Raniere retains Atty Paul DerOhannesian to represent him in Fed sex trafficking case

One of Keith Raniere's defense attorneys, Paul DerOhannsian, cross examined FBI Senior Forensic Examiner Brian Booth

After searching for an attorney for some two weeks, and likely using Bronfman money, Keith Raniere has retained Paul DerOhannesian II to represent him.


DerOhannesian’s expertise is in criminal law and, in particular, sexual assault trials.

Raniere was arrested in Mexico on March 25th and deported to the US. He is being held without bail, charged with sex trafficking – and is presently traveling by bus – to Brooklyn, where he will be arraigned. He is in the custody of US Marshals.

The name is not hard to pronounce

You Tube has several interviews with Paul DerOhannasian II. He was YNN’s ‘Legal Eagle.’ This video pronounces his name at 34 seconds.

It is phonetically: Dare-a-Nxian. [This is not a joke; check it out yourself on YouTube.] DerOhannasian is an expert in defending those charged with sex crimes.

He wrote a book: Sexual Assault Trials, available via Lexis Nexis. In its 4th edition, it is available in hard cover or as an e-book. The cost is $254 for the two volume set.

DerOhannesian II, is a partner of the Albany law firm, DerOhannesian & DerOhannesian.

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  • He’s a very strange pick for a lawyer for Raniere. If he had Clare’s funds, he probably would have gone after a much bigger name with a much better track record. I would suggest Raniere might be spending his own funds on this defence or the funds of his slaves. If Clare was involved, Raniere would have the best of the best attorneys to defend him. Perhaps this could be a sign that either she’s turned on him or turned a blind eye to his needs.

  • I don’t know that the Bronfman’s had to turn over any cash whatsoever to this guy. He actually seems like he will take any case that will keep him in the media.
    His cases seem like more corrupt politicians than sex offenders, but no matter who he is representing he just seems to go after credibility.
    Both times he went to the US Supreme Court, he lost. Once representing a judge, who was removed from the bench for cause, and the second time representing two cops, who were wrongfully convicted. The cops weren’t cleared by this lawyer’s filings, though. They were cleared by a 3 year FBI probe into corrupt convictions approximately 6 years after this lawyer represented them unsuccessfully.
    If I am putting 2 and 2 together correctly, he was the head of the Special Assault Unit in Albany County during the time that Keith Raniere’s underage victims were complaining and being ignored.

    • They probably ditched them to avoid being tracked and traced by Law Enforcement and moved on to burner phones. However, you can still geolocate a burner phone if used for any length of time.

  • They appear to have figured out that the Feds aren’t going to say “oops” and send him home.

    I feel a bit sick that there is someone who specialises in defending these cases. I am very curious what this lawyer’s track record is… How many plead out, go to trial, wins, losses, etc.

    Now who will his co-conspirators get?

  • Doesn’t matter who he gets. He isn’t getting away with it this time.

    Folks, I would recommend you all contact State Attorney in New York here https://ag.ny.gov/questions-comments-attorney-general-eric-t-schneiderman

    He is handling some of this. If you don’t want to see this guy escape justice, tell the state attorney your concerns and what you know about this man.

    The more people know, the sooner these folks will be stopped. They will keep going even if Keith goes to prison.

    But maybe we can throw a wrench in the works.

  • Most attorneys, including myself, will not take child sexual assault cases, bc of the potential damage done to the most helpless of human beings – children.

    That being said, Vangrifter will need a team of attorneys because he will also be looking at conspiracy, tax evasion, money laundering, and potentially racketeering charges.

    One of the Defendants will turn Government witness and take a plea.

    Vanturd will demand a jury trial. Better call American Greed, because this will be the trial of the century. Sex, torture, mayhem, fraud, racketeering, all paid for by Heiresses with hundreds of millions of dollars in Mob Money.

    • That’s right. This isn’t just about sex. It’s about tax evasion, blackmailing women, forced labor and much more.

    • He will say, everything was consensual. Everything was somebody else’s doing. He owns nothing and therefore did not profit from anything. He is a kind, intelligent (2.26 GPA), misunderstood mentor, trying to improve humanity. That is why I think the authorities need to bring additional charges, to paint the entire picture. While I believe everyone should have a strong defense in our system, I suspect the feds have amassed a ton of evidence, by way of R’s personal email, and the money trail. Don’t forget his cowardly flight to the luxury Mexican villa. (Hypocrite.) Oh, and what about the fact that he’s not supposed to operate any MLMs? (Those would be state charges, though.)

      With him behind bars, victims and ex-members will be more likely to testify freely – the key to conviction. As to the threat from remaining followers (they have been known to spray paint death threats on peoples’ houses, sprinkle nails under car tires, etcetera), – I think tampering with federal witnesses is a MAJOR RISK / MISTAKE / FUCK UP. Listen up people – you are not the Gambinos!!!

      In the unlikely event this lawyer can secure an acquittal, hopefully, at least, KR will be denied bail and held in unpleasant circumstances for up to a year at MDC, awaiting trial. (HELLO – flight risk…) If released, he may come out a defeated, fat old man who will not want to push the envelope anymore. He could then revert to simply scamming money,soliciting parasitic financial patronage, and true consensual sex. (Which he had early on; why did he have to escalate?! What a greedy, power freak, jerk!)

      I know he did not butcher people and bury them in the back yard. But he did salivate to have people thrown into Mexican prisons and beaten and / or raped – including a woman he professed to love deeply at one time. For this, I simply can muster up no sympathy for him. Cruel is as cruel does. I do not believe he can be rehabilitated. Sadly, the prevailing thinking is that sociopaths cannot be cured. Ever.

      Wonder if Rick Ross can be called to testify as an expert? (Probably not – he would have an axe to grind.) Someone else?

      Once again, the below is a PERFECT psychological profile of this monster. The interesting thing is that it claims, in the context of thought / mind control, there can be no consensual sex. I pray someone in law enforcement will read this. Subtract the juvenile delinquency (which cannot be verified unless someone from the 1960s comes forward), this is the biography of Keith Alan Raniere. Born in Brooklyn in1960, and ironically to be held to account in Brooklyn. What goes around, comes around.

      Thank you for letting me vent!

      Characteristics of a Sociopath Shown by Cult Leaders:


      • I am under the impression his true sociopathy did not show up until after his mother died (he was late teens, already in college at RPI) so I don’t think there was any evidence of juvenile delinquency. I have no expertise in psychology – perhaps some kind of psychological break happened for him when he lost the life anchor of his mother’s presence in his life.

        He did claim he lost his virginity at 11 years old to an older woman, but I’d characterize that as him being a victim at that point rather than a delinquent. Doubt he would agree with that; it seemed like he held it as a matter of pride. Then again, he spews mostly lies, so I believe none of his claims without proof.

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