Why Did the Dalai Lama Say Nxivm Was ‘Working for Ethics’?

The Dalai Lama and Keith Raniere, May 2009

By Actaeon

This is in response to  Contradictory — The Dalai Lama Endorsed Nxivm Sex-Slaver Keith Raniere Twice – But He Also Said ‘Investigate Him’!

So the Dalai Lama, in his wisdom, saw Keith Raniere and Nxivm as “working for ethics”, and said that that since he sees it as his “moral responsibility to support any movement by any person who carry, who are working for ethics”, he traveled to Albany NY to support Nxivm.


Keith Raniere.

Working for ethics.

How on earth did he get this impression that they were working for ethics? Because they said so? Because they offered him a large “contribution”?

Virtually by his own admission, the Dalai Lama offers his endorsement for cash.

Did he conduct any kind of inquiry to find out what Nxivm was about? Did he give the slightest fuck? No, because the most cursory online search at the time revealed Raniere’s unsavory past, his Consumer’s Buyline racket, and even the damning YouTube video of Raniere boasting about having people killed. And he evades any responsibility for this astounding lack of diligence by saying that it is the responsibility of the media to investigate these matters.

So why would His Holiness (snicker) have any reason to believe Nxivm was “working for ethics”? Why would he even give them the time of day? The only possible reason is the large cash donation they offered. He conveniently evades any responsibility for looking into what they do by foisting it off on others.

His Holiness (LOL) the Dalai Lama cares nothing for ethics. He wouldn’t know ethics if it bit him in the ass. The man is all about the cash.

I actually read one of his books years ago. Forgettable drivel. He reminds me of a of one of those megachurch preachers, promising easy salvation along with a hearty dose of spiritual-sounding woo.

His high-sounding statements are airy and hollow– his noncommittal endorsement of Nxivm is exactly the kind of thing I’d expect from the man. He acts humble, in his simple robe and sandals, but he manages to be put up in the finest hotel suites, rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous, being jetted around the world first-class on their dime. He lives pretty high for such a humble, poor man.

The man is shameless. And idiots buy his act.

The Dalai Lama is famous because he has been useful furthering American propaganda efforts against China re: Tibet. The Chinese boot heel is firmly on that country, and His (I’m laughing) Holiness is a sterling figurehead to represent the long suffering Tibetan people. The man has been exploiting his fame to the utmost, which just goes to show how careful we must be in selecting our heroes.

Gotta hand it to the man, though. His reputation survives. The simple holy man, driven solely by ethics, chiding the rest of us on our materialist sins, while he endorses criminal conspiracies like Nxivm. The ethical holy man who, when told that the outfit he’s endorsing is “controversial” (LOL), doubles his fee and waters down the endorsement.

The Dalai Lama is deeply unethical. He is a fraud and a liar. His main interest in life is material gain. His own actions damn him, and only a fool would believe his grift.

The Dalai Lama said he supported any persons who are “working for ethics” – like these two stinkers here – Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman…. 


The Dalai Lama said: Available on YouTube [at 44:14] [my clarifications of his broken English in brackets and bold.]

… I received an invitation [from Nxivm to speak] that, in principle, I accepted. Then I received some request that I should not go there because [Nxivm] is controversial; [there were] some [unsavory] allegations.

Then we [my staff and I] carry further investigation. Then finally, including this organization’s teacher [Raniere], and … some friend[s] [Nancy Salzman and the Bronfman sisters], came to see me in Dharmasala and I discuss, I observe, basically, they are carrying [on] some kind of movement about ethics.

Then, as I mentioned earlier, it is my moral responsibility to support any movement by any person who carry, who are working for ethics….

So, therefore, I felt…  it is my moral responsibility, but, at the same time, these allegations [were still there].

So when I met them personally in Dharmasala, I told them very friendly, very openly, ‘As far your sort of work for promotion of ethics, I fully support. Is my moral responsibility, but, at the same time, those allegations [of wrongdoing] you must make very clear.  If you have done something wrong, you must accept, you must admit, and change, make correction. If you not done [anything wrong], make clear all these allegations, truthfully, honestly, openly, transparently.’

Then some media, I always telling media people, ‘media people should have long nose, as long as (audience laughs and applauds)  … wait, wait, wait, as long as an elephant nose and smell, in the front and behind. That’s very important. And make clear to the public what’s going on….

I want to to tell the media people, ‘please carry continuously, all these spots where you have some doubt [about Nxivm do a], thorough investigation.’

And those concerned people’s side [Nxivm and Raniere]: ‘Also make clear. All your work must be transparent.’

So that’s my view. So I feel, no problem, come here, meet people, and talk. Because of some criticism remain distance? Not much use. Come face to face and talk, friendly, bluntly. Truth always win. So more talk, more investigation, truth will become more clear clear, clear, like that. So that’s my answer. (applause).


The Dalai Lama came – pocketed a reported $2 million donation – and Keith Raniere used his endorsement to recruit and persuade others to join his group – until the bottom fell out and the media [with their long noses] investigated him. The Dalai was covered for, after all, he told the media to investigate Raniere and told Raniere to be transparent about his enterprise. 

Viva Executive Success!

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  • The man has over 3 million people under seige by China to protect, support and lead out of devastating, genocidal conditions in a job he never chose for himself but has stuck with long past the age most of US are collecting checks just to fart on a couch while lambasting him on FR.

    Judge not lest ye be judged, Acteon.

    • “Judge not…”

      What a remarkably idiotic piece of advice this is, when one thinks about it. It’s from the Bible of course, so nobody ever does think about it. Like a lot of idiotic stuff in that silly book.

      Why shouldn’t we judge? We do it all the time, and it’s supremely useful. Essential, even. Judging.

      What, I shouldn’t judge Keith Raniere? Epstein? Donald Trump?

      We shouldn’t serve on juries?

      I know people love quoting the Bible, but that fellow Jesus sure said a lot of stupid things. Like the bit about turning the other cheek. Well, let me tell you, some asshole slaps me across the face I’m going to bust his nose but quick. Turn the other cheek, my ass!

      As for the other half of the saying, people can judge me all they like, because unlike His Holiness the Dalai Lama, I don’t endorse child molesting frauds for cash.

  • Raniere working for ethics was like Porter working for advancing medical knowledge. In addition to the media looking into Raniere, various law enforcement agencies should have been doing that as well. I don’t think the “I’ve had people killed” (which is taken completely out of context by many) video was posted yet. But you have to hand it to Raniere, he got more mileage out of the Lama’s endorsement/non-endorsement than the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s.” Raniere and the Lama both got what they wanted, a presence that could be manipulated into an endorsement and money, respectively.

  • Actaeon is just pissed that the Dalai Lama didn’t grant him total consciousness on his death bed like he did with Carl Spackler.

    • How much is total consciousness going for? Lol. No, I take it back, that was mean. Just some misdirected anger. …Can schizo’s like Bankok-The-Retard get a group discount?

  • The Dalai Lama has sold himself at market value.

    And the Dalai Lama knows this very well.

    He didn’t sell himself cheaply, he knows that very well.

    He took what he could get.

    The whole thing is called capitalist economy and it has nothing to do with ethics.

  • The Dalai Lama is getting on a bit in years, so it could be that the neurons in his Holy cerebral cortex are migrating to Shangri-La.

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