Shivani: Nancy Salzman’s Constipation Caused Her to Meet Raniere; the Cure Created ‘a Whole Stinking Movement’

Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere
Artist representation of Shivani

Nancy to Be Sentenced

There will be sentencing for one Nxivm-thorough advocate, group leader and “executive,” a longstanding head honcho for Keith Raniere, in just a month.

It is what appears to be one of the eeriest, yet Nxivm-esteemed, power-mongering oddball mothers of all oddball mothers, Nancy Salzman.

Nancy was recognized as second in authority only to Keith Raniere at Nxivm for many years, with more than 20 years at Raniere’s side under her belt. She had a quite exclusive gold sash, high on Raniere’s “sash status ladder” of gimcracks for Nxivm acolytes.


Nancy Salzman, with gold sash, with Mark Vicente Alex Betancourt [green sashes]] Karen Unterreiner, Clare Bronfman [orange sashes], Lauren Salzman and Emiliano Salinas [green sashes]. These were the leaders of NXIVM – under the spiritual and ethical guidance of the Vanguard, Keith Raniere.
Two of Nancy Salzman’s own children, her only children, daughters Lauren and Michelle, followed Nancy into the lifestyle created by her and by Keith Raniere.

Michelle, Nancy and Lauren Salzman. Nancy brought them in young – for Raniere to teach and mentor.

Michelle, Nancy and Lauren Salzman all stayed to the bitter end – the arrest of the latter two – in July 2018. Then they started to reconsider their allegiance to Keith Raniere. 

About Nancy, Raniere had said that he appreciated Nancy’s abilities at hypnotism and also neuro-linguistic programming, as well as how Salzman could quickly engage a group of people when she gave a talk or a course for his and her emergent group’s benefit.

Subsequently, after twenty years of involvement and when the Nxivm gates began crashing down into multiple arrests, Nancy’s older daughter, Lauren, pled guilty to two federal charges, was a star witness at Raniere’s trial, and recently received five years of supervised probation. She received, to the surprise of a great many observers (me included), no time in federal prison, thanks to Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, who cited her cooperation with prosecutors and her rehabilitative efforts as noteworthy factors in formulating his decisions about Lauren’s sentencing.

Lauren Salzman has said that she will never re-offend. People can take that or leave it. I prefer to take her at her word and to trust her to do her best, personally.

Her father indicated in a letter to the judge on her behalf, that Lauren has moved into a place of her own, i.e. she is no longer quite so under her mother’s thumb, although Lauren does seem to maintain a familial relationship with Nancy Salzman, who has some ongoing health difficulties. Nevertheless, living on her own does sound like a good and perhaps a hopeful step for Lauren.

Nancy and Lauren at a Starbucks after their arrest.

More than one commenter, here at the Frank Report, has written similar and sometimes detailed commentary over the years, regarding all kinds of things about Nxivm leader, Nancy Salzman, who was reputedly second-in-command to Keith Raniere. Nancy is the one who got Nxivm incorporated in Delaware and served as Nxivm’s president, too.

Nancy Salzman, whilst sitting around being charged, alongside her ankle monitor, which often needs to be plugged into a wall socket, turned 67 in mid-July. She was found to be sitting on approximately $500,000 in Nxivm cash, stashed in her house and taken by law enforcement during a search of her premises.

Some of the cash seized at Nancy Salzman’s  home on Oregon Trail.

Nancy to Be Sentenced in September

It might be a relief to be drawing near to the final two Nxivm sentencings – for Nancy Salzman and Kathy Russell, the latter who wasn’t as prominent within the organization but more of a go-fer who helped out with occasional threesomes with Raniere and some hapless third party.

Now is the time to come to the aid of Nancy Salzman’s imprisonment, if you like. Culling the Frank Report is a fine way to remind everybody what Nancy Salzman has stood for all of these years, since she met Raniere while shopping at a health food store.

Maybe some people will decide to revisit stories featuring Nancy Salzman in action. For she seems indeed fortunate, having entered a guilty plea for only one federal charge. There’s more that Nancy Salzman could come clean about, prior to her sentencing, but will she?

Evidently, she does not care for Raniere anymore, her former kissy-face boy-toy and her sanctified figurehead, partner in crime. I would like to discuss this more. However, some people around here would like their supper.

There could be a lot more to say about Nancy, though. And this is my favorite spot, right here, to let it roll.

Nancy Salzman made many videos promoting NXIVM

Here’s an older Daily Mail headline from Sept 24, 2019 which I find as amusing as a good, old-fashioned, yet classic, Rod Serling sort of episode, as in straight from his renowned Twilight Zone TV series.

Divine indigestion: Nxivm founders Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman came together after she visited his wholesale supplement club seeking a remedy for her constant constipation.

Gee, I’m dying here over this constipation of Nancy’s. Thank you, Toni Natalie, so much for sharing this tail of slick and sludgy woe about NXIVM’s naissance, a messy and stinky story from its very “emergence.”

Nancy came in late 1997 or in 1998, evidently to consult with Toni Natalie for help with her intestinal clogginess, and Toni was already a by-then dissatisfied girlfriend of Raniere’s, and with Toni’s oh-so-healthy help, quite soon, Nancy got together with Keith Raniere.

Keith Raniere center – and Nancy Salzman and Toni Natalie

Eventually but not very eventually at all, Keith and Nancy became attached, to the point where Salzman referred to Raniere as “her” wet kisses. For many years this came out of Nancy’s mouth, and often she and Keith met for breakfast, even if Raniere was quite busy enlightening others via jis spermatazoa elsewhere over the long nights.

So one could say that this tale went from one initial orifice called Nancy’s anal canal, to several, and in fact, to so many other orifices. And then it became a gigantic and inhumane bowel movement, lasting for nearly a generation, fabricating Nxivm and its many offshoots.

Already shortly after meeting her, Toni was consulting Nancy about her problems with Raniere as her supposedly significant other, as Toni and Nancy began to draw closer. When Toni broke it off with Raniere, both Nancy and Keith began to behave towards her like aggressive enemies, according to Toni.

Toni Natalie and Nancy Salzman were great friends at first.

And Toni Natalie has been able to show proof of their vengefulness towards her, despite Natalie’s own credibility snafus about certain other matters, over the years.

NXIVM was launched by Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman, together in 1998 and until the bitter end, though perhaps it is only curtailed and not completely over, even today.

These same exclusionary tactics and vengeful traits, actions, those used against their pal, Toni Natalie, show up throughout the history of NXIVM/DOS activities and in stories of Raniere’s and Salzman’s sanctioned behavior, towards many group members and/or other opponents, who tried to leave or who had otherwise offended Raniere and/or Nancy Salzman.

So CONSTIPATION was the first shot misfired, which began this rather popular and now notorious and phony human growth training, so far resulting in six arrests, pleas and more than a century in prison being handed to Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman’s partner in crime.

Let us not forget Raniere’s 5-year probationary stint, should he survive to be around 160 years old. Claviger often reminds readers here of this humorously, about the 5 years probation awaiting Keith Raniere.

Interestingly, Nancy Salzman was introduced to Toni by Sandy Padilla, who was and is married to Nancy’s second husband, (by then) who is the father of both of Nancy’s daughters, Lauren and Michelle. As we know, both young ladies have spent years submerged in their mother’s and Raniere’s con games, although only Lauren was arrested, alongside her mother. Michelle ended up married to another Nxivm member.

“If Nancy were more regular in her bowel movements, Nxivm might have never happened,” Toni Natalie wrote in her book, The Program: Inside the Mind of Keith Raniere and the Rise and Fall of Nxivm. “Put another way: Vanguard was born because Prefect was, quite literally, full of s***.” (Informed readers know that Prefect was a title for Nancy, and Vanguard meant that appalling, nasty goose and moose, Raniere.)

Toni also noted that her “cocktail of vitamins and supplements she prescribed to Salzman worked out in the END (my bold, irresistibly) for the future cult founder.”

Does anybody else look at Nancy Salzman as Raniere’s equal, as a fundamental and a founding partner in crime with him, as I see it, when examining all of the crappy, crappy details? Not that I will object if I’m flying solo about Nancy Salzman being an originator and a sustainer of the whole stinking MOVEMENT.

Oh well. Order in the court. Soon enough, Nancy Salzman.

The END is near, once again. And I’m not anywhere near done discussing her movements, through the years. There is so much more, and ah well, it’s more than ready, ready to fire.


Finally a few MK10ART paintings and sketches of Nancy.,,

Here’s Nancy with the laughing face

MK10 ART’s painting of Nancy Salzman with the forked tongue

MK10ART’s fabulous painting of the three faces of Nancy.
MK10Art’s Nancy and Keith 
Instagram banned this painting by MK10ART. It depicts Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman, who Keith Raniere claimed was Adolf Hitler in her past life.

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  • this whole thing started with constipation? Nothing surprises me anymore with the NXIVM saga but, shi,t it all makes prefect sense now. It’s as if without this as the origin story, there couldn’t have been any other way but how it all ended.

    • Oh, man. I feel so embarrassed for Nancy right now. Shavani pierces through the veil. Calls it a literal shit-show. Of course, his claws were deep but this woman had many chances and turned her back on every defector. She supported Keith in every way. Stored loads of cash in her house and even gave up her own daughter to him. This woman is not to be trusted.

  • Shivani

    Nancy Salzman is still full of shit.
    All of the NXIVM defendants are still full of shit.

    According to Joe O’Hara, Nancy spent 250,000 dollars on a birthday party where singer Joan Osborne performed.
    Joan Osborne should perform at Nancy Salzman’s sentencing.

    “What if God was one of us,
    Just a slob like one of us
    Just a RICO defendant like one of us,
    Waiting to be sentenced for crimes.
    Like a Holy Rolling Stone.”

  • If you’re not alone, ya should be. Bizarre to me that you are so off base in that. But, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised – what with the lies you spewed for yrs on FR about her & her daughters. Let me cut to the chase and ask both Shivani and Frank – could we please be given some reason(s) why Shivani is given the floor and presented as an expert on the topic of the Salzmans?

    • Why the eff do you defend the Sleazemans so much?

      Nancy was Raniere’s second-in-command for twenty years. She knew Raniere’s character and what he was doing. I don’t want to hear any after-the-fact excuses pleading bullshit ignorance.

      • Thank you for asking the question. The reason is – she WAS technically 2nd in command, BUT she was compartmentalized out of many (if not most) of the criminal activity. Apparently she was in on much of the money shit. However, Keith kept DOS from her. Keith kept his relationship from Lauren from her. Who knows what else? Why do we give Barbara Bouchey a pass? She was his girlfriend. Right by his side. His sidekick. Well, we give her a pass because Keith kept most things secret from her and we (rightly) believe Barbara about this. Same with every person that was close to Keith. The one who knew the most was probably Kristin Keeffe and Keith learned his lesson when she bailed. Yes – Nancy was technically 2nd in command. But, as far as most of us know (including Shivani and you, Anonymous) Nancy was as compartmentalized out of the non-money criminal activity as anyone.

        Ignorance? Either you are ignorant to Keith’s patterns of action, or please share what Nancy knew.

    • Nutjob-

      Relax — do some Tai-Chi or have a beer. Shivani clearly wrote an Op/Ed comment, and as far as Shadow goes, no one takes him seriously, even Alanzo and Sultan think Shadow is [redacted]. Once someone “normal” reads two comments made by Shadow, they know he’s [redacted].

      BTW: I understand and agree with sticking up for Nancy’s daughters, but sticking up for Nancy is tantamount to sticking up for Meghan Markle — at the end of the day who the fuck cares?…

    • Nutjob, what bothers you does not discourage or in any manner, deter me from expressing myself, and it will never. I have enough evidence, trust, to be myself without interruption. To the best of my own abilities, of course. And that is ever-changing, ever living and learning, simultaneously. I love it very much, this beingness. There is no bubble here which you can or may pop.

      This expressed tension herein is your own. Or whosoever else’s; there is no power or even ability of deterrence. I am, for the most part, free of being affected by these sort of opinions, as a thinker, a writer, an interpreter of what I see, intuit, gather and decide to express or to write, or to dance or even to breathe. If the limb breaks, that too is workable, via adaptation, receptivity and creativity, too.

      These inspirations are mine to express, just as your inspirations are your own.

      However, I haven’t a desire to carp about the contents of what you have to say, not at all, unless you decide to hurt or to do harm to anyone. Research is what provides information. Interpretation of what one has researched or is studying is bound to differ, according to who each one is, inwardly and outwardly. It’s that simple.

      Your tendencies towards negativity of expression, such as you have just displayed right here, have close to zero impact upon me. I neither like nor dislike it, seeing this all as a given aspect of putting out one’s ideas or written communications. Other will react or respond.

      The inherent risks are well worth it, for me, as I prefer being as adventurous as can be. You can like it ot not, as is your wont, the same as everyone else, whether individually or en masse.

      For you are another stranger on the internet and here at Frank’s, from my involved and also, rather detached, viewpoint, it is what it is, no less and no more. This is an unstoppable viewpoint and is not dependent upon most opinions, at all.

      I would not want to be any other way, either. So ho-hum. You might as well let it go, just like a bird losing a feather or two, naturally.

      There are moments when I feel a sense of wonder, however, so far as what is the reading comprehension and receptivity, regarding what, exactly, is being written.

      Perhaps you see what you want to see. This is not something of particular concern to me. I’ve no time for that and no attraction to such dramatics or to its incumbent little rushes of censure.

      Happily continuing, as it is. And yes, willing to think my own ways and to write, too. The learning never ends. This does both inspire and excite me. You can take it or leave it. You cannot change what is not yours to alter.

      • Sorry for stirring the pot and going ghost. I like you, Shivani. If I have a tendency with you, it is to simply call out things that are incorrect. I get my panties a little twisted when you are wrong about things, have been shown you are incorrect about said things, and you continue to vehemently screech the mistruths. Continue along your merry way – just pardon me when I have the back of people you are cruelly defaming.

  • 1086 Jul 28, 2021

    JUDGMENT as to Allison Mack (2), Count(s) 1, 10ss, 1s, 2, 2s, 3, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 6ss, 7ss, 8ss, 9ss, Dismissed on Motion of the United States; Count(s) 1ss, 2ss, Receives 36 months imprisonment on Count 1 of the Superseding Indictment, S-2, and 36 months imprisonment on Count 2 of the Superseding Indictment, S-2 which shall run concurrently with Count 1; 3 years supervised release on Count 1 of the Superseding Indictment, S-2 and 3 years supervised release on Count 2 of the Superseding Indictment, S-2 which shall run concurrently with Count 1. Supervised Release is with special conditions; $200 special assessment; $20,000 fine payable immediately. The court recommends that the BOP designate the defendant to a facility in the Long Beach, California area. The court reserves the right to make the defendant jointly and severally responsible for any forthcoming restitution orders imposed upon her co-conspirators, as permitted under the relevant statutes. Defendant shall surrender to the United States Marshal for this district on 9/29/2021 at 12:00 p.m. So Ordered by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on 7/27/2021. (Attachments: # 1 Forfeiture Order) (Lee, Tiffeny) (Entered: 07/28/2021)

    Main Doc­ument

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