Mack Screwed Up Her Own Life; Raniere Didn’t Do That

MK10ART's Study of Allison Mack with her . brands in mind.

The paintings are by MK10ART.

By Aristotle’s Sausage

So Allison Mack serves one year and ten months of a three-year sentence for felonies that should’ve cost her 15 years, per the US federal sentencing guidelines.

Quite a sweet deal.

This is after prosecutors dropped the far more serious sex trafficking charge against her in exchange for a guilty plea and her limited, long-belated cooperation.

Of course, that followed three years of being “confined” to her parents’ $5M California home. Said confinement allowed her shopping trips and brunch with friends, church, college courses, and her catering job (see the photo of her strolling in the sunshine with her friend, hand in hand. Not quite Stalin’s gulag, eh?)

How strict and onerous will her probation be? (Stop it, I’m laughing!)

Well, at least Keith Raniere can’t harm her anymore.

Harm her? Harm HER!? She was the one causing harm right there alongside Raniere. She was infatuated with the guy.

Her friend, her teacher, her mentor for twelve years. They were soul mates, and they’re very much alike.

For all anyone knows, she’s still loyal to him.

Like many people who worked closely with Raniere for years, Mack is a highly ambitious person without scruples.

She was part of Raniere’s inner circle and shared his bed. No way she didn’t know exactly what kind of person he was and what he was up to. And yet she acted as his loyal lieutenant, eagerly and industriously promoting his agenda. For years. She lied for him, knowing these to be lies, and lied persuasively. She blackmailed women under the guise of helping them and “empowering” them.

Much of this was done at her own initiative. She never exhibited the slightest reluctance when screwing over her slaves.

Blackmailed, deceived DOS slaves were branded in Mack’s living room. They were branded with her and Raniere’s initials.

Mack remained loyal to her master because they were cut from the same cloth. Testimony at the Raniere trial revealed how gratuitously cruel Mack was, how she came up with humiliating nicknames for her slaves, revealed the pleasure she expressed in taking degrading naked photos of the slaves to send to Raniere.

“You have a beautiful c***”.

The snide comments she made when ordering slaves to prostitute themselves to him, “You have my permission to enjoy it.”

She wasn’t forced to say those things, Raniere was nowhere around. She said those things because she’s cruel and manipulative. Just like Raniere.

Mack screwed up her own life. Raniere didn’t do that. She did it to herself. He just gave her the context.

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  • Maybe she was an actress for so long she lacked the ability to plot her own life and needed constant direction?
    She met someone who basically mindfucked her.
    Sometimes when you have ‘everything’, the career, the partner, the money, the fame, the adulation, the cushion of safety, you start getting infected with ‘imposter syndrome’. The thought that you got to your position in life by deception, and someone at some point is going to to confront you and ask you what are you up to, you shouldn’t be here. Expose you for the phoney you obviously are.
    It is shocking watching the video clip of Keith and Alison’s first meeting at the volleyball. When he says to her after she she talks about experiencing joy with art, he offers her a life without art where you can still experience that feeling of joy. Vis a vis, sucking his sacred dick. She was manipulated. MANipulated. He was better at lying than she was. He disconnected her from herself. He disconnected everyone from themselves and reconnected them to him, his vile morals and craziness.
    I hope Alison has changed.
    She destroyed women.
    The sentence was too short.

  • Allison walks in beauty, like the night
    Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
    I can’t wait for her to get out and all the tears of yesteryear I will soothe and comfort her.

  • Frank, a lot of commenters (including myself) think that Lauren Salzman did things just as bad as Allison. And Lauren did no time? What is your opinion of Lauren and Allison? Do you think Lauren should have served time? And was it Sarah’s note to the judge that got her off?

    • Allison had 11 DOS slaves and grand slaves. Lauren had 28 slaves and grand slaves.

      I am sure Sarah’s letter to the judge for Lauren helped. As for me, I think they are both victims, and Allison should not have gone to prison but gotten probation.

      • The fact that Lauren had more than double the amount of slaves is shocking. And it is appalling that she did not have to serve any prison time. Agree they are both victims to an extent. However these are both adults who have to be responsible for their actions. Alison served her time. Damn Lauren got nothing. Thanks to Sarah. Ironic because Sarah is the person that Lauren lied, manipulated and coerced the most in the organization.

      • What? I thought Lauren told the court she was a last minute choice in Dos?

        She wracked up 28…obviously they must have feared her

  • The quality of mercy is something Aristotle smoked sausage doesn’t have. He’s a man. He don’t understand the heart of a woman. Allison loved Keith another selfish man. But her heart was good. Think about how she was willing to share him so much was her love. She is a good angel who like all women suffer because of men.

  • Yes. I am rather disturbed about the length of her sentence. If this had been me or you, we’d have gotten the max. I just don’t think that she’s rehabilitated herself, even with therapy in that short a time span. Maybe the ultimate punishment will be what happens to what is left of her career. I sure am not going to be beating feet to see anything she’s in. I would love to hear what everyone else thinks about this.

  • Your statement is correct. No need to have any sympathy for this woman. Lost soul? BS. She made her own decisions. Her only mistake was not befriending Sarah E. She did not get the “get out of hail free” card that Sarah gave to her BFF Lauren.

    • She made her decisions and served her time. As long as she is in compliance with the terms of her release, she has the right to move forward with her life.

  • I have heard through the grapevine that the Feds are letting Big Mack out early because she received so many letters from Alanzo/Kevin begging that she send him some used panties — the jailers felt like that was punishment enough.

    I do see their point of view.

    If Alanzo/Kevin can scrape enough gas money together to drive all the way over from the mid-west, I’m sure he’ll be there to great her when she’s released. Fortunately for Big Mack, there’s no way he can save that much when there are so many Ring Dings™ for sale.

    • I gave up the ring dings years ago, but having a tougher time giving up Pepsi. Outside of the US there are fewer additives in the soda, so it’s not as bad, and tastes better.

    • Alanzo is back on Twitter and now he even paid for a blue check mark.

      How can he afford that recurring monthly charge? Bronfman cash?

      • Question:
        How can he afford that recurring monthly charge?

        Alanzo knows how to stretch a welfare check.

        • Alanzo sold some of his Ring Dings strategic reserve and made a good profit. Alanzo’s Ring Dings Reserves are comparable to and just as significant as the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

    • How can we remind Alanzo & Kevin to bring a bucket along to avoid splattering the pavement in front of the jail main reception while waiting for Snow White to coume out thru da gate next yar ?


  • You don’t get it, Sausage. You will never get it. Here’s proof you are a dumbass blowhard: You typed “No way she didn’t know exactly what kind of person he was and what he was up to.” You’re clueless, my dude. You’re blinders are permanent.

    BTW, how would you take it if someone told you that your cunt was beautiful? My guess is you’d blush and thank the person. Or would you rather your cunt get called out for being smelly and funny looking?

    • NutJob-

      You don’t agree? 🤷🏻‍♂️
      I wish I’d known.

      FU Sausage! And F’ me for agreeing with you!!!!

    • Nutjob?
      Do yah kno da diffarance betwaan “you’re shit” an “your shit”??


      I’m tryian ta talk 2 yah da same wai da ppl who raised yah du

      Wit dah utmost respecth 4 yah familih,

  • It is hard to understand how actually starving fucks you up.

    Mentally. Psychologically. Physically. Emotionally. Spiritually. Hormonal.

    Alison doesn’t seem particularly interesting, and there’s no motivation to defend her. Or her actions.

    But starving.

    Not being hungry for a few hours.

    Starving. Is something few in a developed country have experienced for days. And nights. Weeks. It can become all consuming. Yes, that’s a pun

    Months. Years on end. Starving

    It really does things to you. Your body starts to eat itself. Including your brain. Your heart.

    Without energy to think. Cut down to basic survival instincts. You can move past being hungry and empty and fantasizing about taking food out of a trash can to nourish yourself and become euphoric. Delusional

    Then you add sleep deprivation. You’re still you, somewhere in there. But you’re lost in a haze. It’s hard to distinguish what’s real.

    None of that explains or excuses away Allison’s actions. But at a certain point she seems like she became a ghost of herself.

    Alison did get off very lightly legally.

    But she paid the price in a lot of other ways and will continue to do so the rest of her days.

  • Lauren Salzman did everything that Mack did, yet she walked away without any jail time–at least Mack served time. And I also believe that Mack was brainwashed into many of the activities she performed–now that she’s way from his influence, she’s no longer a danger.

  • The entire trial and conviction of Allison Mack is a farce. A laughing sentence in a luxury prison. Raniere has been the scapegoat for the radical feminism that controls the top leadership. Why has Allison Mack been so benefited? For much less than that there are people serving 10 years in prison. Behind all this sinister interests are hidden.

  • How does Nicki Clyne feel about Alison’s release? I know she wants her released but will they be permitted to have contact/communication?

    • I’ve asked this question in the past and have not gotten an answer:

      What exactly was/is Allison “Pimp” Macks relationship with Clare “Horseface” Bronfman? Full context please.

      I know when dozens of women all gunning for the same guy (in this case, Horseface, Allison, Nicki, Dani, Lauren, etc), they mostly hate each other’s guts. What was the personal dynamic to all of Keith’s “wannabelovers”?”

  • She is responsible for her own actions. That’s why she has been sentenced to jail.
    However, I do think she was a vulnerable person psychologically. A “lost soul” so to speak, a young woman who had some succes in her acting career, but was searching for a purpose in life. Not uncommon for a 26 year old, by the way. You can clearly see her vulnerability in the video when they first met (at volleyball). And Raniere saw that and took full advantage of that. He played her like a fiddle.

  • Hopefully the punishment Allison deserves will come to her in a different form. The punishment Allison Mack has received so far is not sufficient. I wait to see if and how this happens …. The judge and prosecutors, were as generous to Mack as I have rarely seen. Why was only Mack so lucky to get off so easily, when other defendants in other cases do not have this luck to 99.999%? Justice is not blind, which is always claimed, but unfortunately not always true.

    • Lauren got off easier than everyone. Maybe the judge gave her some extra brownie points because she was in the room when VanCoward cowered hidden in a closet while she faced Mexican authorities first who put her on the ground.

  • Sausage-

    It’s tough to argue against your points.

    You are right.

    The Feds alway cut deals for cooperating witnesses and the judge definitely has a soft spot for her.

    Do you remember when the judge had a special pleasant exchange with Allison asking her, “was that you in the cafeteria….”
    Allison Mack has the girl next door look. If she looked like Hatchette or Sahajo Haertel……You get the idea.

    • Oh come on, Nice Guy,
      So what if he asked her if it was her in the cafeteria? It’s not like he asked her if she had a Brazilian or not! Even if he did, what’s wrong with that? Maybe some people have a genuine need to know such stuff. I don’t think you understand. 😒

      • Alex-

        You are wise beyond your years. I agree with you, young man.

        I kindly retract my previous comment.

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