Related News Items: El Chapo done in by IT guy [hint for Ose and Myers]; Rapper compared to Raniere, and Albany cop kills his hooker’s pimp

Tekashi is not Keith Raniere. But they're both at the same Brooklyn prison awaiting trial.
Steve Ose and Ben Meyers need to read this New York Post story…

El Chapo was brought down by his own IT guy

Jurors in the trial of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman listened to phone calls of him running his cocaine empire — because the FBI successfully flipped his IT man.

Prosecutors say they caught El Chapo on tape between 100 and 200 times, and wiretapped 800 calls after his IT guy, Cristian Rodriguez, helped them decode its encrypted computer system.

The FBI convinced Rodriguez to cooperate with the government — continuing to work for the cartel while undercover. The cartel’s servers were originally in Canada, but Rodriguez convinced his bosses to move them to the Netherlands — handing the feds the encryption keys in the process.

The courtroom listened to calls of Guzman orchestrating a cocaine sale, speaking to corrupt cops and advising a hitman.

Rodriguez will most likely not be charged – and both Steve Ose and Ben Myers may be able to cut similar deals with the feds. Keep it in mind boys.


Looks like Tekashi 6ix9ine is doing better at MDC than Vanguard…  BTW, I doubt very much that picture was taken at MDC.
Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine, 22, is currently behind bars at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention center – just like Keith Raniere – being held without bail. Like Raniere, Tekashi faces racketeering charges.

Unlike Raniere, of whom we have only a written description of the aging Vanguard’s appearance, Tekashi’s girlfriend Jade, posted a photo of Tekashi and her on Instagram which purportedly was taken at MDC. {Our MDC correspondent claims this is unlikely.]


Tekashi gives a little squeeze to his squeeze Jade. 

Tekashi’s girlfriend, Jade, captioned the photo “he’s good, enjoy.” She included a winky-face emoji, a heart emoji and ended the post with the hashtag “Free Danny.” [Tekashi’s birth name is Daniel Hernandez].  He was arrested in November, and faces life in prison. Like Raniere Tekashi was deemed a danger to the community and a flight risk and denied bail after his arrest.

Also similarly to Raniere – Tekashi has been accused of sexual exploitation of a 13 year old girl [he fondled her] when he was 17.  Raniere however topped the famous rapper, having been accused of raping a 12 year old girl some 60 times when he was 30.


Chief: Albany cop found prostitute via website before shooting

Christofer Kitto Photo: Photo Courtesy Of The Utica Police Department
When this [ex] cop hires a prostitute he comes fully prepared to handle the pimp. Christofer Kitto shot and killed a man after hiring a prostitute. 
The Albany Times Union reports that “Albany Police Officer Christofer M. Kitto’s meeting in Utica with a prostitute — … ended with the death of a man who tried to rob him.”

That man may have been the lady’s pimp.

Kitto, 34, was enjoying some legal gambling at the Turning Stone Casino on Monday when he decided to hook up with a hooker at 5 am at a private residence.  Kitto “reportedly acted in self-defense when he fatally shot 35-year-old Shatelle Hooks after the Syracuse man came in brandishing a knife and tried to rob him.”

Kitto evidently did not get his money’s worth since, before he even started with his prostitute, Hooks allegedly came through the door with a knife, threatening to harm Kitto.

Kitto pulled his semi-automatic gun and shot Hooks several times, killing him.

Kitto was charged with patronizing a prostitute, a misdemeanor and was suspended without pay. Utica police said Kitto’s use of deadly force appeared to be justified. He had $3,000 in his pocket at the time.

Perhaps it would have been easier and better for Kitto to have gotten a DOS slave? As a local policeman, Keith Raniere could have provided a suitable slave without the necessity of killing her pimp [Raniere].

Indeed Raniere might have even offered her for free, perhaps arranging to collect some collateral on the horny cop.  Or perhaps Kitto might have joined the Society of Protectors.



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  • I’m more concerned that this so called rapper was allowed to roam free after filming a naked thirteen year old. What a paedo. He must have something for young girls because he looks like a little girl himself. Disgusting pervert

  • Did Steve and Ben actually write computer code or did they just download hacker tools from the dark web?
    They seemed to have had crappy jobs for guys that know how to code.

    They sound what we in the programming world called “script kiddies” kids that pretended to be hackers that really did not know anything other than where to download hacking tools and how to use them.
    Have any information anyone?

    Also the answer will help shed some light on whether the ‘Saratoga’ gentleman was framed.

    • I know my sister, Gina, was a very good “hacker” (she took to computers in grade school) and she worked with Steve Ose, Eric Rudd, a few others who were much older than she, must have been skilled at her level at least, at CBI — Raniere’s first MLM business. Gina learned a lot initially from one of our brothers who really is a “genius” before KAR became her “mentor” when our brother left for college and beyond.

      Ose started hacking for Raniere back in the early 90’s and one would think he got better at it over the years.

      Gina told me they were randomly hacking key political figures at KAR’s behest. We (my ex and I) were hacked on our computers at home starting in ‘98.

  • It sounds like Officer Kitto was about to become the victim of the Badger Game, an old, old racket pulled by prostitutes and their pimps.

    The badger game is an extortion scheme in which the victim is tricked into a compromising position to make him or her vulnerable to blackmail. Since around 2010[1], online romance scam against women (90% according to police statistics)[2] in need of love[3] is becoming a common phenomenon.

    In its simplest form, a badger game proceeds thus: X, a man married to Y, engages in an extramarital affair with W (another woman). During a tryst, Z (another man) discovers them in the act. Z, posing as W’s husband or brother, demands money from X to keep the affair secret. Unknown to X, W and Z are conspiring together against X.

    The woman may also claim that the sexual encounter was non-consensual and threaten the victim with a rape or sexual harassment charge.

  • IDK, I haven’t gotten through “El Chapo” on Netflix yet (lol) but it seems the DEA and Salinas Cartels might have had something to do with El Chapo’s fate as well.

    (Steve Bear (Ose) and Uncle Ben Myers would look real sweet with those choppers and dreads, too. Is that look trending at MDC?)

  • I thought the rapper was going to be R. Kelly.
    There are striking similarities to be found there.
    While R. Kelly is not yet being brought to justice, his detractors are playing a dangerous game starving him with the #muterkelly mouvement.
    I am afraid he is going to kill all those girls, and then himself when he runs out of money.

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