Guest View: Stone indictment is political payback for Hillary Clinton and friends

By Clueless in the Dark

Roger Stone and two associates — conservative writer, Jerry Corsi, and left wing-comedian-turned-radio-host, Randy Credico, respectively named “Person 1” and “Person 2” in the Stone indictment — were on a quest to find out what WikiLeaks had on Hillary Clinton.

The indictment is just the latest, blatant demonstration that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office, the Department of Justice, and the FBI have known for many months – that there was no RUSSIA conspiracy.

Yet, fully aware that the Obama administration, the Justice Department, and the FBI had assiduously crafted a public narrative that Trump may have been in cahoots with the Russian regime, they have allowed that cloud of suspicion to hover over the presidency — over the Trump administration’s efforts to govern — heedless of the damage to the country.

Not only was the suggestion of a Trump-Russia conspiracy not founded on fact, the officials calling the shots had reason to know that the premise was factually false.

Investigators were not just content to let the country believe there was a Trump-Russia criminal conspiracy; they affirmatively encouraged the public to believe it was true. Even as they indicted people for providing misleading information and then failing to correct the record, they never themselves corrected the impression they had gratuitously created in public statements.

So now we have the Stone indictment.

It alleges no involvement — by Stone or the Trump campaign — in Russia’s hacking. The indictment’s focus, instead, is WikiLeaks.

Sounds like payback to me for all the trouble those leaked Podesta/DNC emails caused Hillary Clinton and friends

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    Not only was the suggestion of a Trump-Russia conspiracy not founded on fact, the officials calling the shots had reason to know that the premise was factually false. In truth, there was no evidence of Trump-campaign complicity in Russian espionage — nothing but the Clinton-campaign generated, unverified Steele dossier. The months-in-the-making Stone indictment is just the latest proof of that.

  • wow, a conspiracy theorist. Please explain to us how Obama, who is not in office can ensure this goes through?

    And how do you know that there was no collusion? Did Mueller publish his results already? I did not hear of that. Unlike Agolf Twittler, he does not spill out the daily hatred, but does his job. Just because he did not publish his findings does not mean he did not find anything. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

    • Exactly Anonymous.
      Also, I’ve seen Credico’s tweets where he claims to have evidence that shows Stone was covering for Trump. Credico could have been lying about that to stir up some extra drama (who knows) but the fact is that right now all the evidence is not available to the public.

      Right now everyone is just guessing and making assumptions. However, some guesses have more evidence behind them than others do.

    • Stay asleep snowflake. There is no collusion You goofy alt left libtards are in for a very rude awakening.

      Don’t worry libtards, all roads lead to Hilda beast and O-hole.

      Transcripts from the congressional testimonies of three key Spygate participants—Bruce Ohr, Lisa Page, and James Baker—have been made public: two of which were revealed right here on the pages of The Epoch Times. In addition, there’s been several other fascinating developments.

      Keep spouting your ignorance because it is sure entertaining as hell. Your boy Obammy and girl Hilly are more arrogant than Raniere but their fall will be even more spectacular.

        • This raid/arrest of stone was like throwing a bucket of chum into an ocean full of sharks. Optics of the whole situation look horrible but the charge of his alleged crime is so petty so they needed to sell the story. Give fake news a tip to catch it all on camera and boom, it’s replayed all over the world. Roger Stone arrested like he was el Chapo so it had to be so bad what he did, drumpfs done now guyz! They know that how dumb liberals are so feed them a load of shit disguised as a cookie and hope they don’t choke from eating it so fast all while repeating how bad this petty crime is and how Trump should be impeached. Keep them distracted from the actual action. Keep them thinking about petty crimes being treasonous. When the hammer drops the cabal crimes will be undeniable by the overall majority minus a few retard libtards. It’s actually comical to watch and see how dumb people are

    • Hey buddy pass the crack pipe. So the one guy is a conspiracy theorist, but your belief the President Trump colluded with the Russians is not? Everyday presents more evidence that he is right and you are just chasing your tail. As far as Obammy spying on Candidate Trump, all the proofs are leading back to him. Stay tuned pal as I do not think we will be hearing a whole hell of alot from you as those pesky FISA abuses get declassed at just the appropriate moment.

      • You did notice that several campaign members have been found guilty and others did plead guilty. Some have even been jailed. These are facts.

        About Obama spying I can tell you one thing. These are just accusations by Trump. He never managed to provide any evidence. He is claiming this now for over two and a half year by now, while controlling all the branches of power.

        But at least he is draining the swamp. He gets them into his cabinet and they end in jail one by one.

        • Process crimes. Corsi is going to sue Mueller. Stone will plead not guilty. Flynn is in the system and kept his guilty plea despite the judge practically begging him to withdraw. There is a reason he did not withdraw, as you will soon see.The spygate case is moving forward and these are not baseless accusations by the Trump administration. We all know what Admiral Rodgers revealed when he met with President-elect Trump despite the corrupt Obama’s protestations. By the way fool, there are no members of President Trumps cabinet in jail. Really junior you need to stop wasting your life watching the bullshit CNN pukes out for you to ingest.

        • Hey little lady here is more that somehow cnn and cbc missed. Hmmm wonder why?

          James Comey EXIT FORMS: Incriminating Leaks, Hiding Foreign Assets?, And A ‘CLINTON EMAILS’ Binder

          Former FBI director James Comey is reeling from the FBI’s release of information pertaining to his exit from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

          The forms reveal a mad dash by the Department of Justice in the days after Comey’s spring 2017 firing to retrieve secret information from Comey’s office and to figure out the extent of what Comey was actually doing as FBI director.

          Comey signed the Sensitive Compartmented Information Nondisclosure Agreement, which makes it all the more serious that Comey violated sections 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, and 13 by illegally handing over presidential briefing memorandums (page 5 and 6 of FBI release). (READ: Comey Refuses To Deny He Leaked Classified Info)

          OH but wait there is more…….sorry petunia

          FBI Deep State Source Nellie Ohr Spied on Trump Children During Election
          Jim Hoft by Jim Hoft January 30, 2019

          As the details surrounding the Spygate scandal are uncovered, connections draw closer to former President Obama.
          The connections between Nellie Ohr and the ‘Spygate’ scandal were hidden from congressional investigators for months.

  • Good story. OR how about FBI payback over Comey’s discharge? …Naw, must be a deeper political motive than that for sure.

    • The rank and file of the FBI wanted the corrupt Comey out of there as well as McCabe. BTW, McCabe is under grand jury investigation. OR how about that NXIVM story. Now that must be conspiracy

  • America’s political elite, both the Democrats and the Never Trump Republicans, have never accepted that Donald Trump won the Presidency.

    Did the Russians devastate the economy of America’s Heartland with Free Trade and Open Borders?
    No, those policies were followed for decades by America’s treasonous elite.

    America’s Middle Class was stabbed in the back by the Wall Street and Corporate elite.
    Stabbed in the back by people like Clare Bronfman who import illegal aliens.

    Michael Moore explained why Donald Trump won the 2016 election.
    Michael Moore’s “The Biggest F*** You In Human History” Speech

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