What Happens to Keith Raniere Will be a Good Measure of the U.S. Prison System

MK10ART's painting of Keith Alan Raniere where he presently resides.

Sometime in the next day or two, we’ll have another “inside update” on Keith Alan Raniere’s status at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn, NY.

Metropolitan Detention Center

But even before that information arrives, we pretty much know that the report is not going to be a good one – at least not from the perspective of Raniere and his followers.

During the 15 months that he’s been incarcerated at MDC, things have not gone well for Keith.

He hasn’t got along with his fellow prisoners in the Sex Offenders Unit because of his non-stop bragging and bullshit.

He got beat up several times when he was temporarily placed in General Population because of an insect infestation in the Sex Offenders Unit – the last couple of times by Hispanic guys who were apparently upset because of what he did to the Mexican women who were part of DOS.

The staff at MDC’s Medical Unit consider him to be a hypochondriac and a whiner.

Most of the guards don’t seem to like him – and some have gone out of their way to make his life more miserable.

And all this happened while Raniere was being housed with other Pre-Trial prisoners at MDC.


Like many federal prisons, MDC’s prison population has gone down in recent years,

As of February 2019, the total number of prisoners being housed there was about 1,600.

Of that 1,600 figure, about 100 are so-called “Cadre” prisoners – which includes some who will serve their entire term there and others who are nearing the end of long-term sentences (These are the prisoners who generally do maintenance work, cook meals, teach GED classes, etc.).

Of the remaining 1,500 prisoners, about 1,400 are awaiting trial – and the other 100 or so are awaiting sentencing.


The prisoners who are awaiting sentencing are generally considered to be the most volatile and the most dangerous – which is why they’re housed separately from the pre-trial prisoners and why they often have more guards watching them.

This is especially true if they’re likely going to be receiving a long sentence or life.

Raniere’s Tangled Web, By MK10ART

Which is exactly the situation that Keith Raniere is facing.

Based on the crimes of which he’s been convicted, Raniere will receive at least a 15-year sentence.

And most court observers and criminal defense attorneys who have followed the case think that Raniere’s sentence will much more likely be somewhere between 25 years and life.


Unfortunately for Keith, things are not going to get better any time soon.

Even after he’s finally sentenced at 11:00 AM on September 25, 2019, he’ll still be held for a period of time at MDC.

Because he is already facing four additional felony charges in the Northern District of New York (NDNY), it’s quite possible that the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) will simply leave him at MDC until he is tried on those charges.

Federal Courthouse in Albany, NY, a place that Keith Raniere and likely Clare Bronfman will soon visit repeatedly.

And if, as expected, the Feds also bring new charges against Keith – and several of his co-conspirators – for crimes that took place in the NDNY, he could be housed at MDC for quite some time (It took more than a year to bring Raniere to trial in the EDNY after he was captured hiding out in Mexico).

When it comes time for Keith to go to trial in the NDNY, he’ll likely be housed in the Albany County Correctional Facility. Most prisoners who have been at both places describes the Albany County jail as being worse than MDC.

Albany County Correctional Facility


But at some point, all the trials will be over – and Raniere will be assigned to a federal prison to serve out his term or terms (It’s quite possible he’ll get consecutive sentences rather than concurrent ones).

This is when things will get really problematic for the man who used to insist on being called Vanguard, Master or Grandmaster.

That’s because federal prison is an especially dangerous place for inmates who have been convicted of sex offenses.

All jails and prisons have their own levels of stratification.

The first level of prison stratification is based on race – with black prisoners, brown prisoners, and white prisoners being the three major groups. Others like Asian prisoners, Indian prisoners, and Native American prisoners tend to associate more with white prisoners.

The next level of prison stratification generally has to do with a prisoner’s offense or conviction.

Prisoners that are serving terms for manslaughter, bank robbery, and other classic crimes tend to be ranked higher than those who are in for property crimes or white-collar crimes.

At the bottom of the offense/conviction stratification are snitches, former law enforcement officials, and sex offenders.


Many sex offenders try to pass themselves off as something else: e.g., drug dealers, insider traders, tax evaders, etc.

But most sex offenders are quickly identified as such.

That’s because prisoners – often aided by guards – are able to thoroughly research a new inmate’s background within 24-48 hours of his arrival.

It’s quite common for new inmates to be asked to produce all the available paperwork concerning their case so that other inmates can verify if what they’re saying is true.

Prisoners who lie about their crimes go to the very bottom level of the prison stratification system – and rarely recover fully from that mistake.


There are even stratifications within the sex offender prisoners.

Those who simply got caught possessing child pornography are generally ranked higher than those who produced it.

And those who collected pornographic pictures of 15-year-olds are generally ranked higher than those who collect pictures of 5-year-olds.

Similarly, younger sex offenders are usually ranked higher than older sex offenders because they are closer in age to the victim(s) of their crimes.


How bad the situation becomes often depends on where the sex offender is assigned to serve out his term.

Some prisons are specifically set up to house such prisoners – which means that the sex offenders who are assigned there are generally safer than the ones who are assigned to a regular prison.

Image result for U.S. Penitentiary (USP) in Tucson, AZ

Most recently, the Bureau of Prisons has been using the U.S. Penitentiary (USP) in Tucson, AZ for its dumping ground for prisoners who have designated as “Sex Offender Public Safety Factor”, an internal label that is used to describe those sex offenders who will likely not survive in General Population.

Given Raniere’s convictions – and his total inability to defend himself against other prisoners – he may well get assigned to USP Tucson.

Another possibility is the Federal Correctional Center (FCC) in Petersburg, VA. That’s because this facility operates an on-site Sex Offender Management Program.


The Frank Report will continue to follow Raniere wherever he ends up serving his sentence.

And we will report on a regular basis how he is faring in prison, whether he is being treated fairly, etc.

The criminal justice system in the United States dwarfs similar systems in other countries.

At the risk of making light of prison rape – which is a true blot on this nation’s penal system – there is a joint showering and sex is common among prisoners. Some of it is unwanted.

Although the U.S. makes up less than 5% of the world’s population, it accounts for almost 25% of the world’s prisoners.

Each year, approximately 700,000 individuals are released from federal and state prisons – and an additional 9,000,000 are released from county and local jails.

In 2010, it was estimated that 19 million Americans had a felony record. Today, that number is estimated to be 28 million. Another 40+ million Americans have misdemeanor convictions.


The NXIVM case clearly underscored the problems that occur when law enforcement officials do not do their sworn duty – and, instead, allow criminals like Raniere and his cohorts to pretty much do whatever they want.

There are other cases – and one particular one I am thinking of – where law enforcement officials abuse their discretionary powers and pursue criminal charges against people they know are innocent.

Both types of outcomes undercut the American concepts of fairness and justice.

And both must be exposed whenever and wherever they occur.


The government’s exhibit photo of Keith Alan Raniere. This may well have been his mug shot when he was taken into custody in Texas on March 26, 2018.

What happens to Keith Raniere – and the other members of his criminal enterprise – will be a good measure of how our criminal justice system is working…

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  • Readers would appreciate some attribution to the points made here regarding prison life. Without it, you could just be making this stuff up, how is anyone to know. I dont think you’re making it up, but still. Journalism 101.

  • Frank, more insight into SOP would be extremely useful to be give this Raniere enterprise more exposure.

    Upon further review I can say Julio Covarrubias, a Mexico City based politician (affiliated with Emiliano Salinas) is an active member of SOP. Incredibly horrifying.

    The Bronfman sisters have always served as the leading financial source to any and all things NXIVM. I must question why Clare Bronfman’s bank accounts haven’t been frozen as these organizations (SOP, Rainbow Gardens, etc.) continue to exist.

    Moreover, Sara Bronfman’s US bank accounts (if they exist in the US) should be frozen. She may feel safe from criminal prosecution in France but she will have a burden placed on her “escape” if the Feds and/or IRS go full-on with her.

    I sincerely hope the Feds and other media outlets are reading this.

    Emiliano Salinas must be extradited.

    Has anyone turned Nicki Clyne into the Feds? I mean her address has been published on this site and the Feds have a site dedicated to anonymous tips. She should be arrested ASAP. Greencard holders whom choose to break laws don’t bode well with customs.

    Law enforcement: get it together.

    NXIVM and all of its subsidiaries must indefinitely end.

  • Frank, is Society of Protectors (SOP) still active?

    Yesterday I went to the website and it prompts you with a username and password login screen. Other links on the site stipulate a “refund policy,” “Terms and Conditions,” “Privacy Policy,” etc.

    Lastly the website has a copyright date of 2019.

      • What! They are still active and you aren’t writing about it? If you really want to make sure NXIVM is stomped out for good and can’t hurt other people, why aren’t you writing about SOP and its active members? Why haven’t you been writing more about Nicki Clyne instead of drooling over salacious emails from a damaged teen and a brain fried actress. How about making sure that the other active DOS women recruiters names are well-known and show up on searches connected with the cult instead of posting repetitive articles from Shadow and speculative nonsense from others.

          • WTH? Time?? You could have been writing about SOP and Clyne the past 18 months, you stinky-ass Charlatan.

          • You can tell a nxivm troll by their total lack of brains and manners. FR will continue to expose you in its inimitable way. Its all going very well from our perspective. Patience Troll, SOP will get what it deserves in time.

  • How tragic that San Quentin isn’t a federal pen. Fat ass would be the bell of the ball in gen pop. Any chance he can get transferred to Rikers Island after sentence is pronounced?

    • Raniere would have to be facing New York State charges in order to be sent to Riker’s Island. That’s why Paul Manafort was headed there until DOJ headquarters stepped in – and head him held at Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in Manhattan before he was arraigned last week on NYE charges.

  • I am afraid you have not heard about the appeal and a retrial. This is nonsense. V will never spend any time no Tucson. The appeal is about to be granted. RETRIAL!

    • No need to worry. They’ll put him a specialist sex offenders unit, where he’s less likely to be attacked, and they might even offer him some group therapy. He can get a little job, like cleaning or working in the laundry, and might be able to take some classes.

      • Paul, I read a Buckingham Palace press release advising that the UK government will sponsor professional head job givers to be despatched to Raniere’s jail cell for therapy meetings. It must be true! The Royal Household would not dare issue misleading public statements when it comes to the Raniere family! I even heard his mother was sleeping around with George Washington behind his wive’s back! It all runs in the family for midget Keithy!

      • Wow, if he takes some classes, he might be able to get that 2.6 GPA up to Vanguard status! (not)….lol

    • It’s been a given since about the time the indictments first came out, that Raniere’s high-priced attorneys would file some sort of appeal of a likely conviction – his lawyers may even have been angling to create grounds for appeal during the trial. He and the Bronfmans have been cash cows for the New York legal community for going on two decades now, in a way curiously similar to how Raniere sponged off all of his girlfriends from Unterreiner to Cafritz.

      And an appeal does not mean a retrial. Appeals will probably drag out for years while Raniere remains in prison, and ultimately be denied, but even a retrial would almost certainly result in another swift conviction, because by then even more women will be ready to testify convincingly about Raniere’s crimes and abuses.

    • Pea:
      You should really visit Tucson some time.
      There’s skiing on Mount Lemmon and Tucson has the University of Arizona.
      And the singer Linda Ronstadt comes from Tucson.
      Her ancestors were among the earliest settlers there.
      But somehow I doubt if your Vanguard will be doing much skiing there.

    • But you said he would be free and acquitted in APRIL! Seems to me like you may not be a good predictor of events there, Pee.

  • “Although the U.S. makes up less than 5% of the world’s population, it accounts for almost 25% of the world’s prisoners.“

    That can be seen in two ways. In many countries, like South Africa and Mexico, the bad guys run the place and criminals go completely unpunished. Maybe America is just much better at putting away their bad guys.

    • I’m afraid incarceration is big business in the U.S. (many prisons are privately run for-profit). We have far, far too many citizens imprisoned, often for non-violent offenses such as simple marijuana possession.

      Prisons should be saved for murderers, rapists, pedophiles, and criminals like Raniere. He deserves to be there.

    • Exactly.

      Also, the USA has 22% of the world’s wealth — combined with more ‘high crime’ minority communities than any other wealthy country — making it a magnet for high drug prices, theft and every other type of criminal activity.

      Mexico has low incarceration rates and strict anti-gun laws — yet Mexico has more murders, kidnappings and violent crime than nearly any other country (and most of their guns are imported from South America, not the USA).

      Japan has such low ‘gun’ & ‘crime’ statistics precisely because they are an island nation with a ‘homogeneous’ population, without lots of minority and high crime neighborhoods. People who use Japan as a comparison aren’t being honest.

      England has lots of knife and acid attacks. English cops have to run and hide in the bushes when a violent rape is happening with a gun, cuz their street cops can’t carry weapons. They must wait for an armed officer to be dispatched. English cops are cowards and are mostly idiots walking around with big pointed hats.

      • What about some social welfare statistics of the US in the past 30 years? They are showing a markedly rising standard of living across most of the population, hmmm, Bangkok? How about wealth gap statistical history? What about asset concentration ratios, Bangkok? That’s bullshit, I know, I know. Let’s spread more manure and human faeces in the mainstream media about how Medicare is backed up by retards, about how destructive its effects are en masse, how we can only achieve social rest and justice by providing free AK-47 to everybody starting from kindergarden age… and what else?

        • Well, as for the gun argument…

          Truth be told, the number of deaths from school shootings (relative to the total US population) is both TINY and RARE overall.

          The only reason you believe otherwise is because the liberal media covers mass school shooting with 1,000 times the coverage of other issues. It’s just a false narrative.

          Yes, school shootings are tragic but far more people die from drunk driving, high school sporting accidents and from drugs. That’s just a FACT.

          Maybe 5 kids die from mass school shootings each year, or less, which just isn’t much of a figure. More kids die from getting run over by cars each year.

          You need to stop the mass gun hysteria.

          Once you remove *SUICIDES* from US related gun deaths each year, the overall figure is quite small relative to a population of 500 million. Acceptable casualties. 🙂

          What we need to focus on are the INNOCENT BABY SEALS being clubbed to death each year by wicked Canadians. Canadian law allows ‘loopholes’ for these seals to be murdered. I am appalled by this. 🙂

        • Just a comment on “guns.” Where I live, in a rural area, where everyone is pretty much known to be armed for home protection, property crime and home invasions are virtually nil. In the UK, where guns are basically prohibited, you can’t leave anything outside that isn’t nailed down. Property crime is through the roof.

          I’m not the least bit crazy about guns, but sorry – one in the home is a deterrent. A would-be criminal needs to think twice.

  • This article is so boring. I lost interest by the time I seen MK’s art. Frank Report is like Saratoga in decline. Maybe if you compare other famous people to run NXIVM like you did with Keith Richards might work. At least I got a little chuckle. Hash tag # boring. Ever since 2015 when Frank stared writing about these rich little white girls, a lot of rich babies have been spanked. Good job by the way Frank. Keith reminds me of Forest Gump, “stupid is as stupid does” .

    • So boring, yet you keep coming back.

      Frank will likely take the idea that his blog is like John Tighe’s as a compliment.

  • Wait, Raniere is facing formal charges in the NDNY? When did that happen? Thought there had been a “referral” but no formal charges yet.

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