Raniere’s Life At MDC – inmates abusing Raniere – leave dirty toilet paper in his cell

MK10ART portrait of Keith Raniere in prison.

Keith Raniere is a pretty weird guy…

Lots of weird ideas, lots of weird habits, lots of weird preferences, etc., etc., etc.

So, it should come as no shock that his life at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) is pretty weird too.

Unlike most prisoners who eventually find a group of inmates to hang out with, have meals with, play cards with or whatever, The Vanguard is still a loner at MDC.

Of course, he got off on the wrong foot by trying to impress the other inmates by telling them about his superior intellect – and his amazing accomplishments as an athlete and a businessman.

But as he quickly found out, inmates are not easily impressed by braggarts – especially ones who claim to be superior to everyone else. Prison is pretty much a “bottom line” place – and if you can’t back up what you say, then you’re much better off not saying it.

More recently, he’s been trying to fit in by talking about some of the women that were part of his harem – and all the stupid things he got them to do for him (Allison, Lauren, and Clare must have been particularly bothered by ringing ears for the past couple of weeks).

And speaking of ears, Keith himself has been having some severe ear infections of late. That’s not particularly surprising in a prison that’s well known for its high levels of bacterial infections and viral infections.

But Keith’s ear infections have reportedly been serious enough that they caused him to experience some severe vertigo. Or at least that’s what he’s been claiming (He loves to go to the MDC Medical Unit – and is now considered by many of the staff there to be a full-blown hypochondriac and whiner).


Meanwhile, he’s still being housed in the SHU – which means that he’s only allowed out of his cell for 1-hour per day.

But because he’s so afraid of some of the other inmates that are let out at the same time as him, he usually scampers back to his cell within 90 seconds.

Kind of ironic for a guy who kept a young woman isolated in a room for more than 18 months because she wouldn’t agree to be part of his harem – and pledge to never sleep with another man.


Word has already spread among his fellow prisoners that Keith is now facing child pornography and sexual exploitation charges.

And because of the new charges, the prison administration is already preparing to move him into a higher-level Sexual Offenders Unit once he finally gets out of the SHU.

So, no more general population time for Keith while he’s incarcerated at MDC – which is actually very good news for him.

Given the charges he’s facing, his personality, and his inability to defend himself, he’s always going to be a target in general population.

No one in general population wants to be the last rung on the prison ladder – and having Keith around pretty much guarantees that the worst anyone else can be is #2.


At the same time that he’s experiencing so much isolation and fear, Keith is still telling any guards or inmates who will listen that he’s going to win at trial – and that when he does, he’s going to bring major lawsuits against the U.S. Department of Justice and the individual prosecutors who are handling his case.

Somehow, I don’t think Moira Kim Penza and the rest of the prosecution team are losing any sleep over that threat.

But it may explain why Keith seemed somewhat upbeat when he strode into court for yesterday’s Status Conference.

Of course, after hearing that the prosecution was in active plea deal negotiations with three of his co-defendants, Keith looked a little less ebullient as he was led out of the courtroom and back to MDC.


Meanwhile, The Vanguard continues to suffer more indignities than most inmates ever experience no matter how long they’re in prison.

Among the latest problems he’s encountered are the following:
• After finally getting a pair of prison shoes that could accommodate his almost square feet, he recently found them stuffed with peanut butter. Now, he basically keeps them on his feet 24/7.

• Having decided to spend his spare time writing a book, he’s returned to his cell on several occasions to find the pages all messed up or actually missing (No word yet on what the topic of the novel is but we’re working on it).

• Because he apparently has almost no sense of smell, inmates have begun leaving wads of shit-covered toilet paper in his cell. On more than one occasion, Keith has inadvertently picked up one of the wads and found himself with shit all over his hand.


All in all, Keith is not having a lot of fun in prison.

Which is really a shame because the way things are looking right now, he may very well spend the rest of life in one.

Viva Executive Success!

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  • What is so great in making fun of other people’s difficulties???? I find it NOT funny to judge other people, no matter what they have done.

  • It’s clear that the commenters would eat his shit if it were canned in their local religious livery.

  • Not sure if any of this is true BUT if it is…I shall not weep for Keith.
    I am sure his “charisma” as many say he possesses has no effect on the prison populace

      • Scott,
        You speaking from experience?

        “Oh, Raniere’s “charisma” definitely has an effect on the prison populace, they want to f*ck him in the a$$.”, Scott Johnson.

        Well Scott, to each his own.

          • Scott,

            You made a comment in regards to Raniere’s charisma being so great that prison inmates could not resist the temptation of learning the carnal pleasures of Vanguard’s “a$$”.

            Scott it’s okay in today’s world to be you. I do suggest moving from Texas to California and you will be fine.

            “F*ck him in the a$$”, comment by Scott Johnson.

  • I’d be happier knowing the other inmates stuffed their shit stained TP up Keith’s nose and down his throat while another inmate repeatedly stomped on Keith’s balls. Then shoved their cocks up his ass and jizzed in his black soul. Why isn’t this happening?

  • Claviger is getting played for a fool yet again.

    He’s getting pranked by the same inmates claiming to prank Keith.

    He’s getting ‘stories’ told to him by inmates who simply want to have their voices heard by a willing IDIOT.

    In that respect, Claviger has become our village idiot.

    I want Claviger to answer 2 simple questions for us:

    1) How the the fuck can somebody fill Keith’s new shoes with peanut butter IF he’s being housed in the ultra-secure SHU unit?

    The SHU is where maximum security exists within the jail — and if it were THAT EASY to put peanut butter in somebody’s shoes (within the SHU) then ANYBODY could assault, rape or kill any inmates living in the SHU.

    2) How the fuck can somebody remove ‘pages’ from Keith’s novel if he’s being housed in the ultra-secure SHU?

    Same reasoning as before. If it’s that EASY to infiltrate a cell in the SHU then they can just as easily assault or rape a SHU inmate.

    Guess what?

    SHU inmates don’t get assaulted or raped. It just DOES NOT HAPPEN because the whole point of having a “SHU” is for inmate protection.

    That’s how I know that Claviger is listening to LYING sources and serving as their useful idiot. 🙂

    I also doubt that inmates would waste an entire jar of peanut butter (which they must pay for and can only get in limited amounts) just to “fill” 2 entire shoes full of peanut butter.

    Seems like a fanciful story that’s being relayed to us by our village idiot.

  • Krclaviger description of Keith Raniere matches that of someone suffering from cognitive dissonance.

    Keith Raniere often would tell his followers that if they left him they would suffer from cognitive dissonance.

    I believe ultimately Keith Raniere believed he was Vanguard. He believed he was the world’s most intelligent and ethical human being. He is now starting to come to the reality that he is just an ordinary man, who will now most likely spend 20 years in prison. A twenty-year prison sentence for a 56-year-old is effectively a life sentence.

    Keith’s beliefs about himself are now in conflict with his actions/behavior and the reality in prison. The great Vanguard must now cower to thuggish prison inmates.

      • Thank Karma Leon for correcting me. I am
        Glad I was wrong because a 20 year sentence at 59 will be a death sentence.

        The only unfortunate thing is that the time he serves in jail, I believe, will be deducted from his over all sentence.

    • Raniere is 58, and he not an ordinary man. He is an extraordinary scam artist and pervert. I think Raniere knows this, his job was to convince others otherwise, and he did a good job for about a quarter of a century.

      • Scott 3 weeks ago you corrected me and commented Raniere is a moron. Which is it? LOL

        When I commented “he is an ordinary man”, I was commenting on the fact now that he is in prison, he is just an average joe, who can get bullied and beaten.

    • I’d heard that bit about how Keith started boasting that leaving HIM would put you in a state of “cognitive dissonance” prone to blow your head off like Gina did.

      Back in 2010, I had told Jim Odato from Albany TU that I felt Gina, my sister, was in a state of cognitive dissonance when she died. I hadn’t heard it before that.

      I assumed my TU interview (Keith had the off-record portions, too, from the confiscated computers) must have been where KAR picked up that idea to use Gina’s state as a threat not to “leave.”

      Maybe you know with greater certainty, niceguy, since you mention it?

      When did KAR start in with the leave me and you’ll get “cognitive dissonance”?


      • Heidi,

        I wish I could answer both your questions. I apologize but I can not. I learned about the “cognitive dissonance”, from reading articles on the Frankreport. The alias “Leon Festinger”, mentioned ….
        “Cognitive Dissonance”, in a comment I can not remember what Leon’s comment was in regards to.

        Heidi your connection to cognitive dissonance and Nxivm is interesting because the father of cognitive dissonance is the deceased famous psychologist Dr. Leon Festinger. I am not being flippant. The alias” Festinger” claimed he chose the name at random. I no longer believe his statement was honest.


        If you read this comment, could you kindly give a better explanation on how you chose Dr. Leon Festinger’s name as an alias?

        Leon, is it all just a big coincidence?


  • I believe in justice, I don’t believe in vengeance.

    So I think that this kind of behavior has nothing noble. Except if it’s reprisal for a collective punishment or for having a non-respectful behavior with his inmates.

    Seriously: I want this guy to understand all the harm he has done, I don’t want him to suffer other way than remorses.

    • You don’t want him to suffer? Other than “remorse”?

      Well, I sure as fuck do. I hope he suffers bigtime in prison. 🙂

      I hope the other inmates bend him over and play hide the salami. I hope they give Keith a Cleveland Steamer.

      Unlike Frank, I’m happy to admit that I take delight in Keith’s misery. I’m no hypocrite like Frank Parlato who pretends not to take any delight in Keith’s misery.

      Come to think of it, I don’t like YOU for posting this nonsense about ‘remorse’. In my humble opinion you’re a pussy and a disgrace to Keith’s victims. Hopefully karma will make you suffer as well, from ass cancer. 🙂

      • @The Retard — aka — Bangkok : 1) I don’t think you’re mature enough to know what true remorse is. Just go look at “Comrade Duch”, for an example.

        2) Why don’t you ask the 1st degree NXIVM victims what they want ?

        3) Well, I hope karma makes you understand that one should never wish a cancer to someone ! What are the new statistics about cancer ? Do you know you and I are seriously likely to experience cancer and maybe to die because of it ? We are both in the shit, bro, we live in 2019 ! I hope you and I never experience cancer !

    • SFMPE,

      I agree with you that no one should be tortured or beaten for a prolonged amount of time or the duration of his sentence.

      I think Raniere being temporarily being humiliated and humbled is fitting considering the fact he instructed a karate instructor to kick women in the arms and legs and instructed one woman to run head first into a tree.

      I do not believe Keith Raniere is capable or will ever be capable of feeling true remorse for his actions and behaviors.

      Raniere has done things that a normal person with a conscience and empathy could never do.
      Raniere if he felt any guilt could have changed his behavior and actions at anytime. Instead Raniere only became more brazen over time.

      SFMPE maybe your right, but in 20 years assuming he survives and shows remorse will you let him into your home and sit at your table to “break bread”?

      • @niceguy : I agree with your point, maybe Raniere is such a narcissistic pervert that he’s unable to feel any remorse.

        And you’re right, I wouldn’t break the bread with him, as I would be unable to fully trust him.

        I would really know what the Raniere victims want… I never say I wanted him free, I really want this guy to be jailed for the rest of his life. But it’s up to his victims to say what he deserves. But maybe I shouldn’t argue about this… as I never was caught in the claws of his “grinding machine”…

          • Scott,
            Wow thanks for that fine explanation of a complex topic. I do not think anyone at Frankreport had any clue or understanding what exactly a judge’s or juries’ “job” is….

            You are just an encyclopedia of knowledge.

            Scott did you graduate the 5th grade?

            I am starting to believe my initial assessment of you achieving a G.E.D. Is incredible wrong.

  • Sorry, it was 9/26/17, not 2015 or 2016. The language, “cease and desist, undo, reverse, cancel, and retract” is eerily similar to that in the ones recently uncovered by the prosecution to the Jane Does.


    Message to K. R. Claviger

    Mr. K. R. Claviger;

    I am a lawyer in Mexico. My client asked me to investigate comments you made on Frank Report. I analyzed each and studied applicable law. You are currently under investigation for:

    1.Difamación criminal
    2.Difamación y calumnia
    3.Calumnia Sediciosa
    4.Misprision de la Difamación
    5.Intención de causar Abyección
    6.Libelo blasfemo
    7.Crimen injuria

    Mr. Claviger, I strongly suggest that you cease and desist, undo, reverse, cancel, and retract, further participation in all past, present, and future comments on Frank Report until these criminal matters are resolved. You should do everything in your power to affect this.

    Your best course of action to minimize your exposure is to repair all damages to my clients, by publishing comments praising my clients and to fully cooperate with Mexican criminal investigations ongoing against Frank Parlato and other parties known and unknown to you.

    You must further write a complete and full apology by September 27, at 5 pm Zona Centro and post it on Frank Report. If not, YOU WILL be charged in a criminal proceeding in Mexico and extradited from your home within five business days.

    Adelita Lengua Larga de la Tonta

    Mexican Lawyer

    • If I were you, I would hit the reply key sending the following message:

      “Y si Adelita se fuera con otro…”

    • Is that really how it was signed?

      “Adelita Lengua Larga de la Tonta” might sound like an upper-class Mexican name, but what it actually means in Spanish is little Adela (Adele) with the long tongue of a fool. There are some surnames in Spanish that sound strange in translation, like Cabeza de Vaca – head of a cow – but Lengua Larga de la Tonta is not one of them, and a grown professional woman would use her real first name Adela, not her baby name.

      That’s a troll signature.

        • Do you mean dummy used as a noun, as in a mannequin or ventriloquist’s puppet?

          Google just translates it as the adjective “dumb.”

          In the entry for Tonto the character, Wikipedia says “In Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, “tonto” translates as “a dumb person”, “moron”, or “fool”. ”

          I checked the RAE and a source with a lot of colloquial uses, and don’t see anything to suggest that my translation isn’t about right. If you have experience of tonto/a being used differently as a noun, I’d be interested to hear about it.

      • Just copied it off the Frank Report of that date. But how weird is it that the words are virtually the same? Creepy as hell, IMO.

        Frank always knows he was in danger, and I think this proves it even more.

    • Orange County Dreams,

      Thanks for sharing the letter to Krclaviger. It’s priceless considering recent events.

      Seriously thanks OCD!!!!!

      • OCC & Krclaviger,

        Let me Explain why I commented ,”it’s priceless”.

        It’s priceless because Raniere wrote the letter word for word and directly addressed Krclaviger. Krclaviger, via his excellent writing skills, was able to tweak Keith Raniere to the point that Raniere lashed out at Krclaviger.

        Krclaviger pissed of the glorious Vanguard.

        Congratulations to Mr. Krclaviger esquire on a job well done!!!!

        Unfortunately now just like Frank Parlato Krclaviger, although anonymous, should probably not travel to Mexico or even the Baja portion despite the nice resorts, for a few years.

        • the problem is not what I say but the alleged name of this lawyer “Adelita Lengua Larga de la Tonta” is as PeaceMaker says, in Spanish it is a name of a joker

      • Many thanks, Niceguy, for your support. I really enjoy your comments and contributions. I would like to see us all working together on this site. Sometimes, the Devil is in the details.

  • “Keith is still telling any guards or inmates who will listen that he’s going to win at trial – and that when he does, he’s going to bring major lawsuits against the U.S. Department of Justice and the individual prosecutors who are handling his case.”

    Really? How much credibility would he have at this point, and on what basis would he bring the lawsuit? (An acquittal is NOT a finding of “not guilty” – just not enough evidence to convict.) Here you have someone who flees the US upon learning he is being investigated, admits knowing his initials are being burned onto “slaves” (his word), and possesses a video of himself having sex with an under aged girl..

    Here you have someone who claims to have no assets but is carrying the debit card of a deceased woman with $8M on it, potentially has a 1/3 interest in Clare’s island, and dealt or had others in his organization deal in cash, paying no taxes.

    It is also interesting to read the recently published emails he clearly drafted for the Mexican attorneys to send to the Jane Does for intimidation purposes – which are extremely similar, by the way, to the one Frank received on this site through krclaviger in 2015 or 2016. I will re-post in a minute if I can find it.

    That he seems to be not the least bit concerned about his future and still thinks his bullying legal intimidation will work, is more than troubling.

    • It may be troubling, though it’s not surprising, that he’s still delusional or in denial. I’ve followed a lot of cases of financial frauds and cult-like groups, and those at the top typically seem to thoroughly believe in some sort of justification, and to continue to do so regardless.

      He’s apparently assuming that he’d get off, and go back to having Clare fund his legal vendettas. But even if Bronfman remained in his thrall, a successful criminal defense may not leave her with much money to which she still has ready access, particularly if it turns out that she has done things that leave her with lots of past tax liabilities.

      It also occurs to me, that if it looks like he is going to get off and continue to make trouble, that might spur other jurisdictions to find ways to put him away. Plus I’d assume, for instance, that he (and quite a few others) still faces tax evasion charges, unless those are somehow all already covered in the conspiracy counts.

      My guess is that Raniere is going to go down for child pornography and exploitation charges, even if he and Bronfman somehow manage to get off other charges due to technicalities. Prosecutors are likely to persist until they find a way to secure a conviction that is unassailable.
      Bronfman’s priority will probably end up being engaging in as much truly charitable funding as she can afford, in order to try to salvage her reputation.

    • I don’t think Raniere is allowed to sue the government, unless they did something very wrong and illegal, such as creating evidence. Why is anything that Raniere thinks in any way troubling, he will probably never again be alive outside of a prison.

      • True, but we keep discovering deeper levels of his absolute gall. If Jesus Christ appeared on earth, KAR would probably sue him for patent or copyright infringement. Or have “lawyers” from Mexico send him threatening letters.

        I agree he will never experience one moment of remorse, other than for being caught.

  • OMDG. How fitting.

    Peanut butter in his shoes? How does he take it out?

    His buds keep taking pages from his great ‘Manifesto’? I’m surprised Keith can write considering all the modules were written by Nancy (Keith did the brainstorming) and his books were written by Ivy Nevares.

    Soiled toilet paper left as ‘presents’? Well, that’s a shitty deal.

    Wake Up Birdbrain! The Fun has JUST BEGUN.

    Wait till they start putting jizz on his jumpsuit and hair.

    Oh my my my…The Beatings will CONTINUE Until Morale IMPROVES

    • You may be assuming a bit much. Who said he takes the peanut butter out? Probably just wears them the way are.

      I, for one, was disappointed in this story. I prefer the ones where his fellow guests at the Hanoi Hilton start a pick-up game of football with pudgy pedo’s head as the ball.

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