Dani: Jealous Keith Locked Himself in Bathroom When He Learned About Her Affair With Ben Myers


By Dianne Lipson

Dani testified throughout the afternoon of May 28, and she still did not come to the point in her story where she was confined to a room for nearly two years – on orders of Keith Alan Raniere.

But there were glorious moments of testimony on the Vanguard, showing him to be the ultimate coward and a-hole.

By the way, Keith stood up today and I got a good look at him. He has a little bit of a paunch. Perhaps if you’ve watched Star Trek, the original series, his paunch is similar to Captain Kirk’s.

Also I got a chance to look at Dani. If she was heavy once, she is thin now. She was wearing slacks and you could see her thinness in her legs.  She is nevertheless a nice nice looking woman.

The afternoon testimony of Dani took up where the morning session left off – with a lot of emails in evidence and Dani’s testimony about her efforts at hacking into the computers of Raniere’s enemies at his behest.

In a rather pathetic exchange, evidence was submitted, which Dani verified as accurate, of some of the stolen screenshots of her sister Mariana.  Dani hacked Mariana’s computer to spy on her sister for Keith when Keith thought Mariana might be cheating on him. Daniela testified that she was loyal to Keith over her own sister.

Some of the phrases Mariana wrote included [referencing presumably Keith]:

“You’re storming anger and your pulsing love.”

“I apologize for all the pain I case [cause] you on a daily basis.”

“What about when you [Keith] asked about starting a relationship with Camilla and I said, No.”

“I’m leaving the door open to the possibility I might like life again. All I see is darkness. I’m struggling with myself.”

Keith and Daniela used codes for their key logging. They didn’t say Edgar Bronfman or Mariana they had codes.  Mariana was referred to as ‘good friend,’ and Edgar was referred to as ‘not so close friend.”

At one point Dani could no longer get access to Bronfman’s emails.

Switching to sex and abortions, AUSA Moira Penza asked Dani if she used contraception. Dani said no.

She said Keith would ask her where she was in her menstrual cycle, if they had sex.  But Keith knew she was very irregular.  Still Dani got pregnant in 2006. She took a pregnancy test which confirmed it.

Dani was terrified. She did not want to have a baby. She was 20 or 21 years old. She also did not want to have a baby with Keith. There were too many other women, including her sister.

Dani didn’t tell her parents but she told Keith. Keith was calm. He claimed to Dani that they had already talked about what she would do if she got pregnant – which was to have an abortion.  Dani testified that, in fact, they had never talked about it.

But Daniela didn’t push back on Keith, even though she knew he was lying because she didn’t want the baby.

Pam Cafritz, after her death in Nov. 2016, was made into a divine entity, a woman who was inspirational to Nxivm members. The truth was she was Raniere’s top wingwoman and fixer. She recruited underage girls for him and aided in his dozens of abortions. She was evil incarnate, in some people’s minds.

Dani also testified that Mariana had an abortion. Pam Cafrtiz helped to take care of the details. And Pam also helped Dani with her abortion. Pam was sent in to help craft a good story for the gynecologist since Dani was illegally in the US.  Pam advised Dani on what to say, regarding her status and to say she was in the country temporarily.

Dani had something called a chemical abortion. She was given a series of pills to take. The instructions said there would be pain and bleeding. And Daniela would need to have someone with her.

Pam was present when Daniella was given these instructions. However, Dani was alone when she took the pills.  She was in a lot of pain. She was also in an incredibly emotional state. She was scared. She was troubled about what she was doing because in her culture, this wasn’t accepted.

“I was completely alone,” Dani said. Neither Pam nor Keith were there.

After the abortion, Dani had a conversation with Keith who told her that this abortion provided her with a great opportunity to lose weight and get fit.  Keith explained that pregnancy changes the metabolism of a woman and that Olympic athletes purposely get pregnant and have abortions in order to become better athletes.

At one point Mariana became pregnant again. This was puzzling to Daniela because Mariana was on the pill. Pam said maybe Mariana threw out the pills.

The youngest of the three sisters, Camilla, who was just over 18 at the time, also got pregnant with Keith and like her other two sisters had an abortion.

It was the same process.  Pam went with Cami to craft a story, but Dani also went along to protect her sister from the pain and aloneness.  Pam crafted a careful cover story because Camilla was only a teen.

Daniela feels that Cami’s decision to have an abortion was not easy for her. She said she struggled emotionally and physically.

Penza asked Dani what was Pam’s role and Dani said Pam was like a handler.  Looking back, Dani thought she was taking care of the sisters but now she feels that Pam was only there to make sure there would be no liabilities for Keith, since all three sisters were illegal and one of them Keith had been having sex with when she was underage.

Now we get to Dani’s fight with Keith. It concerned Ben Myers.  Myers worked in the IT department, and Dani and he were friends.

Ben Myers, who Keith described as a mediocre man, kissed Daniela and this started a jealous fight with the Vanguard.

A number of Nxians got together weekly to watch Star Trek.  And one time, when they were watching Star Trek, Daniella and Ben were alone in the room. And something happened. They became closer. They were sitting very close together. They were just talking. They didn’t kiss but there was a close, intense feeling. It felt wonderful to Daniella.

She didn’t want to hide this from her friend Keith.  Daniela was discovering something new about herself, new feelings. At one point in the past Daniela wondered if she was asexual but now she was discovering new feelings within herself.

Keith Alan Raniere was so upset that one of the women he had sex with kissed another man that he locked himself in the bathroom.

Keith’s reaction was not good. He felt Daniela had done something bad.  This was in contrast to Dani’s own feelings of happiness over this wondrous new feeling.

Dani was confused by Keith’s reaction because Dani felt this attraction to Ben was the most amazing feeling she had ever felt.

The next week she went to view Star Trek. Dani wore a white top and a long skirt.  And Daniella and Ben talked again, once they were alone. This time, Ben kissed Daniela.  It felt wonderful for Daniela. It felt real. It felt true.

Daniela went to Keith to tell him about what happened.
Dani said, “My universe exploded.” Keith was angry. Dani had never seen him angry. He was irrational. There was no reasoning with him. They had a huge fight.

Keith said Dani had just destroyed everything. She was not mature anymore.

But Keith was never affectionate with her. She did not understand his anger. But it was anger.

Dani thought there was no reasoning with him. He was saying things like, “I’ve done everything for you and now you’re hurting me.”

Dani said it didn’t make sense to her. But he said it was a mystical thing which was that if his sex partner did something wrong, it was bad for him. It would physically hurt him; he would become ill.

Dani still cared about and idolized Keith.  But she didn’t have a sexual attraction toward him.  She was trying to be honest. But, she said, “There was no getting anywhere with him.”

Keith said Daniela was prideful and destructive and that Daniela would lose her soul.

During this discussion, it moved from Flintlock to Hale Dr. and it escalated more and more.  Daniela told Keith that she didn’t want Keith to do to her what he did to other women.

Assistant US Attorney Moira Penza. 

Penza asked Dani, “Why didn’t you just back down?”

Dani said because of what she felt she wanted, and that she thought it was something that could be worked out.

Keith told her that she should stop wanting what she wanted, and that her feeling was not really something she was feeling.

Dani said there was no resolution to it. They went back to Flintlock. Finally Keith wanted to stop talking about it. Daniela was not willing to stop. Daniela did not want to let it go.

Keith, Karen and Pam were there and Keith locked himself in the bathroom because he didn’t want to talk about it anymore with Dani.

Dani thought his locking himself in the bathroom was rather childish. Keith stayed in the bathroom for a time and then he ran upstairs.

Dani ran up to after him. They were in Pam’s room and when she would not stop, Keith threw Dani onto a mattress on the floor then he walked out.

That’s how the fight ended.

Penza asked, “When is the next time you spoke to Keith?”

Daniela said, “Never.”

They emailed each other after that but never spoke in person again.  That was the fall of 2006.

Keith had had a large role in Dani’s life before that, she testified. She thought he was a great man. She was very dependent on Keith. Keith was her only friend.

After the fight Dani didn’t tell her mom or Mariana. Mariana was not her best friend anymore.

Keith’s accusation was that Dani had pride. It was a catch phrase that Keith would use. If you want ice cream, that’s your pride. Everything was your pride. Everything that you did wrong – was your pride.

After the fight, Dani felt different about Keith.  She had never seen him have a strong emotion like that.

Basically, now Daniela thought of Keith as a regular human and not divine.

Pam advised Dani not to throw it all away. But Daniela said no, she said Keith was not the man she thought he was.  She had lost some illusions about Keith.

At this time Keith was in his 40s and Danny was 21.  I think Penza asked about their relative ages to show how immature Keith was acting.

But the Nxivm women worked on Dani.  Dani had a problem and she needed to fix it.  She was thinking about going back to Mexico.  Women were sent to discourage her from going.

After the fight, her only contact with Keith was through emails and the emails were all about Ben.

Keith told her that Ben was a mediocre person. He said disparaging things about Ben.  He hadn’t talked badly about others to her before. So this was surprising to her.

After the fight, Dani’s life changed overnight. She became isolated. She was not allowed to go anywhere Keith was. She couldn’t go to volleyball  She couldn’t go to events. She couldn’t be in Keith’s presence.  She was still expected to do her jobs, including book reports.

Although she could not see Keith, Daniela was encouraged to write to Keith.

Penza asked, “How many emails do you think that you sent to Keith?”

Daniella said, “thousands.”

The main topic discussed in these emails was that Keith wanted to know, in excruciating detail, everything about her desires and fantasies and of Ben.

Dani told him she and Ben never had sex. It never went farther than making out.

However, Keith wanted to know every detail of when it happened, every touch and how she felt – over and over again.  Keith needed to know everything to help Daniela fix this issue.

Keith wrote to her, “Tell me your fantasies” and Keith would say things like, “Why haven’t you told me everything? What haven’t you told me?”

Dani said this was constant.

Through it all Dani had a roller coaster of feelings. Everyone – all the Nxivm women – were working on her. Sometimes she thought she was wrong not to submit to lifelong monogamy with the polygamous Raniere – as the harem women advised her.   Dani wanted allies and friends and not to be isolated.

Meantime Keith was beating her up in the emails.

In addition to his queries about her desires, and his criticisms, Keith told her to watch her weight and constantly asked her about her weight.

According to Keith, everything Daniela did was indulgent and an act of pride, even to get coffee or to help her siblings.  Everything she did was characterized as an act of pride, and that she should spend all of her time fixing her mistake.

Daniela now had no way to make money.  She was illegal. She was living with her family in Clifton Park. But her family now got involved in this – on Keith’s side – to help her fix what was wrong, fixing her mistake.

To assist in her fixing her mistake, they took Dani’s iPod, her computer, her phone and all her books. She was obliged to sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor.  And every 15 minutes she had to write what she was doing.  She lost almost every freedom.

Dani was going crazy. At one point, she was very hungry. She was at her parents’ house [At 12 Wilton Court in Knox Woods, a short walk from Keith’s home at Flintlock]. Dani went to the fridge to take some food and the fridge was locked.  At one point, for a few days, Dani was locked out of the house.

Basically, Dani’s family had been recruited to work on her. But they weren’t told what had really happened. They were just told that Dani had a serious issue that needed to be resolved. They trusted Keith above their own daughter or sibling. Dani too never revealed what the fight was about.

And that’s pretty much where it ended this day. She has not testified about her being confined in a room yet.  Dani resumes in the morning.


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  • I’m sorry but Dani’s parents are disgusting too. What kind of parents would do that to their child? If I was her I’d never speak to them again. Awful parents. Horrible.

  • What a sick person Keith is with his double standards, his sheer depravity, and deviancy galore. The most troubling fact of it all is that he has a harem of women and a group of folks who protected him. He’s flown under the radar for 20 years. How is his power over them even understandable? I want to throw up that someone so evil lurks on our planet. He even has the audacity to plead NOT GUILTY….I cannot wait to see the outcome. Hopefully, we will see justice to all who are owed JUSTICE!

  • “Keith’s accusation was that Dani had pride. It was a catch phrase that Keith would use. If you want ice cream, that’s your pride.” Ah yes, pride, one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

    This Nxivm cult is looking more and more like a religious cult. It was presented as rational and scientific, but was in fact the inverse. The damn fool followers never picked up on this, of course, but rational inquiry is about asking questions and being skeptical, and above all thinking independently. Religion is about unquestioned obedience and belief in doctrine no matter how contradictory. One set of rules for Keith, another for his minions. Seeing blue lights when bespattered by his goo and affecting the weather with his mind, psychic connections, and the rest of the mystical crap is the opposite of scientific inquiry. The fools never thought to ask to see the evidence, they just accepted it on faith. Nxivm was their religion and Keith their prophet.

    The courses seemed to be filled with meaningful-sounding blather, rather like the so-called mysteries of Zen, the self-contradictory books of the Bible (an eye for an eye, or turn the other cheek? take your pick, and if you pick wrong, be sent to Hell by the God who loves you, there to be tortured for eternity.) Keith’s acolytes could always be shamed by him, because the blather he taught was deliberately confusing and no matter how hard they tried they were forever vulnerable to his condemnation. They put their necks in the noose and he pulled the rope.

    So Keith could have a jealous tantrum and lock himself in the bathroom like a petulant little boy, whining that “you hurt me!”, and it made no difference to his acolytes. These women still worshipped him, because he remained their prophet. Their faith in him is religious faith and cannot be affected by the evidence before their eyes. Keith was not at fault, he can never be at fault; no, it was Dani’s fault. That’s why they went along with her punishment. She had sinned. She had to confess and do her penance. That, as in any religion, is the path to redemption. “To be hanged by the neck until dead. And may Almighty God have mercy on your soul.”

    So the mystery of why these fools put up with it, why they followed this creepy little nonentity and did his bidding, the branding, the computer hacking, the lying and blackmail and recruiting, why they gave up their last penny and went into debt and abandoned friends and family and career, is really no mystery at all. It’s the irrational appeal of religion. Mxivm is a religious cult. His minions didn’t necessarily even have mental issues, there’s no abnormal psychology needed to explain faith in the irrational. After all, Nxivm promised the true pathway to the good, to a better world, to personal happiness and success. Just like any megachurch preacher. Spiritual enlightenment, just like any Santa Barbara guru.

  • Comment from D
    “I don’t get the sense that NXIVM is all about Keith and orgies or some sex cult. I think it’s a blackmail factory that brought in important people and captured blackmail against everyone they could to hold it against them.
    There’s something much bigger going on with all of this. I doubt the depth of it will be exposed.”

    You’re right.
    In intelligence and political operations a common technique is the “Brownstone Operation” where in an ordinary house or apartment building a sex operation is used to entrap and blackmail people. Particularly rich and powerful men.
    NXIVM was the perfect example of an embryonic Brownstorne Operation.
    Given a few more years and victims NXIVM DOS could have been very powerful.

    Jeffrey Epstein was probably engaged in a Brownstone Operation which is why he got such as sweet deal.

    What is Operation Brownstone/a Brownstone Operation? Is it real? More than likely.

    The existence of “Operation Brownstone” and “Brownstone operations” is not yet officially recognized as operating procedures of the U.S. government. This topic is considered by many to be purely speculation as it is largely based on circumstantial and anecdotal evidence, but there have been many requests to address this particular topic. Some of the witness testimony from Jeffrey Epstein victim, Virginia Roberts, and the Palm Beach Police Department resembles such an operation. We will discuss what we know based on what few sources exist that seem to support that such operations indeed existed and have taken place.

    Operation Brownstone, also known as a “Brownstone operation,” is a reference to a theory that intelligence agencies, such as the CIA and FBI, engage in utilizing underage individuals for prostitution purposes with high profile targets, for the purposes of being able to blackmail those high profile individuals later. Generally, the incidents are recorded via videotape and the underage victims are debriefed after the encounter.

    In the late 1980’s, Representative Barney Frank admitted that his former partner, Stephen Gobie, ran a prostitution ring out of his apartment, in the base of a brownstone in Washington, DC. However, Frank denied all knowledge of Gobie’s activities and said he kicked Gobie out when he learned the truth.

    The speculative element is that Frank knew of the prostitution ring that ran out of his apartment and that the ring involved sex with minors, with recordings of the illicit activities to be used later for blackmail purposes. It is unclear what individual first used the term “Operation Brownstone” – perhaps former FBI Agent Ted Gunderson who spoke frequently on this scandal – but the term referred to these alleged blackmail operations that took place specifically at the brownstone which housed Frank’s apartment.

    Sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein, who had close ties to Bill Clinton and many of Clinton’s associates, followed a similar pattern of entrapment with VIPs using minors. Epstein had video cameras setup in his Palm Beach home allegedly for the purpose of blackmailing important individuals after those individuals engaged in illicit activities with underage girls.

    In a 2006 court filing, Palm Beach police noted that a search of Epstein’s home uncovered two hidden cameras. The Mirror reported that in 2015, a 6-year-old civil lawsuit filed by “Jane Doe No. 3,” believed to be the now-married [Virginia Roberts] Giuffre, alleged that Epstein wired his mansion with hidden cameras, secretly recording orgies involving his prominent friends and underage girls. The ultimate purpose: blackmail, according to court papers.

    “Jane Doe No. 3” also alleged that she had been forced to have sex with “numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, a well-known prime minister, and other world leaders.”

    “We uncovered a lot of details about the police investigation and a lot about the girls, what happened to them, the effect on their lives,” [author James] Patterson says.

    Oddly, similar searches by police or other officials were never done in Epstein’s other properties, which are located in New Mexico, New York, France, and the US Virgin Islands – particularly as Epstein’s Palm Beach home was filled with incriminating evidence, including photos of his underage victims in the nude.

    “Brownstone Operation = another name for a sex & blackmail ring. Roy Cohn was chief aid to Senator Joseph McCarthy & used blackmail to compel testimony. ”

    • deeper than just a brown stone they were using m k ultra techniques beyond just sexual torture mho

  • Just a few random comments that have accumulated in my brain as I have been reading about Dani’s testimony over the last week. It’s appalling how Keith acted once one of his harem wanted to be with someone else. His actions and control issues clearly got worse over the last 20 years compared to when I knew him. I’m also surprised he didn’t make every single one of his harem go on birth control. And the fact that he would lie about things that clearly did or did not happen, and try to convince his women that the opposite was true (sounds like a politician I know).

    Anyway, a few other comments. One of the posts I read last weekend talked about how Keith said the world would pretty much end in 15 years (which I think would have been 2017). Keith was saying this gobbly gook in 1998, but at that time, he said 10 years, which means war and hate would have brought down the world by 2008.

    And finally, Dani talked about how messy Keith’s condo was (3 Flintlock). That place was a disgusting dump 20 years ago. I find it rather astounding that he didn’t have Claire Bear buy him a much grander house for him and his harem. Instead, he remained holed up in that crap condo all these years. Granted, he did land himself a man cave at Hale, but you’d think that someone of Vanguard’s stature would have earned him a McMansion with multiple harem boudoirs, including a rumpus room in the basement. But then again, he made all of his harem rent or buy condos in the same community, making for easy access. His inner circle purchased him a used BMW back in the late 90’s that he did drive occasionally, even though he didn’t have a driver’s license.

    • He couldn’t present to the public the facade of a renunciate and get away more easily with tax evasion if he lived in a McMansion.

    • I think it was mentioned somewhere that he was against the pill because of the weight gain it could cause. Other than that, to me it seems that he liked the effect that having an abortion had on the female psyche. That’s just my opinion though.

    • Thanks for that bit of historical perspective.

      Raniere seems to have updated his apocalyptic predictions a couple of times, and I haven’t heard about him mentioning them at all in recent years, though perhaps I just missed that.

      What floors me about 3 Flintlock, is that Karen Unterreiner apparently still lives there, after everything that went on.

  • Now we see that not only is the supposedly “integrated” Raniere stuck acting out his juvenile sexual fixations, but Mr. “there are no ultimate victims” is just a butthurt teenager inside when it comes down to it, too – using his covert victim-playing to manipulate his victims.

    I’m reminded here again of a general point that I haven’t had time to comment on in response to other pieces, that I think that we’re seeing her much of the dysfunction, and even drama, inherent in polygamy and polyamory. I’ve known people who have tried polyamorous relationships, and it seems to always be a hard-to-manage mess of emotions, including of course jealousy. While humans may have some socio-biological predilection towards polyamory, that developed when we lived short lives in small hunter-gather tribes with primitive social structures and only crude means of communication, there are good reasons that as societies advance, they progress into monogamy as a norm; the alternative is just unworkable.

  • Who are these “waste” of parents? How could you possibly send your 3 daughters to be “tutored” by some self-described guru in a different country simply because Guiness once qualified him as “high IQ”.
    Did you not do any research? Did you not ask questions? Did you not visit exactly what she would be doing and what she would be taught? Did you not read on this person’s past?
    This is infuriating. It’s no different that the real like soap opera that happened to Mexican teenagers under the spell of Rockstar Gloria Trevi and manager Sergio Andrade a few years ago. Same freaking story all over again. Talk about lack of ethics, brains and rational thinking.
    Those parents need to be taken to court and charged for endangering the welfare of their own children.

    • I agree so much. I can’t believe the dad isn’t held accountable or even focused on by the media. I knew the family and believe me they were brainwashed since before encountering NXIVM, something went off in them when encountering the human potential movement. But I still can’t fathom how gullible they were, to have this happen to their three daughters right under their noses without them having a clue or wanting to know. They really failed them as parents and it’s one of the aspects of this case that shocks me the most and will stay with me forever.

      In a past testimony Dani said that Keith would joke that her dad was gay, and I knew this was always a great insecurity for him (anything regarding his manhood, sexuality, testosterone and virility was a trigger for him). In a self-fulfilling prophecy he failed as a man in the most spectacular way possible, by surrendering his daughters and burying his head in the sand as they were taken advantage of one by one.

      As for the mother, she’s not blameless but perhaps a tad less accountable, as she didn’t instigate the move. But she really ought to be ashamed that she abandoned her daughter as she was locked, and then promptly went on to join other cults (one called “the book of knowledge” when she returned to Mexico leaving the whole family behind apparently). I’m aghast at how they just washed their hands regarding being parents.

      • Thanks for that bit of insider insight. The family sounds strange to begin with, so unfortunately it’s not entirely surprising that Dani’s case is one of the stranger ones to come out of NXIVM. And also, sadly, negligent parenting is not uncommon among serious followers of high control groups or cults – I haven’t seen an explanation of the mechanism, but it’s probably a mix of narcissistic self-indulgence, along with blind acceptance of typical doctrine that the group’s goals are more important than personal lives.

        It’s not entirely surprising that the mother has “cult hopped” – what turns up under the name you gave, is a group that follows someone supposedly channeling an entity, a bit like the Ramtha group that Mark Vicente (and possibly some others) were in before they got into NXIVM.

        I expect that’s what’s going to happen with most of the NXIVM followers in Mexico, they will find some other group to follow. A few diehards will be left trying either to completely rationalize away what is being revealed about Raniere at trial, or how to rationalize continuing the organization and its practices when what was going on in the inner circle calls into question its real principles.

  • Pam Cafritz – “She recruited underage girls for him and aided in his dozens of abortions.” Too bad she is not around to question. Unless there are emails, videos, written stuff this doesn’t matter, sadly. She was probably very effective in her recruitments. Young girls look up to young adult women and those who need attention will take it any way they can get it.

    • If Pam Cafritz had not died, she would have been a defendant in this case.
      Same with Barb Jeske.
      Too bad these so-called ladies are beyond human justice.

      Of course Cafritz and Jeske ran the harem without branding and blackmail meaning Raniere might not have been indicted had they lived.

  • The “abortion doping” technique was new to me, but I wouldn’t put it past the Commies: https://www.google.com/search?q=Olympic+athletes+purposely+get+pregnant+and+have+abortions+in+order+to+become+better+athletes&oq=Olympic+athletes+purposely+get+pregnant+and+have+abortions+in+order+to+become+better+athletes&aqs=chrome..69i57&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 It appears that Raniere was trying to find out what emotions are through Dani’s experience with Ben. Wacky stuff!

    • Shadow, are you going to start cross-posting everything that catches your eye on the conspiracy theory sites that you frequent?

      Research shows that conspiracy theorizing is a facet of much the same phenomenon as rumor-mongering, and stereotypical women’s gossiping – and it’s also part of the “special knowledge” and us-against-them dynamics typically seen in cults, and so, in a relevant example, we find Raniere promoting an Illuminati conspiracy theory, and blaming his financial losses on Edgar Bronfman somehow being able to manipulate whole commodity markets to thwart him. Here’s an interesting piece:

      This is why your office conspiracist believes crazy rumors
      “Almost every office has one conspiracy theorist, infecting the workspace with gossip and wild claims. For some of these gossipers, the more outlandish the rumor, the more they believe it as fact. Science now has an answer as to why this may be.”

      “A new study in the European Journal of Social Psychology found that a need to be special and unique drives people to believe conspiracy theories. ”

      “The article included a fake poll [about smoke detectors] to see if conspiracy theorists could be swayed by majority opinion. Half of group read that the smoke detector conspiracy was believed by 81% of Germans, while the other half read that the conspiracy was doubted by 81% of Germans. The conspiracy theorists in the study were more likely to believe this wacky study if they read that it was a minority opinion. The conspiracy theorists in the experiment were also the same ones identifying a high need for uniqueness in their surveys.”


      • This is not a conspiracy theory.
        Chris Kattan wrote a book titled “Baby Don’t Hurt Me” alleging that Amy Heckerling came on to him.
        When he rejected her advances, the next day Lorne Michaels called Kattan up and pressured the SNL actor to service Heckerling.

        “Saturday Night Live” alum Chris Kattan claims in a new book that producer Lorne Michaels once pressured him to have sex with a director so she would stay attached to the 1990s comedy film “A Night At The Roxbury.”

        In his memoir, “Baby, Don’t Hurt Me,” Kattan said director Amy Heckerling was slated to helm the 1998 movie when she came onto him. Kattan, then 27, writes that he rebuffed the 43-year-old “Clueless” director’s advances.

        The next day, he says he got a call from a “furious” Michaels, who allegedly told him Heckerling was considering backing out of the project.

        “Chris, I’m not saying you have to f–k her, but it wouldn’t hurt,” Michaels allegedly said.

        I suppose Chris Kattan would know if he was being pressured to engage in sex.

        Are you saying that Chris Kattan lied about that incident?
        Picture of the lovely and talented stand up comedian Nicki Clyne with her friend Chris Kattan.

        so fun seeing my pal do stand up tonight. his comedy skills are no joke. #seewhatididthere #iwillkeepmydayjobthankyou #leaveittotheprofessionals

        Is that Chris Kattan?! Love him!!

        • The main point is that it’s off-topic – and just gossipy, to boot.

          That the source you cite is the tabloid Page Six, says a lot – and it’s not the first time you’ve cited tabloids for stories so dubious that even Fox News won’t carry them. This specific case is so irrelevant, that it doesn’t really matter whether the “claims” might or might not have merit.

          It is, however, an illustrative example of how the conspiracy theorizing mindset is closely related to gossiping. And the research I cited, including about the gullibility of conspiracy theorists, still stands.

      • real research shows that the whole concept of CONSPIRACY THEORY was written by them to OBSCURE critical thinking about the JFK assassination and subsequent etcs…….

        funny how the CTs become accepted admitted fact over time …. or do you truly think the assassination of JFK wasnt a masonic OAK king killing sacrifice ….

        • Please tell me that’s sarcasm.

          JFK is actually a classic example to bring up, as there are so many, often contradictory and mutually exclusive theories – all with a certain plausibility, and select seeming evidence – that the chance of any one actually being correct approaches zero. The most bitter disagreements are actually between the believers of different versions, who accuse each other of being ignorant dupes – much like religious fanatics, or cultists.

          The idea of conspiracy theories goes back to at least the 19th century, and the famous philosopher Karl Popper debunked them as delusional and tools of ideological manipulation in his classic The Open Society and Its Enemies in the 1940s. Research such as I cited shows that belief in them has less to do with facts, and more with quirks of psychology and human nature – go back and read the article I cited, about how conspiracy theorists were particularly prone to believe in fake theories concocted in the the experiment.

          Is there any example of a popular conspiracy theory that was eventually proven to be true, such as by the confessions of multiple key individuals involved, and incontrovertible evidence? I don’t think there’s even one good example, which shows how improbable they are; the lesson of history is that most schemes eventually get exposed, both because people like to talk and brag, and also because it’s virtually impossible to pull off complex operations without them eventually coming to light.

        • It was a Coup D’Etat plain and simple. The plots (there are several) get added to all the time.

  • While we’re on the issue of Raniere and his pedophilia, let’s talk about Creepy Joe Biden, the top Democratic candidate for President.

    It turns out that Creepy Joe Biden has been acting up in public with a ten year old girl.

    Joe Biden Goes Full Creeper Again With A 10 Year Old Girl, Has Apparently Learned Nothing
    Biden’s awkward (at best) behavior with women and young girls is a bigger liability.
    Maybe I’m wrong though. Given his past history of being very touchy with young girls in public, perhaps “creepy” is too tame of a descriptor. This guy (Joe Biden) has some serious issues.

    Felicia Sonmez

    Verified account

    12h12 hours ago
    In a somewhat odd moment at tonight’s AFT town hall, Biden tells a 10-year-old girl, “I’ll bet you’re as bright as you are good-looking.” He takes her over to the assembled reporters, then stands behind her and puts his hands on her shoulders while he’s talking.

    And many of you people who hate Keith Raniere are all in for Joe Biden!

    Joe Biden for President and Keith Raniere for Vice President!

      • Feminism is the weaponized auxiliary of the current Democratic party.
        “He (Bill Clinton) was rescued by a surprising force: machine feminism. The movement had by then ossified into a partisan operation, and it was willing—eager—to let this friend of the sisterhood enjoy a little droit de seigneur.”

        “The notorious 1998 New York Times op-ed by Gloria Steinem must surely stand as one of the most regretted public actions of her life. It slut-shamed, victim-blamed, and age-shamed; it urged compassion for and gratitude to the man the women accused. Moreover (never write an op-ed in a hurry; you’ll accidentally say what you really believe), it characterized contemporary feminism as a weaponized auxiliary of the Democratic Party.”

        The Liberal Democratic Party Establishment elite are so eager to destroy Donald Trump that they will overlook the activities of Bill Clinton and Joe Biden.

  • NXIVM sounds more like a fourth rate soap opera.
    Like the soap opera parody that Carol Burnett featured for many years on her show: “As The Stomach Turns.”

    Didn’t Ben Myers, now a member of the Salzman crime family, have a hand in keeping this young woman Dani imprisoned for 18 months?

    As for the issue of abortion, in New York State abortion is considered almost a sacrament.
    States like Georgia, Alabama and Missouri that try to limit or criminalize abortion are excoriated.
    But now Raniere is being accused of encouraging abortion.
    How does that hurt Raniere in ultra liberal New York City?
    In fact the last major New York State politician to vote to restrict abortion rights was Senator Alphonse D’Amato.
    D’Amato’s last winning state wide race was in 1992.

    • “As for the issue of abortion, in New York State abortion is considered almost a sacrament.”.

      Replace the word abortion w the word choice and I would agree with you. Coercing someone into having an abortion is as anti-choice as restricting their access to one.

        • I’m not arguing for what anyone should do with their pregnancy.

          I’m pointing out that ShadowStates characterization of women being coerced into abortions not hurting Reneire in ultra liberal NY is innaccurate because it’s been oversimplified to being pro abortion rather than pro choice and body autonomy.

          Pro “choice” means just that. Whether you restrict or force abortion, you are removing the “choice” part. Whether you or I agree with that is irrelevant. But in ultra liberal NY, that is the view and it is why a jury of liberal NYers would be as offended by coerced abortion as they would by restricted abortion.

          • The acceptance of abortion in New York over not aborting the baby and keeping it or putting it up for adoption means it’s easier to convince a woman to abort. If abortion was not accepted, then the choice to abort would be much more difficult. Mr. Shadow’s point remains valid.

            Women want so much control over “their bodies” that states are now passing laws to make it legal to kill the baby AFTER it’s been delivered. The concern when Roe v. Wade was decided has now become reality.

  • Raniere hid in the bathroom when confronted with his illogical reaction to Dani’s romantic feelings towards another man!!

    What a total sick loser Raniere is. Too bad his other harem of women couldn’t see through this freaks sick game and call him out in his total tortures bullshit.

    Every person who played along with this evil man sick game by lying and covering up the truth about who he really is, karma is coming your way.

    Everyone who was in his inner circle and was sleeping with him and or commit crimes for him knew he was a bad man. Yet you covered for him, lied for him as it served you well.

    Some have worked to heal the damage they have done, some still pretend they have healed the damage, there are a lot still in hiding,either ashanti to admit their part or waiting for NXIVM 2.0

  • What a possessive, prideful asshole.

    Will Keith display such possessiveness with his fellow cell mates who he’ll have to live with for at least the next twenty years, assuming he lives that long? In which room will he lock himself in?

    VanFraud is a such walking contradiction. He’s so morally imbecilic that he can’t – or refuses – to see that self-indulgence is a manifestation of pride, which is what got him into the rightful mess that he is in today in the first place.

    • It’s not that he contradicts himself, it’s that he constantly projects unto others and for some reason no one called him out.
      He says people are prideful when they don’t give him tribute and feed his huge ego. He says people hurt him when they express they’re hurt by him and his actions (usually told his harem members they hurt him when they “went off”, and they only went off because of natural jealousy occurring when the boundaries of an intimate relationship are crossed). Why no one called his blatant projection mechanism out and continued admiring him blindly absolutely baffles me and will remain a mystery for the rest of my life.

  • Why didnt she just tell her parents that the fracas was regarding her interest in Ben? How could the imprisonment occur with zero explanation to the parents?

    • That article says that her family accepted a general explanation that she’d done something wrong, without any specifics.

      Raniere seems to have been fairly adept at manipulating people – or maybe his female enablers like Cafritz, who had a significant role in what Dani describers here, actually accomplished much of that for him. Information was compartmentalized – something typical of high control groups or cults – so that not even all the insiders knew of everything that was going on, people were played off of one another, and manipulation or lies were used to get followers at all levels to accept things without full understanding or explanation.

    • Because she was very confused and not thinking straight, plus she was much younger than most of the other people she was around in NXIVM, so she was intimidated. People do strange things when they stop thinking. For example, everyone should contact everyone they know (except current Amway distributors, of course) that Amway and other MLMs are scams, and encourage the people they know to do the same and so on, but they don’t. Can you explain why? This isn’t even an embarrassing thing to tell others and it would help the people they supposedly love and like to not get scammed, and 10s of millions are scammed every year in the U.S. alone. My theory is people simply don’t care about others.

      • I think it’s more than being just confused and not thinking straight. I think once people go a little ways down the path they become vested and need to justify their actions. And they justify it by doubling down and heading further down the path. Something like confirmation bias.

        I knew K.Keeffe when she was a bartender in the very late 90’s. May have been very early 2000’s. I think she was in law school then, but I’m not sure. She was clearly very bright and observant. Didn’t seem like she’d take any BS from anyone.

        I remember her talking about the great business mentorship program she was involved in. I became interested and started paying attention when I realized that “Vanguard” was a person. I was like… you mean, like a “charismatic leader”? A bunch of us started listed off things she had said and pointing out how she had practically listed bullet points for the definition of a cult.

        The more we insisted she was in a cult, the more she insisted it was this brilliant business…. opportunity… or something that was not at all clear. Once we started poking fun that someone insisted on being called “vanguard” and being incredulous about the whole thing, she basically ignored us and decided we were drunken bar idiots who didn’t know a damn thing. And she had some sort of higher calling that we were too stupid to understand.

        I’m not saying that people shouldn’t be warned… but, I think it pretty quickly becomes too late if they don’t figure it out for themselves. And certainly the way some of us bar patrons mocked her about it wasn’t effective. I doubt there is anything we could have said. But certainly insisting that she was involved in a scam/cult made her defensive and more willing to dismiss what was clearly “off” about the whole thing.

        I’m so glad she got out and hope she has been able to rebuild a life for herself and her child.

        • Yes, I think it’s a defense because it’s hard and humiliating to admit you’ve been conned so people double down on their belief. As much as I feel sorry for how Dani’s life was taken by this cult, she also adamantly recruited then, and when people would tell her how sketchy and pseudoscienecy it was she would insist it would one day replace formal education.

  • Raniere knew all of Lauren Salzman’s buttons to push, and wrote sticky notes (and talked loudly enough that the judge told him to shut up) to prompt Agnifilo to torture her during cross-examination. Lauren has only been psychologically “out” for a short time. Agnifilo could break her (and the judge cut him off, at the risk of a mis-trial).

    Raniere knows all of Dani’s buttons too, but she has been out and self-sufficient (of necessity) for years, and has been through the punishment before. She seems smarter than Raniere, maybe even smarter than Agnifilo. And hopefully prepped by the prosecution for what Raniere and Agnifilo will throw at her.

    My money is on Dani !

  • Keith is a piece of shit and it’s this type of scum that I wish we had public hangings.

    I don’t get the sense that NXIVM is all about Keith and orgies or some sex cult. I think it’s a blackmail factory that brought in important people and captured blackmail against everyone they could to hold it against them.

    There’s something much bigger going on with all of this. I doubt the depth of it will be exposed.

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