Heidi: Kristin Kreuk’s Sexy 7 questions – aimed at underage girls – is still suspicious to me

MK10ART's sketch of Girls By Design founder Kristin Kreuk
Heidi Hutchinson

By Heidi Hutchinson

An anonymous commenter writes, “Girls By Design is dirty as fuck. Kristin Crook and Kendra Voth wanted to relaunch it in 2013, a year after the pedophile expose.”

Seriously, “dirty as fuck” — they wanted to relaunch GBD from the same platform AFTER the Albany Times Union 2012 pedophile revelations?!


Please tell me more.

Are you sure it wasn’t an effort to revamp GBD without Keith Et. Al.’s influence? Maybe do something closer to Kristin Kreuk’s understanding of the intent of it after she learned she was being used and deceived? Which she would be wise to reveal, if so, IMO — lest it be interpreted otherwise?

That doesn’t even make sense from a business point of view for god’s sake unless you’re TRYING to cater to diddlers and, even then, you’re already busted!

GBD is actually still “a thing” online which infuriates me. Last time I checked this company is still in business too.


Initially, I thought they didn’t dissolve the company or take down the GBD website because doing so might be perceived as an admission of guilt or knowledge that this company was (or is) essentially a recruitment tool for pedophiles like Keith Alan Raniere.

Now, I’m suspicious that someone wants to keep the GBD company going and, just maybe, the diddlers $$$$$ coming in.

I was just talking about this with a prominent journalist yesterday who asked me and I told the plain truth as I have previously on Frank Report.

I know and can prove everything about GBD (and, btw, every offshoot NXIVM company including the DOS precursor JNESS), the “Sexy 7,” the GBD website — it is ALL straight out of KAR’s pedophile, “fuck toy,” sex slave-maker playbook!

One he started writing from his earliest child conquests back in the mid-1980s onward.

Few know what a swath of destruction KAR cut through in the 80s and 90s — devouring a number of pre-teens and teens in the Albany area — in his pedophile, predator pathology.

I read the GBD “sexy 7” lines, for instance, and it’s like it came straight out of my sister Gina’s head at the age of 14 – 21 when KAR successfully seduced her and many of her underage or barely-of-age friends.

Except the “tee-hees” — I don’t know where those came from – and I shudder to think what age group those were targeted at.

So take that, Sultan. You ain’t getting my VPN. 


For more information on Kristin Kreuk’s Sexy Seven

Geared toward teen and preteen girls, Kristin Kreuk and Kendra Voth had 7 sexy questions to ask the little girls on their website Girls By Design. Keep in mind that the girls that this survey is intended for are under the age of consent to have sex. Yet they are asked to answer the 7 sexy questions:

“GBD wants to know your answers to the 7 sexiest questions…tee hee!

  1. How do you think people perceive you and how is it different from the way you perceive yourself?
  2. Which of your irrational fears is the silliest?
  3. What is the most time-consuming activity you participate in?
  4. What is the greatest lesson you have learned from a child?
  5. If you could wave a magic wand and ask for whatever you wanted, what would you ask for?
  6. What is the most beautiful moment you have ever experienced?
  7. What are you most grateful for?

“Send in your answers via video, audio, or text to:  info@girlsbydesign.com.  Don’t forget to write “SEXY 7″ in the subject line.”




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  • Heidi,
    What can you possibly know about KK or girl by design? I never saw you around the halls of the mother ship of ESP/NXIVM and I was there early on. Everything that comes out of your head is just pure speculation.

    Can you bring forward one female that was recruited into NXIVM by GBD? To date, none have come forward

    Can you bring forward one female from GBD that was sexually involved with Raniere or any other male member of NXIVM? To date, none have come forward

    Can you bring forward one female that was sexually molested by Raniere or any other male member of NXIVM? To date, none have come forward.

    I was told by Nancy Salzman about the hair brain idea they were plotting regarding GBD using KK and other NXIVM female members. To my knowledge, it never made it off the ground as a recruiting tool for NXIVM.

    I believe you’re intelligent enough to know that if GBD was a sex ring for young girls for Rainier’s sexual pleasure, with all the press over the last couple of years, at least one brave soul would have come forward.

    What if KK was your sister? Would you want her name dragged through the mud the way KK’s name has been on the FR? Not one ounce of proof on any allegations has been shown to be true on the FR.

    You sister took her life over this monster. Maybe he drove her to it, maybe it was murder made to look like a suicide.

    How would you feel if, after years of the FR, Gina was dragged through the shit as KK because she followed Raniere? Gina even had sex time after time with Raniere and at one time believed he had answers for her. People see Gina as a victim, yet you pick up rocks and throw them at KK. You do this without any proof of her actions. What do you think Gina thinks of your behavior for acting this way. If I was her, I’d be ashamed.

  • Kristin Kreuk most likely had no idea she was being used as a lure.

    Raniere probably through an intermediary like Mack or one of the Salzmans instructed Kristin Kreuk to attract young women and girls.

    Kristin Kreuk never knew she was being used as an instrument of Keith Raniere. An instrument to help him indulge in his sick proclivities.

  • Wow, you just keep beating the crap out of this woman with a shred of proof one underage girl was enrolled through GBD but yet you find it in your heart to allow Bouchey to write an article about herself and won’t let posters post facts about her court cases. WTF Frank

    • https://radaronline.com/exclusives/2019/04/allison-mack-nxivm-sex-cult-ditched-friends-became-shell-of-herself/

      No one’s “beating the crap out of Kruek” by simply pointing out what she claims she missed about her own NX girl trap company — GBD — which should be obvious to her by now!

      …FR is not nearly as hyperbolic as Hollywood. According to Radar Online, Allison Mack prowled the streets at night collecting collateral and luring girls to have sex with Keith at her “House of Horrors.”

      At least FR presents the deets around the lurid deeds: how Allie and Kristin were lured themselves, etc.

      Shadow & Sultan could both work for Radar Online.

      • But there is no proof. After all these years not one girl has come forward saying they were recruited by GBD.
        It’s a chicks for young chicks.
        There is proof about Bouchey’s # of legal cases provided but FP won’t post them.
        Once again WTF Heidi & FP

      • So who can we blame for not getting Mack out? Gotta blame somebody!

    • And how many underage GBD victims would you say there need be proof of before anyone ought discuss or investigate the link between it, NXIVM and a known pedophile whose accomplices have pled guilty to, albeit, lesser charges?

  • Btw. Girls by Design still has a Facebook page, but it appears to not have any active posts. GBD appears to be nothing more than a phishing social media scam to attract girls and young women into NXIUM, and eventually into Keith’s library/hot tub w/Mr. Bubbles. It’s pretty disgusting actually, in hindsight.

  • Here is the address of your /twitter account.- https://twitter.com/girls_by_design. what is interesting is the logo is very SOP style and I would say that it has elements that have been seen in groups of secret societies like freemasons, the truth is that every time I agree that behind KAR there are people my powerful with their own agendas.

  • These seemingly innocent questions are designed to elicit criteria and values. The answers are then used to manipulate the target. C&V elicitation 101.

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