Carolyn Stotesbery Seems ‘Nasty’ Like Her Violent Husband Philip Levens

By Aristotle’s Sausage

This story – Smallville Writer Arrested – Mental Illness Forced Philip Levens to Beat 3rd Wife – seems to me just a tale of horrible people being horrible to each other.

Philip Levens seems like an asshole, but his wife, Carolyn Stotesbery, seems a nasty piece of work too. I’m glad I’ll never meet either of them.

Stotesbery poses in the grass.

The picture of Stotesbery with the big gun piqued my curiosity. That picture from her Instagram account was taken at a place called Machine Guns Vegas (the kind of place that gives gun ownership a bad name), and the gun she’s brandishing looks like a SAW, an M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, the light machine gun used by the US Army.

Stotesbery’s view of herself:  #guns #machineguns #vegas #lasvegas #vegasbirthday #gunsofinstagram #gunsdaily #gunsandgirls #gunsgunsguns #machinegungirls #badassgirls #badassguns #badasswomen #daretoexplore

What kind of person wants to go to a gun range and blast a military weapon in full auto?

The kind of person who poses with an AR-15 next to a human-shaped paper target. And poses at the gun range, firing her semiautomatic pistol at a scary clown target. Which Stotesbery does.

I guess this is supposed to be cute because she’s a girl. Me, I find it disturbing when anyone fantasizes about shooting at people. Even if those people are scary clowns.

Levens is (was) a gun owner. He had a couple of pea-shooter .22 rifles, a simple bolt-action hunting rifle, and a pair of shotguns. The kind of firearms allowed even in heavily gun controlled European countries. Yet his guns have been referred to in the comments as an “arsenal”. He’s seen as violent because of them.

Judging purely by their guns, I’d say she’s the crazy one.

Women can be crazy and violent. Before instinctively blaming Levens for everything, before assuming no woman would hire a hit on her husband, I’d have a good hard look at Stotesbery brandishing that SAW.

End of Aristotle’s post

Formula for Success… or What Could Go Wong?

Notes by Frank

Wannabe badass who loves guns.

Married to a violent, steroid-fueled serial abuser who set his former wife up for solicitation of murder, who also loves guns.


The police detective – Det Barry Tellis – who arrested Leven’s former wife – is hosting Leven’s present wife Carolyn – dressed provocatively – at his private party.

Add to this – that both Philip and Carolyn drink lots of alcohol and don’t mind publicly displaying their drunkenness.

Fellatio with a botte.

Add a swinger’s lifestyle – shared publicly too.


Public sex with other men

Carolyn and a man who looks like but is not her husband.

Add exhibitionism to the mix.

Image result for carolyn stotesbery

Both have time on their hands. Neither appear to be working.

Since her parents are rich, Carolyn has money. Philip is straddled with debt. The house Philip took from his former wife – is now in Carolyn’s name. She could throw him out at any time – just like he threw out his former wife.

Hard to be the man when you have to ask your wife for spending money.

No, nothing can break him – until he breaks.

The court wants to seal the record of Philips’ mental illness and his beating her. He says he has PTSD.

I would hate to be Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Joseph Burghart if this volatile couple does real harm to themselves or someone else in the future. 

Guns, booze, sex, adultery, steroids, asymmetrical control of money and a history of violence the court wants to seal – what could go wrong?


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    Some of the pix were from this video. Dangshankalanka -borders on porn! (certainly is laughable)
    Knew Carolyn back in the day. She always has to show her ass. I think she got lip implants since, but was always a booze hound. Caro can put. It. down. She acts like a wild girl tactually she is just stuck up All us dudes would laugh our asses off cuz she thinks her shit don’t stink She’s just like all the other bimbos in LA. Fine with us that’s why Hendrix was there.

  • How did she live with him if there is a restraining order? Did she say it was all her fault? Why would the DA accept that ? Recantation is text book domestic violence 101. Did the court really bury this case?

  • Agree with “ !!!!!”.
    The mega star Rihanna said in an interview on “ Good Morning America” and “20/20” about going back to her abuser, Chris Brown
    “When I realized that my selfish decision for love could result into some young girl getting killed, I could not be easy with that part,”

    She went on to say “ I just realize how much of an impact I had on these girls’ lives until that happened.”

    Public figures get many perks, with that also comes responsibility.

    Seems neither of them are being held accountable.

  • When women permit domestic violence it is helping perpetuate societal abuse against women.
    Additionally, any public figure that allows abuse and goes back, is publicly accepting the demoralization against women at large!!

  • muscle /power boys club is no longer a secret. It’s boring, it’s toxic. Global Stockholm syndrome. Time for change.
    No one ever liked Bluto
    they liked Popeye.

  • To the rum and cola Momma.
    No wonder the works of domestic violence stats never really change. Everyone likes to toot their horn, reading off all their accolades don’t they?
    Good for you to help the homeless and help people get back on their feet. However, until pride is in check, you’ll miss the big train.
    You said that Dan wouldn’t ever marry or get anyone to obey him or have children. Dan is symbolic of all the tyrannical abusers women not only stay with, but stand by in denial of their own participation. Trapped not only by yes, their mates, but also their own broken down minds.
    You might be helping out a lot of women and that is good. But until you understand that these abusers do end up marrying and breeding ( many are our rulers ) you will only go so far.
    It’s a systemic disease. Don’t let it infect your thinking.
    Your default response is to drink?
    I have a feeling you got a hold of your mommas computer and are just punching keys with your peanut butter covered fingers.
    Pass on the rum sonny, be good and have your apple juice.

  • People may believe that doing drugs like ‘Molly” ( MDMA, ecstasy) and gulping down alcohol like tequila ( 1942 Don Julio) while rendering photographic data over to the highly addictive technology of social media will make them rebellious, wild and free.
    I ask you to question if, in reality, the drug (PHARMACA as well ) industries might begin, if don’t already own your mind. Stephen Kiner revealed how people like Sidney Gottlieb and the CIA were stockpiling drugs in the 1960s,. German chemists originally synthesized MDMA, or ecstasy, for ‘PHARMAceutical purposes in 1912. During the Cold War the CIA experimented with MDMA as a psychological WEAPON.
    Steve Hoffman of Silicon Valley, Angel Investments and CEO of Funder of Space has explained the extreme dangers in technology, how computers ( IPHONES) can actually seize your thoughts data. Drugs, alcohol and technology is the most covert cult alive.
    Wake up, be free from hatred, addictions.
    This will make you become alive.


    ‘It was estimated that in 2010 roughly one woman is battered every second. It is estimated that one of every four American women will be physically or sexually abused by an intimate during her lifetime.

    Repeated cycles of violence and reconciliation can result in the following beliefs and attitudes.

    * The abused thinks that the violence was their fault.
    * The abused has an inability to place the responsibility for the violence elsewhere.
    * The abused fears for their life, and/or the lives of loved ones whom the abuser might or has threatened to harm ( e.g., children-in common, closed relatives, or friends)
    * The abused has an irrational belief that the abuser is omnipresent and omniscient.

    When battered woman syndrome (BWS) manifests as PTSD, it consists of the following symptoms: (a) re-experiencing the battering as if it were recurring even when it is not, (b) attempts to avoid activities, people, and emotions, (c) hyperarousal or hyper vigilance, (d) distrusted interpersonal relationships.

  • Carolyn knows he abused his former wife.

    She sits by and supports no contact for the children to see their mother, Kassandra Levens.

    There’s zero maternal instinct and total lack of empathy for those two children and now she brings her own child into the world with a proven abusive man.

    Abuse isn’t limited to the spouse. It never is. Get these children protection.

    Why were three children never mentioned or considered in the report?

    Why has counsel not been court appointed for the two older children who have been denied a relationship with a healthy, loving mother, but are forced to live only with a battering father?

    They are silencing and controlling these teens. Give them access to their mother, Kassandra Levens.

    • Definitely wouldn’t want her to bat on my team.

      She’s THAT girl.

      ‘That’ meaning a cowardly paper doll of a person.

  • Diversion programs are used to cover up for abusers. More money for them. Philip kisses ass, gets a good report card and all is forgiven.

    He’s been an abuser for decades. Giving him an A in his abuse class and sealing evidence of crimes is a move of powerful people.

    Hollywood protects its own.

  • “When the human race learns to read the language of symbolism, a great veil will fall from the eyes of men”-Manly P. Hall

  • The code of silence is so sickening -perpetrators looked over -without consequences. Hollywood silences victims, hijacking all morality

  • Isn’t the point that a crime was committed and it’s being covered up by a diversion program? Even if she deserved it, he could just walk away.
    We aren’t fan of swingers, but maybe this grouping of sex partners is how the entertainment industry works. It is supposed to be a competitive business. Maybe it’s part of the game.
    Not good that he was arrested, but at least he only hurt his wife, not an actress in a hotel room.

    • Bill, go to your room now. What on earth? ‘ At least he ONLY hurt his wife?!! Not an actress in a hotel room? Are you high or just mentally arrested? Do not hit any women. Okaaay Billy boy? Got it ?
      And seriously you are saying you don’t like swingers but if it’s to get ahead in the Biz, it’s ok because it’s COMPETITIVE ? WTF? That’s called prostitution Bill.
      Are we ok today or just sippin the ole lady’s secret stash again?
      Dang. I might need a stiff one after this.
      Billy Billy Billy

  • Just because he hasn’t produced any shows, doesn’t mean he isn’t working. Her family knew who she was marrying. You don’t get to be successful entrepreneurs without knowing what you’re financially and politically getting into.
    Noticed that the Frank Report published a story criticizing psychiatrist, Richard A. Gardner for encouraging pedophilia for stating : pedophilia “ is a widespread and accepted practice among billions of people.” OK, well Gardner is also noted for encouraging wives to become more sexually responsible to their husbands. Gardner stated “ her increased sexuality may LESSEN the NEED for her husband to return to their daughter for sexual gratification.”
    If more wives were like her, we would have a thriving nation. She stands by her man “ for better or for worse.” That is admirable in such in this day and age.
    Owning and shooting guns is not against the law.
    Has anyone questioned if her husband might be getting pleasure by watching?
    Who is to say what is nasty? They like to express their lifestyle and own convictions.
    They are paving the way for the youth.
    We don’t live under the matriarch. The sooner we accept that the better.

    • unless you sprung from a petri dish you owe your very existence to a Matriarch, and will not extend your particular strand of DNA unless you can find a Matriarch willing to let you get under her.

      Poor deluded moon-calf.

      • USA slid downhill ever since the 1940s. Giving women the right to vote has led us into anarchy. A smart woman knows her place “ Momma”.
        Obey the Patriarch, please your man and we will let you be a woman.
        Try to be a man and we’ll teach you just who the man is.
        Let the true PATRIOTS reign.

        • Dan- What a scum bucket. Crawl back into the red man’s hole and stay there. A pathetic cockroach excuse for a person.

        • Dan very few women want to become men, were you raised in a trans community?

          Also I have a feeling NO ONE will ever obey you, its your tone and level of mentality – I can predict with near certainty the likelihood of you becoming a husband.

          Try to enjoy life with your fellow man, do let ‘Patriarchy’ continue to govern your choices, but without a wife and children to ‘obey’ you, expect not to be taken seriously, at all, at all, most especially by actual patriarchs.

          • To Come to Momma’s response to Dan.

            Your naïveté tastes like a stale diet cola.

            What gives? Do you have any idea HOW MANY women marry and breed with misogynistic sociopaths ? A staggering 35.6% of women will experience intimate partner abuse. At least HALF of the women obtaining PO are MARRIED and are more likely to stay with their partners and be pregnant.

            As for Dan?
            At least you are honest.
            You should be the equivalent to birth control, but unfortunately, until women wake the F up, you’ll still have a chance to piss your vermin on a weak link.

            Women stop putting up with it.

            Dan, I’d call you a man, but you aren’t more than a sperm leak.
            Just stay in your corner under your sleeping bag by yourself. No one wants to read about your gas leak.

          • Sweet to be called naiive at my big age!!! seriously – an actual treat!!!

            As to the stats, yes, the fallout of domestic violence has been a weighty part of my job for much of my life and it is a tragedy that plays itself out over generations…

            I personally have been unable to solve the universal issue of domestic violence over the course of my life, but I have spent a lot of time, helping – mostly women, get back on their feet, find homes, qualify at something, get jobs, reclaim children and so on…

            If only I had your superior knowledge and understanding – things might have been so different…

            As to the stale diet cola – I wouldn’t know. I think you should try the un-diet kind, with rum and a good chunk of ice and lime. So much better.

    • Dan, you wrote you seems to think
      kidz should be able to decide if they want to have adult sex relations with an adult? Dan, then those kidz should be allowed to own and fire a gun. Ya wretched spec. Blackrock and Vanguard doesn’t even scare us. Ain’t even afraid of the red man. You cockroaches will run on The Day of Judgment. The lord will not be mocked.

    • !!!!“Lessen the need for her husband to return to their daughter FOR SEXUAL GRATIFICATION ?????!!

      Probably one of the levens groupies wrote that. Who other than a brain dead zombie would ramble on like this & slip in slobbery words oozing thIs deranged fixation on pedophilia ? Whoever you are, stay away from my children, her children….STAY AWAY FROM ALL CHILDREN.

  • vainy veins and the classy broad at it again. Wondering if Stotesbery’s vineyard and Seagram liquor have already teamed up. A little freak on ice anyone?

  • George Bush jr. signed into law the ADA amendment that a covered disability is a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities.

    This dovetailed into the Obama Affordable Care Act: which TAKES GUNS from people on disability, or one protected under the ADA, OR that claim ADA protection status (like someone on antidepressants and/or psychotropic behavior controlling meds, of course, excluding pedophilia as perpa-traitors always claim). Receiving benefits and claiming ADA status revokes one’s right to have a firearm legally.

    Based on Phillip’s current mentally diagnosed status, coupled with his 3 assaults on 3 separate women, and also in the late 90s being pulled over with a concealed firearm in his auto without a license, it seems a double whammy that the whole LA legal system wants to cover for him!?!?

    How is this happening? It’s clear he cannot handle simple daily living affairs. His mental impairments treated with psychotropic meds have substantially limited his ability to participate in major life activities, such as paying taxes (6 federal and state liens on the current home), and then Carol “close range” Stots willingly and willfully participates in tax fraud cover-up by setting up a shell trust and putting the house in the trust…Nothing else, just the house.

    Or working? Neither of them has actually worked in years.

    Phillip was quoted in an interview when asked what he would do differently in his so-called career. His response: “Get a pre nuptial agreement signed.”

    I wonder if “Close Range Stots” is aware of that interview, and if the generational Ladera Vineyards monarchy, from which she hails, imposed such a contract on them before they tied the knot (tangled web is more appropriate, although I hear weaving spiders aren’t allowed anywhere near……)

    Seems both these Yahoo’s are out of their mindz…minds….whatever…

    Who the heck is protecting the kidz.

    C’mon Telis…..tell us?

    How’d ya’ll get away with this?

    Even the ADA is legally substantiating ya’ll cannot own or use those firearms….

    Get outta Cali NOW. I guess crime does pay.

  • He got veins, and he knows how to use em.
    Wtf! His veins! Growth hormones?
    She must be so worried about his health, she forgot to dress?

    Whatever they are, they seem satisfied with their choses.
    Good for them.

    Only question is, is it acceptable to seal and destroy the criminal file?

    What about the next broad? Doeaht she deserve to have legal documentation proving his history?

  • What hasn’t gone wrong?
    Who are these people? Was he a part of NXVIUM?
    Can’t wrap my head around this. Sort of like a trailer park version of Eyes Wide Shut.

  • Carolyn is failing to protect all three children from a serial abuser.

    And no class is going to stop this steroid fueled animal.

    Place the two older Levens children with their mother. Philip has had enough chances. Are the judges waiting for a death to occur?

    Please keep publishing. Serious intervention is needed immediately to safeguard the children.

  • We’ve all had an idea of what they got from Barry, now we’re finally getting an idea of what Barry is getting from them.

    Tellis, Tell us all about it.

    • Clever. “Tellis , tell us all about it. “
      But there’s a problem here.
      Check out the front page of magazine “California Wedding Day.
      Looks like Barry Tellis was throwing petals at the newlyweds in St. Helena, California. Look it up, St. Helena is many hours away from Los Angeles. Took some resources and commitment to get there. Barry Tellis helped throw away the ex wife behind bars.

      Well, he got paid by the state to do that, but why is he still so closely involved that he goes and invites the new Philip Levens to private parties? Parties that are being publicly announced and discussed. Don’t know the whole case, maybe they just bond over the misogynistic art and guns show cased at Barry Tellis’ place but I find that it’s offensive and scary that a public servant is showing off his relationship with a man who was recently arrested for committing domestic violence and was called a wife beating child molester by Gary Mazel, the main witness against Kassandra Levens. Read Frank Parlato s previous reports, there is evidence that Gary Mazel was facing a felony and years in prison if he didn’t testify against Philips wife. Gary Mazel got full immunity, his felony was reduced to a misdemeanor.

      He only had to go to a drug rehabilitation center under a DIVERSION PROGRAM. And he didn’t even complete that. The judge issued a warrant against Gary Mazel and it stayed on the clerks desk at the Airport court house , the same court house where Philip Levens now has court to seal and destroy his CRIMINAL file. That warrant stayed on the clerk s desk for FOUR YEARS. And when it was eventually issued into the computerized docket, 8 months later , he was arrested the third time for possession of crack opium and the same judge that is letting Philip Levens off the hook , is the same judge that vacated ALL of Gary Mazels charges. The 15,000 $ warrant was reduced to $1.00.

      I were a woman , I’d question how well secured I am by law enforcement.

  • Hard to read while gagging. If these photos are public, what the hell is going on behind closed doors? Such a shit show.

  • Where is the concern for the children in the home?

    There’s a mention of Carolyn’s new baby but what about Kassandra Levens two children of which this abuser was granted sole custody?

    How can a loving mother get eviscerated out of the lives of their children, when records demonstrate Kassandra was a victim of domestic violence.

    Whatever happened in her criminal case, she served 13 months. And for what? She wanted to hurt him back? She wanted to stop the bearings and the courts were failing her and her children?

    Why was evidence of domestic violence not permitted in her trial. And regardless, why, after she has been held accountable and served 13 months as a consequence, how is this mother never allowed to see her children again?

    It’s time to open up an investigation into what’s best for Kassandra’s children.

    Let her start with counseling sessions with her children. Given them their mother back!

    She has a clean record and was a wonderful mother. Courts taking mothers from children is rampant in family courts across the country.

    Philip Levens is another Hollywood player, who has the money and the power just like Ambrose.

    Levens, like Ambrose, befriended the detective to silence the children and bury the evidence.

    Allow these children to reunite with their mother. It’s been years. They are old enough to choose for themselves.

    They watched their mother be beaten and now they’ve seen Carolyn be beaten.

    They’ve allowed guns, sex, steroids and racy social media to rules their lives.

    Kassandra Levens deserves to have her case reopened and given access to her children.

    More importantly, the children deserve to have their mother Kassandra back in their lives.

  • Is this real ? Some sort of sci fi project on humanity? Where do all these filthy photos come from?
    Maybe Eli’s IS STILL ALIVE?

  • In Communist California being mentally ill is your ticket out of prison and might even be your ticket to high public office!

    • I commented here Junior and you censored my comment because you are a pussy. But you’re on your way to prison on December 7. The Parlatos are crooks, have been for 30 years. We all always knew you’d end up behind bars. You copped a plea because you knew they could put you away for much longer. Three more moths old man then you’re in the big house with all the rest of the lowlife.

      • You’re scared of something. You must be one of those people I ass whopped at one time or another. I get it. You seem scared into a green hemorrhage. Don’t be. It’s childish. Put your name behind your muscular words. You’ll feel better. If you do, I will debate your comments. Otherwise, I would just as soon censor them, since the words of cowards don’t help anyone. Not even the you, the coward.

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