Prosecution Offered Raniere Plea Bargain – ‘Life in Prison’

Two sources with knowledge from both sides of the trial – the prosecution and the defense – told Frank Report that Keith Alan Raniere made multiple attempts at getting a plea bargain prior to trial.

He wanted 15 years. Declined. Then 20 years. No thanks.

How about 25…?

The best he could get was life in prison.

No deal. No incentive not to go to trial. None whatsoever.

The prosecution – headed by U.S. Attorney Richard Donoghue – and represented in court by Assistant US Attorneys Moira Kim Penza, Tanya Hajjar and Mark Lesko – wanted to go to trial and would make no concession – other than sparing him the actual embarrassment of trial where all his ridiculous and dirty secrets were aired to the horror, the disgust and, at times, the laughter of the jury, and the world.

It was, the prosecution evidently felt, important to get facts on the record for victims to find relief and the public to realize the enormity of the monster.  They felt the case had possibilities of being a “vanguard” so to say for future cases of similar sex trafficking, racketeering, forced labor – for others, for animals similar to our own Vanguard.

It surprised some that Raniere put on no defense whatsoever. He had problems finding witnesses.

It might not have made a difference.

Jim Del Negro: what he lacks in native intelligence he makes up for with earnest stupidity.

The defense prepped James Del Negro to testify in his lordly master’s defense, but they were convinced the addlebrained leader of the Society of Protectors and longtime Nxivm proctor would more than likely wind up implicating Raniere in new crimes once he was subjected to cross-examination.

Sahajo Haertel wanted to be branded and to testify for her Vanguard.

Sahajo Haertel and the Elliot brothers volunteered to testify for their worshipful master, but they had no evidence to offer other than that Sahajo eagerly lay down on the branding table – even if she did remain in the country illegally by virtue of a sham marriage.


Ditto Nicki Clyne.

Indeed it was fascinating when Sahajo came to court to stand behind her Vanguard, the prosecution reportedly issued her a subpoena. It is not clear whether they had planned for her to testify.

She was not called.

The Elliot brothers – who may be risking indictment themselves for their curious financial schemes in support of the glorious one – did not, it was believed, offer anything for the defense other than that brother Marc claims to have been cured of Tourette’s Syndrome by following the Nxivm technology.

This was not felt to be sufficient as a defense for sex trafficking, forced labor and racketeering – crimes which were otherwise proved in abundance during the case notwithstanding Marc’s remarkable cure.

Marc Elliot seems to have been cured of Tourette’s Syndrome. He thinks Nxivm did it for him.

Hector – the father of Cami, Dani, and Mariana  – wanted to testify on behalf of the lustful one who impregnated all three of his daughters, raped the youngest, and imprisoned the middle one.

He wanted to proclaim that he knew his Vanguard did what was right for his daughters. His only problem was that he is a co-conspirator in the case – having aided and abetted Dani’s imprisonment and Raniere’s document servitude of his daughter.

He would have been charged, so papa wisely chose not to testify.

Sister Mariana – whose Facebook account was hacked by Raniere and who later had his child, the baby Kemar – also wanted to testify but she had committed immigration crimes and wisely chose to remain in Mexico.

Longtime number two harem member Marianna wanted to help her baby daddy Raniere.

As to Raniere testifying in his own defense, his attorney Marc Agnifilo advised against it and Raniere went along – likely knowing he was going to be convicted on all counts anyway.

Rather than risk pitting his super-powerful brain against such women as Moira Kim Penza and Tanya Hajjar – who in a bygone day would have been his idea of superb candidates for his sex slaver cult – he chose to remain, throughout the seven weeks of trial, completely quiet, as he listened to witness after witness describe him as a brute, a bully, a monster, a perv, a subhuman man concerned only with himself and his own sensual pleasures.

In the end, the Vanguard dared not speak up.

Observers thought that if he did take the stand, he would be cross-examined for days and wind up being implicated in a phalanx of new crimes.

If there was any chance of anything less than life in prison, it would be to get the fool to shut up and remain silent.  He did.

Does anyone doubt Keith Alan Raniere is the world’s smartest man?

It did not help him, however. The jury took less than four hours to convict him on all counts.

The world’s smartest man faces a minimum of 15 years in prison for one count alone  – the sex trafficking of Nicole. He also will be sentenced to charges of forced labor, racketeering, conspiracy, extortion, and other crimes.

It seems inconceivable that Judge Nicholas Garaufis will sentence him to anything less than 20 years. Twenty-five years seems more likely than 20 – and based on sentencing guidelines, I believe Raniere gets 40 – which, given his age, is life in prison.

I cannot imagine that the judge will be swayed by sympathy for the devil Vanguard – and public outrage would be great if he gave a too lenient sentence to a man who wreaked such havoc on so many lives.

Sources say he was ready to take 20 years. He is now almost 59.

He was ready to consider 25 and had his lawyers feel out his chances.

The DOJ scoffed at it.

Now it is likely life. But it was his life and he lived it. He romped around Clifton Park with a bevy of befuddled women, swindled millions out of some of them, and lied to and cheated everyone.

That was his life. While he lived it, he lived better than maybe anyone since the Caesars. He had slaves at his beck and call, women vying not only to have sex with him – but a selfish kind of sex where he need not please a woman but only that she get the privilege of having his sperm sprayed on her, or ejaculating in her mouth.

Even more – he had women vying to run errands, take out his garbage, and pick up his pizza with hot sauce while they starved themselves. And do his laundry. Buy his clothes [which magically appear.]

What billionaire this side of Jeffrey Epstein had more slaves at his disposal?

And what fool ever blew it better?


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  • Perhaps when Vanguard dies in prison the DOJ could have a ok taxidermist, taxidermy him and some rich person or people could buy him and put the proceeds to the victims of his cult .Vanguard could be worshipped like Lennon or like old school catholic relics ,I would be willing to bet some people would pay a pretty penny for a life time of worshipping a real life demon . The fact people gave this guy lots of money and he did so much evil is sad only makes me think of this scene

  • I would say Hector reminds me of a Scientologist who disowns a child who splits from the church. But no Hector’s devotion to a myth is orders of magnitude worse. What is his major malfunction?

  • Frank is lying about the plea deal offer.

    There’s NO WAY that Keith would have proposed spending 20 years in Federal prison as a plea deal.

    Why not?

    Cuz there’s no parole and he’d be nearly 80 years old before he got out.

    There’s no reason to give up those 20 years without a FIGHT at trial.

    Frank is lying. Fuck you Frank! I just sniffed out your lies bro. 🙂

    Also, there’s NO WAY that Moira Penza would have rejected such a plea deal (had Keith REALLY proposed it).

    Why not?

    Cuz he’s nearly 60 years old right now anyway. Thus, spending 20 years in prison would keep him locked up until he’s nearly 80 years old (meaning he’d likely die in prison with such a plea deal).

    Therefore Penza didn’t reject any such plea deal. Frank is lying his ass off.

    Frank can bullshit us all day long because his ‘anonymous’ sources never have to be revealed.

    He’s got carte blanche to bullshit us but I see right thru Frank Parlato.

    I’m guessing that Claviger is his ‘source’ for this bullshit plea deal rumor.

    Plus, there’s no way that anybody from the prosecution has contacted Frank Parlato, not even off the record.

    It doesn’t benefit them to contact Frank. They’d likely contact a mainstream media outlet if they wanted to ‘leak’ something anonymously.

    The rest of you are just sheep.

    You hang on Frank’s every word as though it’s written in gold. The joke’s on you.

  • Curious as to who may be paying for Keith’s legal representation once he’s sentenced. One would think the defense trust set up by Clare would be a conflict of interest since she copped a plea deal. Seems fishy. Even if Keith gets 25 years, someone will most likely kill him in prison before he serves out his term.

  • Lo peor, lo más horrible de esto, definitivamente ha sido la actuación de Hector Fernández y todavía más horrible es ver que, después de ver cómo ese abusador destruyó la vida de sus hijas, todavía quiera testificar en favor de su torturador. Qué vergüenza!

  • Why does Sahejo look like something from a B-Grade horror movie? That gal looks like she was just conjured from beyond.

  • I wish the feds had offered–and gotten–a plea deal of say 20 years…with the requirement that Keith–truthfully and verifiably–gives info on the past crimes Nx had committed, and the names of those who aided in those crimes.

    Also, Keith must reveal use of any false info Nx had used to persecute people like Tighe, O’hara, the Nx 9 etc. Would you really care if Keith got out of prison at 79 a free “man”—if it meant others hurt by Nx got some justice?

  • Just to further comment on your last statement, “And what fool ever blew it better?”

    Disagree – I believe in reality he had nothing – at least, nothing of value. Sure sex, maid service and relief from actually having to work for a living. But, as Actaeon points out below, “Keith lived in a tacky suburban development in Bumsville NY*, got fat on pizza, played volleyball for entertainment and watched reruns of Star Trek for fun.”

    Even worse, he was and always will be empty inside. That means no meaningful close relationships of any kind, no knowing what it is to give and receive real love, no unconditional personal bonds with friends, family, or his own children. He has actually been cheated out of the best things in life by embracing his sociopathy and deviant lifestyle.

    He has done nothing original, created no success stories (either for individuals or his own companies), has achieved exactly NOTHING but horrible notoriety. He’s been exposed as a slothful, selfish and cruel fraud. The “respect” he supposedly commanded in times gone by was based on self -manufactured outright lies about his supposed talents and abilities. He is an average man at best, without the decency most average men possess.

    No amount of short term sexual pleasure could make up for that.

    (*Actually, it’s a lovely area, but that doesn’t impact the sentiment.)

  • “Hector – the father of Cami, Dani and Mariana – wanted to testify on behalf of the lustful one who impregnated all three of his daughters, raped the youngest and imprisoned the middle one.”

    The only person in the NXIVM story that disgusts me more than Keith Raniere is good old Hector.

    Now, that alll the cards are on the table and the full story is out regarding Keith Raniere and Hector’s daughters …..

    Hector still defends his Vanguard.

    I am beyond dumbfounded and appalled by Hector.

    I cannot even put into words how I feel about that man.

    Hector is one of the most vile of creatures.

    I use the term creatures and not animals because even animals care for their young.

    A Cabrón is more of a man than Hector.

  • All I can say is, Wow. Thank you for this.

    Now that the facts are firmly on record via trial (and it looks like the case is being used as a blueprint to go after Jeffrey Epstein and his ilk), would it make sense for the prosecution to offer Raniere 20 or 25 years in return for agreeing to forego appeals? It would spare everyone, including the victims, a lot of additional anguish and worry. If Raniere gets out at age 80+ (assuming he survives that long), what more damage could he do at that point? Who would support and pamper his lazy ass then?

    I don’t even know if such a post-trial deal is allowable or even possible.

    Just thoughts…

  • How do you get 3 brothers to all devote their lives to this?

    How do you get 2 heirs to a huge fortune to do the same?

    How do you get a father that has had 3 children abused ( to put it mildly) by this man to testify on his behalf?

    You really have to take a step back and hand it to Vanguard. He’s really, really good at what he does.

  • Caesar lived in a marble palace at the center of the greatest civilization the world of the time had to offer. He commanded the most powerful army, he had the pick of the finest delicacies, possessed the finest art, presided at the cream of theatre and spectacle. Everyone feared and respected him. Finally, he knew that when he died he would become a god.

    Keith lived in a tacky suburban development in Bumsville NY, got fat on pizza, played volleyball for entertainment and watched reruns of Star Trek for fun. There will be no marble busts of Vanguard, he will die in obscurity and by the time he croaks on his prison cot, he will be utterly forgotten by everyone.

  • Marc Elliot stated on camera whilst talking with Raniere, that his Tourette’s Syndrome had improved as he grew older; so there was no miraculous healing from Vanguard. He was ‘cured’ by the passage of time.

    • Absolutely agree. I feel so bad for Dani. Her own father and sister still think what happened to her was OK. May they rot in hell. At least her mother and brother realized what they had done. Shame, shame, shame on the rest of her family.

    • Only a very few in this world could be as evil and sick as Raniere – but, I can’t help but think Hector should get first prize. I don’t think there could be a pit in hell hot enough for him – or Raniere for that matter.

  • This demonstrates how confident the DOJ was with their case. At least Epstein had better looking women helping him and better looking girls that he f*cked, but then again, he was using his own money, so he could be more picky.

  • The important task ahead is to roll up the rest of the NXIVM network with the prosecution of the ENTIRE elite in the NDNY.

    And while we’re on the subject the Trump administration through the EDNY intends to use RICO to claim that all of singer R. Kelly’s business is a Racket.
    R. Kelly has already been indicted under RICO.

    What’s next for R. Kelly after latest child porn, obstruction and racketeering charges?

    “Federal prosecutors in Chicago and Brooklyn on Friday unsealed indictments against R&B star R. Kelly that fleshed out what had been persistent rumors of sexual relations with underage girls — and a decades-long coverup of the singer’s alleged illicit appetites.”

    “Kelly was arrested Thursday night as he walked his dog near his apartment in the Trump International Hotel & Tower. He faces charges of enticing a minor, child pornography and obstruction of justice in Chicago, and counts of racketeering and transporting minors across state lines in New York. Legal experts wonder if the 52-year-old singer might ever walk free again.”

    Under the DOJ’s theory ALL of R. Kelly’s musical career was a racket designed to attract underage girls to him to sexually exploit.
    Under this theory all of R. Kelly’s music and all of R. Kelly’s revenues going back over 20 years can be confiscated by the US government.

    Using this same theory Allison Mack’s bogus Acting School, “The Source” which was operated by Mack and Raniere could be viewed as part of a criminal enterprise to lure aspiring actresses into the NXIVM sex cult and the US government could file RICO charges against Mack, Raniere and the Source to seize any revenues generated by this Acting School scam.

    And there is talk about RICO charges being filed against Jeffrey Epstein who is worth an estimated 500 million dollars plus.
    “Do the new charges include crimes committed in Florida? What about the 2007 case and plea deal?

    Even if the old plea deal remains solid, it would not bar new prosecution for crimes that were part of the same pattern of conduct in Florida in the early 2000s and certainly not for crimes committed in that same era in New York. Most obviously, so long as new victims have come forward, each victimization counts as a separate case of sex with a minor, so there is no double jeopardy. In addition, new charges involving other statutes like the money laundering and tax offenses and racketeering (so-called RICO charges) do not overlap with the original Florida charges in such a way as to be barred by double jeopardy.”

    When it comes to sex trafficking the Trump administration means business.

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