Putting Keith Raniere Away for Life Is the Most Fair Decision Possible, as It Protects Society From Future Harm

MK10ART's painting of Keith Alan Raniere where he presently resides.

By Bangkok [AKA The Retard, AKA Jesus Christ] 

This is in response to Keith Raniere Did Not Get Fair Trial; Does Not Deserve Life Sentence.

Frank’s decision to publish that piece of trash is akin to Frank publishing Shadow State’s nonsense.

I guess it was a slow day on Frank Report.

You call this journalism, Frank?

Firstly, the judge did not block Lauren’s testimony the moment something favorable for Keith came up.

The judge warned Keith Raniere’s attorney, Marc Agnifilo, to stop badgering the witness and to stop asking the same questions over and over, which had already been asked and answered.

The judge simply blocked Agnifilo from badgering the witness with questions which were designed to badger her, not to reveal any earth-shattering information helpful to Keith.

The ‘intent’ of the questions is the real issue, you ignorant asshole.

That’s why the appellate court will uphold Keith’s conviction and why K.R. Claviger is a fucken IDIOT for suggesting otherwise in his many, pathetic posts here.

Claviger’s appellate knowledge is akin to a shit-stained piece of paper. He’s clueless. If Claviger picked next year’s Superbowl winner, I’d bet big on the opposing team.

The photos?

These winsome photos were used by the prosecution at trial to reveal the nature, the proclivities and perhaps photogenic qualities of the illustrious Vanguard.


This photo of Keith Alan Raniere was used as an exhibit at his trial.

The photos introduced by the prosecutor were NOT designed to make Keith look like a dirty old man, you dumb fuck.

In fact, Keith ALREADY WAS a ‘dirty old man’ who bedded girls under the proper age.

Thus, the prosecutor didn’t need to ‘make him look like one’. He ALREADY was one.

Life in prison?

Keith is an ongoing danger to society because IF he were released from prison in a few years, he’d go right back to coercing and blackmailing women for his own pleasure.

He can’t stop.

Why? …Because a Zebra can’t change his stripes.

True a zebra can’t change his stripes, but the real question is can a cockroach change his personality and become a guru and leader of women?

Keith only knows one way to live.

He can’t stop manipulating others because it’s not part of his personality to have mercy or empathy towards other human beings.

Keith’s brain is short-circuited. The wiring is faulty and there’s no repair shop to fix that shit.

Therefore, putting Keith away for LIFE is the most fair decision possible, as it protects society from future harm.

Keith will spend the rest of his life in prison and he’ll likely get his ass kicked over and over.

They say conjugal (fuck) visits aren’t possible in lockup. However, Keith may begin to experience postprandial coitus with Bubba at some point.

Keith’s future is now as dim as a moonless night.

And I’m fucken loving it. 

The world’s smartest man will have a long time to ponder his future, which may be deadeningly the same from now on. Bye-bye, Vanguard. What is left for us now is to learn some lessons from you to prevent what happened to your victims from happening to others.


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There I Said It
There I Said It
4 years ago

If I had an underage daughter and that bastard was banging her, I want to kill him.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

A life sentence is not on the table. However, the judge may sentence Raniere to enough years that he dies in prison.

Fool Me Not
Fool Me Not
4 years ago

With all due respect, Mr. Palato’s reporting is professional and without the use of profanity.

He is an investigative reporter, which is a dying art.

Reading the f bomb as critical mass is usually done by those otherwise unable to express themselves.

That aside, in my opinion, Raniere is a sociopath and the risk of recidivism is high.

4 years ago

The law has a lot of miss-fires and failures, but this is an example of when the process worked as it should. There are innocents in jail while many guilty walk free, but Raniere is guilty and will never again walk free. Any other outcome would have been a massive failure.

4 years ago

I would agree 100% with the second half of this article, after Bangkok got done bullying Frank and Claviger. Keith rotting in prison for the rest of his days is the absolute best thing for everyone. I still maintain he’ll off himself soon. He won’t stay alive long enough for him to reap his sentence, thereby taking the power into his own hands. Many here say he doesn’t have the balls to do it. I think he will.

Bruno Balenciaga
Bruno Balenciaga
4 years ago

I, as a practicing Catholic, feel compassion for Raniere. My faith prohibits me from wishing him suffering. He has done a lot of harm to other people and I am sorry for them, but that does not imply that I am not moved by the situation of this man. Raniere must confess wholeheartedly and with complete sincerity to a priest. He must publicly apologize to his victims, repent from the heart, committing himself never to repeat what he did, and he must fulfill the complete penance imposed by the priest. If he does that, Catholics have an obligation to forgive him.

4 years ago

Will we ever know who van-caught called?

Fool Me Not
Fool Me Not
4 years ago

In my opinion, he is a narcissist and lacks the ability to feel remorse.

4 years ago

“He must publicly apologize to his victims, repent from the heart, committing himself never to repeat what he did,”

Raniere is constitutionally incapable of admitting his guilt and expressing any remorse. That is part of what makes him a psychopath. Guilt and remorse both require a degree of empathy which is utterly alien to the likes of Raniere. He sat through six weeks of legal process that elaborated the details of (some) of his crimes, including victim impact testimony, and was utterly unmoved. The only time he showed any emotion was when the verdict was delivered. And even in that moment, he considered that he had done nothing wrong.

I don’t believe that the unrepentant deserve forgiveness.

4 years ago

Raniere put himself where he is.

It wasn’t the result of anybody else’s behaviour.

He did a great job of putting himself where can do no more harm.

4 years ago

And sets an example for other cases like Jeffrey Eppstein asf. Hopefully some day the FBI will interviene The Church of Scientology and David Miscavige will also get what he deserves!

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