Having Been on Smallville, Allison Mack Was Naturally Drawn to Alpha Super Male Keith Raniere

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from a writer who makes an interesting point:  Allison Mack starred in Smallville, a show about young Superman. The Mack character was secretly in love with Superman [or Clark Kent.]  

Raniere touted an image of himself as not only a genius and ethicist but also a great physical specimen – record-tieing winner of the 100-yard dash, an East Coast Judo Champion; he rode a unicycle, was an avid skier, both slope and water skiing. He had such hand-eye coordination that he was a near champion table tennis player.

He often compared himself to mid 20th century super athlete Jim Thorpe. Raniere was a combination of Gandhi, Einstein and Thorpe, he said.

Is this part of the reason Allison fell so profoundly for Raniere. He was her conception of superman – in real life? Our guest writer has some thoughts on this.

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For those who don’t know, Smallville is a Superman story which features a young Clark Kent coming to grips with his emerging superpowers. He must hide his abilities from his friends, including Lana Lang, the girl of his dreams, and his best friend, Chloe Sullivan [played by Mack] as well as Lex Luthor, who will one day become Superman’s nemesis.  Complicating matters is the presence of kryptonite throughout Smallville, which causes strange mutations in locals and cripples Clark.   First episode date: October 16, 2001; Final episode date: May 13, 2011

By Someone With a Perspective

Allison was apparently targeted because of her role on Smallville. I mean, seriously, with the dozens of “teen steam” shows why was Smallville, the story about the “secret alpha” Clark Kent, the only one that actresses were drawn from?

Obviously, the women had demonstrated a “predisposition to relation” with a secret alpha.

In order to play a role of a best friend of a secret alpha believably, as Allison did, you’d have to go there in your mind to some degree.

Also, it’s probable she demonstrated a service-oriented nature to the casting directors who were looking for an actor who could play the part believably.

Can you imagine how hard that part is to portray with some ordinary dude pretending to be superman, who just ate a pastrami sandwich from the craft truck, standing in front of you on a set with 15 or 20 people watching?

No. I believe Allison was primed by nature for the capture, it was just a matter of getting her to believe that “the great one” was the Vanguard, and that he was honest and constructive in intent.

What’s more important is that as “the great one, ” he probably taught her some basic life lessons or truths, which she would have learned anyway from school or running a business or managing people. But when infused with the context of “illumined teachings from the great one”, will have far more weight than they deserve, and be difficult to separate from the fictions.

I believe she may have to adjust her thinking to understand that truths are not the pearls of wisdom from a teacher, they are the result of subjective experience and relevance.


Bonus Feature – Select Quotes Form the World’s Smartest Man

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A selection of Keith Alan Raniere and Allison Mack pictures – with a healthy dose of Raniere’s profound quotes. [These are his actual quotes and readers might enjoy considering how much he and his followers personally lived up to his lofty and wondrous teachings].

Ethics, ultimately, is the end of all conflicts.


When we smile, the world smiles with us. Each experience of joy is an experience of joy for all people and a victory for humankind.


Humans can be noble. The question is: Will we put forth what is necessary.


Knowing what to do is useless without the emotional strength to do what you know.


He who has the most joy wins!


Sound is sacred. Some believe the universe was created with sound as its basis. Human sound is an expression of our essence through the vibration of our physical form – the motion of life. By experiencing human sound at its most profound levels, we enter the deepest expression of what it is to be alive and in the presence of each other.


During times of intellectual intensity, I find it best to step back and deal with first principles.


At times we can trace the roots of our human thinking to fiction: after all, any ideology or thoughts of a better world are just fiction until they are actualized.


Poetry is very important in matters of how technology relates to humanity.


Any ideology or thoughts of a better world are just fiction until they are actualized.


We stand at the beginnings of the foundation of the rest of human history. How we think about and build this foundation will affect humankind forevermore. This foundation is our data. This foundation is our words. Most importantly, this foundation is the meaning we create by our words. Data enclaves on one hand preserved humanity’s ability to ultimately find truth through independent accounts of data later to become history. On the other hand, they limited potentially important data from affecting the rest of the world.


Responsibility entrusted to us by a thousand, thousand future generations-our messages will persist, with their effects, long after we are gone.


Love that vacant gaze – Allison Mack enamored with Superman Keith Alan Raniere.


Allison Mack cries after hearing the exquisite word salad of Keith Alan Raniere.


Allison Mack pleads guilty.

In her allocution before the judge when Mack pleaded guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy in April, she said, “My misguided beliefs and dedication of what I believed were the principles underlying NXIVM, Keith Raniere’s teachings, resulted in my agreeing to support the criminal enterprise…. They are good people who I have hurt through my misguided adherence to Keith Raniere’s teachings.”

Today, Allison Mack awaits sentencing – expected sometime this year or early 2020. Sentencing guidelines seem to suggest a prison sentence in the 3-5 year range. However, should the judge decide to throw the book at her, the maximum is 40 years for her charges.  If he decided to be lenient, he could suspend her sentence and let her go free.

As for her superman, Raniere, he must serve a minimum of 15 years for his sex trafficking offense. But he could be sentenced to life imprisonment if the judge thinks his crimes warrant his never being among the decent people of society ever again.

Viva Executive Success!


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  • This was so strange, I loved Allison. But what she did was unbelievable. Raniere should be jailed for her entire life.

  • And our media just keeps trying to paint her as a victim. She knowingly and willingly did what she did, not because some ‘super alpha male’ told her to.

  • It may also be relevant that at the beginning of Smallville, Mack was in a manipulative and reportedly abusive relationship with a long-term boyfriend and eventual fiancee, with friends warning against it, and which involved the inappropriate use of body art – he got “will you marry me?” tattooed on his chest. He was enough older that it likely constituted statutory rape when he and Mack first began having sex, and his father was apparently a convicted pedophile.

    It may fit then that Mack ultimately found another manipulative and abusive pedophile to be in a an ill-advised relationship with – and took the body art aspect one step further to, as she put it, a ‘symbol of a “badass” woman, like a “rite of passage”‘ with the branding.

    • “He was enough older that it likely constituted statutory rape when he and Mack first began having sex, and his father was apparently a convicted pedophile.”

      Some women are attracted to “bad boys.”
      I suspect that Allison Mack is attracted to pedophiles.
      The theme of pedophilia keeps popping up in her story like a leitmotif in literature.
      The pedophile boyfriend.
      The boyfriend’s convicted pedophile father.
      The bogus stories about her young nephews being molested.
      Her attraction to the pedophile Raniere.
      The stories in the Frank Report indicating a possible attempt to recruit underage girls for sex.

      That is more than a coincidence.

  • I was recently watching the movie, Friends with Benefits. and although I’ve seen it before, I realized in a scene of the movie in which the character of Justin Timberlake talks with his sister about his relationship with his friend, referring to the character of Mila Kunis and mentions that it is only sex, just something physical like playing tennis, and I couldn’t help remembering that phrase that KAR likes so much to say about sex, for a moment I thought about the relationship of this phrase, the movie and KAR and I thought that maybe KAR would have taken the phrase, but the movie is 5 years old and KAR has been using that phrase that searches the phrase on Google for much longer and I realized that in reality the phrase is more linked to the relationship that was generated between tennis, Hollywood and the glamor of Formerly of the celebrities who took tennis as their favorite hobbies, creating a relationship between words, Hollywood, glamor, sex and tennis.
    KAR may not be the smartest man in the world, but he could sell.

  • I’m trying to wrap my mind around Keith Raniere as an alpha male. A Superman, no less…

    As for Smallville, Tom Welling didn’t play Superman, he played young Clark Kent. Young, clumsy, awkward around girls high school kid Clark Kent. His overprotective dad wouldn’t let him play sports. The jocks bullied him; for the first seasons the opening credits featured a shot of Clark stripped and tied up in a cornfield. And one of Clark nervously dropping his schoolbooks in front of his crush Lana. He was an oaf, not an alpha. A lovelorn beta boy.

    That’s the Clark that Chloe (Allison Mack) had a crush on. Clark only had eyes for cheerleader Lana Lang, so it was a typical CW twisted love triangle. Or love quadrangle, since it was hinted at that Clark and Lex Luthor had a bromance going on. Then when Erica Durance (Lois) joined the cast it would have been a love pentagon except that the writers had Chloe shacked up with Jimmy Olsen. By the end of the series, if I remember correctly, Chloe had had a baby with Green Arrow (Justin Hartlley).

    So I guess Allison Mack, if the theory is correct, should have been attracted to photographers. Or archers.

    • Mack’s Chloe character did love the awkward Clark, who in his heart knew he was Superboy.
      The real-life Mack similarly loved the awkward Keith, who in his mind thought he was super.

      And in both Albany and Smallville, Mack/Chloe competed for her man against the same green-eyed eurasian vixen–Kristin/Lana Lang.
      No wonder she went cray cray.

  • What dumbass wrote this article? How did the actress Nicki Clyne end up in Albany as one of Vanguard’s first line slave masters according to your stupid theory.

    It’s bad enough, there’s so many uninformed comments by Anonymaker now. He actually wrote about Catherine Oxenberg, “we don’t know exactly what intensives and modules she took.” Well, guess what Anonymaker, Catherine actually wrote something called a book in which she actually does write about some of the modules and her reactions. Maybe you should spend less time posting on here and do a little more reading. Sarah Edmondson also wrote a book which you might learn something from if you are really interested.

    • “What dumbass wrote this article?”

      What dumbass tries to stifle freedom of speech?

      I , Shadow State 1958, did not write this article.
      But you are a bully and thug trying to stifle free speech.

      If you have your point of view at least have the courage to express it in an article of your own authorship.
      Don’t try to inhibit free speech.

      You might note that at the recent trial Ms. Mack plead GUILTY to RACKETEERING and RACKETEERING CONSPIRACY.
      Allison Mack also admitted to numerous instances of EXTORTION and BLACKMAIL..
      And the prosecution admitted into evidence testimony that Allison Mack collected information that was used to coerce women into engaging in sex against their wills.

    • Well, no one has listed here what intensives and modules Oxenberg took, for us to analyze, have they? And even if she did “write about some,” that doesn’t necessarily address the questions I’ve raised about the controversial material most likely to be conveniently excluded.

      We don’t all have time to read every book, particularly those of us who follow a couple of subjects, and who are also interested in the underlying dynamics – which involves reading deeper into authors like Festinger, Singer, Hassan, Ross, Lalich, Atack, Kent, and so on.

      I’ve also asked multiple times for people to report on Edmondson’s book, including whether it actually contains anything really revealing and is worth reading. As I’ve noted in a number of comments, I’ve taken advantage of the Google Books preview search feature, and can’t find that it names the sort of people we’d want to know about like Hildreth, so I’d rather not waste time and money on an author if they’re going to give us a self-serving and superficial account.

      Maybe one of the things we could use here are featured book reviews – similar blogs do some of that – and a bit less pure speculation and theorizing. Have you read both the books you mention, and would you like to share about them?

      My reading list is already very full and prioritized based on my particular interests with works like a book that just came in today, A Critical History of Hypnotism, 554 pages including extensive notes and bibliography.

    • Amazing how some see everything and everyone in terms of black and white. No shades of grey. Until we walk in someone else’s shoes we really should not judge. I just hope all the “throw the book at her” types have never made any mistakes. Yes. What she did was horrible. She should be punished. But at least she ultimately pled guilty.

      It really is easy for some people to be conned. By then, admitting that they were in fact conned is probably very hard to face. For whatever reason, she faced it. That is a personal win for her. No matter what else happens.

    • There’s an interview online somewhere of actor Jack Lemon discussing his part in film version of Mamets’ “Glengarry Glen Ross”, and how he was prone to constant crying during the filming.

      He couldn’t figure out what was causing the reaction, until one day he had a lightbulb moment – he realized he was connecting with the feeling body of the character he portrayed.

      He states “once he realized it was the character he was portraying” that was causing the crying he shook it off and never cried again. But having to assume characteristics of other individuals, and their emotional response to stimuli can and does affect actors to a much larger degree than is presently understood.

      The connection is created through empathy with the characters response mechanism .

      I believe that the phenomenon of “connecting with the emotional qualities of the character” affected Allison Mack to some degree and influenced her future behaviour in Nxivm.

    • I’ll bet Keith Raniere takes “mincing” steps.

      Learn to pronounce
      (of a man) affectedly dainty in manner or gait.
      “he followed her with quick, mincing steps”

  • I love how this fluff piece glosses over the fact that this women branded other women like property and assisted in keeping them as sex slaves like she wasn’t a grown women in her mid twenties to thirties! Mack is not Chloe Sullivan!


    • Yeah she didn’t even take accountability for her actions she put the blame on others she made those choices and she accountable for them plain and simple

      • as much as all the others who were not responsible for their actions, oh did you see, mark vicente, sarah edmondson, lauren salzman, she only gave a guilty plea because her lawyers convinced her that her situation was very bad with accusations of pedophilia about KAR, I suspect that Allison only began to wake up, when those neurosis attacks began, I don’t think she was really connected with reality until then

  • Nice take on the situation. You make a good point about the theatrics of KAR’s relationship with AM. She was definitely a good enough actor to believe in the Alpha-ness and super powers of a very flawed and somewhat pathetic specimen, playing the part of a ‘vanguard’. A prerequisite for the drama that eventually unfolded. Thanks.

  • Allison Mack was on Smallville, a popular show about Clark Kent’s journey to becoming Superman but that’s where any connection ends. Raniere may have had some modest success in many attempts at life but his only “Super Power” was manipulation of people who he convinced were in need of his “talents”. Rasputin, Hitler and Manson also had the same “talents” to mesmerize or convince certain types of people that they can’t make it in life without their guidance. Cults like Scientology and politics are full of people that are more successful than Raniere ever was but they are actually to smart to get caught. Many people do stupid things that hurt themselves and sometimes other people. I’m not the best person to judge but if Allison Mack gets probation, at least she can be watched to stop her own stupidity. Raniere is a more malevolent case; lock him up and throw away the key.

  • I like how you put service oriented nature and casting director in the same sentence. Nice allusion to the “casting couch”. Was this not Allie Wack’s role in DOS?

  • I agree. I believe Keith may have studied Smallville intently and followed some of its plot lines to recruit and groom both Allison and Kristin Kreuk. Mark Hildreth may also have been used for that purpose.

    Keith may even have borrowed the branding and some other rituals from Smallville episodes wherein Kruek’s character channels and becomes a powerful witch of yore through a scar-like symbol that acts as a portal, although it appears on her back not her pubis.

    I’ve wondered if something of a similar ritualistic nature didn’t occur at the time of Pam Caffritz death and Kemar’s conception.

    There were also episodes where Allison’s character, Chloe, serves as more of a secretly suffering wing woman full of unrequited love for Kent that Keith may have spun off to fulfill his own “Vanguard” delusion.

    As you mention, the girls — especially Ally who was a child star — were already primed for their roles in NXIVM by their roles in Smallville.

    Nice contribution.

    • Heidi:
      In the good old days, before Method Acting, actors were just journeymen performing a variety of different roles and then going home to live ordinary, banal lives.
      Jimmy Cagney was not a gangster in real life.
      In fact when Cagney left acting in his later years he retired to a farm in Upstate New York.
      Cagney personally despised gangsters.
      Humphrey Bogart was not a hard boiled detective.
      In fact Bogart was the son of a New York City Doctor.

      These actors were real people living real lives with real personalities separate from any role they might play on stage or screen.
      They knew how to distinguish between fact and fiction.

      Allison Mack is a putz.

  • To Whom It May Concern,

    If you happen to hear a strange loud sound……

    That was my head exploding after reading another Ad nauseam Allison Mack article……

    I realize I had a choice. I did not have to read another Alleged Mack article…….

    I must be a masochist.

  • Keith Alan Raniere is more of an Omega Male than an Alpha Male.

    But for the sake of argument let’s assume Raniere is an Alpha Male.
    Did Noel Neill, one of the first Lois Lanes, fall for a cult leader and torture and enslave women?
    I don’t remember that.

    Did Phyllis Coates, also in the early Superman TV show, fall for a cult guru Alpha Male and enslave and blackmail women?
    No, she did not.

    Did Margot Kidder, who played Lois Lane in the movies, fall in love with an Alpha Male cult leader and torture women.
    No way.

    It turns out that numerous actresses have been romantically linked to Superman, usually as the Lois Lane character.

    Here is a list of those actresses:

    Actresses who have portrayed Lois Lane include Joan Alexander, Noel Neill, Phyllis Coates, Margot Kidder, Teri Hatcher, Dana Delany, Erica Durance, Kate Bosworth, Amy Adams, Elizabeth Tulloch,
    Lois Lane in other media

    How many of those actresses fell for an Alpha Male cult leader?

    And only one actress, Allison Mack, portrayed a grown up Chloe Sullivan.


  • This is more idiotic and uninformed than interesting. The person actually wrote this

    “why was Smallville, the story about the “secret alpha” Clark Kent, the only one that actresses were drawn from?”

    Hello what about the actress Sarah Edmondson who was never in Smallville but was key to bringing in so many of the Vancouver based actors. What about Nicki Clyne, the first of the Vancouver actors to give up her career and move to Albany who quit her gig on BSG, but perhaps it was her one stint as a background waitress on Smallvlle three years before she ever got introduced to NXIVM by Edmondson. Grace Park, — no Smallville on her resume. Mark Hildreth — no Smallville for him either. How about Olivia Cheng – nope none their either. How about Kristanna Loken or Ludwika Paleta?? What about those actors Frank claims took ESP/NXIM trainings and were supportive of Raniere — Jennifer Anniston, Gerard Butler, Penelope Cruz??

    • Edmondson did 10 episodes of Edgemont 2003-5. She probably met Park and Kreuk who were already on Edgemont since 2001.
      Edmondson was head over heels for NXIVM years before Kreuk joined in 2006.
      Just saying…..

  • I’m laughing at KAR being described as an “alpha male”. The same guy who cowered when Dani confronted him? The same guy who fled through the woods as fast as he could when John Tighe and a news reporter we’re driving through Knox Woods and spotted him? The same guy who sent his minion women after women who didn’t fall in line, complaining that they were spiritually killing him? The same guy who hid in a closet while Lauren confronted the Mexican police when they came for him?

    AM and all the women who slept with him are either morons, or just have low standards.

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