Whoa! – Another Photo of Ghislaine Maxwell at LA Burger Joint Emerges! Is Maxwell Even Alive?

The photos in the New York Post of Ghislaine Maxwell at the In-N-Out burger joint in Los Angeles, I suspect, are staged or phony. I could be wrong of course.

See my earlier reports:

I Call Bullshit – Ghislaine Maxwell Just Happened to Be at Burger Joint Reading CIA Deaths’ Book When NY Post ‘Found’ Her? 

The Bullshit Photos of Ghislaine Maxwell in NY Post Further Examined

Frank Report was first to state that the photos, and the way the story was presented, seems to be bullshit.

This does not – as it was reported -seem to be the Post’s accidental “find” of the nation’s most notorious woman in, of all places, a fast-food restaurant in Los Angeles.

[This makes me suspect she may be already dead.]

We have republished two pictures already published by the NY Post.


We have also acquired a larger version [less cropped than the pic published in the Post] of the first picture [without the Post’s banner on it.]

Here it is:

Is this photo staged? Or photoshopped?

Maxwell is reading a book and seems to notice the photographer yet does not look surprised or shocked. Her glasses are off. There is a man at the table behind her on the right of the picture, and a man on the left, behind her, with a burger in hand. There is a cell phone on the table. There appears to be another cell phone under her book. There is a Good Boys movie banner in the background which would seemingly date the pic, for this movie just opened.

But look at this picture. I can hardly believe it is the same women, taken on the same day. She is wearing glasses. She looks much older. But the background is almost the same. In the background, there are different people at the table behind her on the right and no phone on the table. The man behind her on the left is still holding a burger in his hand in the same place as in the first picture. How much time elapsed between the first and second picture?

Here is what a reader, Jeff Johnson, said about the two pictures, “Being a professional hairstylist for 33 years I can say with some degree of certainty that Maxwell is sporting different haircuts in the 2 pics in question. You’ll notice a difference not only in the front fringe but in the hair around her face on the sides!! I too am calling Bullshit.”

Now, a source sent me a third picture – supposedly in the possession of the NY Post, but not published by them as far as I know.

I cannot confirm if the Post actually possesses this photo [below]- I was given a private link to go into the Post’s alleged private website, but I do not enter others’ websites without permission.

But, if this is true – that the Post does possess the picture below – there may be a good reason why the Post did not publish this [third] photo of Maxwell since it appears to have been photoshopped.

What’s going on here?

Is someone trying to deceive us?

is that Maxwell or someone else?

I already had serious doubts about the Epstein story [as do many] – about his purported suicide. [He may have been assassinated; he may be still alive].

Many people have doubts about the official, government version of the story – that Epstein committed suicide.

So why is the mainstream media so quick to believe this Maxwell story?

Seemingly, no one is questioning whether Maxwell actually went out and got caught by the Post in a Los Angeles burger joint.

Was this really an authentic sighting of Maxwell? Did she really get caught in the open [this most hated woman in America] alone, reading a book about the CIA, and the honor deaths of its agents? [“The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives,”]

There is some indication this was staged or photoshopped.

Based on that – that this may be misdirection – I would like to see some proof that Maxwell is alive. [Or still in the country.]

The reason for this blatant photo reveal seems to be to show she is alive, and out and about, and carefree – which seems almost impossible considering how notorious she is – and how some people who recognized her would likely confront her.

To me, this suggests she is either dead or about to be officially dead. Perhaps we will soon hear she committed suicide. A fake death might be arranged. Or perhaps her real assassination.

Not unlike Jeffrey Epstein – who may be dead or not, Ghislaine Maxwell may drop out of sight.

I suspect we may not see her again and there will be no indictment or trial for Ghislaine Maxwell.

Who knows for certain?

Maybe she really went to the In-N-Out in Los Angeles and was accidentally caught there by a lucky photographer [who does not want his or her name credited].

Or maybe it was staged to reveal some covert message.

More likely it was photoshopped.

Who is the New York Post photographer who took the picture? Why doesn’t he or she come forward and take credit?

Something is up and it is not what the public is supposed to know or believe.




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  • Daily Mail reports that the Maxwell photos were staged and that the NYP story was a lie. However, not a single word about the truth that these photos were photoshopped and that Maxwell was never there. They try to convince us – though they are confirming their lies – that these photos were real. Today there is a fourth burger photo with her pet.


  • Obviously staged (some time in the past). You can even see the photographer in white pants in the reflection of the silver SUV. Look at the door jam…you can see two legs, one on each side of the jam. Also, Maxwell has not changed tables, the photographer has moved (doesn’t anyone take high school geometry anymore, geez). Maxwell was probably liquidated before Epstein was arrested. Time will tell.

  • A obviously fake English review of G.Maxwell dated Aug 15 appears on amazon.com regarding the book she was (fake) reading: The Book of Honor : The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives

    Pretty weird! Somebody uses both the fake photos and the fake review to publish a message.

  • Maybe Ben Szemkas took the photo before he attended a party that included Jeff Epstein, Prince Andrew, Keith Raniere, Bill Clinton and a bunch of teenage models from Tiger Beat magazine.

  • There are actually several significant things that have been photoshopped out of the third picture, that have been missed so far. But on close examination they’re obvious to an eye experienced in forensic photo analysis – and if we had a higher-resolution image to work with, error level analysis software would have flagged them as a glaring anomalies, though there is at least a 1298×1012 jpeg floating around to work off of for the purpose of visual examination.

    But don’t go getting all excited, kids. Rather than pointing to the grandest conspiracy theory yet uncovered, one that’s going to bring down the British royal family and the top leadership of either or both the Republican and Democratic parties, it’s probably just part of the mounting evidence that these are amateur photos with some clumsy cleanup done afterwards, most likely to try to improve their saleability to the tabloids – and some of the typical odd coincidences found in real life.

    So, if you look between the two people to the far left with pixellated faces, and up a bit, there’s a brick red colored sign on a building across the street that’s been crudely hit with an erase tool to obscure the large white lettering in the middle of it, made obvious by the fact that there’s a vestigial red smudge on the right side towards the bottom. And what does google street view reveal that the sign actually says? “Miceli’s” And what is that – a pizza parlor!

    Then, to the right of the guy in the blue shirt on the right, over the white van and across the street, there’s a blank white store sign that’s actually been erased. And what does it say? “CLEANERS”. As in CIA “cleaners”?!

    So have we found Ghislane Maxwell across from Pizzagate West and a CIA covert operations office, both of which some devious party has attempted – albeit clumsily – to hide from us? Well, besides the implausbility of all that, it also looks like there are probably a couple of other things including street signs that have been similarly erased.

    So it appears to me that a somewhat compulsive amateur thought that the pictures needed some cleaning up – kind of like the lady in Spain who infamously couldn’t resist trying her hand at retouching a fresco of Jesus, and leaving him looking like a monkey. And we have the sort of oddities that almost predictably turn up, when anything is subject to too much scrutiny, particularly when our minds are looking for seeming connections.

    And finally, the lady in the black dress on the left has a mouth on her exposed chest. Alien shape shifter? (my favorite) No, the faces on the people in the background were hit with some kind of blur tool (similar to the retouch tool in old Picasa, which can create such displacement effects) that resulted in the elongation of faces that someone commented on earlier, and then probably the pros at the paper pixellated the faces on top of that for a cleaner and more standard anonymization.

  • Re the new photoshopped image:

    Somone or a government organization of some sort “obviously” leaked this photoshopped image to Frank Parlato with a clear purpose in mind. I believe the purpose is to cloud and obfuscate the truth…

    ……To so the seeds of conspiracy and chaos…… and to use Frank Parlato.

    I think Frank Parlato is getting played and certain parties are attempting to use him as the fall guy for the Ghislaine Maxwell photoshopped images or something else down the road…

    Frank was given a link to photos on a secure privately owned corporate server… Why exactly?

    …Maybe to get Frank entrapped in criminal activity?

    Frank’s friendship and open public defense of Roger Stone make Frank a ripe target and an excellent patsy.

    I am not trying to insult Frank Parlato or his wisdom.

    I am just attempting to get everyone including Frank to realize someone or some organization is either using him or setting him up down the road.

    If Frank is indicted or something worse, we’ll all know Frank Parlato was set up!

    You all see conspiracies…I hope you all see the real conspiracy that is about to unfold right in front of your eyes…

    I wish Frank Parlato well!

    • Frank is a big boy, he can handle himself. He chose to cover the Maxwell picture scam, and trying the same “confidential password” trick that got others sued by Bronfman is truly sophomoric.

      • Scott,

        Re Sent Ghislaine photoshopped image.

        Sophomoric yes, stupid no.

        Clearly Frank was sent the first altered photo to entice(honey dick) him into clicking on the link and thus entrapping himself.

        Many times even IT people get duped into clicking on an emails that are carefully worded.

        Remember the “I love You Virus”, from almost 20 years ago? 20 years later and even IT people are still getting suckered.

        All it takes is a “weak moment” or a mistake and a click and Frank may have been screwed.

        Frank is a “big boy”….. Do you happen to remember what has happened to Roger Stone?

        Do you really think certain law enforcement officials would not hesitate to use a confidential informant( third party) to entrap Frank Parlato?

        It happens all of the time.

        Look how Nxivm went about getting people indicted and prosecuted!

        The real questions are…..

        Who wanted to entrap Frank Parlato?

        And Why entrap Frank Parlato?

  • Here’s the article from Daily Mail


    Yes, the Pic was photoshopped to make it look current. It could have been taken a year ago. The ad agency that rents the space for the bus stop signage – noted that there has never been an ad for the GOOD BOYS movie at that bus stop.

    Also look at Maxwell. In the no glasses Pic, she looks much younger, better, no wrinkles, and her turkey neck is gone. How does eating a Double Double make a person look 20 years younger???

  • I looked at the unpublished photo, and that one has been edited. Someone has combined 2 photos, and they have not done it correctly, which is why the car is too close to the table. However, that type of cut and paste editing is common in these types of photos of celebrities caught in public places. You can find articles that show other examples of this type of poor photo editing.

  • I see no evidence in these pics of photoshopping at all (and I’m a bit of an expert in finding evidence of deceptive photo manipulation.)
    Her haircut is exactly the same in both pictures (just windblown in one photo) and the car in the background is parked.
    Apparently, she switched tables at some point (OMG, who switches tables! Lol) and took her glasses off during her meal (because glasses are removable, that’s to be expected). There is nothing unusual here.

    You are seeing things that don’t exist. That said, I do know its possible to manipulate photos to try to trick people, and I’ve found photos where this was done, but I’m not seeing anything unusual here.

  • I hope you people realize that the FBI had everything you’ve said about these pictures, and probably a whole lot more, figured out within minutes. Do something productive with your lives and get involved with something meaningful, such as this: https://www.facebook.com/nicky.nice.39904/videos/355837901958429/?fref=mentions&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARBvdxk7NU_0Snu5ZdeZ8uVZP5NVaUKGRT-DHQn60eciPibSjeai_Oqiy2jOSdzYxtQ8-hC2yGiUrA8bX0ml214HIJaiA32e0pDzRu9WCui-DUqa5BGIbwZfP-pL9vY46kgNjVng6E9Mf0eQnOW-UYgL3F1Dr9LJJHEOkIaQEdsJVVvYO11zTNf3BcZcIDTqzkw1xGY-nXZNo7dVJiQ777nV6wMpSA2OnS0_YmcS_qrFd04i4Vukns4Jh_FP880HeN4J431TzsKxpGaa_KT7oqbtnldpFJ44KEApwXStplhKAdnbpp14YVPAK8AsCH9c7RelMxQIwmPQIAQgHhHBSA8xD4Iml0QBHtaElZ7Hdt90psX9PQeWk44rK4vRly0hs6q5etTZruwr2SEFpd9ZMPvEGL51ieBHhDiXuC9rEm5LiXpZj66n02Z4g-KGvVB_jJXl7ThKhHcW9CQH_X8ZkKY4H80JforLJfMDZ6Y1AKxoUyM&__tn__=K-R The actress who plays the mother in the movie “8 Days” and was so impacted by the role that she is working within Jaco’s organization, and will be on my radio show next Saturday. We plan on having Jaco on within a month or so, as he is currently in very high demand as a result of being on Mark Levin’s show, coincidentally 8 days ago.

    • By viewing street view u can tell the 3rd photo background is all photoshopped in, the car and everything behind it is not from that parking lot.

      • It appears she would be on the far side, with the car behind her parked in the handicapped spot that is empty in the street view – and with the top of the trash container visible, that was badly photoshopped out of the one photo. The street view just shows that only the bottom of the trash container has been photoshopped out, very amateurishly.

        Thanks for providing the address to check, though.

  • With all her money and privilege, what’s with the ratty worn purse?

    Notice the third pic….2 cups on the table but the 2nd tray is no longer on the seat.

    This is like those photo games, “find the difference “

  • Clearly the photos of Maxwell are staged.
    There are now too many photos of her at the hamburger joint to believe that she was caught by surprise.
    And the choice of a book about fallen CIA agents is a clear hint that Maxwell claims that she and Epstein were intelligence agents.
    Think of Get Smart’s Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 but as child molesters instead of agents of CONTROL.

    Maxwell Smart has been replaced by Maxwell Pimp.

    “To fight the bad guys we had to molest underage girls and blackmail powerful men. We did it for America and Israel. We aren’t child molesters. We’re heroes”
    Ghislane Maxwell’s BS argument.
    Now that Epstein is supposedly dead the US DOJ heat will come down on Jizzlane Pimp Maxwell.
    That’s why Maxwell is posing with a book about hero spies.

    Most of the photos of Maxwell that we are familiar with are from many years ago.
    The earliest photos of her are from the Eighties when she was in her twenties.
    Those earlier photos frequently include Maxwell with her Mossad agent disgraced embezzler father Robert Maxwell.
    Many of the photos of her are from the Nineties and early 2000s when she was in her thirties and forties and she was Epstein’s Chief Pimp.

    Ghislane Maxwell is now about 57 years old.
    I assume she has darkened her hair to hide the gray.

    Let’s link to other more recent photos of Ms. Maxwell
    This twitter thread has lots of photos of Pimp Maxwell with the elite.

    Here is a 2014 photo of Ms. Maxwell with the eccentric tycoon Elon Musk.
    A recent news story indicated that Epstein was secretly advising Musk.
    This photo was taken at the Vanity Fair’s Oscar party in West Hollywood.

    This next photo is a 2009 photo of Maxwell standing next to the now disgraced CBS reporter Charlie Rose.
    Rose allegedly associated with Epstein.

    The recent hamburger joint pictures of Pimp Maxwell were posted in the New York Post.
    Who owns the New York Post?
    Now the New York Post is owned by the Dirty Digger ex-Australian Rupert Murdoch through his company News Corp.
    (That’s what the Brits call Murdoch — the Dirty Digger.)
    And this next photo is a 2010 picture of Ghislane Maxwell with Rupert Murdoch himself.

    Is it any wonder that Rupert Murdoch would help his good friend Pimp Maxwell in her hour of legal peril?

  • The car is much too close to the wall, so if you park like this, you don’t mind the damage to the car body, and there is no space between the car and the wall. You can’t open the passenger door.

    • You get illusory foreshortening in photos, especially the wide depth of focus pictures that cell photos and some lenses take; it’s hard to judge things like that with any certainty. Have you ever seen one of those pictures where someone appears to be standing next to or holding a large object that’s actually in the background:

      The depth of field illusion, when done deliberately, is known as forced perspective – for example, the Eiffel Tower in your hand:


  • They said a hospital advert had instead been there since July 28.

    Miss Maxwell was said to have been photographed in the hamburger restaurant last Monday.

    Carly Zipp, spokesman for advertising agency Outfront Media, told the Mail on Sunday: “We think the poster in the Maxwell picture was photoshopped in.

    “We checked…and we have no evidence or record of Good Boys ever being there.”

  • Just noticed something interesting in the G.Maxwell amazon reviews. At first, I thought possibly this isn’t her because in one of the early reviews, “my wife” is mentioned. But, hey, its a review and the writer, I suppose, can pretend anything. However, there is a review for some hair conditioner and this is interesting because last year we sailed to an Italian island (working boat hard day and night sailing, not particularly glamorous) and the only place I could buy some shampoo was a pharmacy in a swanky resort. It was the same brand as Maxwell supposedly reviews, but I was shocked to discover it cost around 36 euros. Now I’m neither rich nor poor, but this did seem like a lot of money for shampoo, with conditioner it would have come to around 70 euros? we joked how none of us could possibly feel less than a million pounds after using itI

  • Also, there’s 2 drinks and what appears to be another tray of food on the bench seat in one of the photos.

    • Apart from all the dodgy brickwork and paving, the reflection in the car is off! it appears to be a reflection of another car, yet it should be of the person taking the picture and the restaurant. Cut and paste for beginers.


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