Rainbow Cultural Garden Is for Nxivm Devotees and With Parental Consent Is Legal

By Bangkok [Aka The Retard Aka Jesus Christ]

This is in response to Joe O’Hara’s  Rainbow Cultural Garden – Alive and Well and Living in France (and Other Places).

Joe is wasting his time writing about Rainbow Cultural Garden [RCG].

It’s a case of much ado about nothing.

Hey Joe.

RCG was basically an overpriced daycare center for kids of NXIVM DEVOTEES who had extra money to burn.  This was not a school for normal kids in the community.

The parents were NXIVM WACKADOODLES who gave parental consent to have their kids attend RCG with all of it’s weird language teachings, cult classes, etc.

It doesn’t matter that it’s not a normal school.

Guess what, Joe?

Image result for amish schools

Amish parents send their kids to medieval schools which indoctrinate them into the Amish cult (religion) which teaches them that anything modern is evil. They also end schooling after an 8th grade education and begin working. Is that fair to the kids? Is that a normal curriculum?

Nope. But with parental consent it’s legal.

I seriously doubt that any of those kids were physically harmed at RCG.

They may have been indoctrinated into cult mentality, and perhaps Keith intended to harm them when they got older, but speculation like that is worthless and not something to create an indictment.

You’re largely blowing smoke up our asses, Joe.

You, Frank and Heidi Hutchinson are always harping about RCG and how evil it is. But in reality, it’s just an overpriced NXIVM bootcamp for toddlers paid for by NXIVM devotees with more money than brain cells.

These are not schools that appeal to regular kids or non NXIVM families.

They are not infiltrating our communities.

This was a waste of an article, Joe. Frankly it’s a turd of an article.

Frank is so desperate to link RCG to nefarious activity that he’ll support any wackadoodle article that portrays RCG in a negative light. Frank is not being a journalist here.

Gimme facts, Frank.

Frank, Joe and Heidi can all kiss my butt on this topic.

The Rainbow Cultural Garden in the UK. Bangkok believes that children of Nxivm devotees belong in Rainbow and that Frank Report’s longstanding criticism of the so-called school is a waste of time.
Though Sara Bronfman has changed the name of her Rainbow ‘school’, it still operates on Raniere principles.

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Scott Johnson
4 years ago

Being legal and being good can be two very different things, although not being licensed is apparently how the Florida school was shut down. Other actions such as media expsosure, protesting at the school, etc., is allowed, at least in the U.S. But in order to protest, the address must be known. Does anybody know the address for the schools in Los Angeles, Albany, and NYC?


[…] Rainbow Cultural Garden Is for Nxivm Devotees and With Parental Consent Is Legal […]

4 years ago

So when the National Socialists in Germany had Hitler Youth Camps it was ok because parents consented? Funny thing National Socialists tended to have a fascination with the occult. I’m sure the Communists as well have youth camps. They tend to lean towards atheism and against occult or religion.

4 years ago

Have you seen the enrollment papers? How do you know only NXIVM freaks are enrolling their kids? I am sure there are other parents that know little about NXIVM who are enrolling their kids. And, since we know how fucked NXIVM is, I believe it warrants thorough investigations and reporting. RCG cannot be good. It is an appendage to an evil organization. If the roots are bad, guaranteed the leaves and fruit are bad too.

4 years ago

There is, as Joe O’Hara mentions, more to the RCG’s influence over children than the disorganized delivery of a cluster of languages. That in itself is impractical. If you’re multilingual, you still have a native tongue, a language which serves as one’s basis for cogent thought and expression. Not to have this is a handicap. You need to have more than a cute little mishmash of languages, not only to communicate, but to be able to think to (and for) yourself “on the inside.”

The entire “cultural” store is being run by proponents of Raniere. It’s how the culties can keep going, be culty, keep busy and pretend that the store is a real place to get an education. The name of the crock of cult-thought might change, but that is just to try to maintain some kind of reputable façade, ahead of the law and away from the now infamous outer crust of Raniere’s Brainwashing 101. The entire ship is still organized and run by fools. These are diehard creepy fools, who worship a pervert who has been known to sexually abuse underage kids and to spout ideas which not only justify it but celebrate it.

Would you want your child in a joint like that?

Nexivm at a very young age
Nexivm at a very young age
4 years ago
Reply to  Shivani33

Not having a “go to” main language so you can “think for your self”.
Communication problems with parents ?
Gee, I can’t imagine what they are being prepared for.

Joe O'Hara
Joe O'Hara
4 years ago


I think you’re missing several essential points (You’re usually much better than this).

First, these RCG operations are not licensed as schools or as day care centers. That’s because they don’t meet the applicable requirements for either designation. So, they are illegal operations – and “parental consent” is not going to fix that problem (The Amish schools are licensed in whatever states they operate in).

Second, these RCG operations are baseless scientific experiments. No one knows what the effects are of trying to teach young children to speak multiple languages at the same time – but based on the anecdotal reports we’ve received to date, most of these kids end up as babblers: i.e., their language skills are significantly behind their peers.

Third, these RCG operations are indoctrination centers that are intended to push apart parents and their children. Even when they operate in the child’s home – which is how they get around the law in England – they are designed to interfere with the normal bonding process that occurs between parents and their children.

These RCG operations are much more dangerous than you think they are. If left unchecked, they will produce more people like Keith Raniere.

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
4 years ago
Reply to  Joe O'Hara

You said it, Joe!

I know the Kook is constantly baiting me and one thing I do find especially irksome is his constant insistence that bc he claims something is “not illegal” it should not be spoken of on FR.

But as a true legal expert like Joe points out, there are aspects of Rainbow Culture Gardens that are, indeed, ILLEGAL if not merely dispicable and…


It’s not illegal to write about truthfully about something that’s “not illegal,” either.

4 years ago

Rainbow Cultural Gardens is for people with more money than brains.

4 years ago


Do the world a favor and beg your father for a vasectomy!

Bangkok you only think Rainbow Cultural Gardens™ is normal because you were homeschooled and breastfeed until you turned 14.

4 years ago
Reply to  niceguy


4 years ago
Reply to  niceguy

😂🤣😂 Nice Guy, you’re killin me lately.

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