Ramtha is a Trump Supporter, Linda Evans and J.Z. Knight Had Affair, and Psy Ops Drills – Some Insider Gossip on Ramtha Cult

Roseanne Barr, J.Z. Knight and Linda Evans.

By Culted

J. Z. Knight [as Ramtha] is now pandering to the GOP and Trump.

Rosanne Barr has had a lot of association with Ramtha recently. Both Roseanne and JZ are heavy Second Amendment supporters. Roseanne has been seeking Ramtha for spiritual guidance in phone calls and both are rabid Trump supporters.

Anyone who lives near the Ramtha School of Enlightenment knows that it borders a thick forest that is owned by the US Military. There are some people who follow Ramtha who live out in those woods. There is a small encampment that has been living there literally for decades.

The encampment is known as “the people who lost everything to Ramtha.” They are the truly devoted.

It’s hard to get to and locate in the thick forest, but the encampment is actually only a few hundred yards from another part of the school – the Maze.

As part of their training, people are put in the Maze and they have to try to get out. They often act like frenzied rats trying to escape. Sometimes this drill can last for many hours at a time, with people being literally stuck in the ever-changing maze.

I think that originally Knight did not intend to commit crimes, but things got out of control with the Pyramid Schemes and colored Trek Pants. Miss a class, you start all over, even if that means camping in a PsyOps drill called Paradise Beach, where one can be left out for days at a time in cold, wet weather, often scheduled during February or November, where temperatures are often in the forties or colder.

JZ Knight and Linda Evans – were they lovers once?

It was rumored that JZ Knight and Linda Evans were having an affair for a while. Linda helped finance the Ramtha school along with John Derek’s daughter. {Evans was married to Derek.]

JZ became famous when she appeared on the Merv Griffin show. Merv gave JZ her first big exposure. The reason for that is because Merv and JZ’s ex-husband were gay and JZ’s ex-husband knew Merv and arranged her appearance.

Also, if you look at the later year plot lines of the TV show Dynasty, it is almost a mirror image of how JZ crafted her image: the UFO plot lines, the horses, two of the characters of Dynasty moved to the Seattle area. That’s because some of the writers also joined the Ramtha cult after the show wrapped.

Lots more to be said about Ramtha

I hope that Catherine Oxenberg’s next book will be about Ramtha, now that she nabbed NXIVM. [Her book Captive was such a good read.]

Hopefully, Linda Evans will fast track a biography about her Ramtha years before others cash in. Linda’s time out of the limelight has been too long and she needs a comeback like Oxenberg did thru her association with NXIVM.

The Ramtha lawyers are to be feared though. Time and time again they have shut people down and shut them up into silence.

I doubt Frank Parlato will get very far before Ramtha sues.

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  • You are a pathetic fuck, like all of the morons that make up stories out of their empty little heads

  • It’s more than just a little bit unnerving reading through the various comments, only to get the distinct feeling you can tell who is behind a particular statement, anonymous or not. Just leaving that there.

    • Hey Frank,
      I know you like investigative journalism.
      So, why don’t you ask Catherine Oxenberg if she ever participated in orgies in Malibu and Hollywood where you had to wear a mask and maybe how that firsthand experience made her daughter think it was possibly OK to join up in a sex cult.

      • Supposing it is true that Catherine was involved in adult, consensual sexual activities, [with a mask or without] are you suggesting she brought her daughter with her – or told her daughter about it? Even if she did, Catherine’s complaint against DOS had little to do with consensual activity but rather coerced activity.

        She believed her daughter was being coerced and manipulated to be part of DOS.

  • I looked at the photo of the three women at the top of this article and thought I would rather bang one or both of the 2 dogs they are holding than bang just one of them.

  • I looked at the photo of the three women at the top of this article and thought the three of them would make a simple game of F’-Marry-Kill extremely difficult to play.
    I would nut F’ one of them with Bangkok’s dick and KRCLAVIGER pushing.

  • It is not a surprise that JZ swings both ways. If one has the eyes, it is visible anyhow. Too bad she had such a problem over it. It appears that one of her integral inner conflicts is a lifelong struggle inside herself, regarding her sense of masculinity vs. her personally and sexually uncomfortable feminine aspects.

    She split herself into two personalities, or identities. Ramtha is her manly figment – it is entirely imaginary. Sometimes she has to fake it. Sometimes probably it feels to her as if it were a reality. But what it going on with her is a deep psychosexual inner rift, a splitting off of herself from herself. She just happened to have the kind of personality to be able to monetize it.

    Linda Evans will be 78 years old in mid-November. She won’t be making any comebacks in showbiz. Til death do they part, she and JZ. Unless something unanticipated happens to drag her out of her entrenched lifestyle, this is it. And it isn’t the first time Linda stuck with being a dumb bunny. Remember, she got sucked into Yanni, the creepy singer, too. And I could go on further back about Linda Evan’s, but why bother.

  • Ramtha apparently also often inhabits the body of Donald Trump. I hear he’s got a little thing for Melania. 🤣.

  • Did Linda Evans have sex with JZ or with Ramtha?
    Or was it a threesome?

  • “The encampment is known as “the people who lost everything to Ramtha.” They are the truly devoted.”

    Another American Tragedy like NXIVM or the Manson cult.
    People losing everything to a humbug like Ramtha.
    Everyone who promoted this Ramtha madness should be ashamed.
    Too ashamed to even appear in public.

    “JZ became famous when she appeared on the Merv Griffin show. Merv gave JZ her first big exposure. The reason for that is because Merv and JZ’s ex husband were gay and JZ’s ex husband knew Merv and arranged her appearance.”

    A little known fact about Merv Griffin is that although he once married and sired a child, Merv Griffin was essentially gay.

    ” Griffin admitted being pansexual; in an interview with The New York Times published on May 26, 2005, he recalled a quip he frequently used when asked about his sexual orientation: “I tell everybody that I’m a quarter-sexual. I will do anything with anybody for a quarter.”

    “In 1991, Deney Terrio, the host of the Griffin-created Dance Fever, sued Griffin, alleging sexual harassment. The same year, Brent Plott, a longtime employee who worked as a bodyguard, horse trainer and driver, filed a $200 million palimony lawsuit. Griffin characterized both lawsuits as extortion.”

    ” if you look at the later year plot lines of the TV show Dynasty,”

    I only watched Dynasty for the cat fights.
    Why doesn’t TV make good catfights like they did back in the eighties?

  • Linda Evans won’t be writing any book, and neither will Catherine Oxenberg if they have signed the Conditions of Participation Agreement with RSE. JZ Knight is just as litigious as KR, keeping her high priced lawyers on speed-dial!! There are no victims UNLESS you’re JZ-we all create our own problems, hers come from the world wanting to persecute the “truth-sayer”, sound familiar??

    I would just like to add about the maze or labyrinth…you’re not put in there, you have to first find it! Like most of the disciplines taught there, the labyrinth is done blindfolded. But because this discipline is so extreme, they duct-tape the blinders onto the face! It’s apparently done because at the height of fear, most will cheat, or rip off the blinders! You are left about 2 acres from the opening of the maze, and have to negotiate a couple of fences just to make it there! Once there, it’s a series of tunnels and slides, and small openings to other parts. Depending on the enrolment at the event, you could have hundreds of blindfolded people crammed into this thing at once! I was so traumatized after I did this, it was the catalyst to waking up to the entire scam! We were left in there for 5 hours, in the pouring rain and my only bright spot was the bottle of water I snuck into my jacket! After that experience, my critical mind was SCREAMING at me…telling me…you’re being abused here, and you’re paying for it!?!

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. Why did you get involved with them in the first place? Did friends or family know about your involvement and warn you? I feel like with the internet it would be harder for these groups to recruit as they are more exposed now. I’m fascinated with what compels people to get involved with these abusive cults. Were you big into the New Age movement? Anyway, thanks for sharing.

      • I have a family member in there, been there since it started in the 80’s. I had started a kind of “self help” journey reading books about children raised with alcoholism and codependency, as we have alcoholism in our family. I have this crazy need to understand so I like to read different points of view in my quest to gain that understanding. I read many new age authors until I eventually started reading Ramtha. The first time I went to Yelm, I was consciously looking for a cult. It didn’t fit the typical (my own perspective) definition having everyone living together and sending others to street corners to recruit. These were people (who believe are) actively learning how to use their brains. It was exciting to me. The whole “blindfold” angle gives it that extra punch of adrenaline when you overcome all your emotions and succeed at whatever task they’ve set up for you! I’d say in an Outward Bound sort of way?

        The initial stuff is always “mind blowing”. No matter the cult, there has to be some juice in there to hook you in. It’s the “building you up” part….where you’re so awesome!! I will admit, I found some of the philosophy to be quite beneficial, and there was a lot of time spent on learning about the brain and the body, and quantum physics! It all made it seem more like a “school”. Once you get past the “honeymoon” stage though, it gets pretty dark with the world ending threats, UFO ‘s and tons of conspiracy theories!! I wasn’t active very long after my honeymoon was over, but I have to admit that I was a gullible dumbass for ever believing!!! It’s just one of those things…it was devastating, and shook my entire foundation, but eventually it becomes something you just look back at and laugh!

        At the end of the day, the straw for me was when I read the book Finding the Third Eye by Vera Stanley Alder. I have a photographic memory, and after reading just a few paragraphs I realized JZ stole it all!! She didn’t even bother to change the wording around…verbatim!! My family member is still there, living in Yelm, and parroting everything Ramtha says. They choose to believe that I just gave up, and I didn’t have the faith and dedication to give the rest of my life away…..

      • I typed out a response, but I don’t know what happened to it? So you may get two? I was dabbling in the new age, self help by reading all kinds of self help/spiritual books. I started with books about alcoholism and codependency and then I guess the slope got slippery? I was also having very lucid dreams that were intense out of body experiences. I have a family member in RSE who I would talk to about it, and she told me that these were the kinds of things people were trying to learn how to do at RSE. So she fed me the books until the point I wanted the experience.

        The initial offerings are mind blowing, and the blindfolded disciplines add an additional adrenaline rush that you overlook the dichotomies playing out before your eyes. You are constantly conditioned to ignore your instincts in favour of gaining “better” or higher energy instincts. You want to be psychic, or a healer, or learn to time travel or bilocate…whatever you’re focused on training your brain to become, cannot ever get you there if you “doubt” anything in the process. And you’re just a lowly human emotional bag of chemicals, and ramtha is a “god”, so who are you to question?

        I wasn’t a hardcore, give up your family kind of sucker though (so many are) although I was DEFINITELY scammed!! I take full responsibility for continually trying to quiet my inner voice whilst being brainwashed, but I am also most grateful that voice continued to scream at me until I could fit all the pieces together! Every single thing that raised a red flag during my time there, that I thought I’d ignored, all lined up like dominoes in my mind, and one day I read a sentence from an online forum, and all my dominoes fell!! That’s why I know how important this site is, and what a service Frank is doing for both the recovering cult victims, as well as the ones who haven’t reached the realization yet. One sentence on here might be someone else’s saving grace.

        • Thanks so much for the double response. Very interesting. I heard an interview with Jeff Kripal where he talked about how the followers in abusive cults often have legitimate mystical/spiritual experiences that get them hooked. I think I’m too cynical to get involved with a cult but I find them fascinating and often tragic and almost always extremely disturbing. Anyway, thanks again for sharing your story.

    • Nice wake-up call! I can’t believe how many people are apparently willing to pay to be abused! But I wouldn’t let anyone near me or anyone in my charge with a needle full of anything, let alone heavy metal laden tattoo ink. Call me old fashioned.

      We’ve been searching for the identity of a poster calling herself “The Rat” who some believe is none other than the mother of Keith Raniere’s son who saved Gaelen and escaped unscathed, Kristin Keefe, once known as in the NX cult as “Juno” — Roman goddess of Justice, the former NXIVM legal liason congratulated by the EDNY prosecutors for her help in convicting Keith Raniere.

      Ramtha readers might enjoy joining this search and plea for The Rat — who admitted to playing a role in the death of Gina Hutchinson and disappearance of a Kristin Snyder — to come, bravely and nobly forward — whomever you may be and join the Rat race!


  • When one writes fiction, they need to at least make it sound real. This isn’t even close. I suggest next time taking a creative writing course from someplace other than NXIVM.

    • My family member has been a part of ramtha since it started and I’ve heard most of the rumours and gossip that goes around there. I’ve never heard anything about JZ and Linda Evans having an affair. I doubt the “encampment” even exists as JZ owns most of the land around there and she’d never let ramsters live on her property! Roseanne Barr was paid to go speak there a few years ago, but I doubt they’re besties! Salma Hayek is (was) her latest movie star buddy. Many in Salma’s family are also members. This writer has no first hand knowledge imo.

  • Frank, I can’t believe you would publish this. Free speech and all I get, but are we letting any first grader get their article published? With no regard to how ridiculous it is? That was bizarre.

    • If Frank had not let this piece get published, we would have no knowledge of this at all, so the door was open and someone else corrected things…I’m certainly interested

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