Selective Memory Epidemic Alert – Now, It’s Clinton-Pal Richard Mays Who Can’t Remember Anything About NXIVM!

Richard Mays, Sr.

It’s funny how so many people who have had deep and long-term associations with NXIVM, the sex-slaver cult run by Keith Raniere, have suddenly forgotten about that chapter of their lives. The latest to exhibit this selective memory phenomenon is Richard Leon Mays, Sr.,  who just had a puff piece run about him in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Somehow, in recounting his long and illustrious career, Mays apparently forgot about the several years he spent being part of NXIVM’s litigation machine. Yep, he forgot all about how he (along with former Massachusetts Attorney General Scott Hershberger) personally met with the Albany County District Attorney, P. David Soares, and convinced Soares to gin up a criminal indictment against former NXIVM consultant Joe O’Hara, who had quit working for the cult when he found out about some of its illegal activities. That indictment was tossed as soon as the case came before a judge.

And he forgot all about how he tried to get U.S. Airlines to pay an exorbitant amount to Nancy Salzman, who had carelessly left her laptop behind when she disembarked from a flight in Albany, NY. As part of that baseless claim, he asserted that Salzman’s hourly billing rate was $2,000 hour – which is even more than she’s trying to collect nowadays via her $10,000/month special training sessions.

Oh, and he forgot about soliciting political donations from Clare Bronfman and Sarah Bronfman-Igtet and other NXIVM members for his old pals from Little Rock, Hillary Clinton and Mike Huckabee. Whether he was involved in NXIVM’s illegal political donations bundling scheme is a question that Richard Donoghue, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, may want to take a look at.

And speaking of the esteemed Mr. Donoghue, maybe he should also look at May’s involvement in the awarding of a contract to Aqueduct Entertainment Group to run the slot machine operation at Aqueduct Racetrack. Although Mays indicated in the newspaper article that the contract was canceled because Jay-Z was one of the members of the group, the New York Inspector General’s report on the matter indicated that the “…selection process was compromised by politics, campaign donations and regionalism”. And who was the head of the Aqueduct Entertainment Group? Well, surprise, surprise, that would be Richard Leon Mays, Sr.

Two other things that the Arkansas newspaper did not mention: Mays made a video recording in which he extolled the virtues of the sex-slaver leader Raniere. And he also got one of his daughters involved in the cult for several years.


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      • On November 23, 2003, plaintiff Nancy Salzman, a New York
        resident, boarded a flight, operated by defendant Continental Airlines, Inc.,
        from Newark, NJ to Albany, NY. (See Compl. ¶¶ 1-4, 22, Dkt. No. 1.) As
        she attempted to board the flight, an airline representative informed
        Salzman that she could not bring her laptop computer onboard. (Id. ¶ 33.)
        The laptop, which contained “confidential and proprietary material on it,”
        was “confiscated” by the representative. (Id. ¶¶ 4, 29.) Though she was
        not given any type of receipt for the laptop, Salzman was told the laptop
        would be transported on the flight and returned to her when she deplaned
        in Albany. (Id. ¶¶ 7-9.) When she arrived in Albany, Salzman attempted to
        reclaim her laptop but was unsuccessful. (Id. ¶ 10.)
        In October 2006, Salzman sent Continental a letter explaining the

  • Frank can you make a list of all the lawsuits they have filed by all the groups for the last 20 years. Not sure if you have then all. But to see them on one page would be nice. Also this is the third time I tried to leave this reply and its not going through.

  • Keith, Can you make a list of all the lawsuits that they have filed against anyone in the US in any state? It would be good to see them all on one page. Also it seem they have a habit of having Contracts and then real contracts and LOANING people money. Like lots, this is their collateral on they lawyers, the experts they hire to work for me. Giving ¨loans¨ smells fishy all the way through . Along with also resolving conflicts in Albany.

  • I’ve been wondering how it is that Nancy Salzman has not been arrested. Over 500,000.00 in cash was found in her home, some of it in shoe boxes and she is still a free woman.
    Makes me wonder if she is working with the Feds.
    Any thoughts

  • Acute NXIVM memory loss appears to be a serious disease that impacts many people who have participated in NXIVM. Some of its other symptoms include NXIVM denial, fake smiling for cameras, delusions of grandeur, the belief that upside down is right side up, word salad mumbling, and cries of “collateral is consent” while sleeping. Haven’t you seen the the Sally Struthers infomercial on it? Let’s hope Mays can recover.

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