Pt. 3: Marck: More evidence that Monte Blu is Vanguard

Editor’s note: Frank Report has verified that ‘Marck’ is an Expian and his/her name is being withheld from publication. This is an authentic post from a true Expian.
By Marck
Monte Blue wrote the following in a July 7, 2010, Frank Report post:
‘Come Back to Vanguard’ 

I know you are probably a good person, Carrie, and I cannot reveal who I am but if you spent time in Clifton Park and you loved Vanguard then you know me. And You know you are doing wrong action. Come back to Vanguard; Confess your ethical breaches to him; do your penance and be LOVED. DO not take the fall.

Doesn’t it make sense that the one person anyone who loves Vanguard would know, would be Keith Raniere himself?
Perhaps not.
But all together, all the evidence strongly suggests Monte Blu is Keith Raniere, aka Vanguard.
It’s just like him to talk about himself, and how great he is.
Very much Keith Raniere.

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