Why Allison Mack Will Get Much Longer Prison Sentence Than Lauren Salzman

Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack during their DOS days.

By Bangkok

I’ve consulted with two spiritual gurus and one Jamaican witchdoctor friend of mine, and the consensus is that:

1) Allison Christin Mack will be sentenced to seven years in prison for her dastardly deeds and unwholesome behavior towards so many women, while acting as Keith Raniere’s right hand man.

No easy sentence for Allison. You heard it here first.

2) Lauren Salzman will be sentenced to 12-18 months in prison maximum, due to her lesser role in these crimes and her estranged relationship with Smelly Keith (i.e., she hadn’t fornicated with Rodent Keith in years).

Lauren may have outranked Allison many years ago, but Allison quickly rose to become Keith’s favored miscreant.

Lauren was just a sad and forlorn ‘follower’ and had little input to Keith’s decisions.

Whereas Allison was a partial architect of the branding process and slave system, while also being the strictest and most cruel slave master in Keith’s upper line.

Lauren Salzman Was Following Her Mom

The biggest factor (in her sentencing) will likely be the fact that Lauren was just following ‘mom’.

A person’s mother can have a tremendous impact on their own decision making in life.

Most people’s parents encourage them to go to college, get a respectable job and live a happy life.

But not Lauren’s mom.

According to Frank Parlato, Lauren’s mom encouraged her to playfully wrestle & roughhouse with a DIRTY OLD PERVERT thus ‘grooming her’ to be physical with Keith and setting the stage for eventually having sex with him.

That type of parental pressure is an ABSOLUTE MITIGATING FACTOR in her sentencing.

I think the pre-sentencing report (from the probation office) will reflect these issues, especially the fact that Nancy pressured her own daughter to become Keith’s sex partner and to obey anything he says.

If not for Nancy’s parental pressure from a young age, Lauren would not have walked down this particular path in life.

Whereas Allison didn’t have that type of parental pressure to join NXIVM.

Allison Mack Was Not Groomed to Obey Keith From a Young Age

Allison was a rich TV star long before joining NXIVM, yet she still jumped on the NXIVM bandwagon like a bum on a baloney sandwich.

That shows a higher level of independent thought and willful intent, compared to Lauren.

That’s the reason for the sentencing disparities.

Lauren Salzman

I also truly believe that the government owes Lauren free plastic surgery to fix her undesirably huge nose, as part of her plea deal for providing such great testimony.

Once she gets that nose fixed she’ll be able to find a suitable husband and live a normal life.

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  • You know what really makes me mad? There are no videos of any of their activity… this story is so lame when I don’t get to watch some crazy video of Allison beating up a bunch of guys.

  • I can tell you, from experience of my own in a cult years ago, there are diehards like Ms. Mack who will follow their guru to the bitter end.
    Call it misplaced loyalty, if you will.
    Allison might have had a so so career, married, had children, led a normal life.
    Now she has nothing except a criminal history.
    Crimes of this nature brand her (😁) as a pariah and will follow her to the grave and beyond.

    • My name is J and I was once in a cult. I have no sympathy for other people in cults. Did you know cults are bad? I am no longer a follower. I am entrenched in the alt right and conspiracy theory of Alex Jones and Breitbart .I have a independent and deductive mind.

      I am also randomly rude to people for no apparent reason.

      I do not hate Allison Mack. I hate Allison Mack because she is pretty.

      I am medication free. I told my psychiatrist she is the one with a problem. She no longer has a client! LOL
      Would you like to be my friend?

      My name is J. I used to be in a cult. When I was in a cult we were brainwashed. Did you know cults are bad? My name is J. Did you know Allison Mack is piranha fish. My name is J. I used to be in a cult.

    • There’s certainly the example of the Manson girls.

      Of those who managed to stay on the outside, “Squeaky” Fromme and Sandra Good were both still expressing loyalty to Manson, and his supposed ecological ideas, the last time anyone interviewed them.

      Those who went to prison, along with Manson, were still loyal to him as of the time of the trial a year later – Susan Atkins even broke a plea deal she had made, risking the death penalty, to support Manson when it actually came to going to court with him. It’s not clear at what point later, if ever, they actually started to break with him, though I think it’s more likely than not that years of incarceration did finally get them to see things in a different light.

      It’s possible that Mack and others facing prison have now been away from Raniere and the Clifton Park harem/commune long enough, back with their families, and coming to grips with the severe consequences of their actions, that they have broken mentally with their guru and his group. However, it seems that some who slipped that noose, like Cline and Haertel, are still loyalists and true believers.

    • Even if she didn’t have a criminal history it doesn’t matter, she is still “persona non grata.”

      an unacceptable or unwelcome person.

      Once the world learned of her sexual proclivities, all the juicy details, everything from wanting to be a sister wife (her words) with KAR’s growing harem, to wanting to inflict pain and degradation on those same sister wives, she became a social pariah. Her current reputation has overshadowed her stellar acting resume by far and no one in her career fields will want to be tainted by her company.

      Sad. She was by far the best actress on Smallville. She has a large acting range, made the others look like one-trick ponies. When KAR told her to quit acting she should have known it was in his best interests, not hers. Cult 101:

      You go against your own best interest and follow without question (to question means you fail the entire cult) a guru who does it all for his/her own selfish best interest.

  • Well Gee Boss.
    Charging docs said she willingly groomed children.
    Charging docs say her initials are in the BRANDING TOO.
    But female bad behavior apologists like you have gotten her damn near probation.
    You make me sick. I hope she dies in prison.

  • Well Gee Boss.
    Charging docs said she willingly groomed children.
    Charging docs say her initials are in the BRANDING TOO.
    But female bad behavior apologists like you have gotten her damn near probation.
    You make me sick. I hope she dies in prison.
    Yes, I have been following along.

  • Bangkok,

    For fuck sake Bangkok!!!!!

    You don’t have to be Nostradamus to know why….

    ….”Allison Mack Will Get Much Longer Prison Sentence Than Lauren Lauren Salzman'”.

    Do you attend summer camp or summer school with bunch of mentally challenged adults?

    Is there a tag sown into your shirt which states your full name, age, weight, and the message “If found please keep”, ?

    Is your usual mode of transportation a yellow school bus oddly 1/2 the size of other busses?

    Do your parents start to drink excessively whenever you arrive home?

    Have you heard your either parent mutter under their breath”Oh God why me?”

    • Bangkok my fucking head hurts when I think about how dumb you are.

      You are the poorest troll on the f*cking internet.

      Stick to running errands for your parents, and dry humping your Grandmother’s dog. You dipshit. 😉

  • Nancy Salzman, ‘The Gran With A Plan,’ is the one who loses least because of the NXIVM scandal.

    Will she visit Lauren in jail once she’s served her own much shorter sentence?

    Or will she just jet off to the South of France?

  • I’m disappointed and mad. How can she be held so responsible? Please read, Steven Hassan/Cult Mind Control. Have we learned nothing? (JIMJONES) All the ladies robbed, branded, and/or hored want someone to plz help them. Very few are.
    We have no laws against mental abusers.
    Maybe we might think we’ll never be talked into such things…but, we already have. Many times over.

    • “I’m disappointed and mad. How can she be held so responsible?”

      How can Herman Goering be held so responsible?
      He was brainwashed b y Hitler!

      How can Josef Goebbels be held so responsible?
      He was brainwashed by Hitler!

      How can Heinrich Himmler be held so responsible?
      He was brainwashed by Hitler!

      How can Reinhard Heydrich be held so responsible?
      He was brainwashed by Hitler!

      How can Albert Speer be held so responsible?
      He was brainwashed by Hitler?

      • PREACH!

      • Shadowstate,

        The only problem with your analogy is that everyone on your list is responsible for the death of millions of men, women, and children.

        Allison Mack did not kill anyone!

    • That’s why she’s not facing decades in prison, like Raniere.

      Courts can’t just give someone a slap on the wrist, because it seems like maybe someone made them do something – they have to be held accountable to some degree for their acts, with the possible exception of cases where they literally had a gun to their head. Having read a lot of Steve Hassan’s work and having even chatted with him a couple of times, I suspect he would more or less agree.

      I have some sympathy for Mack as someone who was apparently particularly vulnerable in some way – that’s one of the remaining mysteries that I think intrigues us. But she was also in for a long time, stayed when others around her were leaving because of the dysfunctions and abuses, and then assumed a key role in the perpetration of some of the worst abuses, committing actual crimes.

      If you see this is an injustice, then I hope you’re agitating for prosecutorial and sentencing reform. There are plenty of people who did less than Mack did, who are serving very long or life sentences – but that involved more mundane crimes, and they’re not attractive, winsome actresses.

  • What came first? The size of Lauren’s nose? Or all of the lies she told to herself and to others to make it that way?

    People should ask and wonder why Bang-cock defends Lauren so much while hurling insults against much less responsible people.

  • They all funded Raniere to have sex with women against their will! Send them all to prison for eternity!

    Bet if your wife or daughter was one of the slaves your attitude would be somewhat different!

  • Lauren Salzman knows much more about NXIVM’s criminal activity than she’s so far admitted. Allison Mack knows more about the formation of DOS than anyone. Only Nancy knows where the money is.

  • Bangkok: You used to do better trolling than this…disappointed.

    Especially since your trolling contained a tiny bit of Truth usually.

    Come on, you can do better! I believe in you!

  • The article made sense until the last paragraph.
    “Once she gets that nose fixed she’ll be able to find a suitable husband and live a normal life.”
    Wow. Seriously?

  • Salzman has much deeper problems than a Jimmy Durante nose, but you’ll definitely make Mr. Shadow’s day.

    Although influenced by her mom, Salzman was an adult when she joined NXIVM and has been involved much longer than Mack. I think the information the probation office submits will significantly influence the judge’s sentencing decisions, and we simply don’t know what the FBI/DOJ has dug up regarding these two sluts to make an educated guess on how much time each will get.

  • Following ‘mom’ is not an excuse, she is a grown woman. Whatever her penalty is should be more than Allisons as she done more and done it for longer than Allison

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