Jeffrey Epstein’s Purchase From Department of Justice May Be Voided

Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein, a 66-year-old billionaire hedge fund manager, sexually assaulted dozens of underage girls at his Palm Beach mansion in the 2000s. His wealth allowed him to make a handsome purchase at that one-stop shopping center that sells justice to the rich – the Orwellian-named Department of Justice.

At the time the government sold Epstein his justice, in 2008, the FBI had identified three dozen girls, most between 13 to 16 years old, who gave Epstein massages that turned into sex acts.  He and others had a recruitment plan, which resembled a pyramid scheme, to get children to his mansion.

Instead of being federally prosecuted on sex trafficking charges and, if convicted, sent to prison for life, Epstein was allowed to plead guilty in state court to prostitution charges. He served 13 months in the Palm Beach County jail and, while there, was given work release that allowed him to come and go from jail almost daily. He was freed in 2009.

Former Miami federal prosecutor Alexander Acosta, who is now President Trump’s secretary of labor, negotiated the sale to Epstein – crafting a secret non-prosecution deal in 2008.

The total cost to Epstein is unknown but I would hazard a guess that it cost him north of $10 million –  a fraction of his wealth – and was distributed in various nooks and crannies, where cash placed in pockets is better than seeing an old perv in prison.

Last November, the Miami Herald published a series, “Perversion of Justice,” [It might have been titled “Sale of Justice”] that revealed how Acosta and other prosecutors worked to concoct and conceal the deal and revealed the extent of Epstein’s crimes [which was planned to be kept secret to avoid public scrutiny and prevent victims from opposing the deal.]  The Herald’s investigation identified 80 women who were possible underage victims of Epstein, located around the world.

The Herald has not uncovered the actual purchase price paid for justice, and who got what, but it is evident, from their report, that Epstein’s wealth – and his wealth alone – allowed him to buy a commodity often sold at the Department of Justice – freedom.


Image result for alex acosta
Alex Acosta was kind enough to sell an ample supply of justice to Epstein when he was US Attorney in Miami. He was appointed by George W. Bush.

Complicating this obvious sale of justice by the Department of Justice is a civil lawsuit that seeks to undo the plea deal in Epstein’s criminal case.

In February, after more than a decade of civil litigation over the deal, federal Judge Kenneth A. Marra ruled that the federal government, led by Acosta, violated the Crime Victims’ Rights Act by giving Epstein [and an unspecified number of unidentified co-conspirators] immunity, without informing the victims about the deal.  Epstein’s non-prosecution agreement was ruled unlawful.

The government has not yet voided Epstein’s non-prosecution agreement, despite the judge ruling it was engineered [i.e., sold to Epstein] illegally.  U.S. Attorney Byung Pak, of the Northern District of Georgia [who was appointed by Trump] is asking Judge Marra for a 60-day delay to consult with Epstein’s victims and others.  It is not immediately clear if Pak is serving the victims, or helping Epstein [and the people he rewarded] in seeking this delay.

If the plea deal is voided, it remains to be seen if Epstein will ever be prosecuted, but it would likely be helpful in an ongoing civil lawsuit against Epstein by victims.

There are perhaps some who might think this is unfair to Epstein, who paid politicians, lawyers, deep state fellows and their friends in good faith. How could he be expected to know that all sales are not final at the DOJ?

Still, he has little to complain about. Today, instead of having lifelong housing at a maximum security federal prison, Epstein lists his permanent residence as his private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  He also spends time at his mansions in New York and Palm Beach. He recently purchased an island he is developing in the Caribbean.

After a long day of day trading or developing his island paradise, it is not known if he still needs to unwind with a sex massage from some child that was tricked into coming to his boudoir to face this beastly creature and his filthy gaze and odious, stench-filled, cadaver-like body – like other children did hundreds of times before.

For more info – and superb work of investigative journalism – see the Miami Herald: 


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  • Does either party have clean hands-
    Trump is on record as claiming Epstein was a friend and fellow pussy-hound. And the US Attorney who illegally gave Trump’s friend that sweet, soft sentence was rewarded with a Trump cabinet post.

    • Fellow Pussyhound and Rapist Bill Clinton did at least 26 trips to Jeffy’s pedo island. And those are the ones that are documented.

      Trump got rid of Epstein from Mar-a-Lago when he was hitting on an under aged girl as was his MO

      As far as Alex Acosta, who better than to spill the beans on the fucking democrat perv Epstein. Do you think his sweet little deal being reopened under the Trump administration is just a little coincidence in your fairy tale laced head-

      You might want to stick your Joe Scarbourough talking points where the sun doesn’t shine tootsie.

  • There’s a lot of information leaking out right now and it is hard to know exactly how the narrative will take shape. But I have noticed a few interesting things.

    In two separate interviews Joe Di Geneva has alluded to the fact that Mueller was not in charge of the Special Counsel. Once in a interview with S. Gorka where Gorka seemed to agree and move on. I wondered if it is some sort of ‘known’ thing that they don’t want out. That makes Mueller a Front Man. Think about that. It is a true con. Almost all of their information is based on news stories that they leaked to the press. They are the accomplices.

    Mueller himself was essentially a ruse. At the formation of the Special Counsel, there was wide bipartisan agreement on the ‘appropriateness’ and fairness of Mueller as the choice of the SC. Weissman is a disreputable lawyer, a hack and a Clinton partisan. He was at the Jewett Center the night of the election, waiting for the party to begin. He is a Hillary activist. So I am thinking it was not only the Steele Dossier, but also the Special Counsel that was a Hillary Clinton sponsored lie. She may have been controlling the FBI and the Special Counsel the entire time. Since Brennan is such a vituperative little man, he may have used his security clearance to assist the movement of events. Maybe.

    It is also looking pretty certain now that everyone was spied on–all serious Presidential contenders. I have heard Cruz but it was likely a much broader net than we originally imagined. I think it was Joe DiGeneva again, who I listened to in an interview with Judicial Watch who said that the real issue was the discovery made by Admiral Rogers in March of 2016 of unauthorized surveillance and of unmasking requests that were illegal. By March of 2016, the Democrats hire Crowdstrike and Fusion GPS to begin the coverup and obfuscate the real crimes.

    It would seem likely that Rogers and Flynn conferred shortly after. Obama was going after both of them. I think the Trump campaign was informed about what was going on. Meanwhile, the Dems continued the cover-up. But they also add to the cover-up. They steal the primary from Bernie, they insert Manafort into the Trump campaign (I’d really love to know more about how this went down–but if you look into all the Ukrainian situation, it seems pretty clear that the DS was running the Ukraine–that they were interested in oil and natural gas and uranium–which is a whole other story–so suffice it to say that Manafort was an expendable pawn and I think we will be hearing more about that.

    Then the Dems hit a crisis when Seth Rich extracts data and sends it to Wikileaks, specifically Assange. They kill him, hire Crowdstrike to ‘prove’ it is a Russian Hack.

    More on the dossier. So I saw pretty good evidence months ago that Glenn Simpson wrote the original Steele Dossier years and years ago. Think of it like a template. Then Nellie Ohr goes and gathers some information. Steele either adds a bit or is simply a front man. Brennan, who has the Hammer, hands it over to Harry Reid who requests the FBI investigate.

    Papadopolos is completely set up. He is summoned to London. That means M-15 and M-16 help him out. They try a classic sting on Papa D. But when he arrives at US Customs without the ten grand, they press ahead. They tell him that this is what you get for working for Trump. This means they are very afraid.

    It rather looks to me as if Trump then allowed all these events to unfold with full knowledge. He let the SC investigate their own scam–which, if you knew everything would be rather fun to sit back and watch. Q says–how do you insert/introduce evidence- Well, one way is to let the Dems establish an entire record of evidence, and to lay an entire trail of falsehoods. Fear permeates the atmosphere and people start to sell each other out. You build false confidence by giving them the guy they most fear–Flynn–and Rogers retires. You create chaos in the cabinet and the White House staff to give the enemy a false sense of confidence. It is a well known fact that people expose themselves when they become overconfident. We saw this with Strozk and Page and many others.

    Trump was busy for a very good reason. He has been hunkered over the battle plans. He plays the long game and is not averse to risk, especially when he is confident that he has control of the board.

    Hillary has, I strongly suspect, been the Madwoman in the Attic this entire time. Her fingerprints are all over everything. She controlled the FBI through McCabe and the donation to his wife’s political campaign. Rod Rosenstein was a thorn in that side, probably because he was thinking about his own career–though, at this point RR remains a somewhat mysterious figure to me.

    • M-15 and M-16 are US military rifles. You got quite a few other things wrong in that pseudo-analytical word salad, but it’s all such a mess of misinformation and logical contradictions that it hardly matters.

      Trump was handed down a fortune made by his grandmother and father, and has slowly had it taken from him by the real financial sharks in New York and the foreign locations where he’s played with his inheritance – because of business interests, I’ve watched what’s gone on for decades, long before he got attention for ideological reasons. Just look at how his Forbes rankings have dropped over the years; or put his net worth from an early ranking right after he came in to his inheritance, into a stock market return calculator, and see how vastly much more he would be worth if he’d just turned his money over to a professional money manager (or a REIT) and gone golfing. He’s not savvy enough to work out successful strategies, if anything he’s being played like he has been in his business dabblings, and you need a new conspiracy theory that puts him in a more plausible role as an aging dupe.

      A lot of Scientologists are into Q-Anon. It kind of fits with their beliefs, like that our brains are implanted by evil intergalactic psychiatrists who operate a mental control station hidden on Mars – and, yeah, that’s really their “scripture” as taught by Hubbard. That says a lot about where this sort of stuff ranks as cultish thinking.

      p.s. If you’re looking for a titan puppetmaster behind Trump, it’s not the Kushners – their story is similar, the immigrant generation built up an impressive fortune through the nitty-gritty of accumulating thousands of modest rental units, but the current heirs haven’t performed nearly as well, and by some accounts Jared is doing a Donald-type number with the family fortune such as it is, making glamorous but money-losing deals. There are much bigger players in New York real estate, but they focus on actually making real money rather than garnering publicity.

      • “M-15 and M-16 are US military rifles.”

        Wow what an ignorant fool. You would be best advised to stop dropping your turds all over the Frank report. You have no clue as to what to fuck you drone on about.

        You are dealing with your fellow preschoolers here, little fella.

        Learn about intelligence operations before you blow your stool all over.

        MI6 | History & Facts |
        Nevertheless, information about MI6 is still much more closely guarded than that about MI5, which carries out internal security and domestic counterintelligence …

        MI5 | British government |
        MI5: MI5, intelligence agency charged with internal security and domestic … both MI5 and MI6, the agency responsible for foreign intelligence—undermined …

        I don’t have time to waste with a lying troll like you., Try to keep in mind Junior that real people with an actual brain monitor this blog. You are out of your league.

        • Because you wrote MI-5 and MI-6 as M-15 and M-16, it means you had never heard of the Brittish Intel agencies…and you revealed yourself as some kid trying to impress adults. Sorry little buddy.
          Though it is amusing to the adults here to that your angry defense just revealed that you can’t even read.

          • Thanks for getting to that before I did.

            The British intel agencies are also sometimes referred to with a dash – but in the right place:

            MI-5 – Wikipedia
            MI-5 may refer to: MI5, the domestic security service of the United Kingdom

            It’s interesting to note that they only addressed – incorrectly – one detail, and not the inconvenient truth. That’s almost cult-like apologism and even thought-stopping.

            Just to add a bit more data, or facts, Trump claimed in the mid 1990s that he was worth $5 to $6 billion – leading to the infamous suit where had to revise that downward under oath to more like $3 billion (though there are doubts about that as well). Even if he was worth that then, in 1995 the Dow was at about 5,000, and today it’s 5 times that, while New York real estate values have gone up by a factor of about 3 (prime properties even more), so his claimed net worth would have to have increased to $15-30 billion even to keep up with the returns anyone could get from an REIT or good investment fund. But he has only claimed to be worth $9 billion more recently, effectively conceding that he’s way underperformed both the real estate and investment markets, and sources like Forbes and Bloomberg put his wealth at more like $3-4 billion, which isn’t even keeping up with inflation.

            So he’s actually been slowly squandering his inheritance like the Bronfmans, and yet has done a Raniere-like number of getting his cultish followers to believe that he’s an investment genius. A number of savvy sources like Forbes and the Wall Street Journal have documented his finances in detail over the decades, as well.

            Anyone who’s not a koolaid drinker, can only look at that sort of actual financial performance and say “ouch!”

  • Nick Lewin, who legally represented Mueller and Comey (check his website), filed a complaint on behalf of John Doe to stop the unsealing of the Epstein case. He claimed the unsealing could name and embarrass his client. Epstein received a very advantageous plea deal when of course Mueller was the FBI director.

    We have it all. These cornered treasonous demorats are going to be brought to justice.

    • Not just dems…
      Trump admitted he was good friends with fellow pussy-hound Epstein, and later rewarded the US Attorney (Acosta) who illegally gave his friend a soft sentence with a job as his Labor Secretary.

    • not just democrats {dinosrhinos deepstates samedifference baalshitters but CHILD RAPISTS <=== there i fixed it for you
      {ps you pedos are all goin down …..}

  • Epstein had three main pimps working for him.
    All of these pimps were women and none of them were charged criminally.

    Jeffrey Epstein and sex trafficking allegations
    Ghislaine Maxwell
    After moving to America, Maxwell and the billionaire American financier Jeffrey Epstein had a romantic relationship, and Maxwell remained close to him after their break-up

    Details of a civil lawsuit made public in January 2015 contained a deposition from a woman, identified as ‘Jane Doe 3’, accusing Maxwell of having recruited her in 1999, when she was a minor, to have sex with Epstein. A 2018 expose by the Miami Herald reveals Jane Doe 3 to be Virginia Roberts. Roberts asserted that she was introduced by Maxwell to Epstein and then “groomed by the two for his pleasure, including lessons in Epstein’s preferences during oral sex.”

    According to James Patterson’s book, “Filthy Rich,” Maxwell’s friendship with Donald J. Trump allowed Epstein unfettered access to Mar-a-Lago, where he recruited Virginia Roberts.

    Maxwell has repeatedly denied any involvement in Epstein’s crimes.[11] In a 2015 statement, Maxwell rejected allegations that she has acted as a “madame for Epstein” and “facilitated Prince Andrew’s acts of sexual abuse”.

    According to the Miami Herald, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, one of Epstein’s victims, sued Maxwell in federal court in the Southern District of New York in 2015. Giuffre asserted that Maxwell and Epstein trafficked her and other underage girls, often at sex parties that Epstein hosted at his homes in New York, New Mexico, Palm Beach and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Maxwell called her a liar. Giuffre sued for defamation.

    The Miami Herald claims that the case was settled in Giuffre’s favour, with Maxwell paying Giuffre “millions.”[17]

    On 16 April 2019, a new victim, Maria Farmer, went public and filed a sworn affidavit in federal court in New York, saying that she was sexually assaulted and her then-15-year-old sister molested by Epstein and his companion, Ghislaine Maxwell, in 1996.[18]

    Picture of Ghislane Maxwell, in red circle, at Chelsea Clinton’s 2011 wedding.

  • A document filed in court alleges that Epstein ran a “sexual abuse ring”, and lent underage girls to “prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known prime minister, and other world leaders”

    Tony Blair always loved to be around Bill Clinton.

  • Thanks for covering this. I see part of its relevance being, that unfortunately sometimes it takes the dogged persistence of citizens to see justice through.

    I also appreciate seeing it made clear that in this case, it seems to have been a local Republican establishment that was co-opted and even corrupted. I think that shows that the underlying problems are systemic, not ideological – and if anything, part of the problem is the cultish extreme partisanship that glosses over or rationalizes away misdeeds on their own side (as Mark Vicente long did with his gurus) while rabidly attacking the other.

    I don’t think that the DOJ is necessarily Orwellian, particularly if you get to know any of the many lower-level public servants who work based on deeply held ideals about justice, typically accepting lower pay than they might get in the private sector in order to do what they think is the right thing. Where the worst problems creep in, are with the upper-level political appointees.

    • I also appreciate seeing it made clear that in this case, it seems to have been a local Republican establishment that was co-opted and even corrupted

      Umm no Junior it was not made clear. Yes there are probably some Republicans involved but of course you and your fellow democraps are as pure as the yellow snow. Quit your hypocritical horse crap. Your phony comments are going to be far more interesting as you attempt to defend your fellow corrupt democraps as more truth about their corruption and genuine evil comes forth. Of course a shallow troll like you will blame Republicans, Christians and anyone who leans to the Right. Yur shallow mind is all too obvious.

      • is anyone here still naive enough to believe there is a difference between DINOS and RHINOS- please two heads same legs always going in the wrong direction against the people and only for themselves {and these days its a TRANNY!}

        • There’s still relatively little difference between even the truest of true believers, other than the particular shade of their ideology.

          Both believe they should have control over people and institutions to implement their ideology.

          Both are willing to engage in dishonesty, and corrupt practices, believing that the ends justify the means of their coming to power.

          At the hard core of true belief, the leaders and followers act much like a cult.

        • You should direct your reply to the guy thais anyone here still naive enough to believe there is a difference between DINOS and RHINOS-

          You lil buddy anonmaker.

          How is this for a difference.Here are the real evil doers

          The Russian Hoax is an operation conducted by President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton, working hand in hand with the UK Government, to sabotage the US 2016 presidential elections.

          With the help of Attorney General Loretta Lynch, National Security Adviser Rice, Director of National Intelligence Clapper, Director of CIA Brennan and other identified accomplices, illegal spying targeted Trump and his campaign in an effort to gain leverage and stop him.

          When they realized their spying was unsuccessful and that they were unable to collect compromising evidence, this group of bad actors decided to create that evidence. Hillary Clinton financed the creation and dissemination/injection of a fake intel dossier. Ex UK MI-6 Christopher Steele created the dossier and John McCain injected it in the US legal system.

          Once in the legal system, this “insurance policy” allowed other bad actors in the DOJ (Strzok, Page, Comey…) to continue their sabotage operation, hoping it would stop Trump in the event he was elected.

          To cover her tracks, Hillary Clinton paid the Steele Dossier through the law firm Perkins Coie which was the DNC Legal Counsel. Using the pretext of opposition research, Perkins Coie hired Fusion GPS whose founder Glenn Simpson, hired his longtime friend Christopher Steele and voilà.

          Thanks to his IT work for the DNC, Seth Rich got access to all the information in the DNC servers about the Christopher Steel Dossier and other matters. He copied it in a thumb drive and sent the information to Julian Assange video.

          This is the reason the DNC servers were never given to the FBI and that Crowdstrike was hired to validate the lie that the DNC servers were hacked by Russia.

          This is also the reason why Seth Rich was murdered by a couple of paid MS-13 gangsters. They themselves were found dead in South Carolina a cople of days later.

          The democrat party does what cold blooded Marxists have done for years….cheat lie steal and kill.

          • just facts hey: we both agree i left the dinos along time ago when HRC well full frontal pro iraq war when all new yorkers who suffered truee 9/11 were anti war <===remember when dems were anti war like gene mccarthy……not like carpetbagger senator HRC….but child markets beez child markets……

            as a side note ive been meaning to mention do you all see Jeffrey's :"bunny upper lip" <=== children suffer this when they are forced to do illicite acts {use your imagination} repeatedly as young children …. prince william suffers one too …. just saying

          • Yes ironic isn’t it. The most knowledgeable commentor on here and glad to have a member of USMI checking in.

      • Thanks for that reminder that I should have added “foaming at the mouth” before “cultish extreme partisanship.”

        I said the problem was “systemic” – meaning both sides do it. I suppose I might have added “and bi-partisan” after it, just to be clear.

          • I’m just trying to provide some counterbalance to the cultish extreme partisanship that for some reason leans hard to one particular side here. I challenge you to find even one comment of the sort that we see on a daily basis, but that throws insults at the other side of the political coin, injects nasty comments about their prominent political actors including the current POTUS, implies that groups they are sympathetic to are sub-human, and so on.

            I go to pains almost every time I make one of these responses, to point out somehow that the problems relevant to the topic here, such as influence buying, apply to corrupt actors and the extremes on both sides. Is there something about that, that’s not clear-

          • Democrat perty talking points and lies are not counter balance. They are pure bullshit.

          • LOL Reality. You are just as funny as Just Facts with an equally ironic name!

    • There were compromised if not corrupt politicians involved with Nx from both parties, Anony.

      Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s (D-NY) parents and Stepmom took courses and were deeply immersed for a time. Gillibrand’s Dad, Doug Rutnik, was a Nx consultant accused of embezzling earnings he repaid after being accused of sexual harassment by Nancy Salzman. Gillibrand herself rubbed elbows with Salzman thereafter — sharing a table with her father’s alleged assault victim during at least one Hillary Clinton Albany event.

      As I posted previously, Gillibrand also enjoyed conspicuous campaign contributions from the Bronfman brothers — they usually donate republican and to entities not individual candidates like Gillibrand. There’s one made to Gillibrand on the books in July 2011 — following the Albany TU expose’ accounts of statuatory rapes and other serious Nx crimes.

      Corruption knows no bounds nor do these crooks.

      • Heidi, I guess I should have been a bit clearer that when I said “systemic,” I meant both parties.

        Also, if you’ve noticed, we now have a clue about those biggest donations by the Bronfmans, to the NYS Senate Campaign Fund – it probably had to do with state Senator Bruno, though we have yet to find out just what sort of influence or favors they may have elicited from him, or whether they paid him directly for “consulting” (the scheme that got him federally indicted for corruption) as well.

        And I still doubt that any of the other Bronfmans, who gave so many donations that it’s hard to even sort through all of them – many of which were actually to individual campaigns – were necessarily coordinating anything at that point with their cult-involved wayward half-sisters who had spied on their father, and accused him of conspiring against their guru.

  • Thanks for the update Frank!

    I wonder if Epstein will temporarily move to Switzerland or France to watch how this plays out- (rhetorical question).

    I am incredibly cynical of the American Justice System when it comes to the rich and powerful…..

    And even I was shocked that running a pedophile ring for rich men was able to pay off the government in full view of the public and press.

  • Thanks for the update Frank!

    I wonder if Epstein will temporarily move to Switzerland or France to watch how this plays out? (rhetorical question).

    I am incredibly cynical of the American Justice System when it comes to the rich and powerful…..

    And even I was shocked that running a pedophile ring for rich men was able to pay off the government in full view of the public and press.

  • I’ll bet Epstein’s fellow prisoners would be happy to wipe that smirk off of his face. Other prisoners don’t like pedos, he wouldn’t last long at the place he belongs.

  • I’ll bet Epstein’s fellow prisoners would be happy to wipe that smirk off of his face. Other prisoners don’t like pedos, he wouldn’t last long at the place he belongs.

  • This gives us insight into how Bronfman’s money bought “justice” for her fellow defendants and especially for herself, with the notable exception (so far) of the smartest man in the world, Raniere. All NXIVM victims should be beating down the courthouse door to tell their story to the judge before sentencing, or at the very least writing him a letter. These girls were ignored years ago, don’t let that happen with NXIVM.

    • I have to agree with Scott on this!

      It’s beyond disgusting how Clare Bronfman case was handled unless she gives the victims the financial restitution they deserve.

    • Scott, You’re right.
      Raniere’s fellow defendants got off easy.
      And Salinas and Betancourt will escape altogether.
      The corrupt New York state politicians will skate away too.
      In a few years NXIVM will be rebuilt and it will be business as usual.

  • This gives us insight into how Bronfman’s money bought “justice” for her fellow defendants and especially for herself, with the notable exception (so far) of the smartest man in the world, Raniere. All NXIVM victims should be beating down the courthouse door to tell their story to the judge before sentencing, or at the very least writing him a letter. These girls were ignored years ago, don’t let that happen with NXIVM.

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

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