Keith Raniere and J.Z. Knight Compared – With a Shout Out to Mark Vicente

By Bobbie Joe

Why is it that when a man is a cult leader, the path to enlightenment always finds its way to the end of his penis?

I’ve found that to be a major difference between Ramtha & Nxivm.

Ramtha talks of seals in the body (chakras) and how each pertains to the place one keeps their energy, and where your energy sits, tells of where your “mind” is, and how enlightened you are.

1st seal, genitals/reproduction…the lowest level of energy.

Ramtha/JZ calls them “dick heads”.

Keith Raniere is the poster boy!

Now this isn’t a new idea, many gnostic, eastern religions hold the same beliefs.

This made me think of Mark Vicente because he was a member of both Nxivm and Ramtha.

The Vanguard, Keith Raniere. He told his followers he was a renunciate.

I wondered how Keith Raniere could carry on in such a way as to not alarm Mark?

Then I remembered that Raniere had them all believe he was a renunciate. Celibate, because his genius kept his energy in the 5th and 6th seals.

He made it look like he didn’t require much sleep, with his up all night volleyball.

JZ is similar with all her plastic surgery and exorbitant lifestyle. You see she doesn’t age while Ramtha’s in the body and everyone should be humble because the “meek shall inherit the earth”.

So I applaud Mark Vicente because as soon as he figured it out, he did something about it! The same can be said of Sarah Edmondson. They were both just as brainwashed as the rest, but they didn’t give KR the chance to “explain” why it was all so ethically righteous. They finally relied on their own inner code and said STOP!

They knew the cost and yet went ahead trying to inform whomever they could to the danger.


As for Knight, she is so transparent.  Watching these clips: and reminded me not to be without my Rambloney decoder ring when listening to the bullshit!!

J.Z Knight as Ramtha

Knight doesn’t even try to act like rambles [Ramtha] at this point. The people in the audience are paying top dollar to listen to her drone on about how great rambles is, or how great JZ is!! How about the endless repetition of the Caterpillar/Butterfly story, El Camino & Sea Biscuit?

These were the kinds of things that made me call BULLSHIT!!

Nothing like saving your money and using your holiday to travel all the way to bum-f*ck nowhere to hear hours and hours of “teachings” you’ve already heard before!!

Then I noticed the “teachings” lined up with her personal life.

When Knight was unhappy, and without a man, everything Ramtha said was about life being a “sovereign” journey! Most men are low, first seal creatures and sex is “bad” – It depletes the body of the energy it needs to focus on becoming remarkable.

Then when Knight was in love, students got The Elixir of Love, and we all went back to the ’70s in peace and love!

She blasted ’70s tunes and everybody danced and sang!

That’s when the Rockumentary DVD was made (JZ recalled this DVD for some reason?)

But my personal favorite was the scorned JZ. Scorned JZ went off the rails, which led to the infamous drunken rants that she’s paid millions to keep off the internet, and then millions more losing her court cases to Virginia Coverdale.

All of this coming from the woman who’s advice to the world is to stop letting your emotions run your life!!


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  • Wonder if Edmondson will ignore Grace Park’s time in NXIVM in her upcoming book, seeing as they are such good friends, or will she use her good friend’s name in an attempt to help sell her book? Speaking of Park, in December 2017, Park received the Ultimate Drive award and thanked her team for keeping her out of prison.


      Bottom right corner. Sarah Edmondson and Grace Park at a fellow NXIVM coach’s recent baby shower. Will she mention her other cult friend Kristin Kreuk? She posted on Twitter that Kreuk left NXIVM in 2013, while liking a 2015 Facebook post that said otherwise. Now we know Kreuk was still with NXIVM at least as recently as 2016. Big liar. Kristin Kreuk and Grace Park were both with NXIVM until the branding story came out. Both are cowards. Grace Park contacted Frank Parlato asking him to not talk about her. Kristin Kreuk has had people lie for her to the press. All NXIVM people are chicken shits.

  • LOL 😂 🤣… I call BS too….WTF!?? Too many connections, too many repetitious non new concepts just more confusing bs! Lol

  • Actually, Vicente and Edmondson didn’t figure out anything, they merely got pushed so far (Raniere’s initials being cauterized into women with blackmail involved, including Edmondson) that it was obvious Raniere had gone overboard.

  • Vicente and Edmondson are frauds too. They knew what they were a part of. It was all good for them until they thought they would come under attack. Vicente even got his mommy involved with money laundering. Stop ass kissing.

    • What were Vicente and Edmondson involved in, besides a typical overpriced MLM (except that, unlike most other MLMs, it actually had lots of retail sales)? Can you provide evidence for the money laundering scheme? If not, then STFU.

        • Little b!tch hiding behind the name “Anonymous.” Nobody needs to touch you for everyone to know that you’re a coward. Q: Why don’t you come to Texas and try to slap me? A: Because you’re a coward.

          • Scotty-poo, you are not a man. You are an Amway pussy. You have probably used the word “coward” 1000 times on this blog. Go shit out a porcupine you little faggot.

  • “So I applaud Mark Vicente because as soon as he figured it out, he did something about it! The same can be said of Sarah Edmondson.”

    The only problem is that it took Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson so long to figure out that Raniere is a fraud.
    In all that extra time, many more people are injured by the charlatan.

    And Ramtha’s shtick has been going on for over thirty years.

    • I thought of that too, Shadow, but you also have to consider that they were running NXIVM centers on the west coast, weren’t they? I think Mark was running a CA center and Edmondson for sure was running Vancouver. They may not have been in Albany enough to get a feel for what was going on with Keith. And Keith was very duplicitous and lied and acted differently around different people. I think one can’t really judge (accurately) unless you were in it. It’s easier to say now after reading articles and testimony becaue we have the bigger picture. But I don’t believe they did have the bigger picture.

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