R. Kelly – Will He Also ‘Commit Suicide’?

R. Kelly

R. Kelly is back at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Chicago, Il.

Metropolitan Correctional Center – Chicago, IL

And according to his attorney, Steven Greenberg, the 52-year-old R&B singer is not doing too well there.

Kelly, who is facing multiple sex-related charges in state courts in Illinois and Minnesota – and multiple federal charges in federal courts in Illinois and New York, has reportedly chosen to be housed in the facility’s Special Housing Unit (SHU) because he fears reprisal from other inmates.

Many of the charges that Kelly is facing involve underage women – which often makes an inmate a target of attacks by other inmates.

Alleged pedophiles are often housed together in a separate unit in order to protect them from other inmates (That’s the kind of unit that Keith Raniere was in for most of his stay at MDC).

It is unclear whether MCC has such a unit.


Kelly Is Emotionally Unstable

According to Greenberg, Kelly is very distraught about being in prison – and away from his friends and entourage.

Steven Greenberg

“I’ve seen him get very emotional,” Greenberg said. “He’s dealing with a lot of stories that have been made up. He’s not a fighter. I’ve seen him cry when he talks about the situation.”

“Now he’s been placed in the MCC’s ‘SHU’ — a cell in solitary confinement away from the jail population and is constantly being moved from cell to cell”, Greenberg said. “He only has the guards to talk to.”

Greenberg said that Kelly is having a difficult time adjusting to being by himself. “[He] has a stage persona who is used to having people around him all the time. His life in solitary is now minus TV, no radio, no music, and no books” [You’ll see how funny the last part of that statement is when you read the next segment of this post].


Kelly Is Functionally Illiterate

Also contributing to Kelly’s despondency is the fact that he can’t read much of the fan mail that he’s receiving at MCC.
“He’s receiving plenty of mail – which is 97% positive – and he pores over it,” said Greenberg.

But Greenberg also noted that there are only a few words that Kelly can read on his own. Everything else, he has to try to sound out as he reads over the messages.

“He’s also a spiritual guy, has a Bible with him in his cell, but he can’t read it. It’s basically there for comfort,” Greenberg said.

Holy Bible

Greenberg also noted that Kelly’s illiteracy makes even the most mundane tasks difficult.

Thus, for example, even though Kelly has plenty of money in his commissary account, he can’t figure out what to order from the pre-printed list of available items.


Kelly Not Getting Many Visitors

Kelly has also not had many visitors since he’s been incarcerated at MCC. In part, that’s because he’s only allowed to have one visitor on his weekly visiting day (He’s also allowed to meet with his attorneys whenever necessary).

Apparently, both of his live-in girlfriends – Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary – have been to see him at MCC. They both live with Kelly in Trump Tower in Chicago.

Trump Tower Chicago

His only other visitor has been an uncle who Kelly refers to as “Uncle Bug”.

Because he’s in the SHU, all of Kelly’s visits – except the ones with his attorneys – are conducted via video.

Kelly also has access to a phone but he is limited to a total of 15 minutes of phone conversations per month with family and friends.


Kelly May Be Making Changes to His Legal Team

Up until now, Steve Greenberg has been representing Kelly in all of his criminal cases.

But that may be changing.

According to new reports, Kelly recently met with Tom Mesereau, the attorney who got Michael Jackson acquitted on child molestation charges in 2005.

Michael Jackson with attorney Tom Mesereau

Later, Mesereau also got actor Robert Blake acquitted on charges that he murdered his wife.

Mesereau has not yet agreed to represent Kelly – and there is some question as to whether Kelly has the financial resources to pay what would likely be Mesereau’s multi-million dollar retainer to do so.

Maybe Kelly should try and hook up with Clare Bronfman, who paid the legal fees for Raniere and the rest of her co-defendants – or her sister, Sarah Bronfman-Igtet, who recently launched her own version of a Rainbow Cultural Garden school in France.


Kelly Will Likely Be Under Increased Scrutiny

Given the fallout from Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged suicide last Saturday [More on that topic in a later post], it’s quite likely that Kelly is now getting special attention at MCC.

Whether that involves 24/7 camera monitoring is not known.

But, at a minimum, he’s probably being checked on every 30-minutes by the guards who are assigned to his section of the SHU.

And it wouldn’t be surprising if he spends some time in MCC’s Suicide Watch Unit – if only for precautionary reasons.

Having another high-profile suicide or suiciding is not something that the Department of Justice wants to have to explain right now.

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  • Let us hope this one isolated incident does not mar the other many positive contributions of the rap community.

  • No, he won’t commit suicide. He has a relationship with God and he is innocent. A strong-minded man. Who cares what the lawyer fees are? His fans take care of Kellz and he had nothing to worry about then, He has nothing to worry about now. We just pray the new lawyer takes on the case #SurvivingLies

  • Metropolitan Correctional Center – Chicago, IL. Stalin would have loved that building.

    Its a shining example of brutalist architecture.

    Fit for purpose, I suppose.

  • “no books” [You’ll see how funny the last part of that statement is when you read the next segment of this post].
    Kelly Is Functionally Illiterate”.

    That was comedic gold! Thanks for the laugh. The way you edited it, the timing is perfect.

  • Chicago’s MCC, where R. Kelly is housed, looks escape proof.
    It is not.

    Once a prisoner escapes the building he is in Chicago’s Loop District with multiple avenues of escape and nearby transit and train stations.
    In 2012 two convicted bank robbers escaped from Chicago’s MCC but were recaptured.

    “2012 escape
    In the early morning hours of December 18, 2012, two convicted bank robbers, Kenneth Conley (28560-298) and Joseph “Jose” Banks (22652-424), escaped the secure facility. Conley and Banks were being housed in the MCC while awaiting sentencing on their bank robbery convictions, crimes which were unrelated beyond the pair being cellmates at the MCC.[22] The escape by Banks and Conley was the first from any secure federal correctional facility since April 2006,

    “The pair ostensibly fashioned a rope from bedsheets or fabric scraps,[23] and exited their 17th-floor cell through a hole created at the bottom of a narrow window slot, rappelling down the side of the MCC to the street below”

    “Their escape and the gaping hole in the prison wall apparently went unnoticed during routine overnight bed checks, and was only discovered when arriving jail workers spotted the rope dangling down the side of the MCC at about 7:00 am.[25] The inmates had obtained and concealed large numbers of bedsheets, fake iron window bars used to mimic the real bars they removed and hid, passable street clothing, and bulky materials used to fool guards into believing they were asleep in bed. It is unclear what tools were used to create the hole in the wall necessary for the escape, and if these had been hidden in the cell for an extended period of time.[26]”

    “On December 20, 2012, Banks was recaptured by FBI agents and the Chicago police in the 2300 block of North Bosworth Avenue. On January 3, 2013, Conley was apprehended in Palos Hills, Illinois.[29][30] Conley and Banks are currently incarcerated at Florence ADX, the supermax facility in Colorado which holds the most dangerous inmates in the federal system, as well as inmates who constitute a high escape risk”

    “Their release dates are in 2032 and 2040. Banks filed a $10 million lawsuit in 2014 for negligence for allowing him to escape. The lawsuit was dismissed by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.”

  • From 2012 through 2014, VH1 ran a reality series featuring R. Kelly’s ex-wife, Andrea, Prince’s ex-wife Mayte Garcia, Nicole Murphy, (Eddie’s ex) and several others. Hollywood Exes was when I first heard Andrea, married to Kelly from 1996-2009, talk about him and what it was like trying to handle, to cope with his lifestyle choices. Wowza. Too bad he is upset about being behind bars due to feeling lonesome and blue, but the guy has done more damage than he can do time. Extremely disappointing way to be living, when he had been a dad and husband, had to run for his fame and money but was hardly ever at home. Not that nice when he was home, Andrea Kelly said.

    Side note for those interested: dates of birth for 3 current newsmakers at Frank report. A minor couple of minutes of astrological reflection; take it or leave it.

    R. Kelly born Jan. 8, 1967 Capricorn
    Ghislaine Maxwell born Dec. 25, 1961, Capricorn
    Jeffrey Epstein Jan. 20, 1953 Capricorn

    Epstein’s chart is available to read at Astrotheme if you happen to read charts, and at other astrological websites as well. It has been for a long time. This guy’s entire chart is worth reading if you’ve ever erected or studied charts. He was born in the final hours of Capricorn, right on the verge of the next sign, Aquarius.

    An interesting coincidence. There is quite a fateful intersection when you align the 2 charts of Ghislaine and Jeffrey together. Even more so if you note one obvious thing by looking at Epstein and Maxwell as two who helped each other make it as professional predators. Briefly, Jeffrey’s sun is at 29 0′ Capricorn and Ghislaine’s Saturn sits right on it, at 28° 57′ Capricorn, three minutes from a dead match. It’s as if Jeffrey Epstein were her grim reaper. And she had to have him.

    • Shivani, Astrotheme lists Epstein’s sun sign as 0 degrees 22 minutes Aquarius. The sun changed signs on the day he was born, and his time of birth is unknown. Therefore we don’t know if he was Capricorn or Aquarius.

      If you want to have even more fun with astrology, consider this: Clare Bronfman has Sun in Aries opposite Pluto in Libra. This indicates issues of power and control with her father. Keith Raniere has Sun conjunct Pluto in Virgo. Again this indicates issues of obsession, power and control. Virgo has to do with diet, Virgo is detail oriented, Virgo is the virgin. Virginal looking women whose lives he obsessively micromanaged, particularly what they ate.

  • He won’t commit suicide, but he might be ‘suicided’ like Epstein, or he might fall from a window in the Bethesda Naval Hospital. Maybe not though, that one’s been done before…

  • Nah, he’s hoping for same result as ASAP Rocky. Too bad he didn’t get arrested in a Sweden, I think he’s outta luck here. Hold onto that bible bro. Maybe in 20 years you may become a preacher in jail and lose that bad act you have now.

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