Could DOS Benefit From PR Move Like the NBA?

Could Nicki Clyne be a good DOS governor?

[Thanks to Scott Johnson for suggesting this worthy idea.]

National Basketball Association [NBA] Commissioner Adam Silver announced that the league will no longer call people who own the team “owners.” The NBA will refer to owners as “governors”.

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Escaping from slavery, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver says owners shall be called governors, and part-owners shall be called “alternate governors”.

The majority of team owners are white. The majority of NBA players are black (about 74%), and, as one player, Draymond Green, of the Golden State Warriors, says, the word ‘owner’ is racially insensitive.

Green said, “The word ‘owner,’ ‘master’ — it dates back to slavery…. and we continue to put it to use.”

The only man in DOS – its founder and Supreme Master, Keith Alan Raniere AKA Vanguard.

Dominus Obsequious Sororium [DOS], its founder, Keith Alan Raniere, and his life-coaching, self-help organization, Nxivm, which uses patent-pending technology, Rational Inquiry TM, is suffering from a spate of recent bad press – much of it on the heels of Raniere’s arrest, trial and conviction for sex trafficking, racketeering, and several other crimes.

The arrest of DOS first line slave and popular actress Allison Mack – and her pleading guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy – didn’t help things either.

Part of the reason for Raniere’s conviction, no doubt, was that the jury was swayed by the fact that badass women in this male led sorority were forced to perform labor, receive no compensation, were paddled, branded, sleep-deprived, blackmailed, some of them raped, and all of them undernourished.

On top of that, they used the words “master” and “slaves”.

The First-Line Slaves and their Master – could they benefit by a change of names?

While the concept may be a fine one for Raniere and his DOS slave leaders such as Nicki Clyne, Monica Duran and Dani Padilla, it may be time to follow the lead of the NBA and change the names to more politically correct ones for the benefit of women who might want to join the badass women’s sorority.

If it’s good enough for the NBA, where players slavishly work for an average of $6.4 million per season, it should suffice for DOS slaves who typically work for Clare Bronfman, or her Rainbow Cultural Garden child experiment, for $15 per hour, which some say are truly slave wages.

How about “governor” instead of “master” and “players” instead of “slaves”?

Or “overseer” and “vassals?”

The problems of DOS from a PR standpoint are enormous and won’t be easily rectified. But with Nicki Clyne as a first-line governor, [with Grand Governor Raniere in prison], it may be hard to recruit new players to be collateralized and branded, but perhaps, with a change of names, not impossible.

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  • The more “changes” made the more things stay the same. Watch that they’ll be called group leaders next.

  • Maybe some of these slave players should actually work like slaves and give up those millions to toss a fucking ball around

  • Thanks for the tip of the hat, Frank. LOL

    There are currently no Black governors, and there have only been two Black governors ever, so that isn’t much of an improvement. Mayor would be better, there have been lots of them over the years. Remember this one?…6.0..1.235.4888.11j30j1……0….1..gws-wiz…..10..0i71j35i39j0j0i67j0i131j0i10j0i22i30j33i160j33i22i29i30.dZ15VC6OtA0 Or this one?…0.0..0.207.1930.6j9j1……0….1..gws-wiz…….0i71j35i39j0i131j0i20i263.kBNvRoDnJ00

    Several years ago, Amway changed the name of their distributors from distributors to IBO, which stands for Independent Business Owner (Amway Business Owner or ABO is also commonly used). IBG/IBM Independent Business Governor/Mayor, or ABG/ABM for Amway Business Governor/Mayor? To be more descriptive, IBS/ABS Independent/Amway Business Scammer would be appropriate. Upline and downline also sounds repressive too, so again in the spirit of being more descriptive, how about scammer and scammee?

  • Listen, if material is posted here that is hard to handle, it’s the nature of the subject. But for really horrible photos, those images can be overwhelming and perhaps could be preceded by a caution of some kind.

    Kindly think this over before publishing another photo of Adam Silver. My gawd.

    • Poor Adam Silver. Frank picked the picture that was taken just before he unzipped his skin and turned into a lizard.

      • That’s an unnecessarily cruel comment. Mr. Silver has lovely, unlizard-like eyelashes. ..and I would rather see him unzip his skin than read more comments about Keith unzipping his pants.

        • You type the truth, Flowers. I just slapped my hand and will think before I type.
          And thank you for the attention. I was beginning to get jealous of Bangcock.

  • With tomorrow being the big day, player rumors are swirling. The latest has the two free agents NXIVM superstars Kristen Kruek and Kristen Gillibrand teaming up. The leading governors for their services are Knicky Cline and Dani PadilLA.

    • Kristen Gillibrand turned out to be a dud in the first Democratic Debate.
      The big winners were Cherokee Liz from Massachusetts, Tulsi Gabbard and Kamala Harris of California who tore into Creepy Joe Biden.
      If you want to read about a real scandal, read into Kamala Harris’ torrid love affair with former California State Assembly Speaker Willie Brown.

      Saturday, February 21, 2015
      Ex-Lovers Kamala Harris and Willie Brown

      Meet The Ex-Lovers
      Harris met Brown in 1994 when he was speaker of
      the state Assembly. She was 29, he was 60.

        • Many if not most descendants of former slaves, are also descendants of slaveholders – that’s kind of the dirty secret of slavery in the Americas, the masters frequently had children not only with their white wives but also with black mistresses and victims. Genetic research shows that there are almost no African-Americans who are purely African, with most having an average of about one-quarter European ancestry, and most of that mixing occurred during slavery – much of it coerced or involuntary, with issues of consent, undue influence, and coercion, about as tangled as they are in the case of NXIVM.

          Back to the case of Raniere, he seems also to have fathered children with one woman who wasn’t a slave, and one who was. Or are there more dark details known about the first, Kristin Keefe?

      • FYI that link is to site «dedicated to exposing the continuing Marxist Revolution in California and the all around massive stupidity of Socialists, Luddites, Communists, Fellow Travelers and of Liberalism in all of its ugly forms. » and has InfoWars ads sprinkled about

  • NXIVM DOS has both an Image problem and a Problem with its Rules and Regulations.

    I think one way for NXIVM DOS to overcome its PR problem would be to have a female head.
    Call her a Domina or a Dominatrix.
    (Nicki Clyne is clearly a Dominatrix.)
    And instead of calling them “slaves” call them “Servants.”

    Obviously there are women who are into the BDSM lifestyle and NXIVM DOS answered that need.
    However NXIVM DOS is reconstituted it most definitely have to get rid of certain practices:

    No More Children. Only consenting adults.

    No More Brandings or Disfigurements. And no sexual activities that endanger human life.

    No More Blackmail or Extortion. Everyone must consent of their own free will.

    No More Lifetime Vows. Even marriages are no longer lifetime vows.
    Everyone must be free to Cum and Go.

    No More week long celebrations or orgies.
    Everything must be done discretely.

    Under No Circumstances must sexual activities be performed for money.
    (Although in the New York State Legislature there were recent proposals to legalize prostitution. Until those laws pass legalizing sex work there must be no sale of sex for money.))

    State lawmakers introduce bill to legalize prostitution

    If the future Dominatrix of NXIVM DOS Nicki Clyne needs help she should consult with NYC BDSM clubs on what rules they follow.
    Otherwise Nicki could end up like Allison or Lauren.

    It is obvious with the existence of these kind of clubs or groups around the country that there are right ways and wrong ways to engage in this fetish.

  • I am all for racial sensitivity, but the word “owner” has not been a racially charged word until now.

    • It’s still not. Unfortunately here in America, we have a bunch of kooks who want to appropriate the language to accommodate their political agendas. If Adam Silver were younger and female, he could have been an inner circle KR recruitee.

    • Niceguy, When the elites are at a loss for inventing another airy fairy diversion from real social issues, anything goes. Judging by how receptive the masses have been historically to this crap, the elites know they have a permanent tranquilizing solution. This reminds me of another idiocy, a few years ago the winner of the Eurovision contest being a… I don’t know what “it” was, he looked like a woman but had a beard… and the main media outlets dropped to their knees screaming, starting to masturbate over that appearance as though that creature was Jesus in the THIRD coming!!! What a load of shit!!!!

    • I think Nicki also has some issues with Allison and Lauren.
      Nicki was with the Vanguard first and then the interloper Allison came in and pushed her aside.
      Nicki, like any other person, was not too happy with that change of affairs.
      And Nicki in her comments clearly does not like Lauren.

      • ShadowState, Noooo, Nicki wouldn’t think of harming any first line slaves, nor would she harbour any ill feelings towards them! Nicki is so close to the most evolved human form as per Raniere’s teachings, it’s amazing. Nicki can attest to this, I am certain. Not doing so means holding the essence of NXIUM’s teachings in contempt. Nicki would not allow herself to become a walking contradiction.

        • ” Nicki would not allow herself to become a walking contradiction.”

          I forgot that all of the first line slaves are empowered women whose main purpose is to sexually service their flaccid Vanguard, Keith Raniere.

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