A Shocking Message to Keith Raniere From John Tighe

John Tighe at Uncommon Grounds

Editor’s Note: Frank Report intends to investigate what really happened to John Tighe who currently is in Fort Devens federal prison serving his sentence for having been convicted of possessing child pornography on a computer.

The circumstances of his conviction are so suspicious that they merit more than a journalist’s investigation. But it is unlikely that we’ll ever see  a full-throttle law enforcement investigation to determine if the child porn images were planted by Keith Raniere or one of his agents and/or if certain New York State law enforcement officials were bribed into conspiring in a scheme to plant the child porn and then “find” it on a computer which was in NYS Police custody for several months before the child porn was suddenly “found.”

There is no doubt that Tighe was one of the main enemies of Raniere, who, as we know, used legal and extralegal methods to silence and stop his enemies. We will have much more to say on this topic later – including evidence that the Mac computer where the child “porn” was found may not have been Tighe’s computer. These investigations take time and money. But we are working on it – and the results may startle you.

Meanwhile, Tighe is in prison, now for more than 4 years – with one more year to serve. The man who likely put him there, Keith Raniere, is now also [and justly] convicted. He will in prison for years to come, quite possibly for life.

In a remarkable letter from Fort Devens Federal Prison, Tighe offers advice to Raniere – not out of cruelty, not out of anger, but rather to offer him some practical advice. How to survive in federal prison.

And with an extra, special message. If Keith Raniere wants to confess who he bribed and how he arranged to commit various crimes – including how he had child porn planted on Tighe’s so-called “computer” – without getting prosecuted, he might wind up in a safer prison. Hopefully, Raniere will follow John’s advice – and tell federal investigators how he managed to escape prosecution for almost two decades – and who he harmed along the way. Not because it’s the ethical thing to do. But because it serves Raniere’s interest.

There is so much more to tell on John Tighe. For the present, let’s hear his voice from prison in his letter to Keith Alan Raniere.


By John Tighe

Federal Prisoner 21508-052

Well, Keith, this is for you.

I know some of your acolytes read Frank Report, so maybe they’ll pass this along to you.

Keith, I sincerely don’t want you to die anytime soon.

I’m not a cruel person.

Heed my advice – and you might survive and have some kind of life while you’re incarcerated.

Next month, I will have been down for four years.

It hasn’t been fun – but I’ve done alright and I’ve learned a few things.

Let me share some of what I’ve learned with you.


Give up your delusions of getting out.

You’re home.

Get used to it and build a life.


The bullshit stops today, Keith.

Inmates may not be educated in the classic sense but they can smell bullshit a mile away.

Never be condescending, Keith.

Now, you’re the “slave” – the piece of shit.

So, just shut the fuck up. Stop talking – and learn to listen. No one gives a shit about your crap.

Mind your own fucking business. Don’t “ear hustle”. Never Rat out anyone – not even if you have to take the blame for something you didn’t do.

The less you know the less you can be accused of telling.


Prison is expensive Keith.

Try to have money in your commissary account at all times.

You’ll need money for clothes, sweats, shorts, dishes, and food.

And you’ll need money for the email service and telephone calls – both of which are way overpriced.


Get as many people as possible on your visitor’s list.

Visits are a highlight, Keith.

Many inmates here haven’t had one in twenty years.

Have your visitors bring money. The only change in your diet is the food in the visiting room vending machines – and it’s expensive.


Stay away from drugs, cell phones, porn, and contraband. Unless you want to spend a year in the SHU.

And never “check in” – ask for protective custody – no matter how afraid you are.

It’s the same as the SHU, Keith – and those bad-asses will be there waiting for you when you get out.


Do something useful.

After A/O, tell your counselor about your degree – and try to get a job as a GED Math teacher at 27 cents an hour.

That’s about what you paid the nannies in Rainbow Cultural Gardens.

Kind of Ironic, don’t you think?


Join a religion.

The Catholics, Christians or Moslems will take you in (The Moslems have a whole social structure and might offer you some protection).

But stay away from the Asante. They are the religion of the Neo-Nazis and worship the Norse god Odin. They will kill you, Keith – speaking of which, you probably ought to avoid the Spanish (Hispanic) prisoners too.


Shave your head. I’m not kidding.

You’re going to be in long enough that you need to look like a convict – and not just an inmate.

And work out every chance you get – you’re probably going to need to defend yourself on a regular basis.

Become a legal eagle, a jailhouse lawyer.

You can file motion after motion for yourself and others.

They have a Legal Library in every prison, Keith. Learn how to use it.


That brings me to the yard (Here we call it “Peckerhead Beach”).

This is the outdoor rec area. Much different than MDC where all you probably had is an indoor walking track.

You’ll learn to love outdoor rec, Keith – but you’ll also learn to fear it. Because this is where you’ll be most vulnerable.

Look out for two types of attacks.

First, a straight-up fight. Happens all the time over anything. Man up, fight back and get some respect.

Next, watch out for a “hit”. They’ll come from behind or straight up front – and it will happen very fast. A small knife or shank or shive will be repeatedly jammed under your rib cage and they’ll twist and turn it at the same time – they call this “working it” – for maximum organ damage and blood loss (If this happens to you, you’ll be dead).

This is better than a slock against the head – which can leave you brain damaged.

We have a lot of those guys here.


Right now, you still have some hope, Keith.

After being found guilty but before sentencing, an inmate can give information to the authorities that can reduce his sentence or get him into a better prison

Keith, if you get sent to a USP like Whitey Bulger was, they will kill you. They don’t call them “Bloody Beaumont”, “Misery Mountain” and Fort “Death” for nothing.

You have valuable information, Keith.

Who did you bribe and blackmail?

What District Attorneys, State Troopers and politicians did you have in your pocket?

How did you do it, Keith? Money or sex or both?

You have information that people want, Keith.

Taking it with you to prison makes no sense.


With the right deal, you could go to a nice Medium like Ray Brook in the Adirondack Gulag.

Or maybe Berlin in New Hampshire in the White Mountains.

As far as prisons go, those are great options.

You might even have a little life for yourself close to home.

You owe the Bronfmans nothing, Keith. Sara abandoned you and Clare threw you under the bus.

Talk, Keith.

Who did the Bronfmans bribe?

What happened to me, Keith? And how did you finally get O’Hara?

Forget about telling the truth because it’s the decent thing to do. Just do it because it will help you.

Think about it, Keith.

I know you’ve got a lot to get off your chest.

You’ll feel better.


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  • I agree that people should help donate money to John Tighe’s prison account, if he needs it.

    The thing is, I really doubt that he needs people giving him commissary money since you can only have a small account balance anyway.

    I’m sure that John’s doing just fine with his commissary account.

    I think it’s rather bizarre that everybody here is assuming John’s penniless and without friends or family who can send him his monthly commissary balance.

    However, there’s another point I want to make.

    Frank is telling us that he believes there will be an ‘exoneration’ of John Tighe.

    But Frank is not acting in his capacity as an unbiased journalist here. Instead, Frank is acting in his capacity as a guy totally ‘enamored’ with John Tighe.

    This is nothing more than ‘fairytale-style’ wishful thinking on Frank’s part.


    Because no state trooper will EVER admit to framing John Tighe.

    It will take MORE than John’s own ‘word’ that he was framed.

    John’s WORD (all by itself) is not enough to even get him a hearing on the matter.

    In the eyes of the law, John is a convicted felon and his WORD is equivalent to every other felon who says he’s innocent. They all claim that.

    Frank is just not being honest with us about the complexity of exonerating a convicted felon.

    Frank is leading us to believe that if John gets out of prison and writes a blog post accusing NY state troopers of framing him, the justice department will immediately hold a hearing and clear his record. LOL.

    That’s BULLSHIT. It’s a lot harder than that to ‘exonerate’ somebody.

    Even with REAL EVIDENCE it can take YEARS for that to happen.

    *However, in John’s case there is no evidence other than his ‘word’ (which has the meaning of shit to authorities, cuz he’s a convicted felon).

    What about the testimony of Keith or Clare Bear?

    Regardless of John’s hope that Keith will eventually come clean, he just won’t. Ever. For any reason.

    What about Clare Bear helping John in exchange for lesser jail time?

    Nope. The chances of that happening are SLIM since the government ain’t gonna cut her any special deals UNLESS she’s got REAL EVIDENCE that NY State Troopers have actually framed John Tighe.

    Her WORD (all by itself) won’t be enough to even get a hearing on the matter, since she’d have an incentive to lie if it meant lesser jail time.

    *And I seriously doubt that NY State Troopers sent Clare emails talking about how they intended to frame John Tighe. LOL.

    Likewise, I seriously doubt that anybody from NXIVM ever ‘paid off’ any NY State Troopers directly, so there’s likely no financial trail to prove corruption there.

    Here’s the likely reality…

    NY State Troopers knew that Keith and Clare wanted for Tighe to be indicted. They didn’t need to be told directly.

    Therefore, they likely took matters into their own hands to facilitate that indictment, without actually being paid off or sending emails to confirm what they were doing.

    They were likely doing favors for NXIVM in the hopes of being given future favors themselves.

    Look people, Frank couldn’t even get Clare Bear tried for racketeering, LOL, even with TONS of REAL evidence proving her involvement in the NXIVM racketeering enterprise.

    Getting John Tighe ‘exonerated’ will take a HELL OF A LOT more effort than convicting Clare Bear of racketeering.

    Frank needs to be more honest with us about the chances of exonerating John Tighe. It won’t be a cakewalk.

  • Frank, could you post exact details on/the process of what we need to do to help John Tighe? Of course, the details of the process to put money in his account but also if there is anything he needs in the way of food/books/clothing/etc. that it is allowed to send him (and how to send it so it doesn’t get “lost” on the way)? And maybe this could be in a separate post and not just a comment so it could get more attention and not get lost in the shuffle? Just from the strange and contradictory facts of the case, this seemed to me to be a classic textbook example of a setup from the very beginning, and I’m ashamed to have done nothing. What can we do? Please let us know, thanks.

    • Yes I will write a post about it for those who would like to contribute to the cause of helping us to find the truth out about John Tighe’s conviction, which I believe will lead to his exoneration.

      • I hope that we get to the bottom of this. Was John set up or is he a child porn guy and needs to get help.
        This is very important. We don’t want to be so naive about this that we are championing a child porn guy–do we?

        • How naive do you think Parlato is? Those readers who relied on John’s reportage and have remained engaged with his progress?And given the context and what we now know of the Nxivm enterprise, not to mention KAR’s character, why would acceptance of John Tigue’s innocence be naive? You seem to imply the odds of guilt/innocence are 50/50in this case. Perhaps that’s a little naive, or maybe its 100% dissembling?

  • John this is very kind of you considering…and its good solid advice. I hope your medical care is efficient and goes someway to compensating for your cruel, vengeful incarceration. Look forward to hearing from you, freely. Love to you and yours.

  • This is so poignant and devastatingly satisfying. John just YES. Yes yes yes and yes.

    Also maybe someone can do an edit of this…a la “sunscreen” by baz luhrmann

    • We don’t want to read the truth – just what we want to hear.
      Are we all just simple people that want to hear what we want to hear?
      Thanks, John, for the part of exposing Keith and his klan.
      Let’s do an investigation and see what the facts are.
      We can ask John when he gets out if he was set up. Then, we can ask him to publically take a lie detector test .
      I’m sure none of us readers will have any problem with that, as we want to live our lives in the truth.

      • Really? There’s no such thing as a “lie detector”. There’s unreliable and easily fooled polygraph machines that still have to be interpreted by a biased and fallible person, so it’s the worst of both worlds. And whoever’s paying for the test tends to get the result they want. During the $2.3 million investigation that found accusations against Albany Roman Catholic Bishop Howard Hubbard were “not credible”, he passed a “lie detector” test making statements I know to be completely false. And you think they can be relied on to determine the truth?

  • One thing John Tighe did not mention…

    The shakedown or “protection money” rackets in prison are rampant and a big money business.

    The inmates and guards will extract the maximum amount of money out of a mark(inmate) down to the mark’s last penny.

    Keith will be forced to have money deposited into other inmates commissary accounts and he will be forced to have money deposited in outside accounts.

    The inmates will actually force other inmates to write letters to friends and family members begging for money.

    Good luck Vanguard!!!! LOL

  • What bargaining info does Raniere have left anymore? Does he even know? I doubt it. His habit of inveigling his posse of minions to do his dirty work has led to multiple arrests and plea bargains, along with personal confessions, much of which hasn’t been made public.

    While Raniere sat locked up for over a year awaiting trial, investigators were tracking through wads of evidence materials for nuggets of applicable, provable evidence. I think most of that substantial backlog of incriminating evidence hasn’t even been dealt from the deck yet. For example, just think of those who made plea bargains and didn’t get called to testify.

    Now please pull up a chair, and let’s talk about everything that Clare Bronfman has told federal investigators and/or prosecutors. What exactly do we know about that? How about what we know is zilch so far? We do not have the tea on any of that. What has Clare Bronfman said? To what details has she confessed, and what was her demeanor? There’s a conspicuous yet tacit information vacuum about how Clare Bronfman is working things out for herself. She, of all people, could steal Raniere’s bargaining thunder and not bother to let him know about it, ever.

    The quietness is similar with the non-testifying matronly prefect, Salzman. Throughout the post-arrest saga, she’s been Bronfman’s muted, possibly indentured Tonto. Not even a word, awaiting the prison docket. Meanwhile during Raniere’s trial, Allison Mack was exposed by nearly everyone who testified, and that left her with no grounds to open her mouth in court.

    Predictably, it might never be revealed what Clare Bronfman has told prosecutors. At this point in her life, Bronfman might need a ghostwriter to form a complete thought for her. Or she might be a coherent sociopath, planning acts of vengeance. Regardless, she and her family have lots of coins to buy her plenty of anonymity.

    What about the other co-defendants’ unpublicized admissions? What has Mack proven, admitted or acknowledged while plea bargaining? And how shredded is her credibility? She has made herself into a thirtyish woman placed in her parents’ custody. She’s being electronically monitored as a confessed criminal who was forced into involuntary retirement and awaits prison. Even still she might have had lots of involvement as an ambassadress and tour guide for Raniere’s sexual interests. Did she name names?

    Maybe some of the other women involved (and a few men) have already named names concerning officials or others who got bribed by Raniere’s group and how it was done. There could be a trainload of that info already in prosecutors’ hands, but some behind-the scenes “train conductors” might not want to risk opening Pandora’s box.

    Raniere is likely to have no idea what dirt has or hasn’t been offered up by someone else before him. So many specific details haven’t been available for him to examine. We don’t know what the prosecutors, investigators and the Judge know in its entirety. What we know only what has had to be disclosed so far.

    So it’s back to “give up your delusions of getting out.” What does he know about stoicism? Probably only that he hates it. He will have to quit being a nag, a whiner, a hypochondriac and a hairy little bitch. Come on. Do you really think he has it in him?

  • Raniere’s best and only hope is that Claire Bronfman is still drinking the Keith Kool Aide – and will somehow survive the inevitable onslaught of civil suits, judgments & damage claims coming her way. As others said here – Raniere’s grasp of reality has always been tenuous (from the delusion of smartest, most ethical human – to thinking he could escape justice hiding at a posh Monterey resort) He now believes he’ll win an appeal. Its rather doubtful an appeals court will even hear his case. Judge Garaufis did an outstanding job with a complex, highly unusual and emotionally charged trial. An appeals court will view his termination of Lauren Salzman’s testimony as not only decent and humane – but legally appropriate and not even germane to Raniere’s defense. Ironically, her emotional trauma and suffering served the prosecution’s case better than the defense. Raniere also claims incompetent and ineffective defense – which will also crash and burn. Agnifilo has an outstanding record, and did the best anyone could defending a deranged and perverted sociopath with no trace of self awareness nor contrition for his victims. (His apparent enjoyment of Lauren’s ordeal on the stand an outstanding example) And of course, without Clair Bronfman’s cash – he’ll never find a lawyer anywhere near Agnifilo’s status willing to defend his pathetic arse. The good ship Vanguard is sunk.

    Even with Tighe’s wise advice Mr. Raniere, you’re rational inquiry ™ will soon lead you to True Karma. In the big house a pudgy, cute, effete little fella in school-boy glasses – with no money or influence – will soon become somebody else’s sex slave — someone not interested in your development of full human potential nor your success or ultimate happiness. But then, neither were you Raniere. What goes around, comes around Keith — AKA Karma 101 (for inclusion in a future intensive in your “Inmate Success Programs”(tm) Good luck with that.

  • Good advice, but completely unnecessary. Being a judo champ, Vanturd is already running the place and I’m sure hes already informed the staff as to what’s what.

  • Even if KAR gets his stubby, grubby little slimy fingers on this very good advice from John he wont put it to good use.

    Why, because he cannot let the man who work for years to expose him, the man who for years mocked him on his blog, tell him what he should do.

    KAR’s ego is like a child with an waffle. He cannot let go of it. Even if it’s in his best interest.

    His ego has gotten in his way his entire life.

    KAR is most likely a psychopath and will not be told what to do even if it’s in his best interest.

    He could of avoided trail all together and not exposed most of the evidence would of never become public.

    Now the entire world know what many have been say about this man, he’s a monster.

    • This is one of my frustrations with MLM scams, there are lawsuits flying all over the place but most of them are settled before the trial. This means that much of the damning information never gets out, as most settlements include a provision to keep everything confidential. Therefore, people have to believe or disbelieve the limited and unfounded accusatins rumors. In this respect, Raniere is my hero.

      • Scott, I hear and understand your concerns about MLM scams and I’m sorry for the loss you suffered attempting to exposed what you had found out.

        There is very little comparison to your standard MLM scam and NXIVM.

        Raniere was off the rails compared to what most other MLM do. We are talking about a very dangerous Criminal Enterprise cleverly hidden under deep within the bowels of a so called self-help group. I think the evidence exposed in this trial explains the diffidence.

        • I doubt you know much about MLM scams. I was attracted to this website because of the numerous similarities I noticed between NXIVM and Amway, then I found out Raniere started out in Amway. Then it all made sense. MLM scams cause FAR more damage than Raniere ever dreamed of accomplishing.

  • Now that this announcement is public, I wouldn’t be surprised if Raniere checks out before his sentencing, as crooked cops have friends in low places, too. Raniere doesn’t have any good options.

  • In Illinois a Judge just ordered the hiring of a Special Prosecutor to investigate Jussie Smollet and his false police reports.

    Judge Orders Appointment of Special Prosecutor in Jussie Smollett Case, Additional Prosecution Back on the Table
    A Cook County judge on Friday ordered the appointment of a special prosecutor in the Jussie Smollett case, which could lead to new charges against the “Empire” star.


    Now it’s time for the State of New York, both the State Attorney General and the Governor to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate and prosecute the NXIVM case and prosecute the NXIVM leaders who violated so many New York State Laws.

    Shadow: Albany Times Union Could Help Push for NYS AG to Appoint Special Prosecutor to Investigate Nxivm

    The US Supreme Court just ruled that the US government and the State of New York are both Dual Sovereigns who can prosecute crimes that violate both State and Federal laws.
    And Double Jeopardy does not apply.

    Double trouble: The Supreme Court approves dual prosecutions

  • KAR seems pretty hard of hearing unless it is praise or his own lofty word salad. Doubt he’ll make much use of any of this if it might help John.

    I assume the info in this article on adding funds to a prisoner’s commissary account would apply to John as well: https://frankreport.com/2019/04/03/raniere-assigned-job-as-janitor-clare-stopped-funding-his-commissary-fr-readers-asked-to-contribute/

    I’m also assuming John Tighe is his intake name that must be used with his prisoner number, 21508-052 to deposit funds to that account.

    I don’t have much to give, but I’m going throw a little into John’s commissary acct.

  • In light of the recent attempt to hack the Frank Report and delete posts and comments, the third such attempt in the last two months,
    it must be clear now that NXIVM is still around and sophisticated enough to cause great trouble.
    Nancy Salzman plead guilty to computer hacking and obtaining Rick Ross’ computer passwords.
    And Clare Bronfman hacked her own father’s computer with a key logger.

    Bogus computer trespass charges were brought against Toni Natalie and Joe O’Hara.
    Charges which were dismissed when it transpire that Clare Bronfman had lied about important issues and the New York State Police had worked closely with NXIVM’s own attorneys to frame the defendants.

    “Why has no one been prosecuted for the crimes that were committed in conjunction with the criminal computer trespass charges that were brought against Toni Natalie, Joe O’Hara and John Tighe? – Part I”

    Two years ago Frank Parlato received emails urging him to hack into Raniere’s computer.
    Frank wisely chose to ignore this “advice.”

    Emailer claims plan to hack Raniere computers, release Allison Mack’s collateral

    There is a great concern about whether those illicit photos on John Tighe’s computer were really planted there by NXIVM agents.
    Don’t underestimate the power and determination of NXIVM.
    Expect this evil organization to regroup as soon as it is practical and with many of the same players and tactics and crimes.

    As the Bible says:
    “As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool repeats his folly”
    “As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool repeats his folly” is an aphorism which appears in the Book of Proverbs in the Bible — Proverbs 26:11
    The incorrigible nature of fools is further emphasised in Proverbs 27:22, “Though you grind a fool in a mortar, grinding them like grain with a pestle, you will not remove their folly from them.”

    • The fact that NXIVM has corrupted the New York State Police and court system with loads of Bronfman money is disturbing and must be investigated or it will happen again.
      Maybe not with Bronfman money doing the corrupting but with other wealthy, powerful persons pulling the strings.

    • Frank is the only one who is suggesting one that John is not guilty of child porn. The best investigation is to ask John straight up when he gets out to take a lie detector test if he had child porn on his computer and publish his answers and results in the local news papers.

      He will be be asked.

      So, what we want to hear from John in his letters from prison is how he is healing from being a person that enjoys looking at child porn.

      • Tighe has already gone on the record that he is not going to comment on his case until he gets out, because he doesn’t want to risk getting out a little early.

      • Frank is not, by any stretch, the “only one” suggesting that John was framed.

        Hundreds of John’s loyal readers, including myself, immediately thought that John was framed back in 2014. The NXIVM flying monkeys were notorious for computer hacking and before Frank came along, John was by FAR the most pointed and ruthless critic that Raniere EVER had. He also ruthlessly exposed corruption in high levels of local and even state government.

        Who would actually think that a child porn fan would keep child porn on HIS OWN COMPUTER while ruthlessly criticizing people with massive amounts of power and money? He had to know he was being watched. He routinely fought off hacking attempts on his blog. It just doesn’t make ANY fucking sense that he would keep those kinds of materials on his personal PC.

        The police came to his house, confiscated electronic equipment due to an investigation that was PROMPTED BY NXIVM, and didn’t file charges until FIVE MONTHS LATER.

        It took them FIVE MONTHS to “find” the illegal materials?

        Give me a break.

        I mean, the idea that John is guilty is actually MORE preposterous than the idea that he was set up.

        • Q: Who would actually think that a child porn fan would keep child porn on HIS OWN COMPUTER while ruthlessly criticizing people with massive amounts of power and money? A: That’s an easy one, someone who is hooked on child porn.

          Perhaps Tighe plead guilty because he couldn’t afford the life-saving surgery he needed and got it for free in prison. Many people would do the same thing.

          However, Tighe’s sister is a lawyer, surely if he was innocent and given the suspicious circumstances around this situation, she could have found a lawyer willing to help, assuming they would accept a pro bono case. Perhaps she tried to find someone and came up empty.

          Perhaps Tighe is guilty. Perhaps Tighe didn’t want to take a chance of a long prison term even if he is innocent. We don’t know, but that doesn’t keep the commenters from making claims, just as they made all kinds of claims for the past year or so that turned out to be wrong.

        • Id someone puts child porn on your computer… Security tech people can easily measure that. And John had one of the best criminal attorneys in the Albany region. So, I think his attorney could have sought this information out on that computer that John owner ( and all computers have serial numbers like cars, so this can be traced) and proved it in a court of law easily.
          I really don’t think this would be much cost at all for the defense attorney to get this proof taken care of.
          So, all you readers and Frank, just want John to be a hero. So, he will be a hero that looks at child porn.
          You wasn’t things to be ” what you want them to be” Not- what they are id that’s against your objective.

          So, lets wait till John gets out and we can ask him pubically if he had child porn on his computer, have him take a lie detector test that we all can see the results from if he says he did not have child porn on his computer.
          I’m game for that. What would be wrong with that. If John is not guilty of this, than he will certainly prove to al of this that he’s telling the truth.

          I’m certain that Frank wants John to show he’s not guilty as well to show that he himself is just putting the doubt question to make his own thinking supported. Or, doesn’t he? Show us Frank,

          My daughter works at the coffee shop where John hangs out in Saratoga and I certainly will take this up with the owner of the coffee shop when John gets out.

        • Yes, and if memory serves, the computer was moved from one jurisdiction to another in order to make the charges. I believe John also had innocently made his computer and blog passwords available to law enforcement thinking it would aid in the take down of Raniere.

          At the time, Saratoga In Decline was the ONLY place to go for ongoing developments and commentary – anonymous or otherwise. When I heard John was arrested and the blog shut down, I screamed with rage. I said to myself, “They won, again.”

          • ..AND he handed over his passwords? didn’t know that. Really appreciate your constancy OCD.

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