Shivani: Misc. Comments on Kristin Kreuk, Clare’s Sex Life and Will There Be Other Charges?

Kristin Kreuk at Necker Island - 2010 - at a Nxivm retreat.

By Shivani

When looking at Kristin Kreuk sitting table-side at Necker Island beside all of the other homely wimmen of Nxivm, you can see why she needed to be invited.

For one thing, she could still afford to pay for her own transportation. More crucially, the rest of the gals couldn’t entice much of anybody, as a potential appetizer or as a money fountain.

Even though Raniere didn’t seem to mind banging them all once in awhile, when all of their mouths were sagging and their jaws dislocated from draining those drips of enlightenment out of his pecker.

And to think that these ladies didn’t even get paid 5 cents a dance and had to list whatever else they ate, besides Flabturd’s cum. These are empowered females, right? How fascinating. The cultural anthropology of Nxivm! It is as modern and provocative as old Lawrence Welk with his bubble machine and the Lennon Sisters.

Clare’s Sex Life Undiscussed

That reminds me. Now is a fine moment for me to ask a question, here at Frank’s, or up where the Shinnecocks used to dwell. Maybe it will encourage investigative journalists to tackle a mysterious topic. Alone here on the patio, I dunna have the stomach to figure it out alone.

For months and months, what with so many discussions of all of these jackrabbits’ sexual proclivities, sado-masochism, jealousy disguised by spiritual sacrificialism and ardent self-promotion, wherein every single smiling face was telling lies, how come we have such a wall of silence regarding the sexual life of poor, miserable Clare Bronfman ? Was she a ladies’ man? Was she asexual? Bisexual? A now 40 year-old virgin on mothballs?

Clare Bronfman  – why is nobody talking about her sex life – like they do with Allison Mack and Keith Alan Raniere?

Is her sex life to be ignored as sacrosanct because of her wealth, or does everyone need to protect their own delicate stomachs?

Would anyone care to take a whack at this particular armpit of the subject? Or are we beating around the bushes?


Raniere Was Not Original

In my observation, there is not one scrap of originality extant within any of Raniere’s or Nancy Salzman’s so-called bodies of work. There is only a (minor) linguistic tweaking of the usual hackneyed rigmarole to be found as dogma, within most branches of cult hype. It is all inculcation; it is all invasive. Anyone who has studied the output of L. Ron Hubbard will note enough similarities in Raniere’s theories and pronouncements to amount to plagiaristic and only slightly “retweaked,” vampiric regurgitation.

All of the authors and leaders and enslaved proponents of cult-life pretend that following the cultish dogma is sure to become an experience of liberation of some kind. But only if you are found worthy someday by whoever is in charge. In fact, cult-life is an experience of succumbing to allowing one’s human rights to be stripped away, expensive layer by expensive layer. You pay for your own imprisonment!

By Raniere’s actions and by his convictions in court, this perv will be remembered, probably in casebooks. His words were a deceptive, untruthful mishmash, designed to uphold his little erections. It was bait. That is all.

Chockful of the misaligned intentionality of his projections. He used his distorted unoriginality to smooth over his disguised abusiveness and his poorly-hidden pedophilia. He was only trying to be friendly and appealing, huh? So, of course, people similar to him in motivations will try to buy the entire program.

France Should Investigate Bronfman-Igtet

Sara Bronfman-Igtet or “ItGet” can hail them on for being so dedicatedly humanitarian in her unnecessarily flowery language, still hunkered down, abroad in her leased hideaway. Hopefully, France will investigate all of Sara’s “contributions” to children asap, and pourquoi, how come not yesterday or last year? Hint to France: reputedly Sara responds well to pillow-talk, probably post-coital, so give your man on the job some pharmaceutical stimulants, Justin Case.

Oxenberg’s Book Is Good

Catherine Oxenberg has written a gem of a Nxivm-themed book, though. Raniere’s word salad sucks, but Oxenberg gives sticks of dynamite, straight into the heart of the reader. It was something that probably she never dreamed that she’d be called upon to do.

“Captive: A Mother’s Crusade to Save Her Daughter from a Terrifying Cult,” co-written by Natasha Stoynoff, is the sole Nxivm-based book I’ve read so far. Catherine Oxenberg is a tigress very worth reading. For me, Toni Natalie’s tome belongs right alongside Raniere’s tomb, at a site called NeverEverLand.

Sentencing of Morons

Once sentencing is given by Judge Garaufis, we know more charges can come from the north. Maybe it has been pragmatic for the Northern District to see how this trial wraps first. It seems like common sense. Judge Garaufis referred to the Northern District of New York as the suitable jurisdiction to pursue certain charges, even as he was preparing for this trial to get underway. He took on what he deemed appropriate and pretty much told the Northern District, ”the ball’s in your court.” The judge was correct.

There is no way those remarks of the judge went unnoticed.

Clare Bronfman, in particular, seems highly chargeable still, not that she’s the only one. It is hard not to feel skeptical, though, for too many reasons.

Anyone paying much attention notices that not all of those who were convicted have stopped their madness. The actions of certain ones, including ones who weren’t charged, speak louder than any of their combined words. Some of these Nxivm/ DOS freaks haven’t been defanged. Some are shacked up together and still recruiting. There are stories to tell which have not been mentioned.

Frank Parlato, I feel certain, has a whole lot more to tell us, stuff that hasn’t come to light yet. There is a distinct scent of more in the air.

I too think additional indictments or arrests would be the right thing to do. So many people have been deceived and harmed, and some have been grievously harmed. It also looks like some could have been murdered. There are still things to uncover and probably even more to work to prevent.

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  • Who cares about their sex lives? No one normal gives a shit, that’s for sure.
    This nonsense is all just a distraction from the real story, as Frank knows.

  • ”For one thing, she could still afford to pay for her own transportation.”

    These NXIVM retards actually went to Necker Island onboard a Bronfman private jet, according to John Tighe in his Saratoga In Decline articles regarding this secret cult summit. She was invited because she was a big part of NXIVM.

    Who is that chick in that picture with Kreuk at the top of this article? She has a flat ass, but not as flat as Kreuk.

        • Actually the Catherine the Great story is a myth created by Catherine’s female servants and ladies in waiting after Catherine died.
          Catherine died early in the morning in the bathroom after an aneurysm.
          But the horse story is funnier.
          The first thing my Russian History Professor said about Catherine was that the horse story was a myth.
          In real life Catherine had many human male lovers and was quite lusty.
          Catherine was also an ethnic German; she was not ethnically Russian.

          • Yes know it was a myth. “Not much of Stretch” was a joke.

            Catherine used her young lieutenants and captains for sex.

          • Shadowstate,

            As you know,

            and George the third spoke German and was germanic as well.

            House of Windsor is German and originally had a German name.

          • Niceguy:
            “As you know,
            and George the third spoke German and was germanic as well.
            House of Windsor is German and originally had a German name.”

            The House of Windsor was originally called the House of Hanover and did indeed come from Germany.
            George I spoke little or no English.
            George II spoke more German than English.
            German was his first language.
            Only George III was comfortable speaking English.

            And because of inbreeding many of Queen Victoria’s descendants had hemophilia.
            The most notable case of hemophilia was Tsarevich (Crown Prince ) of Russia Alexei.

            Even Queen Elizabeth II, the current Queen, is married to Phillip Battenberg aka Prince Phillip.
            Many of my British friends regard the House of Windsor as Germanic interlopers.

      • Shadowstate,
        I now realise why you don’t use a computer with a large internal memory: you rely on yours which must be close to a super computer’s!
        You are a walking database!

        • It’s Alex! Hey Alex!

          Always nice to read a post from of the Frankreport’s more normal commentors.

          It’s a short list. I am afraid my name does not appear on the list.

        • I had an uncle, now passed away, who had an eidetic memory.
          He could remember every license plate in the small town (20,000 people) he grew up in.

          I wish I had that kind of memory.

    • I once read a fan-fiction where various TV actresses had a private club/resort where they secretly had sex with animals. But sex with horses was rare….except for one actress, who had earned the nickname “The Mare”….Kristin Kreuk. I thought it odd that the fan-writer chose pretty little Kristin to be the one who mounted horses. Or maybe it was only oral.

      • Turkish people are known for having sex with animals. Donkeys seem to be their favourite. That’s not even a joke.

        • “Turkish people are known for having sex with animals. Donkeys seem to be their favourite. That’s not even a joke.”

          When T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia was made a POW by the Turks during World War I, he was subjected to great brutality.

          Another gruesome story is how the Turks treated the captured Venetian General Marcantonio Braggadino after the Battle of Famagusta in 1571.
          Don’t read it if you have a sensitive stomach.

  • Do you remember the scene in Kingpin when Woody Harrelson had sex with his landlord? Same thing with this demon.

  • What is it about the multi-millionairess Clare Bronfman, that say, nicki clyne, and other nxivm acolytes might find attractive?

  • “Clare’s Sex Life Undiscussed”

    I remember at one point Clare wanted to be allowed to physically meet with her friends in NXIVM.
    She mentioned to the judge that she needs “intimate” contact with her friends.
    I inferred by that request that Clare wants sexual contact with her NXIVM friends.
    Merely communicating with her friends through her lawyers or covertly is not enough.
    Beyond that I do not wish to speculate or even think about.

    I believe that some of the alleged nervous break down by Allison Mack is based on her isolation from her NXIVM friends.
    In court Allison Mack made a big show of hugging Clare, Nancy, Lauren and Kathy Russell before the hearings.

    “Rumors About Allison Mack Include Nervous Breakdown
    July 5, 2019
    Convicted racketeer and former actress Allison Mack has had a nervous breakdown, a Nxivm source told Frank Report.

    “She had a meltdown,” the source said. “She was babbling and incoherent and needed psychiatric treatment.”

    I am sure that some of Allison’s branded slaves had a nervous breakdown when they realized being empowered meant being branded like cattle and enslaved.

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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