Raniere Lacked Basic Intelligence That His Racket Would All Crash and Burn Sooner or Later

MK10ART - Keith Raniere on Suicide Watch

By Swede World

This is in response to Raniere Did Study to Prove He Was Top Three Problem Solver in the World

Maybe it’s just me, but if I were checking out a claim of smartest whiz-kid on the planet – I’m going to be checking curriculum vitae with academic and professional references – and a track record of innovation and accomplishment. No??? IQ tests (like the polygraph) are no longer even considered in academia or business..

And before shelling out $6-8K++ for an “Intensive” (which is BTW an adjective) to improve my life – I’d expect some credentials with a bit more cred than Guinness or Rensselaer (a nice tech school – but no Oxford, Harvard or the like) — then a simple background check turns up “Consumer’s Buyline” – a pitiful pyramid plan with obvious roots in Vanguard’s brief Amway career – though with several Bernie Madoff/ Ponziesque twists to make it look sexier — shut down by SEC and numerous State attorneys general with a slap on the wrist $40K judgment — and a class action suit by the folks he scammed – both of which are still outstanding.

Allison Mack

I can perhaps allow for Mack’s naivete — having spent her entire adult life pretending to live in Smallville with a girlish crush on Superman – she likely hasn’t exercised “critical thinking” beyond picking an appropriate dinner dress and shoes in her life. (Not an excuse by any means — but perhaps a partial explanation.)

But I disagree with an assessment that the pathetic pedophile pervert Raniere was “very smart”- but no genius. He was a consummate scam artist who mastered classic cult methodology.

A Critical Analysis of the Executive Success Programs Inc.
By Paul Martin, Ph.D.

He’s a Narcissistic psychopath with an obsessive/compulsive need to control and manipulate people – while being worshiped — so he mastered classic cult mind control and behavior modification techniques.

But if he had the intelligence God gave a coconut – it seems to me he would have to know it would all crash and burn sooner or later– no?? IMHO.

With the likes of Vanguard & Epstein walking around, some were beginning to wonder if the justice system still functioned at all! Sincere thanks, Frank, for having the character, guts & perseverance to help bring him down. You are greatly appreciated.

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Jimbear 123
Jimbear 123
4 years ago

This is a great post. I was thinking this as well. How would you not know it would collapse. It’s like people that traffic drugs; it’s just a matter of time and you’re in prison. He is such an idiot.

4 years ago

‘Mack’s naivete — having spent her entire adult life pretending to live in Smallville with a girlish crush on Superman –’

So much truth. Do you think in KAR – she thought she’d found a ‘real-life’ superman – to Chloe with forever and ever?

4 years ago

Excellent article, and refreshing after all the looney and semi-looney stuff that has been posted here lately. We’re gone from conspiracy theory to Pizzagate-style speculation onward to astrology. I was about to give up on this site for all the craziness.

I too have wondered since the beginning how people could be so gullible and downright foolish to join Nxivm. Seems to me that the outlandish claims and unsupported promises this enterprise was selling would warn off even the most incautious prospective client. Anybody posturing as the world’s smartest man or one of its foremost “problem solvers” (whatever the hell that’s supposed to even mean) is obviously a liar and a cheat. Yet fools by the thousands lined up to pay money for his worthless courses, and dozens of women flocked to this posturing slob’s bed. They even semi-voluntarily agreed to be branded out of devotion to this nut. Just goes to prove there’s a sucker born every minute.

FR Reader in MO
FR Reader in MO
4 years ago

Good read SW.
I dont know Paul…I think he did show signs of self doubt. His penis for example and all the tiresome comparisons he asked for. Perhaps his self doubt was just centered around his sexuality? Otherwise I agree he did have to believe the schtick in order to sell it.

4 years ago

Self-doubt isn’t something that psychopaths understand or struggle with.

He really did believe his own PR.

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