Extradition from Libya or Fiji? Go Fiji!

Some sources have speculated that Keith Raniere is guiding the witless Basit Igtet to foment violence in Libya. Mr Igtet wants to be President of Libya.
Some people think Keith is leading the foolish husband of Sara Bronfman to the brink of violence, in order for Keith to flee to Libya, which would leave him safe from US extradition.
I don’t think it’s true.
I think Keith is simply guiding Mr. Igtet and his wife, Sara Bronfman, into an appointment with disaster just for its own sake – as befits a psychopath of his deranged nature.
It also may serve to enslave her more.
I do believe the irony of her participation – she, the daughter of a famous Jew [her father, Edgar Bronfman Sr. was president of the Jewish World Congress for years] – in the support of enemies of Judaism, with her husband [who is Muslim] is astonishing.
I think it has attracted the attention of US intelligence community and may place Sara in more trouble than her sister Clare who has participated in numerous domestic crimes under the direction of Keith Raniere.
If they are going to flee, I suspect Keith and company are going to Fiji, where Clare has purchased 80 percent of Wakaya Island.
While it is true that Fiji has an extradition treaty with the US and Libya does not, Libya is not a good option.
First, it is unlikely that Basit Igtet will successfully overthrow Libya against American law enforcement.
If he did, Keith might enjoy a large compound in Tripoli, but he would have to be quite careful in navigating his lifestyle in secrecy among a very conservative and harsh Muslim community that would come to power if Mr. Igtet succeeded in overthrowing the Libyan government.
Keith might be beheaded for violating Muslim religious law.
On the other hand, Fiji, with its white sands and gentle breezes awaits.
While it is technically possible to be extradited from Fiji, it is not seen as likely.
In Fiji, the judiciary is rated by international observers as extremely corrupt. If one has enough money, they can avoid extradition from Fiji.
I find it interesting  to read the extradition treaty with Fiji and the US.
It was initially signed in 1931 and put into force in 1935. It remains in force.
Some of the crimes that Fiji and the US were focused on as reason for extradition when the treaty was signed seem to have had Keith in mind.
Of course, if I may repeat, if you have Bronfman money, you can avoid extradition in Fiji.

And the cost of bribery for judges is said to be much cheaper than other corrupt countries.  Almost as cheap as Mexico.

Below is the list of specified crimes in the extradition treaty with Fiji and USA:.

See if you can guess which ones Keith would qualify to be extradited for, if he was unable to bribe judges there.


Extradition shall be reciprocally granted for the following crimes or offences:

1. Murder (including assassination, parricide, infanticide, poisoning), or attempt or conspiracy to murder.

2. Manslaughter.

3. Administering drugs or using instruments with intent to procure the miscarriage of women.

4. Rape.

5. Unlawful carnal knowledge, or any attempt to have unlawful carnal knowledge, of a girl under 16 years of age.

6. Indecent assault if such crime or offence be indictable in the place where the accused or convicted person is apprehended.

7. Kidnapping or false imprisonment.

8. Child stealing, including abandoning, exposing or unlawfully detaining.

9. Abduction.

10. Procuration: that is to say the procuring or transporting of a woman or girl under age, even with her consent, for immoral purposes, or of a woman or girl over age, by fraud, threats, or compulsion, for such purposes with a view in either case to gratifying the passions of another person provided that such crime or offence is punishable by imprisonment for at least one year or by more severe punishment.

11. Bigamy.

12. Maliciously wounding or inflicting grievous bodily harm.

13. Threats, by letter or otherwise, with intent to extort money or other things of value.

14. Perjury, or subornation of perjury.

15. Arson.

16. Burglary or housebreaking, robbery with violence, larceny or embezzlement.

17. Fraud by a bailee, banker, agent, factor, trustee, director, member, or public officer of any company, or fraudulent conversion.

18. Obtaining money, valuable security, or goods, by false pretences; receiving any money, valuable security, or other property, knowing the same to have been stolen or unlawfully obtained.

19. (a) Counterfeiting or altering money, or bringing into circulation counterfeited or altered money.

(b) Knowingly and without lawful authority making or having in possession any instrument, tool, or engine adapted and intended for the counterfeiting of coin.

20. Forgery, or uttering what is forged.

21. Crimes or offences against bankruptcy law.

22. Bribery, defined to be the offering, giving or receiving of bribes.

23. Any malicious act done with intent to endanger the safety of any persons travelling or being upon a railway.

24. Crimes or offences or attempted crimes or offences in connection with the traffic in dangerous drugs.

25. Malicious injury to property, if such crime or offence be indictable.

26. (a) Piracy by the law of nations.

(b) Revolt, or conspiracy to revolt, by two or more persons on board a ship on the high seas against the authority of the master; wrongfully sinking or destroying a vessel at sea, or attempting to do so; assaults on board a ship on the high seas, with intent to do grievous bodily harm.

27. Dealing in slaves.



My answers to the question of ‘Which crimes would Keith be qualified to be extradited from Fiji to the USA, if he was unable to bribe judges in Fiji are:

1. Murder

[Keith has bragged he has had people killed on video. And I have suspicions about Kristin Snyder.]

4. Rape.

{There are several women who say Keith raped them. They are time barred now. Not all rapes are reported because of the victim’s shame.]

5. Unlawful carnal knowledge..of a girl under 16 years of age.

{Keith has been accused by a number of women of having carnal knowledge of underage girls]

7. Kidnapping or false imprisonment.

{Keith allegedly kept Daniela Fernandez imprisoned for 18 months. Some of the lock downs in DOS might constitute a similar offense.]

8. Child stealing, including abandoning, exposing or unlawfully detaining.

[I’d have a look at Rainbow Cultural Garden and what that exposes a child to…].

10. Procuration:….  transporting of a woman …. by fraud, threats, or compulsion, for such purposes with a view in either case to gratifying the passions of another person ….

[I think DOS’ collateral and Keith’s gratifying his passions might qualify].

12. Maliciously wounding or inflicting grievous bodily harm.

[Would DOS starvation and sleep deprivation, in combination with collateral, qualify?  How about branding?]

13. Threats, by letter or otherwise, with intent to extort money or other things of value.

[A lot of collateral and exchange went back and forth through email.]

14. Perjury, or subornation of perjury.

[This is Clare and Keith’s bread and butter.]

18. Obtaining money…  by false pretences..

[ESP sales are based entirely on lying about who Keith is.]

20. Forgery, or uttering what is forged.

{The late Pam Cafritz was said to be an expert forger and forged hundreds of documents for Keith.]

22. Bribery.

[There is a some fertile ground here.]

27. Dealing in slaves.

[Do DOS slaves count?]

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  • ” Security Forces in Tripoli closed Sunday all roads leading to the capital’s main Martyrs’ Square with concrete barriers to prevent supporters of Libyan entrepreneur Basit Igtet from gathering on Monday.

    The measure comes after Tripoli Security Department (TSD) refused to give permission to the protesters to gather in the square. The TSD claimed that the organizers of the protest have no clear vision and they don’t follow a specific party nor they have a known headquarters.

    The TSD also claimed that a terrorist group planning to undermine security during the protest was arrested in Ein Zara district on Saturday.

    In Misrata, the protesters were given permission to stage the protest.

    Supporters of Libyan entrepreneur Basit Igtet are planning to stage protests in Tripoli and Misrata on Monday to call for overthrow of all current political entities in the Libyan scene.

    Igtet, who wish to be the next prime minster for the country, accuses Chairman of Presidential Council Fayaz Sarraj and Chief of Dignity Operation Khalifa Haftar of being behind Libya’s political chaos and instability.”


    “In coordination with Libya’s Government of National Accord and aligned forces, U.S. forces conducted six precision airstrikes in Libya against an ISIS desert camp on Friday,” US Africa Command which oversees US troops in the region, told CNN in a statement.

    The strikes killed 17 ISIS militants and destroyed three vehicles at the camp, located about 150 miles southeast of Sirte, the statement added.

    “The camp was used by ISIS to move fighters in and out of the country; stockpile weapons and equipment; and to plot and conduct attacks,” Africa Command said in a later statement, adding that ISIS operatives in Libya have “been connected to multiple attacks across Europe.”

    The strikes were carried out by unmanned aircraft, US military officials told CNN. Trump approved the operation, signing off on it in the last week, one of the officials said.”


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