Branding Dr. Danielle Roberts to appear as guest at Science of Human Optimization Conference on April 27–28 in Long Island at Hyatt Regency

Dr. Danielle Roberts – we reported yesterday– appears to be alive and well and living in Long Island, Suffolk County, NY – to “start over” and is featured on the Navel Expo’s website.

While she is not listed as a featured speaker, Dr. Roberts evidently will be a guest at the Naval Expo’s sponsored Science of Human Optimization Conference with Joel Fuhrman, MD on April 27–28 in Long Island at the Hyatt Regency.

This prompted one of my sources, who brought it to my attention, to ask, “Why the hell hasn’t she been indicted and charged????”

Well, obviously she has not been indicted since her appearance as a guest at the conference is the weekend before the trial is scheduled to commence for the Nxivm defendants, including Allison Mack, who is Dr. Roberts’ slave master in their secret sorority [headed by a man].

Dr. Danielle Roberts is in the center wearing a grey jacket.

Dr. Roberts is also pictured as part of a group under the name, under the caption “Meet some of the most remarkable healers, bestselling authors and celebrity activists…”

As one can see from the photo, Dr. Roberts will apparently be a guest at the conference on April 27-28 and those interested in meeting her can likely get an audience and ask her questions about her views of health and wellness.  Tickets start at $20 for a one day pass.

Another source tells me that Dr. Roberts now lives in Port Jefferson Station, in Long Island, and has been seen working out at a fitness center in Nesconset, NY., about eight miles from her home.

The debatable question is whether Dr. Roberts deserves the privacy of a normal doctor – free from hounding reporters and nagging questions. Whether she should be allowed to resume a life of obscurity – known only by the fruits of her work as a healer – and not by the ignominy of being Keith Raniere and Allison Mack’s branding doctor and their lifelong avowed slave.
This also begs a second question. If there is a conflict between Dr. Roberts’ Hippocratic Oath and her Vow of Obedience to Allison Mack as her master and Keith Raniere as her grandmaster – which must be obeyed first and foremost?
Dr. Roberts provided collateral to Keith Raniere and Allison Mack and some of it was leaked to Frank Report. I promptly turned it over to an attorney with the instructions to forward it to law enforcement.
This is a woman who clearly trusted Raniere and Mack – for the nature of her collateral is such that it could destroy her medical career.
But has she done anything wrong?
As one reader, using the moniker, Ex-Nxian, wrote, “Branding is legal. … There are many people who prefer scarification as a way to get artwork on their body…  There is no need for her to lose her license as she didn’t violate her medical code of conduct. On the other hand, people should be thankful for her being the one who did the branding and not someone who had no experience in health.”
It was once estimated by the Raniere defense team that about 150 women were branded.  These women today carry the mark of Keith Raniere on their pubic region. It is hard to imagine how a doctor like Danielle Roberts could have ever thought that was a good and healthy idea.
Frank Report possess no pictures of the actual branding ceremony – though it was filmed – and likely in the possession of the EDNY DOJ. However, MK10ART’s wonderful painting – with two separate captions – of the branding scene – while impressionistic – still carries a huge impact. It captures the spirit of the branding scene in the name, and with the initials, of Keith Alan Raniere – known to his followers as The Vanguard.


Allison Mack will perhaps be better remembered for her work with Dr. Danielle Roberts than for her acting.

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  • Frank has done enough.

    It’s now up to former NXIANS to picket that event and draw attention to this Doctor, but of course they probably won’t bother since they’re too FUCKEN LAZY, in my opinion.





    Are any of you willing to put forth some REAL EFFORT to expose this doctor by picketing her event and making her associates feel uncomfortable?

    If not, then how the fuck can you guys claim to CARE about these issues?

    Actions speak louder than words.

    Any lazy asshole can SAY they care about a cause.

    Words are a dime a dozen. They’re fucken meaningless.

    But if you’re too LAZY to HELP then it really doesn’t mean much.

    Now please DO SOMETHING to picket this event if you really care.

    • Hum, none of those women were branded and only one lives in NY but not even close to Long Island you idiot.

      What are you doing about it besides posting meanless stupid shit on the Frank Report that has done nothing but bully people making comments?

      Other actions can be done besides holding up a picket sign. You’er a moronic 5 year old and the only thing your picketing is your ass.

  • I’m on the West coast or I’d be all over this. I am hoping some or many of you that are in the vicinity will attend this event and educate people THAT SHE BRANDED FUCKING SLAVES!! She should be haunted by this for the rest of her life. It appears she is going on with her medical license and practicing like she’s done nothing wrong. Make people aware and run her out of town!

  • I want you to give serious thought to what kind of person would, time after time, 150 times we are told, hold a medical cauterizing pen, inflict 3rd degree deep tissue burns while women screamed in pain for 45 minutes.
    We are told Allison recited some mantra to the victims while this happened.
    Ask yourself what other inhumane acts are these women capable of if they can do this.
    I am reminded of the barbaric medical experiments in the concentration camps.
    Perhaps that’s why Keith had such a fixation on informing his gang they were reincarnations of infamous Germans.
    And Barbara thinks NXIVM has some good to it. Sheesh!

  • She needs to be run out of any town she resides in! I can’t believe she has been overlooked and is not facing charges. She held the damn cauterizing pen! What the hell?!

  • Some Tattoo pain charts – But of course Dr. Danielle was not Tattooing, she was Branding.. this sadist used a cauterising pen. It took a long time. No respite for the unwary and unwilling victim. Restrained, screaming – held down by many women while her DOS mistress screamed even louder in her face. Can’t have been easy work for the Doctor, but imo she thrives on this sort of ‘medical’ challenge.
    Really comes into her own. She’s that kind of Doctor.

    • Looks like the smartest man in the world knew exactly where to put those scars to maximize pain. Added benefit, the women had to be completely naked for the scars to show. BRILLIANT!

  • Silent protesters could wear t-shirts showing a pic of the KR/AM brand…and let people ask what it means.

  • Here’s a perfect opportunity for all of you NYC area people who are SO upset about NXIVM and Roberts. Figure out what the demonstration requirements are for the area and picket it. If you don’t, you’re all talk, no action. It occurs over a weekend, after all.

  • It might be good to bombarded the CEO Joel Fuhrman MD with information about The Branding Dr. Danielle Roberts.

    If the Frank Report and Long Island press did some articles on Dr. Fuhrman allowing the Branding Dr. Daniel Robert’s to be a speaker at his conferences, he might change his mind. Joel Fuhrman might consider pasting the word along to other companies.

    Do Medical Doctors have boards like lawyers have bar associations that Danielle Roberts can be reported to besides the NY State Department of Health?

    Has every woman who was branded that is working with the DOJ made a complaint to the NY State Department of Health? Sometimes it takes a village to hold a “Mad Doctor” accountable.

    It took a village to hold Keith Raniere and his band of criminals accountable. The branded village needs to come together and hold the mad Dr. Danielle Roberts accountable.

    • She’s not being hounded — she’s being “branded” — only she’s being branded with words, rather than the burning tip of a laser.

      • Like CC#2 was~and Sarah E and every other WEALTHY connected person was ?
        Please. Take down Raniere if he’s a pedo and move on. LET the Master mind be accountable for once in his wretched life.

      • Like CC#2 and Sarah E. and all the other WEALTHY connected people were ?Please~
        You got the pedo, He started it (hid it) conned everyone, fleeced them of all their money with pretentious do good npl training , Let him pay .Let them heal.

    • When will you stop hounding her?
      Yolanda Cortez
      We will stop branding Dr. Roberts as soon as she surrenders her medical license and pleads guilty to sex trafficking conspiracy.

    • Bahahahahahaha

      WHAT, hounding!!! The dear Dr has not seen hounding yet.

      Now that Nancy Salzman has admitted guilt to some of her crimes, Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman, Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman, and Kathy Russell are almost finished. They will either take a worse plea deal or be found guilty at trial.

      Attention will be turned to those who are left unpunished for their crimes against humanity. Your unprofessional so called doctor, Danielle Roberts and Brandon Porter will be next in the line of fire.

  • That picture of her surrounded by guys in black exo/eso t-shirts, in front of an exp/eso booth, shows that she was shilling for one of the front groups intended to introduce people to NXIVM and Raniere’s teachings (it’s on a list of “affiliated” entities in court documents), while hiding the connection after its reputation started to suffer in the wake of the 2012 exposures. That indeed raises questions of whether she is a diehard loyalist still trying to recruit for whatever remains of NXIVM, and the branding “sorority,” behind the scenes.

    If Navel Expo is still using pictures of an exo/eso booth – it’s in the slideshow on the main page of their website – does that mean that exo/eso is still an exhibitor?

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