Did Bronfman really faint?

Clare moments after fainting - leaves court with attorney Mark Geragos

I have confirmed from several sources that Keith Raniere would regularly faint when confronted with women angry about his lies.

Did Clare Bronfman fake a faint before Judge Garaufis today – just when he was pressuring her for answers that might reveal she was lying.

Sources who witnessed Raniere fake a faint told me that he would seem to grow light headed, or hold his heart and say he was having palpitations.

Here is one comment:

Clare’s fainting:

“That’s straight out of the Raniere manifesto on conflict resolution…  Whenever I disagreed with him, he would conveniently faint. And I was very young and very naive at the time and believed he couldn’t handle the stress and was actually ill. I’d say it was quite a joke except he used it to be very manipulative. Clare should note that KAR’s ‘faint to fool em’ method doesn’t work on full grown, experienced adults.”

This sounds like a scam to me. Clare faked a faint – and conveniently too – just at the right moment.

Here is the AP picture of Clare smiling as she is leaving court. She does rather look like she just put one over on the old Judge.

Here are some pictures of her arriving in court.

Photos by Village Diane.

Clare comes to court...



Clare leaving court:

Clare Bronfman leaves court today with Mark Geragos after she fainted. The hearing is postponed until tomorrow




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4 years ago

Keith had another ploy to avoid confrontation. Excuse himself to the men’s room and never come back. He did this to me because I asked him to explain the ethics behind enrolling 3 people into Nxium without compensation and the incongruency(one of his favorite words to make him sound smart, personally I prefer illogical) of the module in the Intensive that teaches “one is to be paid for their work i.e. slavery is bad and suppressive and his not paying for the first 3. I told him I get paid from the first sale. That’s when he skipped out to the boys room.

This was in the early 2000’s. I guess when he conjured up his hair brained scheme of DOS, the concept of slavery has changed and became acceptable and lauded as teaching women how to be “badass bitches”

Well well Keith has become the badass bitch of his roommates oops I meant cell mates at MDC

Happy First Anniversary at the MDC Keith,

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Neither fainting or going to the bathroom matters to Bubba. Raniere’s anal cavity will be drilled in either circumstance.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

Geragos is smiling because he knows all he has to do is convince one juror that Clare is the victim AND he is getting paid the big bucks to accomplish that task.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

The picture above is perfect, it looks like devil horns coming out of Geragos’ head.

4 years ago

How to Pretend to Faint

How to Pretend to Faint: 14 Steps (with Pictures) – wikiHow

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

That’s probably the link Geragos sent Bronfman after she found him on the internets.

4 years ago

Love the picture of Mark Geragos with the symbol covering his face. Make a great t-shirt for Vanbegone Day

4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

It’s great. Makes him look like a hideous gargoyle

Eat some food Clare
Eat some food Clare
4 years ago

Talk about Thin Mints

Clare has taken the DOS diet way too far. If she is not careful, she will cause herself heart problems or other serious health issues.

For those who are old enough to remember Karen Carpenter, she waited too long to seek treatment and ended up dying very young due to her anorexia.

Maybe Clare is hoping she can spend her prison time in a “treatment” prison for her eating disorder that she could easily kill herself over.

It might be that Clare was never taught how to care for herself since she had servants to make her meals.

Doesn’t NYC have Urber Eats?

4 years ago

The TimesUnion, in an otherwise rather uninteresting article, reported:

“As Bronfman walked back to the defense table, she started ‘wobbling and staggering on her feet,’ the person said. She looked pale and her knees were buckling, the person said, noting that Geragos then caught his client and put her down in a chair.”

The NYPost reported that her “face appeared yellowish.” It sounds like she might actually have gone vasovagal, the medical term for the trigger that results in a pale face and lightheadness or fainting, in response to sudden psychological or physiological stress. One of the reports said she appeared to have lost a lot of weight since her first appearance, the sort of thing which would increase her risk. Onset can be quite abrupt, and recovery fairly quick, so I think it’s very hard to say whether or not it was real, though if she really went pale then it likely was.

And that’s an interesting and perhaps telling anecdote about Raniere. Along with the various accounts of his enablers treating him as sort of spiritually delicate, and then using that to manipulate the behavior of others, it sounds as if he actually got mileage out of playing a sort of covert victim, all his bluster and admonitions aside. The same sort of “there are no victims” construct is also used in Scientology to set up people to accept being abused and victimized and instead blame themselves – domestic abusers often know how to work variations of that, too – though there also the leadership and the organization gleefully cast themselves as victims when it provides them an advantage.

4 years ago

So Keithy would fake fainting in order to avoid confrontation. Wow.

Good luck in the pokey, you man’s man.

4 years ago

“Sources who witnessed Raniere fake a faint told me that he would seem to grow light headed, or hold his heart and say he was having palpitations.”
Red Foxx would do the same thing on Sanford and Son:
“In a running gag in the series, during times of distress, Fred looks up (as to heaven) with his hand across his chest, faking a heart attack and saying, “This is the big one, Elizabeth! I’m coming to join ya, honey.”

4 years ago
Reply to  LaLaLad

Ahahaha, you made my morning with this. Redd Foxx played this manipulative move to perfection. Timing is everything of course when pulling this stunt. I wonder if Clare waited a full beat of dramatic pause before she swooned. Maybe she is a reincarnate from France during the Revolution, and not a former Nazi as KAR would have had her believe. Somehow I can picture her on the gallows, bemoaning the day she trusted Robespierre to spare her life. It was Robespierre who came up with the idea for Vanguard Week, after all, except he called it Festival of the Supreme Being. Of course he was eventually arrested as well.

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