Necker Island Gathering Was NOT Nefarious Nxivm Event.

By Bangkok [AKA The Retard AKA Jesus Christ]

The Necker Island gathering was NOT a nefarious event.

Anybody with common sense (i.e., Heidi and Niceguy excluded) can surmise that IF NXIVM’s leadership truly wanted to discuss something ‘confidential’ and ‘nefarious’ with the goal of expanding their racketeering activities — they’d NEVER have invited so many UNIMPORTANT and LOW LEVEL idiots to that island.

Yes, there were many high level people there.

However, most of those party-goers were not ‘HIGH LEVEL’ board members or people that were privy to Keith’s perverted schemes. They were mid-level idiots, douchebags and twats.

Most of those people aren’t gonna be privy to highly nefarious shit. Those are the kinda people who might fetch Keith’s laundry.

Guess what, Frank?

If NXIVM wanted to have a meeting to discuss ‘secret’ and ‘nefarious’ things, they’d have simply met privately at a home in Albany without all the photos, fanfare and attention. They’d have done it LOW KEY and STEALTHILY.

Image result for mafia bosses appalachian

When the bosses of the Mafia Commission get together to meet, they sure as fuck don’t do it like that.


Cuz if you wanna talk about highly nefarious things, you don’t fucken do it while attracting maximum attention.

Common sense tells me that.

Duh, Frank. 

Related image
These men behaved a little differently than Nxivm leaders. But, then again, they did not have a Vanguard to do their thinking for them. Tommy Lucchese, Vito Genovese, Carlo Gambino & Joseph Profaci”

I challenge Frank to convince me that I’m wrong.

John Tighe

John Tighe is so biased that he sees RED when thinking about NXIVM. He can’t be trusted cuz he hates them too much.

Tighe’s sources are likely LIARS and LOW LIFES with an axe to grind against NXIVM.

Frank needs to stop feeding from the gutter.

Were these high-level Nxivm leaders plotting criminal activities of just partying and having a grand time on Sara Bronfman’s dime?



Attendees at Appalachian meeting

oseph “The Barber” Barbara NE Pennsylvania family Boss
Rosario “Russell” Bufalino Underboss Summit organizer
Dominick Alaimo Caporegime
Angelo J. Sciandra Caporegime
Ignatius Cannone Caporegime
Anthony “The Gov” Guarnieri Family Soldier
James “Dave” Ostico Caporegime
Pasquale “Patsy” Turrigiano Caporegime
Emanuel “Manny” Zicari Caporegime
Salvatore “Vicious” Trivalino Family Soldier
Pasquale “Patsy” Monachino Family Soldier
Pasquale “Patsy” Sciortino Family Soldier
Morris “Moe” Modugno Family Soldier
Bartolo “Bart” Guccia Family Associate Barbara estate overseer and handyman
Giovanni “John” Bonventre Bonanno crime family Caporegime
Anthony “Tony” Riela Caporegime Faction leader
Natale “Joe Diamonds” Evola Caporegime
Vito “Don Vito” Genovese Genovese crime family Boss
Gerardo “Jerry” Catena Underboss Faction leader
Michele “Big Mike” Miranda Consigliere
Salvatore “Charles” Chiri Caporegime Faction leader
Carlo “Don Carlo” Gambino Gambino crime family Boss
Joseph “Staten Island Joe” Riccobono Consigliere
Paul “Big Paul” Castellano Caporegime
Carmine “The Doctor” Lombardozzi Caporegime
Armand “Tommy” Simonetti Caporegime
Vincent “Nunzio” Rao Lucchese crime family Consigliere
Giovanni “Big John” Ormento Caporegime
Joseph “Joe Palisades” Rosato Caporegime
Joseph “Don Peppino” Profaci Profaci crime family Boss
Joseph “Fat Joe/Joe Malyak” Magliocco Underboss
Salvatore “Sam” Tornabe Caporegime
Frank Majuri DeCavalcante crime family Underboss
Louis “Fat Lou” LaRasso Caporegime
John C. Montana Buffalo crime family Underboss
Antonino “Nino” Magaddino Caporegime
Rosario “Roy” Carlisi Caporegime
James “Jimmy” LaDuca Caporegime
Samuel “Sam” Lagattuta Caporegime
Dominick D’Agostino Caporegime
Constenze “Stanley” Valenti Rochester crime family Boss
Frank Valenti Underboss
Joseph Falcone Buffalo or Rochester Family
Salvatore Falcone Buffalo or Rochester Family
Rosario “Roy” Mancuso Buffalo or Rochester Family
Michael “Mike” Genovese Pittsburgh crime family Caporegime
Gabriel “Kelly” Mannarino Caporegime
Joseph “Joe” Ida Philadelphia crime family Boss
Dominick Olivetto Underboss
John Scalish Cleveland crime family Boss
John DeMarco Consigliere
Frank “The Cheeseman” Cucchiara Patriarca crime family Consigliere
Frank Zito Springfield, Illinois Boss
Santo Trafficante Jr. Trafficante crime family
Joseph “Joe” Civello Dallas crime family Boss
John Francis Colletti
James “Black Jim” Colletti Colorado Colletti family Boss
Frank DeSimone Los Angeles crime family Boss
Simone Scozzari Underboss



Attendees at Necker Island Meeting

Nancy Salzman Prefect

James Del Negro Proctor

Alejandra Betancourt El Duce

Emiliano Salinas Puto

Allison Mack Racketeer

Kristin Kreuk Burdened by Truth

Sara Bronfman Heiress

Lama Tenzin Monk

Rita Webb Bronfman Mother

Richard Branson Host

Mark Hildreth Boyfriend

Miscellaneous Nxivm devotees of Keith Alan Raniere

Keith Alan Raniere is presently residing at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center. Some of his followers will soon be residing in similar facilities.


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  • Unlike the Mafia, the Nxivm people strike me as being so stupid they didn’t even realize what they were doing was wrong. Mack didn’t seem to grasp that “collateral” would be viewed by law enforcement, judge, jury, and anyone with an iota of sense as blackmail material. These fools recorded their criminal conversations like jackass teenagers taking video of their vandalism sprees to post on Facebook. Raniere even archived his incriminating kiddie-porn and left it as a gift for the FBI.

    The Mafia was never so careless. They at least made the cops work at gathering evidence.

    • “Mack didn’t seem to grasp that “collateral” would be viewed by law enforcement, judge, jury, and anyone with an iota of sense as blackmail material. ”

      You’re right.
      Everyone who comments on this site talking about “collateral” is a NXIVM troll.

      “The Mafia was never so careless. They at least made the cops work at gathering evidence.’

      Many people in the Mafia are quite smart even if they’re also evil.
      The NXIVM gangsters are not only evil they are depressingly stupid.

  • Bangkok – I guess you never heard of “killing two birds with one stone”. They were capable of launching a charm offensive to lure certain people in and holding top level meetings away from the lower level members., all under the guise of a vacation.

      • But we know she didn’t “leave”. She was still with them in 2016! The brandings were already happening!

          • She was a part of the NXIVM cult at least up to 2016 and was doing EM’s. Thus she was still in the cult. She lives in Toronto and was not always in Vancouver. That is all. She lied.

        • Hildreth gave Raineri sexual pix of Kreuk, taken without her knowledge. This collateral kept her quiet about NX. Kreuk was never in Dos, but she got branded in a trade for the sex pix. two people told me

  • /* Burke’s infinite daily loop */





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    • Anonymous,

      Words can not express how much I enjoyed your skeleton code. It’s been years since I have looked at an infinite loop subroutine or goto loop (subroutine) or dear I say a recursive function.

      Thank you so much for posting. You made an old Windows Visual C+ MFC AS400 half/dork (I played sports and got laid) happy!!!

      Have a great and awesome day!!!!!!

  • Bangkok,

    Once again your poor reading comprehension skills are display.

    Nancy Salzman the Prefect and Salinas the head of NXIVM Mexico and one half of Nxivm’s financing arm Sara Bronfman were all on Necker’s Island.

    They were all there trying to recruit Richard Branson.

    There was a nefarious plot you dimwit!!!!

    Bangkok are you drunk on cock?

    Or are we drinking mother’s fermented breast milk again?

    PS I can’t speak for Heidi but thanks for mentioning my name in your article. I feel like if I ever had had kids they would have all been fucktards like you. 😉

    Have a great night you little dipshit!

  • So is it true that Clare Bronfman, Keith Raniere and Allision Mack all equally own 1/3 of Necker Island?

      • Anonymous – Oops, wrong island! I didn’t even notice until now. Unfortunately sleep deprived thanks to terrible neighbours. At least I now know partly how the DOS slaves were affected. 😚

  • All good points, the only thing bringing doubt to this approach is the NXIVM people are so f*cking stupid.

    Also supporting Bangkok’s theory is that Raniere wasn’t there.

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