Raniere Is a “Poor Man’s Epstein” – Both Were Tyrants Seeking to Rule Over Their Catastrophic World

Two birds of a feather.

By Shivani

Keith Raniere entered the Metropolitan Detention Center “commune” a little late in life to be high on any list of desirable girlfriends. Or boyfriends.

Come on. Who wants to try to have no-good fun with a chubby newt who cannot keep a hard-on? And whose seemingly favorite sexual exchange is to sit or lie around and offer nagging, fake spiritual lectures to get a bunch of self-help shrews to service his Oscar Meyer wiener?

We have all heard that his projectile missile has already been shot to hell for years. A 59 year-old manwhore without much kinetic friction left. 39 cents.

Keith Raniere in his prison cell caged by his own brand, it seems – painting by MK10ART.


It looks like the world’s semi-smartest dork couldn’t expend any workable brainwashing on anyone in the population, or he would have his own “bitch.” Gee whizzzzz, how humiliating!

If he had been more industrious, he would have a cavity nearby for his personal use. He could’ve even been storing his eyeglasses overnight in a convenient zip-lock sequestered in his girl/boyfriend’s anal handbag. Subtly, of course.

So Skinhead protection for the old perv does sound like what Keithy-Weethie has tried to arrange for his retirement years. What a shame, considering Flabturd’s known preference for unmowed, excessively hairy everythings. It is nigh unto culturally unacceptable that no one has sent Flabturd a bewigged miniature piano for his extrasensory sausage-fingers to stroke. Condemned to a lifetime of scratchy, unwashed stubble.

Does he not realize that being toothless would provide him with more variety for his client list? Clare must not be sending her satanic rat enough multi-vitamins; his brain seems to have meandered into “disintegration” mode. But then, who knows whether Clare has even readopted the use of any deodorant yet, for her own dubious hygienic maintenance?

Enough cornholio jokes. Moving on to something more MORE, IMO.

Mr. Raniere has identified who is and who is not a Luciferian. Dr. Roberts will likely soon be faced with a choice: She can take the fall in the system for Keith Raniere and accept charges without turning evidence against Mr. Raniere,, thereby protecting him so he can continue to teach. Or she can be a Luciferian and betray her master and inform on him. However, if she betrays Mr. Raniere, she takes the fall in a spiritual way and that, Mr. Raniere teaches, is far more severe than merely getting one’s physician’s license revoked or spending six months in a low-security state or federal prison.

A sketch from Keith Raniere’s patent – on how to spot a Luciferian.

Late last night, I read parts of a patent application submitted by Raniere/First Principles, Inc. It was entitled “Determination of Whether a Luciferian can be Rehabilitated.” This was displayed onscreen during an Amazing Polly YouTube contribution.

Astoundingly, Raniere did not offer himself as the first experimental subject. Perhaps he imagined his personally Luciferian chopped Waldorf salad is undetectable, proving once again that he is a pathologically unhip idiot, lost in his own hallucinations of nauseatingly inferior grandeur.

Quite the linguistic mishmash was used in Raniere’s patent application to disguise a boatload of hideous, clandestine intentions. So it appears to me. How fucking Epsteinish is that?

If others here at the Frank Report have read it, if this patent application has been discussed to death already, please excuse me. For some selfish reason, as I guess the cult demons would tell me, I am unwilling to let my grandsons be forced to become involuntary cyborgs. Or any child, any woman, any man.

The Amazing Polly video is called ” Epstein Pedo Prof and Nxivm Human Experiments.”

By the way, this isn’t Polly’s only Nxivm exhibition. Of course, Brandon Porter, the imitation Mengele, is discussed. Researching what the true intentions have been, underlying Raniere’s demands for practicing trauma-based “therapy” leads to the same rabbit holes where one goes during research of Epstein & associates’ fascination with Master Race eugenics. Epstein’s “pedo prof” is just another cog in a massive wheel of unspeakable destructiveness. The time has long since passed to allow any of this evilness to be assembled and reassembled behind the profitable, mercenary blackout curtains of these satanic assholes.

These demonic egoists rely upon the innocent and vulnerable as experimental subjects. Who is collecting the specimens? Mostly charitable programs have been used to gather up refugees, homeless and under-supervised brown-skinned children. These anti-charity charities are being used like funnels. DFC seems to be another convenient orchard, along with its national and international counterparts. So far, I am seeing traces of this shit, linked and going all the way back to prior to WWII. But this stuff is as old as planet earth; this is just the more contemporary aspect. The focus is to tap untapped sources of creativity and to control and to redirect that creativity, to divest people as early as possible of their own free will. Human genome gnomes, anyone? Those who have studied Mengele’s “projects” will not be surprised. For he too was the tip of quite an iceberg.

Now, Epstein didn’t let his projects be contaminated by using well-known Nazi language to describe the maladjusted scientific intentions.

Nevertheless, what is evidently the primary goal of trauma-based “therapy” is to gain control over the will of a person by splitting the individual’s psyche into two malleable, programmable parts. Yes. Via intensely administered TRAUMA.

Kind of like what the McCann family had been up to with their child, Madeleine, who “vanished” in May 2007, and whose physician mother, Kate, was most likely already subsumed by her own traumatic splittage, which is still controlled by her husband like a slice-and-dice instrument…okay, “in my highly uneducated opinion.”

One needs to wear linguistic dishwashing gloves, wherein the Big O is not an orgasm; it is an o-p-i-n-i-o-n.

How interesting that Epstein, with all of his prominent and powerful connections, the Clinton’s, Trump, MIT, Bill Gates, Prince Freakazoid and his indigestible band of Royals, Trump, Dershowitz, Wexner, Mort Zuckerman, Woody Allen, Kevin Spacey, Larry Summers, BILL BARR the ventriloquist’s (?) dummy, Stephen Hawking, Lawrence Krauss, Ken Starr, the AI expert, Roger Schank, Harvey Weinstein want to rule a catastrophic world… and do not forget poor Oprah.

I have not begun to include many, many of the showbiz legends and cavalcades of star-power who are being used, or letting themselves be used as influencers, to further the cause of making the human race into an ant farm, including the soda jerks who have no idea what they are doing.

Jeffrey Epstein [l] & Bill Clinton [r]
Those interested in seeing the Hollywood rabbit hole in detail will appreciate the work of Tiffany FitzHenry. The website “Tiffany FitzHenry, author” is her best and most detailed online work, but she is also on YouTube, etc. She refused to “sell her soul” to elevate her screenwriting career. FitzHenry is very worthwhile to read, and her visual aids are stunning.

Okay, any list of cited associates for Epstein’s pet projects can go on indefinitely. The implications of such experimentation and research are grim. Phenomenally grim. A malleable, micro-chipped and enslaved population of worker bees who can be used by their handlers from cradle to grave but are no longer capable of any self-governing. The web of individuals and organizations (concealed with officious-sounding names and “benevolent” foundations) is international and huge.

One can say that Raniere is a “poor man’s Epstein.” Clare Bronfman probably would not be pleased. Her unworthiness has fucked her over once again, as she has been battling for the team of an inadequate Sasquatch. Her father and grandfather were superior to her as despotic scoundrels, so much less emotionally skewered than she. Or at least more able to disguise it.

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[…] Raniere Is a “Poor Man’s Epstein” – Both Were Tyrants Seeking to Rule Over Their Catastr… […]

4 years ago

To Shivani:
It’s been a while since any real Epstein news.
Perhaps the US Government does not give a Rat’s Ass about Epstein’s many (as many as a hundred or more) victims.
The government is more interested in protecting itself from a scandal and protecting Epstein’s elite friends.
(There’s nothing to see here. Move Along. Move Along.)

Judge Ruling Says Epstein Victims Can’t See Plea Deal

“Via America’s Lawyer: Mike Papantonio and Trial Lawyer Magazine editor Farron Cousins talk about how a Florida judge has denied Epstein victims compensatory damages, sticking to the terms of the embarrassingly-lenient “Sweetheart Deal” brokered in 2007 by former Labor Secretary Alex Acosta.”

4 years ago

Both were puppets. Frontmen set to take the fall

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

A puff piece, but very dramatic.

4 years ago

Perhaps Raniere is the poor man’s Adolf Hitler and your old friend Allison Mack is the female version of Heinrich Himmler.
It seems Allison and her sister-wives were into borrowing some of the Vanguard’s sperm and breeding a Master Race.

“Was Raniere’s Breeding Plan With the Sister-Wives Based on Nazi Lebensborn?”

3 years ago

people with more money than sense

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