Raniere Will Not Have an Easy Time in Prison – and Probably Will Die There

MK10ART's splendid portrait of Keith Alan Raniere.

Keith Alan Raniere – FKA The Vanguard NKA Crybaby Jane – has been in federal custody since March 25, 2018, the day he was summarily booted out of Mexico and arrested by federal agents as soon as he set foot in the United States.

Except for a brief stay in Texas, where he was first arraigned – and another brief stay at the Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City, OK – Raniere has spent the last 18 months at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn, NY.

The Metropolitan Detention Center

At this point, Raniere is likely one of the current MDC prisoners who has been there the longest.

Except for the “Cadre” prisoners – who essentially serve as slave laborers at MDC – most of the approximately 1,600 prisoners there are awaiting trial.

A few – probably less than 100 – are, just like Raniere, awaiting sentencing.

In most federal cases, a convicted defendant is sentenced within a few months.

But because of the several somewhat unique factors, Raniere won’t be sentenced until January 17, 2020.

Nicholas G. Garaufis, the judge who will decide how long Raniere spends in federal prison, has still not received the required “Pre-Sentencing Report” from Raniere’s assigned Probation Officer.

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis

Presumably, that will happen in the next few weeks.


Where Will Raniere Serve His Time?

There are a total of 126 Federal prison facilities spread throughout the country (That figure does not include military prisons, municipality-owned facilities that house federal prisoners, and/or Detention Centers and Processing Centers that are operated byImmigration & Customs Enforcement).

The Bureau of Prisons classifies its prisons into the following categories:
– U.S. Penitentiaries (21)
– Federal Correctional Institutions (65)
– Federal Prison Camps (8)
– Administrative Facilities (19)
– Private Correctional Institutions (13)

The highest level federal prison in terms of security is Florence ADX, the federal supermax prison located in Florence, CO – which holds inmates who are considered the most dangerous and in need of the tightest controls.

Assuming that Raniere doesn’t get sent there – which is still a possibility – he’ll most likely end up at the U.S. Penitentiary in Allenwood, PA.

That’s because Allenwood is a maximum-security prison within 500 miles of his home in Clifton Park, NY – which is the type of prison where all federal prisoners who have been sentenced to 10 years or more must serve their time (Having been convicted of Sex Trafficking, Raniere’s mandatory minimum sentence is 15 years).

As described in Wikipedia, Allenwood “…has four two-level housing units, each of which consists of four 16-cell ranges around a central dayroom where inmates can congregate during the times they are allowed outside their cells. Most cells house two inmates each. Recreational and counseling facilities are located adjacent to the housing units. The outer perimeter is secured by a double line of fencing with rolled barbed wire on the ground in between the fences. The inner fence is equipped with a perimeter intrusion detection system and a road for patrol vehicles runs along the outer fence. Correction officers man six guard towers at each corner of the security fence and a seventh within the fence”.


Federal Prisons Are Not Nice Places

Regardless of the blasé description of the Allenwood facility, federal prisons are not nice places.

Maximum security prisons are the toughest of all.

In order to survive at Allenwood (or wherever else he’s assigned), Raniere will need protection.

Given that he’s already sought the protection of the Aryan Brotherhood at MDC, it’s almost a certainty that Raniere will join up with them again at his assigned prison (The prison grapevine is incredible in terms of its breadth and its speed – and the prisoners at Allenwood will know all about Raniere within 24-hours of his arrival there).

Aryan Brotherhood Inmates

But because of the nature of his charges and his convictions – sex trafficking, child pornography, statutory rape, etc. – he will always be placed on the bottom rung of the prison hierarchy.

That means his best hope for survival will likely require him to become some gang member’s prison bitch.

Eventually, he may be able to buy his way out of that scenario – assuming, of course, that Clare and Sara Bronfman are willing to put money into the Commissary Accounts of multiple prisoners every month and/or to send monthly deposits to designated PayPal accounts.

But the “bottom line” for Raniere is that he’s going to need to buy his way out of trouble every day that he’s in prison.

Once it becomes known that Raniere has access to the Bronfman sisters’ hundreds of millions of dollars – which is already known at MDC – Raniere will be subjected to much more intimidation and/or “demonstrations”.

“Demonstrations” can be a simple beat-down by another inmate to show what can happen to an unprotected inmate – or they can involve a beat-down by multiple inmates and/or a gang-rape to really get the point across.

Given Raniere’s well-established reputation at MDC for being a pussy, it’s quite likely that he’ll get the more violent type of demonstration

(Guys like Raniere who can’t – or won’t – fight back are often targeted by others who are trying to improve their “prison cred”).


It All Depends on the Bronfmans

At the end of the day, Raniere’s ability to stay alive in federal prison will most likely come down to the Bronfman sisters’ willingness to keep paying a monthly ransom for his safety.

Clare & Sara Bronfman

Should they ever cut him off – or, more precisely, should they ever stop paying his protectors – Raniere won’t last very long on his own.

And so, things have come full circle.

The Bronfman sisters who once depended on The Vanguard’s approval to have any sense of self-worth now have his life in their collective hands.

Even more than Toni Natl-LIE supposedly had poor Scott Foley’s scrotum in her nimble fingers, the Bronfman sisters will actually get to decide whether Keith lives or dies in federal prison.

Toni Natalie – an obviously very pretty lady (Just ask her!)

And how long either of them will be willing to be fleeced out of money on a monthly basis may well depend on how long a sentence The Vanguard gets.

If he’s going to be out in about 10 years – which would be about right if he only draws a 15-year sentence – then maybe at least one of them will hang in there and support him.

But what if he gets a 30-year sentence – which would mean that he’ll be in federal custody until about 2042? Will they be willing to keep sending those monthly payments for that long?

Isn’t it ironic – and fitting – that Raniere’s very life is going to become totally dependent on the feelings of two of the women that he abused and abased for so many years?

Viva Executive Success!

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  • The “tough time in prison” for pedos, is starting to become more of a myth than a reality these days. This is because prisons are now starting to house all the pedophiles together in the same unit, for their own “protection.” I learned this by visiting Nicholas Pascarella Jr. at Greenhaven Correctional in New York last summer. He is serving 25-to-life for killing his pedo father with a baseball bat. Defendant relates how his offense was treated as a “hate crime” in Ulster County Jail while awaiting trial, based on his late father’s “sexual preference.” Nicholas Pascarella Jr. will be incarcerated for five years next month, the minimum sentence for manslaughter. The Ulster County District Attorney’s race is down to 3 votes right now, absentee ballots won’t be counted for several more weeks. A new county court judge Bryan Rounds was elected unopposed. If the Democrat Dave Clegg is also elected, Pascarella will probably get his conviction reduced to manslaughter. Clegg’s opponent Mike Kavanagh is the 1st assistant DA who prosecuted Pascarella twice (after the first hung jury), and refused to prosecute the “victim” father when the defendant reported that Pascarella Sr. also molested his own grandson, defendant’s 4-year-old boy. Pascarella Sr. was a Boy Scout leader. Ulster County is historically notorious for letting pedophiles (and rapists in general) walk free. Candidate Kavanagh is the son of E. Michael Kavanagh, another Ulster County DA who served for 20 years before moving up to State Supreme Court, then Appellate Division. Clegg by comparison is an attorney, former civil rights commissioner, and Methodist deacon. At least one NYS Police investigator resigned in disgust over the Pascarella matter. Defendant was told by State Police that he should have dragged his father across the river to Dutchess County before killing him, because Ulster County protects pedophiles. We can safely assume that the Federal prison system today offers the same special status to pedophiles, as NY prisons provide. Listen to Kavanagh brag about hanging out with the Pascarella family with his own kids (while the murder conviction was still in appeal). He calls the pedophilia allegations “a falling out.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHidplXwzcA&t=826s

  • What are the “several somewhat unique factors, Raniere won’t be sentenced until January 17, 2020.” Perhaps you’d like to illumine us?

    • Here are just a couple of those “unique factors”.

      Regardless of who got assigned to do Raniere’s “Pre-Sentencing Report”, it’s very likely the first time they’ve ever had to investigate a cult leader who’s been living off the grid for the past two decades (Just getting basic information about Raniere is going to be very difficult). In addition, that same person will also have to do a comprehensive report on all the other illegal activities that Raniere may have been engaged in at any point in his life (Although those kinds of things could not be introduced at Raniere’s trial, they can definitely be taken into consideration by the judge at the time of sentencing).

      • Will we get to read the pre-sentencing report at some point?

        When are people going to stop funding this guy? It’s like throwing good money after bad, unless someone, somewhere believes he will get a new trial on ALL the charges he was convicted of. What is the likelihood of that?

        • Raniere’s initial appeal will most likely focus on what will he will allege were “errors” on the part of Judge Garaufis. Some of those alleged errors will have to do with pre-trial rulings – and others will have to do with in-trial rulings. And then, of course, there will be allegations regarding the denied motions for a mistrial. So, this initial appeal will most likely be an all-or-nothing deal: i.e, if Raniere wins, he’ll get a new trial on all the charges.

          Later appeals may focus on one or more of the convictions – and will likely allege that there was insufficient evidence to sustain it or them. If Raniere wins on any of those, the appellate court could order a new trial on the particular conviction(s) that it overturns.

          Finally, at some point, Raniere will likely file an appeal based on his contention that he had “inadequate counsel” before, during and after the trial. That will, once again, be an all-or-nothing appeal.

          As for his odds of winning any of these appeals? About the same as Toni Nata-LIE’s book going into a second printing.

  • Why Mr. PARLATO HAVE YOU LET James Delnegro go. Word is you and him are friends and more. Or he paid you off. Why is he still walking around spreading his filth to poor girls who don’t know any better? Raping and hypnotizing them like his leader Keith Renaire taught him. Or are you scared of his 6.2 frame. And his mean looks. Why Mr. PARLATO? WHY?

  • Does the infamous pot’o’gold defense trust-fund set up by the Bronfmans also provide for Raniere’s jail/prison expenses?

    i.e. is this support of KAR incarcerated, assured for as long as that fund lasts?

    I know commissary is super expensive, but it seems to me the price of protection, whether it’s from the white or the black or the
    shades-in-between brothers, potentially has no ceiling, thus The Bronfman’s could be held to ransom by violent criminals?

    effectively, yes. It will be interesting to see how deep and enduring is their love and loyalty to the increasingly imperiled Vanturd.

    • The continued loyalty and endowments via the Bronfman’s to Raniere have been something worthwhile wondering about throughout the days since they all got nabbed. Is Raniere viewed by some of his closest sponsors as expendable now? Do some continue with blind loyalty to him, and who has separated from HIM, but wants to run the whole show now, without him? Which factions have developed are in competiton amongst themselves?

      Who has simply gone off the deep end?

      Who benefits from making a political separation from conboy’s reputation? Who can control what assets? Who has gone more nuts than usual?

      Who, amongst these different characters and motives, has the biggest outside backing and /or protection from “on high” which usually is not seen and has the clout to maintain anonymity? So many questions. Tons of different answers.

      Anyone can send or donate to an inmate’s commissary account, not only Bronfman’s. Plenty of imbeciles could arrange a donation to Creepy. One can even donate anonymously in lots of instances.

      As I recall, a pair (or a trio) of blondish, slim women were described as having visited Raniere or his prison facility, some months ago, for what was thought to be their means of “handing him wherewithal” his jail piggy bank. Saw it here at Frank’s.

      Nobody seems to like this incarcerated Mushhead, so unless he can control that, the only protective arrangements Raniere’s likely to muster will be fleecing him for everything possible to grab. He should have set himself up as a smart guy, a consultant.

      Some guys can get protected exactly because their “brainpower” and smarts can be used for many different reasons. Flabturd has really lost his mojo.

      • Would love to know answers to these questions Shivani, understanding the power breakdown of the remaining factions, as well as being intrinsically, deeply interesting, might help to plot the future course of this ship of fools.

        BTW your nick-names KAR: ‘conboy’, ‘flabturd’ are genius. Always a pleasure to read your comments and posts.

  • I doubt that any of the NXIVM crime syndicate will get the sentences they deserve, but if Raniere gets less than 25 years it would be a true injustice to his many victims. More appropriate would be a minimum of 30 years.

  • Ooh ooh. Wow I had not absorbed that fact, that Raniere was at the Oklahoma City Fed. Transfer Center. There are plenty of reasons to find that fascinating, and this is only the 2nd paragraph out of an entire article. With pictures. Even an article also featuring Ms. I Feel Pretty herself, somewhere lower down in the lineup of usual suspects than usual. Poor Toni Natalie and the belly of her beast. Always in a state of undress here at the Frank Report. Symbolically, of course. Ain’t nobody got time for waxed asses until after rehab, and Toni probably “doesn’t want to go to rehab. No-no-no.”

    One cannot help but wonder if crybaby, the Crybaby Raniere of Flabturd, received any injections, inspections or infections during his brief stopover, or is that stoop-over, at Oklahoma’s federally supervised “transfer center.”

    All I know right now is that this is going to be a long, long night. Quelle sûrprise. Alors, oui et non!

    Who are you, K.R. Claviger, and thanks for the hot stuff. It is impossible not to enjoy when you give a good weekly roundup, like through binoculars or a bird’s eye view, looking at how Raniere is SQUIRMING along. Especially the parts with bodily fluids.

    Savage! Gimme that. Savage love.

    • “Wow I had not absorbed that fact, that Raniere was at the Oklahoma City Fed. Transfer Center. There are plenty of reasons to find that fascinating, ”

      The Oklahoma City Fed Transfer Center is like a Giant hub airport where prisoners are transferred around the country.
      The way American uses DFW airport as a hub or United uses Chicago’s O’Hare airport as a hub.
      Raniere visited there because he was arrested in Texas and being transferred to Brooklyn.

      The Transfer Center is right next to Oklahoma City’s Will Rogers World Airport.

      Federal Transfer Center, Oklahoma City

      And prisoners are transferred via an air service called JPATS which uses a fleet of three Boeing 737-400s.

      Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System

      • It stands out to me, understanding the hub set-up, and having watched some “interesting” events happen here and there and not just in Oklahoma, fast occurrences, and with little or no “transit” delays being that noted or noticeable.

        One individual, dead a long time now, who was passed through more than one federal incarceration facility “in transit” survived, but not well, direct delivery of toxins into his body. He felt quite certain about where he was when things went down. But he was not an American, was being transitted all over the place before finally “making bail” and was subject to some geographic confusion from several quick stops and goes, airplane rides, all hours.

        He described how and what was done to him, surprised that he didn’t die much more quickly. Instead he lasted several more years, often quite ill. His instance of this kind of experience is the one I’ve learned the most about over time, but he’s far from the only one who has had some unusual ” treatments” in transit.

        • Shivani33:
          When the Feds transfer a prisoner, either by airplane or bus, the person is not allowed to communicate with anyone from the outside.
          No phone calls. No mail. Nothing.
          Not even a lawyer or family member.
          While this lack of communications is probably justified on the grounds of security and preventing escapes, it does have the effect of disorienting the person in transit.

          Another issue is something called “diesel therapy.”
          Some defense lawyers and prisoners claim that the Feds use constant transfers to pressure the prisoners into cooperating.
          As an example:
          Prisoners are transferred by bus around the Midwest from Federal prison to Federal prison.
          From Marion, Illinois to Terre Haute, Indiana to Milan, Michigan to Oxford, Wisconsin, to Duluth, Minnesota to Sandstone , Minnesota to Rochester, Minnesota in a constant Merry Go Round of prisons.
          All the while the prisoner is isolated from the world while in transit.
          The Bureau of Prisons has complete discretion on where to assign the prisoner.
          Federal Judges will not even consider complaints about prison assignments.

          “Diesel therapy”

          “Diesel therapy is a form of punishment in which prisoners are shackled and then transported for days or weeks.[2] It has been described as “the cruelest aspect of being a federal inmate.”[3] It has been alleged that some inmates are deliberately sent to incorrect destinations as an exercise of diesel therapy.”

          • Yes and nothing was seen or heard from the now dead guy up above until after he was transported all the way back to where he was arrested originally, because of a hugely expensive bail agreement made by his team of mega-honcho attorneys. Some followed his transfers in private planes, in a tizzy. Stopover after stopover.

            One notorious prison alone, won’t name it here, he was kept there for “official evaluation” for 3 days, 2 nights. His tranferences took somewhat over a week.

            I doubt Raniere got the royal treatment at all. He was trotted right up north swiftly, looked smelly and unkempt when arrested, was probably disgusting to transport. Ratty ass looking ho’ bag. Zero elegance. It really helps to be elegant while in a crisis. He looked like a chunky slob in need of a laser beam.

            Over the years other people have had similar transfer shuffles. One was the guy who beat up Rihanna, Chris Brown. It was way after what he did to Rihanna, after one of his arrests.

            It might have been different for now long dead guy, but he wasn’t American, had lots of resources and pretty much took off. Never to return. Some of my “in-laws” had investments with now dead guy.

            The ecomonics of it all gave me a frontrow seat for this adventure. Thankfully from a distance, but with vivid on-the-spot, full-bore coverage. Not a mainstream news big story or interest, enough $$$ and mischief to grease the wheels and shut most of it up. What exactly dead guy got arrested for was federal but has been lost from my memory, if it ever made sense. Fraud stuff.

            Like Epstein got nabbed off of his plane at Teterboro Airport, N.J., the by now overly dead guy who got zapped “in transport,” was first arrested at an airport, too. Money talks and sometimes money can turn into a big big pain in the ass.

            Physicians not in the United States but elsewhere, diagnosed, analyzed and were able to specify what poison had been administered to him. By measuring its effects on his health, along with what his health had been before, it was possible to estimate how long it had been since he was poisoned, via a metallic toxin causing progressive, recognizable symptoms. Bad and tormentous ones harming multiple organs. He didn’t even make it to sixty.

            If he were still alive, none of this comment would’ve been made, but a lot of time has passed since he died. He died rich and a lot of others got rich and still do even now through capitalizing on things he started.

  • Florence is the right place for Keith Raniere. He is safely accommodated there and everyone else is safe from him. He doesn’t need anyone there to protect him, and he doesn’t need to pay protection money. He is 23.5 hours in his single cell. What does he need more than contemplative peace to meditate and think about the solution of world problems and to develop new patents? And he can use his time much more effectively because he no longer wastes his time on sex. And understandable because of his current impotence.
    Perhaps a new idea for a new patent: a scarf with knots at the ends. That doesn’t exist yet. Quickly, file the patent before someone else does.

    • Diannne,
      He will not do 30. He has some time servered and he will get some time off his sentence for “good behavior”. It’s America, no one does their full sentence unless it’s life without parole.

      • In reply to Anonymous.

        There is no such thing as parole in the federal criminal justice system. There are, however, credit for time served and time off for good behavior – and a certain amount of home confinement is also allowed at the end of a sentence.

        If, for example, Raniere gets a 30-year sentence, he will get full credit for “time served” from the day he was arrested in Texas (That will be about 21 months at his currently scheduled sentencing date). Then, assuming he doesn’t do anything to lose the “good time” he would otherwise earn while he’s in his assigned prison, his sentence will be further reduced by about 4.5 years. And if we add in 1 year of home confinement at the end of his stay, this means that he’ll get out of prison sometime in 2042.

        Per that scenario, Raniere will go on probation after he’s done serving the last year of his sentence via home confinement (That will likely be for 3 years – but it could be as much as 5). And given that he was convicted of sex trafficking, he will also have to register as a sex offender in whatever state he lives in.

        That’s how it works in the federal criminal justice system.

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