List of Mexicans Who Stood for Vanguard in Late 2017 – Will You Stand By Your Vanguard Now?

Viva Executive Success -Alejandro Betancourt, Nancy Salzman and Emiliano Salinas toast the wonder that is Keith Raniere and his creation - Nxivm.

These screenshots [below] taken after the world found out about Keith Alan Raniere’s branding of women via the New York Times [following stories in the Frank Report] and around the time the FBI began their investigation into the wondrous leader of Nxivm, show a plethora of Mexican followers rejecting the notion that their glorious one was anything less than their leader forever.

They refused to consider he was a colossal stinker.

Almost two years have passed – and we have barely seen or heard hide nor hair of the followers.

They stood tall for their Vanguard back in late 2017 – about the time the timid one was fleeing his longtime home in Albany – headed south to hide in Mexico.

But how do they feel now?

Are they still standing by their Vanguard?

One might assume that they still support the illustrious one for they have said not a peep against the lordly one who ruled their hearts, their souls and of course their minds.

So speak up Rafael Acevedo, and Daniel Montoya. What say you now Gabriel Delgado Ayau or Luciana Garza? Here is the list of Mexican supporters:

Rafael Acevedo,
Daniela Montoya,
Gabriel Delgado Ayau,
Ana Julia Acuna,
Luciana Garza,
Lore Lara,
Mireya Garza Rodriguez,
Luis Lozano Elizondo,
Paola Ramirez,
Lourdes Acevedo,
Luly Elizondo,
Alberto Sanchez,
Marisa Zaragoza,
Vanessa Sahagun A,
Marcelo Ortiz,
Ana Maria Consuegra,
Claudia Estrada,
Dorina Lara,
Luciana Garza,
Herman Unger S,
Betty Allen
Cecita Gatica,
Justin Elliot,
Ulises Moises,
Carola Garza,
Hector Cortes,
Lyz Peralta Santos,
Juan Diego Acevedo,
Claudia Valenzuela Penuelas,
Pamela Acevedo E,
Marge de Alba,
Alberto Sanchez,
Fernanda Escobosa,
Mario Garcia Leal
Ricardo Aguado,
Eduardo Gouyonnet,
MaryAnn Stubbs de Per
Nallely Garcia,
Luciana Garza
Valdez Felipe,
Leon F. Bojalil,
Thania Lopez Quinteros,
Dorina Lara,
Jessy Hernandez,
Manuel Cantu,
Gaby Ramirez,
Ramon Marquez,
Angelica Hinojos,
Monica Rodriguez,
Fabiola Fuentes,
Aide Alejandra Fernandez,
Noemi Villanueva Lopez,
Khushbu Mulchandani,
Alv Claris,
Rafael G Serrano,
Heidi Garcia,
Fabela Legaspi,
Juan Pablo Castro Vega,
Alejandro Avalos,
Enrriqueta Garcia,
Gina Fernandez,
Ana Davila,
Diana Carmona,
Lourdes Gonzalez,
Carlos Garcia Wa,
Jesus SaiSal,
Lola Villegas,
Cesar Mathus,
Luis Garza Cisneros,
Sahajo Haertel-Kozak,
Mariana Musi,
Esteban Gonzalez,
Martin Guadiana Salinas,
Yerandi Barragan Gonzalez,
Paul Valdes Cervantes,
Maritza Luz,
Ricardo Anzures,
Ana Davila,
Eli Tor,
Ezequiel Contreras Pina,
Alejandro Imbach,
Ana Carolina Ramirez de Padilla,
Jorge Ricardo Unger Di..
Lorena Barrios,
Marcela Gomez del Campo,
Nadina Naime Rayes,
Liliana Galvez,
Gabriela Perez,
Karin Bloch Murra,
Ana M Ochoa,
Juan Guillermo Consuegra,
Raul Alvarez,
Daniel Brown,
Maria M Consuegra,
Araceli Landa Juarez,
Martha Gabriela Munoz Videgaray,
Rose Salinas,
Juana Arango,
Eva De Vicente,
Paulina Camarena,
Carlotta Oetling,
Maria Lucia Leon,
Marala Franco,
Rocio Hernandez Prado,
Jenny Contreras,
Jacqueline Ronay,
Nadina Naime Rayes,
Juan Pablo Jimeno,
Mara Bernal Herrera.


Are you and others still standing tall for the perverted one?

Or have you seen enough to persuade you that this little stinker belongs in prison?

Do you want to repudiate him, just as you once sang his praises?

Ana Risoul gave testimony in the bogus Nxivm prosecution of Toni Zarattini. Her curious relationship with Marcelo ‘Little Keith’ Ortiz was under scrutiny. But first and foremost does, she support the exalted one, her guru, philosopher and friend, Keith Alan Raniere? – the man who taught her who to really live and thrive.

Viva Executive Success!

Well the magnificent one – Keith Alan Raniere – has been found guilty. What do you say now?

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[…] List of Mexicans Who Stood for Vanguard in Late 2017 – Will You Stand By Your Vanguard Now? […]

4 years ago

We get it. There’s Prefect. Nice picture. Says more than enough …

4 years ago

Justin Elliot is supposedly sharing an apartment in Brooklyn with Samantha LeBron, Nicki Clyne, and Michelle Hatchette.

Sahajo Haertel-Kozak, of German heritage and part of the Rainbow Cultural Garden.
Supposedly was once in the OSHO cult of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.
When she tried to attend the Raniere trial, the FBI handed her a subpoena.

The Retard aka Bangkok
The Retard aka Bangkok
4 years ago

Why is Frank so anti-Mexican?

He’s always clobbering the Mexican element of NXIVM harder than he does the American element.

Methinks that Frank is using NXIVM’s Mexican members as a pretext for other issues.

I also believe that Frank is giving Lauren Salzman a raw deal in terms of his negative coverage of her. She went on the witness stand and produced the greatest testimony against Keith, which is more than any other person did.

Yet Frank and others are acting as though Keeffe is forgiven but Lauren isn’t.

Keeffe was behind all sorts of bad deeds.

IMO, Lauren did more to put Keith behind bars than Toni, Keeffe, Bouchey and Mack combined.

Lauren made amends for her bad deeds and deserves to have the government pay for a top quality surgeon to fix her Pinocchio-like, hugely undesirable nose. She is now a good guy, not a bad guy.

4 years ago

Nada más que solo una bola de idiotas seguidores de un círculo de pedófilos y parásitos.

Google Translation: Nothing but a ball of idiotic followers of a circle of pedophiles and parasites.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

The U.S. Marine comparison is hilarious. Marines jump on live grenades to save their buddies. The NXIVM Five flipped and left Raniere to fend for himself. LOL

4 years ago

Thanks for exposing them. They need to stop 🙁

4 years ago

Tómenla bola de putos!! Por maricones faltos de huevos!! Nos gustaría ver a alguien de ustedes que tenga los huevos de decir algo …. pero la verdad ustedes los mexicanos son súper miedosos … son del tipo de gente que tira la piedra y esconde la mano… por eso tienen el gobierno que tienen y por eso el papa de Emiliano hizo lo que hizo.. porque son una raza falta de huevos y Cobardes!!
Síganle!! Y regocíjense!!
Felicidades por apoyar una secta y por no decir absolutamente nada cuando han estado en posición de hacerlo y disculparse por ser tan pendejos!!

4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous


Pea Onyu
Pea Onyu
4 years ago

Stand by OUR Vanguard!!!!

4 years ago
Reply to  Pea Onyu

You’ll never see him again, Nickvi.

Its time to move on.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  Paul

She can visit Raniere in prison, but she apparently hasn’t visited him at the MDC yet so she probably won’t when he’s shipped off, either. Such loyal followers Raniere had, the NXIVM Five abandoned him and so did Pea. LOL

4 years ago
Reply to  Pea Onyu

Good morning, Pea.
You might be pleased to know that I’ve figured out that Shivani is really Allison’s friend Siobhan and she thinks it’s OK to put child porn on an innocent person’s computer to frame him.
To Siobhan framing an innocent person is just a prank.
And Siobhan thinks it’s OK to persecute Rick Ross with a 14 year long bogus law suit.

Why didn’t Rick Alan Ross get the joke and he could have saved himself about 14 years of Nxivm litigation and harassment?

Mr. Tighe bitches and moans about getting railroaded into prison over some fun porn which Clare and the litigation hounds sent him as a present.

Siobhan is a true NXIVM nutcase,

4 years ago

Is this a list of NXIVM Mexican criminals? I have to translate this strangely presented article to further comprehend.

4 years ago

Que lastima!

Head For the Border
Head For the Border
4 years ago
Reply to  Que?

Am I looking at the taco bell (Mexican phone company ) menu ?

4 years ago

Mexico simply sucks.

4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Fuck you!!! Anonymous

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