Ramtha the One: We Are Not a Cult Like Nxivm and J. Z. Knight Must Not Be Compared to Keith Raniere

By Ramtha The One

Hey Frank.

You should hire a better, more serious investigative journalist, one who really wants to inform your audience accurately – before is too late – and you and your business end-up being sued by Mrs. Knight.

When you – lacking diligence – publish a story such as Shadow: The Parallels Between JZ Knight’s Ramtha and Keith Raniere’s Nxivm Are Startling, it shows you are desperately trying to get a wider audience.

By making a comparison to Mrs. Knight and Keith Raniere and Nxivm you show a blatant, unfortunate, lack of impartial, neutral, fact-checking research.

Unlike other cults – like many in US and all around the world – you never looked at them closely and – you have wrongly called Ramtha a cult.

Ramtha has been deeply and widely studied by foremost, prestigious academics and scholars from highly regarded institutions and universities – who published their findings in precise and detailed form.

Andt, believe me, their published work is much more authoritative than the kind of gossip notes in your unprestigious blog.  Your publication cannot discredit these scientific credentialed and prestigious names.

In your article, you do not even make one footnote reference.

But, this is your journey as a publisher and, perhaps, some day, as a real journalist.

For now, I will simply recommend to you and your respectable audience to look to the Quantum Cafe Library http://www.ramtha.com and to begin your own journey about yourself and who you are/be really to allow this kind of false material as you published to be published about Ramtha on your website.

Frankly, you may need to read some books, listen to some teachings on compact discs and, perhaps, even watch some DVDs about what is really going on at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, and, of course, what this marvelous school is really about.

Unlike so many “cults” this school does pay its taxes, does not receive any public money from cities, state or federal governments and, does not harm, nor does any damage to the students that freely and willfully attend the events that they choose to attend.

You can start listening to this material, for FREE!

Remember, not even the Bible these days is offered for free!

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  • I swear, that zebra thing out in Yelm has been stalking my family for being related to a real military general. Either that or my family is in on it. Got my dad to put in an archives request with his old bank to verify that my mom sent me to Ruth Beverly Martin for voice lessons way back in high school. Pretty sure Wayne Allen Geis was the man in the other room who she was snapping at occasionally.

    My great uncle Ted (Theodore W. Parker) was Chief of Staff at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe for six years and was in the executive office of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. One of his nieces lived kitty corner to Linda Evans in the gated community Madeira up in Lakewood, WA after having lived down the street from Judith Zebra Knight’s former Tacoma residence years earlier. One of my sister’s dance instructors back in childhood was, as my dad described her, an “acolyte” of the Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment cult.

    As Ramtha, she claims to be a 35,000-year-old Lemurian general who lived two centuries as the wind and masterfully strategized 2.5 million troops. Does she have a thing for generals? Are the above parallels mere coincidence?

  • Nobody thinks they’re in a cult until they have a wakeup call and get out. When you’re in it, you defend it and dismiss other people’s experiences as invalid if they aren’t praising the group. You blame them and insist they are just whiners or they couldn’t hack it or they gave up or whatever. Once you’re out, you’re free, and you can see with clear sight what you were involved in. I and many others have many years of direct experience and didn’t know what we were involved in but we found our way out through the grace of God and came to realize that what we once thought was “the light” was actually deception and darkness disguised as light.

  • This is laughable. It’s just a sad, aging shyster using your blog to try and troll for new “followers”. If you were as small and pitiful as this poltroon makes you out, there would be no need to contact you and whine.

  • Just once, for a change, it would be useful for a serious journalist to have spoken to students who actually attend Events at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment – like me, for instance. Our RSE School is not a cult and in fact, is an ancient School of Wisdom that is the antithesis of any religious indoctrination or organization that could be labeled a cult. Those of us who have been to Events since the 1980s have the direct experience and authority to tell all of your readers (and those who have made erroneous comments) that our School is both legitimate and authentic. While there are individuals who are unbalanced who have come to an Event and left to attempt to discredit or dismiss the validity of our School; when you know and live among the astute, intelligent, and knowledgeable students in Yelm and connect with those around the world – the picture that we paint daily is one of great insight, wisdom from decades of training and contemplation, and compassion for those who haven’t done their Due Diligence. Let’s set the record straight: RSE cannot be compared to NXIVM, Scientology, Heaven’s Gate, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Mormon Church, or any other religious institution or group. We are unique individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds who value freedom, self-determination, and our personal sovereignty. Come to Events at RSE and discover this for yourselves.

    • Hi, Lynn. I’m a journalist looking into the RSE and would love the opportunity to talk with you about your experiences. I can be reached at Tony [at] RussoDigital [.com].

  • People should also know that most of the Ramtha supporters are online and many if not most have never been to an event they just listen to the CDs and so many haven’t even streamed a 101 event, or they stopped at the 101 and 201 and maybe did a few events here and there. they didnt actually get the full experience, they don’t have the whole picture. you dont get the whole picture until youre in it for a few years and all the random comments start to paint a bigger picture and then you FINALLY hear Ramtha ranting and making statements that corroborate what you thought was just weird “student” beliefs but in fact it’s doctrine of the school. its shocking and disgusting at the same time. you think you’re going there to learn how to be a better person and in reality you get stuck paying to hear someone spew hate against specific students, teachers, officials, groups, religion, you name it. you can listen to that kind of garbage for free on social media!

    On one hand you have the starstruck “students” who think everything Ramtha says is just peachy keen and they don’t stand up to the lewd behavior and even physical violence (ask the old timers how many times Ramtha slapped students across the face on stage), and they excuse it away and say oh that’s just how Ramtha works, he has his reasons! you know, they created getting slapped after all. it’s crazy to watch Ramtha rail on people and be disgusting on stage and then tell people to “turn to your neighbor and tell them what I just said” and then you see people turning to their neighbor to justify what just happened and nobody walks out or calls “him” out or anything. And on the outside, some of the most devoted students seem like really cool people but they are blind to the abuse and vile nature of this behavior. They’re so blind to it all.

    and then you have the people from a distance who are starstruck but don’t have a clue what the school is about or what goes on. they defend blindly becuase all they know is the cutesey little edited cds that get published.

    you dont know what you’re getting into when you start with this org. and if youre entranced by the idea of some ascended master being in JZs body, then you’ll hang on for the ride because you dont question an ascended master. he has his ways, you know.

  • Many former students will tell you Ramtha is a cult. It meets the definition of a cult even if you believe Ramtha is legitimate. The teachings are Luciferian in nature. It’s self-worship, all about me me me. I want I want I want. What can I get out of life. how can i develop powers to control the universe, MY universe. forget God.

    in the school you are not only told that you are God, but you created the whole world and then created a body to enjoy your wonderful creation. The world is your oyster and here for your pleasure. The teachings are rooted in UFO conspiracy and political nonsense, in between the hate-filled rants. there’s so much anger and hostility that comes off that stage from Ramtha it’s not worth your money unless you like to sit through rants and raves that go nowhere and then turn to your neighbor and explain what you just learned about whatever Ramtha railed against.

    Sadly, listening to the available CDs and watching the videos will not tell anyone too much about the school because those materials are heavily edited from live events (admittedly so) to “preserve the integrity of the teachings” but that translates to “editing out Ramtha’s crass comments and incoherent babbling” and until you become a student you will never see what is taught in the school, what is published is the good feeling stuff that is all for show. until you go to events you wont see the absolute weird beliefs that students have. Remember the people from Heaven’s Gate waiting for a comet to save them? Let’s just say Ramtha teaches something similar and people believe it. that’s been edited out of CDs. its scary AF.

    Don’t get caught up in this organization. Nothing good will come of it. It’s a lie, packaged as truth. Deception from all angles. Tons of damage has been done to students both physically and mentally. It get passed off as people being disgruntled but their complaints are legitimate. I’ll stop there.

    PS: 209 Bible translations are available free from https://www.biblegateway.com/

    Might wanna fact check yoself before you wreck yoself, cause publishing lies to prove your point is bad for yo health.

  • Ramthas School of Enlightenment IS a cult!! It’s registered as “Amusement & Entertainment” on it’s business license. Nothing has ever been proven wrt the existence of the 35,000 year old wind bag! Zero, zip, nada!! The “experts” being referred to were invited to an all expense paid trip to the compound, and most had qualifications that have nothing to do with parapsychology or pseudo science. She used this “study” to try and legitimize herself to her sheep. I’d ask the poor guy who wrote this post if he ever bothered to read it? The author to Finding Enlightenment, Melton, was paid a ton of money by JZ to write that book, so it’s hardly “unbiased”. Then she came up with some bullshit DNA study that she says “proves” that her and rambles have different DNA! Think about that for a second….when she channels rambles, her DNA changes?….yet everything else about her stays the same? Wouldn’t a complete change in DNA change every cell of the body into the new code? Why all the bullshit? Why not just have rambles appear in front of a group of respected scientists and journalists?

    Her sheep are no longer the deep thinkers they once were, obviously. Her philosophy is all about using the power of your own mind to create the reality you desire….sounds magical…what one doesn’t realize is that the training she prescribes to get you there, is also taking away your mind in the process!! Hamsters on a wheel!! JZ says you can reverse aging by following her disciplines, yet her face is full of Botox,fillers and collagen!! She claims there are no victims…unless her boyfriend cheats on her, or she needs to sue someone…then she’s allowed to play victim!!

    Anyone who has “all the answers” would not need to charge people exorbitant prices to hear the “truth”! Any group that trains you to shut off your inner voice and instincts to trust in another by making your instincts equal your “ego”, is brainwashing you into a mindless follower!! Nobody willingly joins a cult. They are trying to find a better way to live their lives, and then before they realize, it’s a bait and switch. They’ve let someone else control their own mind thinking they were making it stronger, and more evolved. Blind trust in a charlattan. Once realized, it takes a lot of time to trust yourself again. There’s no greater punishment than knowing you’ve disappointed yourself!! Yet, I also believe, there’s no greater wisdom than coming to terms with it and recovering.

  • I don’t have time to make a proper comment, but below is what I posted on the QResearch board earlier today. I mailed Frank about the Ramtha cult and its similarities with NXIVM a while back. They both use patents to justify spurious claims that they have special tech. Ramtha has some blue light thing going, check the patent, it’s copied and pasted straight from a hodge-podge of journals, it’s all bullshit. They claim miracle cures, they’ve been claiming this for years, it’s all bullshit, there are never any medical records to prove this.

    J Z Knight recently announced that her private health care practitioner had had her DNA tested while channelling Ramtha, and she turns into a Native American / Viking *male*. Maybe Ramtha should get together with Pocahontas. This is complete bullshit and shows that the Ramtha cult is imploding. She wants only absolute diehard nuts now who will swallow anything she says.

    This is my best effort to wake up the Q people. They claim to be woke, but they’re dead asleep here. The Ramtha cult is lethally dangerous and it has attached itself to the Q phenomenon like a leech.

    My post on the Q Research board:


    One more warning about the Ramtha cult.

    Please read this page from an article in the South Thurston Journal in Washington:

    It’s the story of two Ramtha followers in South Africa who murdered a cop in cold blood and went on the run, committing suicide when they were cornered.

    Ramtha followers live in underground bunkers in Yelm. One follower personally helped build 40 such bunkers. Some are interconnected. Several sources say they all stockpile weapons.

    Now read this quote from the article:

    — Thurston County Assessor Steven Drew Tells Staff to Take On Local RSE Sovereignists

    Thurston County Assessor Steven Drew stated in 2013 that he would send his employees to enter and inspect the underground bunkers of JZ Knight’s RSE sovereignist followers in the Yelm area.

    The same bunkers where Knight’s followers stash their gold and weapons, preparing for Knight’s terrifying, bizarre prophecies.

    The same prophecies that drove Knight’s followers to shoot two police officers in South Africa, and to try to kill four other people.

    Assessor Drew was quoted in the Nisqually Valley News that, in recent years, he had noticed a large influx of detailed “No Trespassing” signs that speak directly to government employees.

    We can only guess that Drew didn’t believe the signs. Even after the international publicity following the 2011 shootings of police officers Boleme and duToit—and the connection to JZ Knight and RSE. —

    The next page of this article quotes JZ Knight saying, two months after these shootings, “We’re going out in a blaze of glory in this life.”

    What could draw an investigation from the authorities that might lead to a shootout and siege? Look at the stories of condoned rape and sexual assault at the RSE compound:

    — According to ex-Knight followers, rape was not that unusual at RSE—particularly after wine ceremonies.

    Until five years ago, this kind of managerial responsibility had been assigned to JZ Knight’s succession of live-in lovers.

    It may seem unusual for a business to have an internal policy for handling violent crimes on the premise, that doesn’t include calling the police and letting them handle it. —

    The article details how, when one rape of a 16-year-old unaccompanied girl became common knowledge, Ramtha’s “rape manager” eventually put up the alleged rapist’s name on a board, making him no longer welcome at RSE events. That was it.

    There was another internal “rape trial” presided over by JZ Knight herself, acting as Ramtha. When the case went to a real court, JZ Knight said she had no recall of this internal trial, as she was in trance at the time. Very convenient.

    And a big associate of hers, Miceal Ledwith, is a self-confessed abuser of boys and young men, going back to his days in the Catholic church, before he was defrocked:

    This abuse is all condoned by the Ramtha creed:
    —As JZ Knight’s Ramtha—The White Book states, “Thus the one who needs to molest and the one who needs to be molested—because he needs to understand it—are brought together for the experience.”—

    Anons: This is a really sick C_A cult and it is being closely tied to Q just as it self-destructs. Over a hundred underground bunkers stocked with weapons and food, planning to go out in a blaze of glory? *You need to find some really effective way of distancing yourself from these toxic nuts.* Go research them for yourselves and bring the evidence here, so that they can’t come near Q Research without getting very badly burned.

    What part of “Anon” is so difficult to understand? Ramtha followers and their fancy Q T-shirts are only proving that they just don’t get it. If you have any worthwhile research, you post it, no one cares who you are. The real anons just want your sauce.


    Footnote: “Sauce” is the QAnon term for “source”. The good Anons work very hard to source everything they say. Oh, and a certain three-letter-acronym agency is always referred to as the “C_A” for some reason. Those underscore agencies are always watching, you have to be very careful.

    Greetings to frankreport.com and thanks to Frank Parlato for his incredible work and moderation. This mad lot makes the Q board seem quite tame.

    • Greeting Fred,
      Nice take. I am an influence analyst and researcher doing some work on a couple of items you mentioned.
      I would be interested in speaking with you. Please contact me at your convenience at robertsplacela at g Male.com

  • I remember reading about Ramtha many years ago when I was young and searching for truth. It’s easy to become a follower of charlatans when you’re naive and seeking answers. Thankfully the one true G*d stepped in and steered me back to the only path of truth and light. Keep up the great work, Frank, and expose them all!

  • Let everyone publish and wthout censorship but I am afraid reading the above and how it is written is not going to draw many of us in.

    The Bible can be read on line without charge (not that there is a God) and plenty of churches and libraries have it available. You can go into just about any mainstream churc at any time without paying anything, without registering and without being obliged to pay a penny (other than a few fringe churches with tithes I suppose but all those Catholic and many others – no charge for anything, voluntary collection plate loads of people put nothing into).

    The division between cult and religion, self help group and bunch of weirdos is not always easy to draw but most of us know it when we see it.

  • I read the email/article above. It seems legit.

    Now the Frankreport has drawn the ire of Scientology, Carlos Slim, and Ramatha not to mention NXIVM of course.

    Frank Parlato is making friends(sarcasm).

    Ramatha channels a deity/spirit and has magical powers much like Bangkok’s dick.

    Ramtha is a bullshit artist taking advantage of innocent people.

    She Keith Raniere with the sexual predatation.

    Congratulations Ramtha your not guilty of rape or sexual coercion.

  • Ramtha wants stories with citations.

    Here are links to stories about Ramtha on Rick Ross’ Cult Education Institute website.


    Ramtha School of Enlightenment
    This page contains information The Cult Education Institute has
    gathered about Ramtha.

    QAnon Teams Up With Alleged Cult Leader
    Seattleland: JZ Knight Re-Channels Ramtha’s ‘Racist’ Video Denials
    Romanian couple ‘joined mystical cult in Washington while hiding from international investigators over $73m tax fraud’

    Judge bars former Ramtha student from posting more videos
    Judge rules in favor of JZK, Inc. in JZ Knight YouTube video case
    Alleged murder highlights JZ Knight case
    RSE YouTube video case continues
    Judge limits questioning in JZ Knight suit
    Cult couple: it was suicide
    End of the world for French cult couple
    Ramtha School distanced itself from slain French couple
    Manhunt for cult couple
    One-time insider tells RSE experience
    JZ Knight’s day in court pushed back a month
    E-mail raises questions about candidate
    Disillusioned former students target Ramtha
    Gathering draws former, current Ramtha students
    Mumbo jumbo
    Dance, Ramtha, Dance!
    New Age movie extends franchise with a conference
    The Minds Boggle
    Yelm’s Ramtha school welcomes in outsiders
    JFK nephew speaks out at Yelm school
    Kennedy heir is keeping odd company
    “What the #$*! Do We Know? should come with a warning label…for what it withholds,” says Seattle newsman
    Quantum Quackery
    What the #$*! is Ramtha
    What the #$*! Do They Know?
    Cult Science
    Stop the bleeping pseudoscience
    Quarks and quacks
    Former Maynooth head has role in ‘spiritual’ US film
    One proposed NW site sparks debate
    Quantum physics, miracles, spirit channeling: Say what?
    JZ Knight, who claims to channel a 35,000-year-old warrior named Ramtha, is coming to Santa Barbara this weekend
    Medium wins channeling right
    ‘Ramtha’s channeler’ can’t testify
    ‘Ramtha’ may take stand in rape case
    After 35,000 years, Ramtha opts for a break
    Ramtha eyes 1,300-acre ed center
    The Guru Scene


  • Ramtha, aka Judy Zebra Knight, claims that my post about the Ramtha School of Enlightenment has no citations.
    Actually I have links to several articles.

    How Democrats ripped off “Ramtha” and wasted donor money

    Yours for $11 million: A house that looks like a UFO — near Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment

    One clue is the blind archery range on the Merkaba estate.

    Blind archery, where a participant uses “inner sight” to guide their aim, is taught at the nearby Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment.

    Ramtha is, according to school founder J. Z. Knight, the spirit of a man who lived more than 30,000 years in the past. Knight claims that she communicates with the spirit.
    Knight’s school attracts a number of wealthy students who can pay the thousands of dollars she charges for Ramtha teachings. Actors Salma Hayek and Linda Evans are both students of Knight and have property in the area.
    Cult Leader JZ Knight fails in Federal Court

    And if the Lemurian warrior Ramtha wants some good bedtime reading here is the 31 page finding of fact by a US Judge knocking down Ramtha’s lawsuit against her former follower Virginia Coverdale.

    JZK, INC.,


  • Raniere initially claimed that DOS had been thoroughly examined and given a clean bill of health by supposedly reputable professional authorities – which was of course a misrepresentation and, as we can now see, glossed over real abuses and horrors. I don’t think we can give much more credence to these claims particularly given that, typically, no actual sources or references are cited – just generalities about supposed unnamed “academics and scholars.”

    I did a quick search, and some of the controversial so-called scholars of new religious movements (NRMs) seem to have mentioned the Ramtha School of Enlightenment (RSE), though I don’t immediately see that there’s been much serious consideration or study – and none of the people involved in that questionable backwater of academia are “foremost” or “prestigious”. There is apparently one book written by infamous apologist scholar-for-hire J. Gordon Melton. Melton who does nonethless state, in an endnote, that the RSE is “not a nice place.”

    And, as we know from the ex-Nxians, everyone who is in a cult, doesn’t think they’re in a cult.

  • “Ramtha has been deeply and widely studied by foremost, prestigious academics and scholars from highly regarded institutions and universities – who published their findings in precise and detailed form.’

    ‘Andt, believe me, their published work is much more authoritative than the kind of gossip notes in your unprestigious blog. Your publication cannot discredit these scientific credentialed and prestigious names.’

    OK, Ramtha, aka Judy Zebra Knight:
    Let’s hear from David Albert, a real Professor from Columbia University whose words were twisted around after giving a four hour interview to the makers of “What the Bleep Do We Know.”

    Cult Science
    Dressing up mysticism as quantum physics

    Popular Science/October 11, 2004
    By Gregory Mone
    Beware: A ridiculous new science movie is coming to a theater near you. What the #$*! Do We Know?, an independent film slated for national release this month, pretends to be an exploration of the grand questions of science, reality and life. It jumps between a fictional story about a divorced photographer and snippets of interviews with authoritative-looking individuals. Although several of them have big bookshelves in view behind them, it quickly becomes clear to the attentive viewer that few of these talking heads are making any sense. They speak of “infecting the quantum field” and refer to bio-body suits and antigravity magnets without explanation. Not until the credits roll, when the “experts” are finally introduced, do we learn that the two people who do most of the talking about neuroscience and physics are not actually scientists. One is a chiropractor. The other is a 35,000-year-old warrior named Ramtha, who is being “channeled” by a blonde woman from Washington. Oh, and the chiropractor is one of her devotees. As are the filmmakers. In short, what we’ve got here are the musings of a cult masquerading as a science documentary. If the movie even has a central message, it could best be summarized as, “We don’t know #$*!”

    Not everyone finds this amusing. One of the few legitimate academics in the film, David Albert, a philosopher of physics at Columbia University, is outraged at the final product. He says that he spent four hours patiently explaining to the filmmakers why quantum mechanics has nothing to do with consciousness or spirituality, only to see his statements edited and cut to the point where it appears as though he and the spirit warrior are speaking with one voice. “I was taken,” Albert admits. “I was really gullible, but I learned my lesson.” Yet the real shame with this film is that it plays on people’s fascination with science while distorting and misrepresenting that science. Before its national release, the film packed theaters up and down the West Coast. Instead of stoking the curiosity of those moviegoers, What the #$*! numbed them with mindless quantum drivel.

  • So Ramtha wants citations.
    I’ll give the 35,000 year old Lemurian Warrior a link to story about him courtesy of Rick Ross and the Cult Education website.

    Ramtha School of Enlightenment

    This page contains information The Cult Education Institute has
    gathered about Ramtha.

    Romanian couple ‘joined mystical cult in Washington while hiding from international investigators over $73m tax fraud’
    Daily Mail, UK/March 20, 2014

    By Louise Boyle
    A Romanian couple have been arrested after allegedly evading $73million in taxes and hiding out in Washington state where they joined a cult.

    Radu Nemes, 39, and his wife Diana, 38, were arrested by the FBI on Tuesday and are facing extradition to their home country to face charges that they colluded with a high-ranking official to dodge millions in fuel taxes.

    The couple had fled Romania in June 2012 and immersed themselves in Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, a mystical religious movement in Yelm.

    Ramtha’s School of Enlightment is run by female leader J.Z. Knight, a 68-year-old, three-times married platinum blonde business school dropout, who was born in Roswell, New Mexico.

    She claims to channel a 35,000-year-old warrior spirit from a mythical continent.

    Ms Knight (the J.Z. stands for Judy Zebra) runs the enlightenment school next door to her 12,800-square-foot French chateau-style mansion.

    Her spiritual method claims to bring together ancient wisdom with the power of consciousness and the latest scientific discoveries.

    The Nemes own a luxury home in Thurston County, which they allegedly built with the illegal funds, while Romanian investigators claim they own several pizza restaurants in the Seattle area, according to SeattlePI.

    Court documents show that the couple have a majority stake in Eagleview Hill Winery in Rainier and Salida Wine Bar in Yelm.

    Doug McCrea, who owns the winery, told the Nisqually Valley News that he met the Romanian couple through Greg Simmons, former Ramtha School of Enlightenment marketing director. Mr McCrea said that he had no idea of the Nemes’ criminal past but did confirm they were members of Ramtha.

    According to filings, Radu Nemes allegedly worked as part of a criminal gang to illegally import 1million tons of diesel fuel and sell it in Romania through shell companies between 2011 and 2012.

    The shell companies were set up in names of homeless people to distance the Nemes from the fraud.

    The massive tax dodge came by importing the fuel for manufacturing purposes then selling it directly to consumers.

    Diana Nemes allegedly helped her husband by laundering money from the fuel scheme through Dubai accounts and then bringing it into the U.S.

    At least 20 others have been charged in the massive tax dodge, according to Romanian investigators including a senior official at the national customs office.

    Multiple calls to Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment were not returned to MailOnline at the time of publication.

    Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, which claims roots in the teachings of a 35,000-year-old warrior from a mystical land, was founded 26 years ago by a business school drop-out from Roswell, New Mexico.

  • “In your article, you do not even make one footnote reference.” Ramtha

    Here are two stories for Ramtha to respond to.
    The first is from a Seattle area TV station KCPQ Channel 13 Fox.

    Before reading the stories please know that there are two kinds of lye.
    Industrial strength lye used for cleaning and food quality lye which is weaker and used in ethnic dishes like Norwegian Lutefisk.
    Shocking allegations from former JZ Knight follower
    POSTED 5:57 PM, APRIL 18, 2014, BY Q13 FOX NEWS STAFF, UPDATED AT 06:08PM, APRIL 18, 2014

    Shocking allegations have been made by a former follower of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment in a letter that just became public.
    JZ Knight has thousands of followers, including many celebrities. Now, one claims the school’s founder made members drink lye, and that people got sick.
    But the Ramtha School of Enlightenment is denying the allegations and threatening to take the letter-writer to the medical board.

    One local doctor was so concerned about what was going on inside that he wrote a letter to the county health department, asking them to look into the health and safety of followers there.

    “I’ve been in this community for a long time. Originally, I thought this cult, or whatever you want to call it, it was an interesting thing because it brought in a lot of interesting people,” Dr. Brian Keay said in an interview Friday.

    Founder JZ Knight attracted Hollywood celebrities, and people from all across the country who pay big bucks to hear her speak.

    Knight claims to channel a 35,000-year-old spirit, “Ramtha.”

    Alluding to the teachings at Ramtha, former follower Virginia Coverdale said, “We’re more powerful than we realize, our brain can do all sorts of things, quantum theory, these things are what excited me and a lot of other people that got involved.”

    Coverdale said members were encouraged to drink a concoction of Dead Sea water mixed with Red Devil Lye to enlighten themselves. She said her mother and brother were among those who drank the lye concoction.

    “This wasn’t just a onetime thing,” Coverdale said. “They were taking it for five years and Ramtha at one point told them to chug it. This was not just a teaspoon in the morning, in the evening. People were losing their hair.”

    “If I feed you lye, it’s going to cause huge ulcers in your esophagus; it could kill you if you took it straight,” Keay said.

    The physician said he met many of the followers through his practice and was so concerned that he wrote a letter to the Thurston County Health Department warning that followers were getting sick and, Keay claimed, even dying.

    Concerning Keay’s letter,” the Knight spokesperson said, “there will be a complaint filed with the Washington State Medical Board. Keay’s medical opinions in the letter may constitute a breach of HIPAA and the standards of professional conduct

    But Coverdale is standing by her claims.

    “I would like to believe that nothing that horrible, Jonestown’ish could happen, but when people are willing to drink poison for five years, it tells you that it’s possible,” Coverdale said.

    The Thurston County Sheriff`s Office confirmed the letter, sent to them in late 2012, is the subject of an active invsestigation, but would not comment on its status.

    “I think that investigation is stuck in the mud,” Keay said.

    “I would like to see open dialogue, a frank, honest discussion about what’s going on, and it’s not happening,” Keay added.

    The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office tells Q13 FOX News that the letter is part of an ongoing investigation, but that the Ramtha School of Enlightenment is not the target of that probe.


    Ex-RSE students claim they drank lye concoction
    By Steven Wyble
    news3@yelmonline.com Jan 8, 2013

    In three signed, notarized affidavits, former students of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment are alleging that JZ Knight, while purportedly channeling Ramtha, instructed them to ingest a concoction that contained industrial lye.

    The affidavits were obtained by Virginia Coverdale, a former RSE student sued by Knight after posting YouTube videos of Knight making offensive remarks about Catholics, gays, Jews, Mexicans and organic farmers. Coverdale said she has seen other affidavits that have not been notarized yet.

    In the affidavits, the former students say detailed instructions were given for preparing the mixture properly to neutralize the lye.

    The former students also claim they were instructed to memorize the instructions and that RSE students mixed the concoction while intoxicated.

    The affidavits have not been filed in court, but attorney Shawn Newman said in an e-mail that he intends to file them.

    Newman is the lawyer representing Coverdale.

    Dr. Brian Keay, a local doctor who formerly was in a relationship with Coverdale, said he was concerned enough to report the alleged instructions by Ramtha to the Thurston County Health Department officials which forwarded the report to law enforcement agencies.

    Representatives from RSE said they weren’t contacted by any state or local agency regarding the matter.

    RSE Legal Affairs Manager Mike Wright said he hasn’t seen the affidavits and is unable to respond to them.

    Wright said no government authority contacted the school regarding the allegations.

    The instructions were allegedly given to students in the late-1990s and early-2000s, the former RSE students stated in their affidavits.

    Former RSE student Janet Muller said in her affidavit that she created, and ingested, the “elixir” from 1998-2002.

    Gail Andres, another former RSE student, said in an affidavit that Ramtha told students to prepare and ingest the formula to accelerate their “individual enlightenment.”

    Students were also allegedly told to ingest it in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before sleeping, claim the affidavits.

    Ramtha allegedly told students to take between one quarter of a teaspoon and one teaspoon twice per day.

    “I personally knew many students who took much more each day thinking it would speed up their enlightenment process,” Muller said in her affidavit.

    “This information was given to us in a general atmosphere of secrecy,” Andres wrote.

    Main ingredients in the formula were allegedly sea water and 100 percent lye, “such as Red Devil (lye).”

    The lye was supposed to be neutralized by the process described in the formula.

    Muller claims she was among RSE students who mixed the formula based on handwritten notes from a lecture at an RSE event held sometime between 1996-97. During that session, Ramtha allegedly told students “to memorize the formula and to stop writing it down.” She also claims that RSE staff members told students not to buy lye at local grocery stores because “it was bringing unwanted attention to RSE from the police” because lye can be used to manufacture methamphetamine.

    Muller also stated in her affidavit that Ramtha, at an RSE event in 2002, said that “he would no longer teach the new students the sacred knowledge of the elixir because too many students were taking it with a bad attitude which was making their hair fall out and get sick.”

    “Ramtha further forbade advanced students from passing on the sacred knowledge of the elixir,” Muller said in her statement.

    “We students were blamed for not being ready to handle being given such a divine gift as this elixir recipe.”

    Another former RSE student said in her affidavit that she experienced “extreme swelling of my limbs and numbness in my arms” from ingesting the formula, initially attributing the symptoms to a difficult pregnancy.

    “After giving birth, my hair started falling out, I developed a goiter on my thyroid, my hands shook constantly and my resting heart rate increased by 120 bmp (beats per minute),” she stated, adding that the symptoms ceased after she stopped taking the formula.

    Keay, who practices medicine in Yelm, said he sent a letter expressing safety concerns about the formula to Dr. Diana Yu, the Health Officer for Thurston County.

    Keay and Coverdale were formerly in a relationship and are still friends.

    Keay said that he has taken an interest in an online support group for former students of RSE.

    Keay said he learned about the formula from former RSE students and was alarmed by what he was told.

    He said the directions required the students to manipulate the pH levels of the formula, which he said is “not easy to do” with the required level of sophistication.

    “You have to be very precise and it will precipitate out the minerals in the water,” he said.

    The concoction is then washed a couple times.

    Without precise measurements students wouldn’t know if they were really washing out the lye, he said.

    “If you’re inebriated, you shouldn’t being doing this stuff anyway,” he said.

    Keay said he is concerned that RSE students were allegedly told to use industrial-quality lye — used as a cleaning agent — as opposed to food-quality lye, which is used to prepare lutefisk and other foods.

    Yu, who said she received Keay’s letter when she returned to work after Veterans Day, said she couldn’t be sure the allegations in the letter she received were factual.

    Yu said she forwarded Keay’s letter to the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office and Yelm Police Department.

    The county health department doesn’t have power to take action over the allegations, Yu said.

    “This matter and any potential investigation would be the responsibility of the sheriffs office,” Yelm Police Chief Todd Stancil said in an email.

    “I discussed this with Dr. Yu.”

    “In this kind of case, I don’t have the power or the jurisdiction,” Yu said.

    Yu said she could have interviewed people who had taken the alleged lye mixture, but couldn’t have taken any action beyond interviews.

    Thurston County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Greg Elwin said the sheriff’s office is looking into the allegations, but has made no real progress yet and has “nothing of significance to report.”

    He said some “other information” had come into the office, but that he can’t say yet what that information is or who provided it.

    Some of what is referenced in Keay’s letter seems to be outside of the sheriff’s office’s purview, or seem to be things they don’t have the authority to address, Elwin said.

    He said some elements addressed in the letter, combined with the unspecified information provided to the sheriff’s office, are being looked into to “see if there is any criminal element or activity we need to investigate.”

  • Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment has been called a cult by various people, including her former husband Jeff Knight


  • If I were trying to “check” a journalist, I think I would at least edit my writing. Or perhaps have someone who is English -language proficient edit for me.

  • Never heard of Ramtha and basically think Shadow is a fool….. however why don’t you name just who are these “prestigious “ academics and institutions?

    • I doubt you’ll get an intellectually honest or rigorous answer, so here’s what I could readily turn up:

      Ramtha is covered in a couple of pieces by academics I’ve never heard of, including one with the inauspicious title “Controversial New Religions,” and apparently a work by the infamous cult apologist-for-hire J. Gordon Melton, professor of American Religious History at Baylor University’s Institute for Studies in Religion.

      Google Scholar results:

      Note that on the second page, the most prestigious scholarly citation regarding Ramtha comes from Carl Saga in his book Paranormal Claims: A Critical Analysis, where in a chapter titled The Fine Art of Baloney Detection he writes:

      “JZ Knight of the State of Washington claims to be in touch with a 35000- year-old somebody
      called ‘Ramtha.’….people pay attention to these puerile marvels mainly because they promise something like old-time religion…”

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