defendants.

Teenagers are watching., commenting and waiting. Parents and grandparents are watching, not for the first time. Neighbors, neighborhoods, towns and cities are watching. The world is watching and waiting. First here, then looking north.

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  • My guess is that all the women other than Mack will get off with token micro-sentences, except for Nancy Salzman, who will probably get some book tokens and a box of chocolates. Raniere? 25 years.

  • I still think we should keep a third eyeball on celebrity vegan chef and restaurateur Matthew Kenney, who hired two NXIVM sex slaves, Nikki Clyne & India Oxenberg, as “waitresses” in NYC last spring. We trace Mr. Kenney back to Florida through restaurants, and also his 2015 naked flakka arrest in Ft. Lauderdale. We now see a string of child porn busts down in Polk Co., Florida; including one Brett Kinney, a manager at Disney. Very similar spellings and possibly part of the same family, see this genealogy.

    • First, why are you posting that here, where it’s completely off-topic?

      And I pointed out previously that a fact-check showed that the Kenney arrested in Florida was reported as a local resident about 2 decades younger than Matthew Kenney the New York restaurateur (a “people finder” type search turns up him, as well as several others in Florida of varying ages, with the same first and last name). The rest of your speculation is equally spurious – involving people who don’t even spell their name the last way, turned up by digging into genealogy websites, really? Do you have some particular fixation with Kenney?

      Now, it would be interesting to know why quite a few NXians seem to work in the New York City area restaurant business, and whether they have done something like insinuating themselves into a network of dedicated vegans, or are just taking the jobs that are easy to get for people with little qualification and a lack of substantial work history. The one restaurant’s employment of Nicki Clyne, in particular, raises questions, as discussed previously, though it could also have some banal explanation rather than being part of a nefarious conspiracy.

      p.s. Just as an example of a fact check of a dubious theory, and how our intuitive sense of something such as how many people could have the same name may actually be off, look at what a surprising number of people in just the state of Florida turn out to have that name – and this may not even be all of them:

      Matthew Scott Kenney, 33
      Matthew David Kenney, 50
      Matthew N Kenney, 25
      Matthew Thomas Kenney, 47
      Matthew J Kenney, 62
      Matthew Alec Kenney, 22
      Matthew R Kenney, 39
      Matthew Christopher Kenney
      Matthew A Kenney
      Matthew Kenney
      Matthew Grady Kenney, 50
      Mathew Kenney
      Joseph Matthew Kenney, 58
      Roger Matthew Kenney, 52

  • Not much worse than a sex racketeering cult run by a pedophile. I hope Raniere dies in prison and Nancy Salzman gets the max. RIP Gina Hutchinson.

  • Shivani,

    Good article. I just read Heidi’s open letter. It’s hard for me to read I have experienced similar pain.

    • Thank you, Niceguy. Heidi and her sister, unforgettable. I understand what you mean. Taking in her letter to Judge Garaufis, well, every word that she wrote was one of the most impactful experiences I have felt whole reading here.

      • ” Whole” is how intensely moving Heidi is. But I meant to type “while.” For me, Heidi is love. Everytime she writes here, she is right in my heart as if she and I were real life sisters. Girl, woman, mother…I love Heidi. Words don’t feel to be enough, just to stand beside her.

  • Frank, as a frequent reader could you please develop Duran, Junco and Garza. They are listed frequently on the same level as Mack, Lauren, Camilla, Daniela, and Nicki but their exploitation, slaves and financial benefits are lost in the drama of the others. Just a question from a reader.

    • Frank has said that Raniere was of Italian heritage.
      The name sounds either Italian or French.
      There are not many Mormons of Italian or French extraction.

      Was Raniere’s mother Mormon?
      Why was Allison Mack always blathering on about being a “sister-wife”?
      A Mormon concept.
      Did she get that idea from the TV show about Mormon polygamy “Big Love”?

      • I checked, and Raniere is indeed supposed to be an Italian name – you can find out things like that if you search, you know.

        DelNegro also shows up as Italian.

        What about Natalie (Natali?).

        Then the Hutchinson sisters are apparently related to the Romanos who sold the Bronfmans what became NXIVM’s Apropos club – bought with money that originated in part from dealings with the likes of Al Capone.

        Perhaps there’s an Italian conspiracy at the heart of all this, that’s been missed – now there’s something to “research.”

        • When someone called Raniere a “Jew” I replied that Raniere is of Italian heritage.
          For my trouble the moronic jerk calling himself “Niceguy” insinuated that for saying Raniere is not a Jew I was being anti-Semitic.

          If you want to know the ethnic background of all of these NXIVM gangsters, terrorists and pimps, you can do your own damned “research”.

          NXIVM is nothing but a gang of congenital misfits and assholes who enjoy bullying and terrorizing people who oppose them.

          • Shadowstate is back at it again crazy spanker.
            The “Jews” in the same paragraph with assholes” “terrorizing people” “are” Gangster”;
            “Do your” “research”
            “Nice guy is moron” who has Shadowspanker’s number 😉
            Crazy mad Shadow spanker! 😉

          • Anonymous:

            I write to express my own opinions, not yours.
            It would be a most boring world if everyone agreed with everyone else all of the time.
            Unfortunately, your comment is not very coherent and emojis are not adequate substitutes for words.

          • So such a string of coincidences – and there are more if you look, like the involvement of D’Amato and Bruno – pointing to something like a possible Mafia conspiracy, doesn’t pique your interest?

            But I bet if I’d mentioned some tenuous connection to the Clintons, you’d jump on theories tying them to anything nefarious.

            I think it just goes to show that you’re driven by what fits your ideological biases, and titillates you. We get these huge dumps of supposed information from you, and yet you couldn’t even be bothered to do a quick search on the origins of the name Raniere – which turns out to also relate to the Mafia, and illegal immigration?

        • You know, France and Italy are so close. One very Italian family who are old friends of mine have a totally French last name, and a very beautiful one. One of their daughters and I used to guess, and make up romantic stories about how their family acquired their surname!

          My real last name is 100% French, but no one has ever, ever guessed that it’s French. And, at least in “this” life, I have no French blood. Tee-hee. I got lucky though, and was married for 20 years to a man who was born in Lyons. All of my life, I’ve loved a million things about France, language, novelists, beautiful design work, smells, deep French understandings of the joys of food preparing, art, art, art! Plus my incredible ex, what a soul, a joy. Forever. Toujours.

          Raniere, as the monster’s surname, has always puzzled me some. I could swear, he seems half Jewish to me, at least. Always have had that feeling and I can’t explain it, could be entirely off base, but still, I pick up that sense about Raniere and always have. Not that it matters, aside from the mysteriousness of our human stew, always fascinating. Plus decades of long study for me, about the international nightmares of the Holocaust and always reading the work of Jewish men and women, listening to personal stories too, often person-to-person. The Jewish people have honored me beyond words, trusting me with stories of their losses, their triumphs of spirit and their strength, their tremendous depth.

          One other thing, AnonyMaker. You and I had/have been present on another website as readers and commenters. This presence of ours as mutual readers, commenters goes back more than a few years. Your name is the only one here I “knew” when I dared to join in, finally. In fact, you are one big reason I felt, tenuously, ready to join here and to comment. Just so you hear this from me.♡ For once and for all.

          I know very well that you’re not “somebody else,” such as Sultan, (?) when anyone makes that sort of reference.

          • He is NOT Jewish. If by ‘Jewish’, you mean that as disdainful adjective I’d say you are mistaken again.
            Plus his name is not Jewish in any sense.

        • They are all either Italian or part Italian,(the same is also true of Roger Stone).
          Stone’s ancestors can be traced back to Italy and Quebec. His original surname was LaRoche….which means “rock” en Francais.

          • ‘They are all either Italian or part Italian’ What are you talking about? Who is the ‘they’ that are all ‘Italian”? Also in the paragraph where Shivani addresses AnonyMaker personally, about their mutual acquaintance, – why do you need to know ‘on which forum’? an odd thing to want to know about someone else business, unless you are intending to make Shivani the target of one of your stalking campaigns? Sincerely hope not.

          • “….Raniere is indeed supposed to be an Italian name – you can find out things like that if you search, you know.

            DelNegro also shows up as Italian.

            What about Natalie (Natali?).

            Then the Hutchinson sisters are apparently related to the Romanos….”

            My comment was referring to this quote from a post by Anonymaker.
            I just added that Roger Stone is also part Italian, (and he also part French Canadian)

            How would I go about “stalking” Anonymaker? Would reading his posts on other forums (if he chose to reveal the names of those forums) be considered to be stalking ?Hmmmm… Perhaps you should look up the definition of stalking…

            I asked about that particular forum because I occasionally read it, and I noticed that someone uses the name Anonymaker there. If it is the same person that posts here, then I guess I should have consulted my crystal ball before reading Mike Rinders forum so that i could have avoided “stalking” Anonymaker 😂

        • Or perhaps Keith Raniere only took his betrothed consort, Gina Hutchinson, on “dates” where he could duck the tab such as Romano’s due to Gina’s family connections.

    • It looks like that piece in online media, has gotten any number of things wrong, in trying to sloppily pluck information from (if not plagiarize) other articles.

  • Yes, waking up and living. Feeling better, wiser and healthier. That is what the innocent idealists were tricked into imagining was being offered by this mob. And this too is exactly what kept attracting more new human jackals to Raniere, too, along with the naive altruists.

    One batch of recruits thinking, “oh goody, a path to enlightenment. I will work hard to improve myself.”

    Another batch of recruits thinking, “hey! This whole scene is perfect for me, ’cause I am already a pervert without a conscience. So here I fit right in.” The jackals all got to play big co-starring roles as the recruiters and the punishers, who adore vengeance. The idealists had to keep on being whipped into shape, bent to shreds and to pieces. Sometimes left for dead in lakes and fields on the roadside. Then the dead and the destroyed and the heartbroken get blamed by Nancy Salzman and Clare Bronfman and Allison Mack and the Emperor Flabturd, Keith Raniere.

    He sits back and orders up more blowjobs and young girls to torture. He was rubbing his palms together in glee. Along with his Pam Cafritzes, his Toni Natalies and his Nicki Clynes, all celebrating their evil powers. Not even an animal does this shit. This is the opposite of whatever is natural.

    Psycho-terrorists in disguises, trying to attract people to control and to mangle, in the name of “a better way of living” and one all-encompassing panacea of HEALING, that they pretend to know inside-out. Pay for this “specialness” with all of your money, with all of your conscience and with every ounce of your independence. Surrender is given a whole new meaning by these schmucks. No human respect or dignity ALLOWED. Leave your hope, your shoes, your mind and your very heart and soul outside, and come on in and learn from some real experts.

    A small regret from me is that I screwed up a word, attempting to describe psycho-terrorists. These Nxivm/DOS individuals, as a group, are the practitioners of falseness. “Practitioners” is the word that I misspelled. Deliberate practitioners of terrible harm to others, to those who trusted what Raniere, Salzman and company pretended to be offering, selling. At great cost. Selling false idols with cheap grins on their faces. There is not enough puke on earth to spray, to splash vehemently onto these devotees of foulness and falsity.

    These people cannot hide any longer, the practitioners of psycho-terrorism. Cult life = anti-life itself. This is fungus. But at least in Nature, fungus has its real uses.

    • Shivani22:

      You are right.
      The leaders of NXIVM are not only gangsters but they are also terrorists.
      They don’t use brainwashing to control their followers.

      (A recent book by Stephen Kinzer titled “Poisoner in Chief” about the CIA scientist Sidney Gottlieb shows that after a ten year study, the CIA concluded brainwashing does not exist.)

      The NXIVM gangsters use bullying and hectoring and peer pressure to shout down anyone who opposes them.
      No wonder the corrupt politicians of Mexico feel such an affinity for the sadistic leaders of NXIVM.
      Until the government gets serious and starts treating the NXIVM leaders like the terrorists they are, the cancer of this cult will always be ready to reawaken and continue with their chaotic madness.
      The Ghouls of NXIVM are waiting in the shadows for their opportunity to reawaken.

      • ….not to mention the fact that NXIVM was involved in the Kennedy assasinations, introduced heroin into America’s ghettos, operate a fleet of UFOs, kidnapped Santa Claus and killed and barbecued the Easter Bunny.

        Your paranoid ramblings sound even more disjointed when following a well written comment, as they do here.

        And to think you probably never would have heard of NXIVM or Raniere if your favorite B- actress had never gotten involved with NXIVM.

        You, sir are the Frank Report’s Court Jester and Chicken Little. Thanks for the chuckles!

        • As usual your comment sounds like Dr. Sidney Gottlieb of the CIA dosed you with LSD.
          Read the book instead of spouting off like a moron.
          You do know how to read, don’t you, Mr. Know It All?
          The CIA investigated for ten years and found that there is no such thing as brainwashing.
          No one can control your mind.

          • Shadow: I need to set the record straight. Forty five years ago I experimented with LSD. I saw neither God nor Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, but I did once go to a professional hockey game under the influence and somehow heard only the sounds of the skates on ice and nothing else. Fascinating.

            Not only do I know how to read, I’ve made a comfortable career of it and have a considerable amount of job security.

            I do not know it all, but when I want to learn more about anything, I might START with Wikipedia (which you seem to rely on rather heavily) but quickly pivot away from Wiki once reliable sources reveal themselves.

            That’s it for me. Four days straight away from the offices, no Frank Report for four days. Some time with Mrs. Witches and my mother in law. Going to see one or two movies (“Motherless Brooklyn” and “The Irishman”). Going to listen to some live music, maybe in Brooklyn, not that far from the current home of the Vanguard.

            While you seem to believe Brooklyn is a crime ridden shithole just waiting to be taken over by the ruthless gun molls Nicky “the Comedian” Cline and Clare “Two Bagger” Bronfman and their army of branded Vegan waitresses, the truth is that the County of Kings is in the midst of a two decade comeback. What your Minnesota homeboy wrote about Brooklyn in the 1960s… that there was “music in the cafes at night, revolution in the air”,
            is still true.

            Keep up the good work, oh Court Jester. Blather on Crown Prince.

          • “All of Them Witches”

            You might care to consult today’s (Nov.8, 2019) New York Times where the Brooklyn DA listed the names of seven NYPD cops who are so unreliable that they will not be called to testify in any criminal trials in Brooklyn.
            One cop admitted to using and abusing steroids.
            Another cop took a 14 year old boy arrested in a Halloween prank and left him semi-naked in a Staten Island field.

            “Why 7 Police Officers Were Blacklisted in Brooklyn”

            Because of Allison Pimp Mack’s history of fabricating allegations of child abuse against her own family, the US Attorney for the EDNY probably declined to use her direct testimony in court.

            You might also read the story from last year where several NYPD cops were arrested for running a prostitution ring.
            These cops operated several brothels in Brooklyn and Queens.

            “Ex-Vice Detective, Wife Allegedly Masterminded Multi-Million-Dollar Prostitution Ring; 49 Arrested, Including 7 Active NYPD Members
            A total of 49 people, including seven active-duty NYPD officers, were indicted in the ring, which saw multiple brothels rake in millions in 13 months, according to the indictment

            No doubt Nicki Clyne and Clare Bronfman will find the laissez-faire attitude of Brooklyn law enforcement to their liking.
            After all the Feds can’t prosecute every sex trafficking case.

            And you might take note that LSD use can have long term effects like flashbacks and persistent psychosis:

            “Persistent Psychosis
            “Psychosis” is defined as a condition of dissociation from the real world.4 It is characterized by:

            Hallucinations – or perceiving things that aren’t actually there.
            Delusions—or false beliefs.
            Disorganized thoughts, speech, or behavior.
            Negative symptoms like pleasure loss and diminished expression.
            Those with a history of long-term LSD use may experience psychotic episodes similar to people who suffer from schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, borderline personality disorder, and other serious mental conditions.

            Even after quitting LSD, the drug-induced psychosis that may persist can include:

            Radically disorganized thought patterns.
            Distortions of perceived reality.
            Dramatic mood swings.

            Dr. Sidney Gottlieb of the CIA secretly dosed an Army scientist named Frank Olson with LSD and ten days later Olson committed suicide.
            Frank Olson

            As for Wikipedia, if you don’t find it authoritative enough for your high standards, too bad.
            I don’t have the resources to hire a journalist like Seymour Hersh to dig up a 65 year old case of murder.
            Do you have such resources?

          • ” that’s easy to do when you constantly repeat yourself. ”

            Scott Johnson,
            Have you figured out after fifteen years of bellyaching that Amway is a scam yet?

          • 14 years. I figured it out 14 years ago. And it isn’t “bellyaching,” it’s educating others, something that can’t relate to, because you are so focused on everything-Mack. LOL

      • Yes, just like the tax-exempt Scientologists. Tax-exempt “religion” getting rich off of the backs of their neglected children, their big, idiotic, rich, insecure donors, their dumbass SeaOrg troops, who get paid a few dollars a week, if they are lucky enough to get paid at all that week. Because they might have been sweating for decades, but Scientology will just keep telling you that you are wrong. You just cannot do it right. You do not squat down lowly enough yet. Take another $30,000 course over in Clearwater, pay big for another month of franticness.

        These power maddened jackasses who build cults are NOT the people for whom one branch of my own family helped to plan and then fought and won our first American Revolution, insisting upon some honest freedom and liberty. Respect. Human rights.

        That’s right, we won! Won freedom from a bunch of helldogs who only gave a damn about themselves. The imperialist twats on their high horses, profiting off of the blood, sweat and tears of authentic pioneers. The same place across the pond, today, give too many of their rights over to the creeps who are called royal. Pimps, profiteers, sitting there allalong in luxury whilst figuring out who gets abused next, who to cannibalize an an appetizer, whose corpse will make a pot of soup.

        A lot of these pioneers didn’t “deserve” to live in Royal-ass England anymore, according to all of lords and ladies. Yes, we were expelled! Then these snivelling bastards wanted everything the expelled “sub-humans” managed to scrape together.

        Nxivm/DOS is far from the the first ambush perpetrated, in the name of hideous and false altruism. There is the same old greed, the same old salivating for dominance. This mess is possible to observe everywhere in human history. Just pull a thread anywhere, anytime, and watch.

        Look at the brief story of Jesus Christ, whether it is deemed “believable” or not. People who hated each other every which way banded together for a few days and weeks to get rid of Jesus. Romans and Jews who acted like plotting gangsters, each of these cabals for their own benefit. Keep the poor, unseeing sheep in servitude. Keep $$$$ in the temples. The temples of greed, manipulation, fear-mongering and lies. Who’s in charge?

        Make sure one man who can see cannot say anything more. What did Jesus say that was so bad, huh? This is how come 33 is added to my name. Never to forget. How long a man is said to have lived. Somebody who gave it all.

        No religion will interfere with my faith or define it for me, to me. Keep the incursions out of here. No vacancy. Go be phony without me. Go ahead.

        According to the story, Jesus said “the lord thy God is within thee.” Okay. Where is within? Is that so impossible to understand? Buddha said the same thing. And the beat goes on. And on.

        And then we hear “love thy neighbor as you would love thyself.” He had to be executed simply for using his finger to point at the “moon.” How to live more consciously or contemplatively. “Do not try that,”said the Jews, said the Romans.

        Jesus surely did get a big fat NO for sharing observations, if you accept any of the story at all. From a man who is said to have been witnessed washing the feet of a prostitute. A woman Jesus could still see as a human being. Gee whiz.

        This hunger to destroy others, featuring Raniere and his cohorts, is not the first rodeo of its kind. Remember to remember, I tell myself.

        And the big boss still dictating Scientology’s “jolly good show,” David Miscavige, keeps on running all of his stinking tax-free prisons and beating in the faces of any “church” members he decides to attack, all in every day’s sadistic work. Working the suckers straight into their graves or into heaps of ashes and bone shards. On America’s dime.

        Dave has his private planes, his good scotch and watches football on his wide-screens. And everybody along for the ride sits there, shuddering and watching him pummel somebody during daily communion. Scare shitless and watching him care so much about himself and his feelings. Not daring to lift a hand to stop him. Just glad it isn’t “me” this time, being used for his grotesque pleasure.

        What happens each time one of Scientology’s stinking business ventures gets closed, shuttered?

        The parasites draw back and wait awhile. Then a new location for their same old business gets selected. Soon enough the whole crap pile gets a nice new euphemistic name and opens its doors again. The worker bees forget that they’re all paranoid all of the time, all crazy all of the time. They just have to keep “moving up the bridge” to some state of hallucinated successfulness.

        Could this be a good enough reason to bury Nxivm? I have to go shower off my mind, heart and soul. Get this dirt off before making dinner.

      • (A recent book by Stephen Kinzer entitled “Chief Poison” about CIA scientist Sidney Gottlieb shows that after a ten-year study, the CIA concluded that brainwashing does not exist.)

        Shadow no, you could make me laugh more, you really think that Sidney Gottlieb the guy who ran the MKULTRA project and other research programs on mind control, would tell someone something “if we succeed in washing people’s brain” | YOU SERIOUSLY BELIEVE THAT, oddly enough, what book you will read later, perhaps one that shows that the BLUE BOOK project was a completely serious and honest investigation of UFOs.
        I have to ask why you try so hard to look like an informed guy if at last it seems that you only eat straw.

        • And I am called a Conspiracy Theorist?

          There is no reliable means of manipulating other people’s minds.

          No drug worked.
          Electroshock did not work.
          Hypnosis did not work.

          The members of NXIVM, including the sadistic dunce Allison Pimp Mack, committed their crimes because they wanted to commit their crimes.

          • I took this paragraph from Wikipedia on Sidney Gottlieb.
            Director of the Technical Services Team
            In 1967 Gottlieb was appointed Director of the Technical Services Team while in that position until 1972. From there he destroyed more than 80% of the CIA’s compromising files. Most of them framed him.
            And here there is more.
            Church Committee
            Main article: Church Committee
            In 1975, Frank Church and his Select Committee on Intelligence Activities began investigating the work of the CIA. He discovered the existence of operations called executive actions. The complaint against Gottlieb’s work resulted in many lawsuits against the CIA.17 Gottlieb directed psychiatric clinics in Montreal in which using CIA techniques to private jobs who were paid well within which was to erase the memories of wives or of heirs to declare interdictions. 18 He worked alongside psychiatrist Donald Ewen Cameron.

            shadow if this can be found in wikipedia imagine what has never come to light in official terms, what you never wanted to know.

          • Anonymous:

            If Gottlieb had not destroyed those files in 1973 he would have been indicted for Frank Olson’s murder.
            Gottlieb secretly drugged Olson with LSD and Olson committed suicide soon afterwards.

            From 1953 to 1963 the CIA under Gottlieb’s lead investigated the possibility of brain washing people.
            The results were too unpredictable.
            MKULTRA was a total failure.

            The Israeli Mossad, which has close ties to the CIA, tried to “brainwash” a member of the PLO to assassinate Yassir Arafat.
            Within five hours of being released to fulfill his mission the PLO member turned himself in to an Arab police force and informed them of the brainwashing and assassination plot.
            There is no such thing as a “Manchurian Candidate.”

          • Incorrect, Shadow. There are definitely methods being used to influence other’s thoughts – and in turn influence election results. Disinformation and propaganda are such methods, and have been used for many years, but now, with the internet, the lies spread much further, much quicker.

    • ‘Deliberate practitioners of terrible harm to others’

      You Nailed it. Agents of their own agenda masquerading as servants to a higher truth. like all relatively successful espionage operations, it keeps its marks in a thrall until the nano second that it doesn’t, once cover is blown – that’s it, overs. by espionage I mean grift.

  • On news concerning Mexico and its Massive Corruption:

    The Mexican police officer who arrested El Chapo’s rotten dope dealing son Ovidio Guzman was just executed by two gun men in Sinaloa who fired over 155 bullets into his body.

    Meanwhile the moronic Liberal President of Mexico AMLO (Andrés Manuel López Obrador) wants “hugs not bullets” in dealing with Mexico’s militia like drug cartels.
    As Michael Savage says, “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.”

    NXIVM member Emiliano Salinas and his PRI Papa Carlos Salinas are in with the Mexican drug cartels because of corruption.
    President AMLO of the National Regeneration Movement is in with the Mexican drug cartels because of stupidity.
    And any effort by President Donald Trump to help Mexico wipe out the drug gangs and the gangsters who terrorize Mexico
    are rejected out of hand.

    The Mexican government does not give a rat’s ass that nine Americans, three mothers and six children, were just brutally murdered by Mexican drug traffickers.

    And the gangsters of NXIVM can’t wait to get out of prison so that they can help the Mexican gangsters and terrorists launder their profits from drug trafficking.

    It was no coincidence that Clare Bronfman had Keith Raniere, Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman and Nicki Clyne hiding out in Mexico.

    Cop who arrested El Chapo’s son ‘executed’ after gunmen shoot him 155 times
    The elite Mexican officer known only as Eduardo was murdered after two gunmen riddled him with bullets in Sinaloa

    • I generally bypass your unintelligible ramblings but your ignorant, arrogant statements here about the current, elected Mexican President (Andrés Manuel López Obrador) and his peace-promoting MORENO party platform are uninformed, uncalled for, unfair and disrespectful, Shadow.

      There is no comparison between “liberalism” in the U.S. and in Mexico — nor would I call myself liberal in any sense — but I’d really like to know what your excuse is for your own hateful, war-mongering “mental disease” that you think gives you permission to judge anyone’s beliefs, let alone a foreign head of state who is probably the first Mexican official freely elected to its highest office without the intense meddling of the U.S. government — whether Democrat or Republican ruled — in decades.

      What’s especially disturbing about your self-sanctimonious take on our neighboring country’s most recent, high-profile, violent outbreaks is that you deign to speak on behalf of a people whose voices are heartbreakingly muffled by the very violence you endorse.

      Do you realize, can you even begin to fathom the fact that if you were sitting on your dimpled ass somewhere South of the border spewing your crap on a keyboard as if you had any kind of deep state connection as you allege — to a brother whom you say works for the CIA and provides you with the top secret military intel you so generously impart complete with Google web links to it — at the very least your internet connection would be suffering a permanent nervous breakdown?

      What precious little I know about President Obrador comes from some of his former University students who greatly admire his humble integrity, courage, unwavering dedication — he ran for office and lost to Salinas drug cartel puppets 3 times — to his peaceful principles and the education of young people who dare hope for a future free of the violence and oppression their parents and grandparents suffered and are working hard to overcome — some by spending their lives scrubbing toilets and burping babies who were not their own in a foreign land to send back enough money for their own children to survive and flourish in their homeland without carrying a gun around to defend a fraction of the liberty you take for granted and waste on obsessing hourly over Allison Mack’s cankels.

      • without the intense meddling of the U.S. government — whether Democrat or Republican ruled — in decades.

        It is called the deep state for a reason silly girl. And it is International. The current Mexican President is very much a part of the Deep State.

        • I wouldn’t pretend to know but wouldn’t doubt it either. My main point is that President Obrador ought be shown the same respect we would demand be shown our own leaders by a foreign national claiming to be a close relative of a CIA NOC agent sharing State secrets.

          At LEAST, the MORENO party, unlike the Salinas owned and operated PRI party (and possibly the PDI party, as well) aren’t dancing fools saluting a gringo, pedophile douchebag like Keith Alan Raniere.

          Or do you really believe, as Rosa Laura Junco apparently did, Keith Raniere’s hunt for virgins was to find his successor to liberate the Mexican, ALL, people — not to bust as many more cherries as possible before his dick falls off?

          The MORENO party, btw, regards the dark-skinned virgin statue as a symbol of renewal and hope. Wonder where Keith got the idea he could, and did, trick Junco into importing LeBaron virgins for him?

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